Why It’s So Hard

Posted: January 4, 2011 at 8:39 pm

Before I get into the post, can I simply say a huge THANK YOU! It isn’t for anything specific. Simply the continued support you all show by coming back day after day, commenting with uplifting words and fun anecdotes, and helping my little blog develop and me to grow. I have no set plans with this blog except to be myself, have fun, and see where that (and God) takes me. Things have far exceeded any expectations and I have you to thank for a good part of that. So…


So, guess who is still hanging out in my belly? Not only my grilled panini and salad dinner, but also the balled up mass named Braedon. It really shouldn’t frustrate me so much. After all, my due date is not for another 2.5 weeks. I shouldn’t be so over him still chilling in there, but I am. Why? Well, a few reasons.

1. My official due date of January 21st is based off of my first ultrasound. My original due date was January 11th. A week from today. I know when I ovulated because we tracked my cycles. Based on that date, I should reach 40 weeks on the 11th. However, I had a smaller peanut in my belly at the original ultrasound and that pushed my date back 1.5 weeks. How nice. Not.

2. Baby B now measures a week ahead of my official due date. So, in other words, he now measures on track with what my due date should be but there’s no changing it. So I just get listed as carrying a bigger baby. Joy. Not.

3. The entire pregnancy my midwives have told me to expect an earlier delivery. Makenzie came at 38 weeks and the 2nd usually comes sooner than the first. I had contractions starting at around 6 months pregnant and that could lead to an earlier labor. The whole due date scenario meant I should deliver on the earlier side. Remember when they even said their goal was to get me to Christmas? I love being teased like that. Not.

4. I have had more false labor than I thought possible. I don’t think a day has gone by in the past week where I haven’t had at least an hour or two of mild contractions. They never progress. I love the little games my body plays. Not.

5. I have so many signs. I feel dilated. In other words, when I stand up I feel like I have a bowling ball between my legs that I can no longer hold onto and is about to fall out. I have been a nesting mad woman. At least our house is clean. I’ve lost the “plug”. I will leave that there. Even I think that might be TMI to share more about. I have dropped. Baby B isn’t riding so high anymore. My belly suddenly feels smaller and I can breathe again. Shouldn’t this all add up to something? Apparently not.

But I must remember – God’s timing is best. Plus, while he chills in there, I get to do important things. Like play with Makenzie…

…have some extra relaxing nights chilling with my wonderful husband…

…do fun workouts (gotta love Peter’s fabulous action shot while I did a low impact step video a few days ago)…


…and help watch my nephews so my sister-in-law can get the help she needs when not feeling well (like happened today – and I hope you’re doing better, Marie!).

I’m still ready. But I can be patient.  And I can secretly hope that this post will lead to the irony of me going into labor shortly after publishing. Hey. Just being honest. ;)

Question of the Evening – Let’s have a little fun. When do YOU think Baby B will make his grand appearance based on the above info?

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85 Comments to “Why It’s So Hard”
  1. Wow, I’m sure you’re very eager to meet the new baby! It’s just around the corner, how exciting! :-)

  2. Michelle says:

    Jan 8th

  3. Well, it sounds to me like Baby B should be here any minute!! And for sake, I hope that’s true.

    Also, the fact that you are still so active right now is just plain awesome! :)

    • Tina says:

      Staying active keeps me sane more than anything! I need some sort of outlet for these frustrations of false labor contractions.

  4. I’m guessing Friday will be the big day!!

  5. Jen says:

    Was the plug pink or red? Trying not to get to graphic…

    I’m going to say it sounds like Baby B will be here very soon! When little baby Aiden was ready to make his appearance, I lost the plug early on a saturday morning and he was there by saturday night.

    So I’m going to guess you’ll be in labor within 48 hours :)


  6. Yikes, at that rate you’ll be lucky to make it to the 11th! I’m also thinking Friday the 7th. I know you’re ready to just be DONE.

  7. Jess says:

    I TOTALLY think you’re gonna go soon…and I mean SOON. Like this week. I don’t know why, I just have a feeling. I hope the feeling is right!! I so want you to have this baby!!!! :-)

  8. Terri says:

    Hopefully any minute now! But for the sake of guessing…. hmm… I shall consult my wise 4-year old… *ahem* She says 4 weeks. Good luck! I hope we’re wrong!

  9. Shannon says:

    i felt the same way. It’s so hard! I bet you will go early. I’ll guess January 10. Next Monday!!

  10. I know about the plug, only from typing about it. (I’m a medical transcriptionist, not some freaky perv, I assure you.)

  11. Not sure when, but I bet baby B is having a grand old time in there =) Best of luck! <3 hang in there love!

  12. Therese says:

    It sounds like the stars are finally aligning! I’m thinking/hoping you start having regular contractions within the next 24 hours. Good luck!

  13. I am going to say the 14th. I think it is a pretty lucky day anyway…it’s my day. I know it is hard sweetie. Keep your chin up! Max was a bear of a pregnancy and a bear to deliver…and a bear now, but we love him and cherish every moment with him! I hope he comes out soon!

    • Tina says:

      Haha. Things have certainly been a bear. I’m preparing myself for a tough kiddo. I’ll still love him with all I have, but he’s setting the tone so far.

  14. Camille says:

    I’m rooting for tomorrow! My fingers are crossed for you!

  15. Sarah says:

    I’m going to guess you’ll be in labor by tomorrow.

  16. january 8th because thats when my manager at work’s baby is due too!!! oh you are still glowing even this close!!!!! just think how excited you will be when he is out!!

  17. Oh, I hate making bets. But I am going to go with Sunday the 8th. A holy day!

  18. Oh, wow. You are ready, girl. I’m saying a prayer that Baby B makes his appearance for you this week. :-)

  19. Oops I forgot to add my guess. I’m going to say January 6th.

  20. laura says:

    I hope baby B comes soon! like this week :)
    sending you lots of love & best wishes <3
    you are so strong.

  21. I have to say January 22, my birthday. :D

  22. Well, I know you want it sooner, but let’s just go with the 10th b/c that’s my sister’s bday ;-) Of course, I know you would really like it to be sooner. Hugs girl – just hang in there and try to keep positive.

  23. Leashieloo says:

    Two and a half weeks will be here before you know it, unless he’s a stubborn little bugger ;) My cousin’s baby wanted to hang out for an extra couple weeks before making his grand entrance, I hope for your sake it’s sooner than that!

  24. January 9th! It’s my Fiance’s birthday, whose name is Brandon – close enough right?

    Either way, I really wish you a safe, manageable, and fast delivery. You are in my prayers!

  25. chelsey says:

    I think Baby B will be born on January 9. Only 5 more days! :)

    I loved this post – God’s timing is always so much better than our own!

  26. Marcia says:

    On the 11th. Sorry. ;)

  27. Becca says:

    My sister’s birthday is the 14th. One of my cousins’ girls’ bdays is the 13th. If you can wait that long. :P
    I’m guessing very soon. Hopefully by the end of the week?! Can’t wait to “meet” Mr. B! =)

  28. Oh man that all sounds like he could come ANY minute. How exciting! It sounds like you are so ready. You are going to be such a wonderful mom to him seeing as how you are so wonderful with M.

  29. I’ll guess January 6th!

    Oh, and if it makes you feel better my friend was headed in last week for a planned C-section, and upon arrival they told her to go home because they were wrong and she’d have to wait 2.5 more weeks!

  30. Laura says:

    I remember that part of pregnancy – the part where you want the baby out now! I think I tried every method to go into labor. Of course Tomas was a week late. It sounds like Braedon will be early… good luck!

  31. Natalie says:

    SOON! I hope he comes on the 7th…that’s my favorite number :) You’re almost there…you’re almost there…you’re almost there!

  32. I could have written this post word for word! I am due Jan 17th. I have spent 4 different nights (overnight) in Labor and Delivery since September. I have had contractions consistantly for the last 8 weeks. I was told no exercise or lifting anything and to sit with my feet up as much as possible to keep this baby in. I also had the steriod shot for her lungs at 34 weeks. No one thought I would make it full term. I sit here typing on my laptop willing this baby to make her apperance. The waiting game is not fun especially for a type A personality with OCD..

    I am right there with you Tina!!! Hang in there and we will both have a bundle of joy in our arms soon!

    • Tina says:

      I’m hoping both of us are so close! And its crazy how similar our pregnancies have been this time after we had smooth first ones.

  33. Kacy says:

    I think late Tuesday night :)

    Love the workout pic. You are adorable.

  34. I hope he comes soon to end your discomfort! I love the action shot of you working out. It made me laugh. Lol. :) Keep hanging in there! He’ll be here before you know it!

  35. Elaine says:

    January 9th!!! That would only be 5 more days!!

  36. Heather says:

    i am thinking this weekend…january 8 :) come on little man!

  37. Oh, Tina. I hope baby Braedon comes soon!!! I predict he gets here by January 7th. Hopefully even soon for your sake! I’ll be thinking of you!!!

    You are so experienced, lol, I know none of this stuff. Contractions during the 6th month? I just started my 6th month! How do I know if that happens? I guess I haven’t read enough. Everyone says the first baby comes late…I am hopping that doesn’t happen to me, especially hearing all the mommys who are SO READY by the end.

    You’re a superwoman, hang in there…like you said, God has his plan!

    • Tina says:

      You will know. They are false labor (Braxton Hicks) that I have been having, but you will still know. Mine are usually uncomfortable but not super painful and just feel like my belly has been smooshed between mammogram plates and tightens up.

  38. Ahh I can’t wait for this little baby to come! I’m gonna sayyyy January 14. Callin it! :)

  39. Tina, I hope baby B comes SOON! Gosh, I know I was so ready for Karlyn to get here…and now it’s just weird NOT being pregnant! But I’m adjusting. Hang in there.

    And I’ll guess…January 10th :>

  40. Katie says:

    I am going to guess the 11th…definitely before the 21st!

  41. Mandy says:

    Oh girl… hang in there!!!

    I am going to guess… January 9th :)

  42. Lee says:

    I’m guessing January 10th.

  43. lizzie says:

    Manchild was two weeks early. Squish was a few days late (according to the official EDD), but a few days early according to my calculations. I cried and cried and cried and cried the night before he was due and then I was still pregnant, so I got over it and held on for a few more days. It was super frustrating for some of the same reasons — I’d had contractions for 3 weeks before he was born and was mentally unprepared to go that long since Manchild was so early. But when it happened it happened pretty fast. And it was worth the wait.

  44. I say he will be here on Saturday. I’ll get done with my half- marathon, check Twitter on my phone and see a tweet that he’s here! ;)

  45. You are so brave for even being pregnant in the first place. I agree with everyone who is saying Friday, January 7th. And once I predicted the day that my cousin would be born, so the 7th is almost a guarantee. Hang in there! You can do it whoohoo!

  46. I’m saying January 10th. For no reason other than a guess haha!! You are sooooo close!!

  47. I’m going to say Jan 17th-just bc i like the number 17. But for your sake I hope soon!!!!

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