I Feel Fat

Posted: July 26, 2011 at 7:00 am

I feel fat.

I hate that phrase. I despise it even more when it’s crossing my lips and my thoughts. And I downright loathe it when it happens for an entire day before I even recognize it and have the chance to shake myself from the mindset.

Yesterday I had what many would coin a “fat day”. I had an enjoyable weekend – a shower celebrating a much awaited pregnancy/baby for a dear friend and a couple of relaxing nights with my husband. My enjoyable weekend also included quite a few gems like these…

choc chip cookie dough dip cupcakes shower food platepb graham truffle 3 

Peanut Butter Graham Truffles. Cupcakes. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip. Baby shower food. Handfuls of chocolate chips. Unpictured DQ Blizzard.

This is not extremely out of the norm. I readily indulge in a few extra treats practically every weekend. Sometimes, I have extra because of more social events or a surge of cravings. Well, I had a surge of cravings this weekend and rode that sugar wave until I came crashing down Monday morning. It wouldn’t surprise me if that caused the bad headache I suffered all day yesterday.

The headache that, coupled with sore legs, truly debilitated me and left me with an unplanned rest day. That unplanned rest day sent me from my typical “wow-I-ate-a-lot-of-sugar-this-weekend-but-oh-well-it-was-tasty” attitude to an '”ugh-i-feel-fat-i-should-not-have-eaten-xyx” depressing mode. Silly, I know. And it took me all day to realize I had such defeating thoughts going through my head.

As I have discussed before – fat is not a feeling. Something else going on typically costumes itself as the “fat feeling”. When I recognized the fat talk happening, I thought about it and quickly discovered the issues:

  • I didn’t feel fat. I simply didn’t feel like myself – energetic, strong, healthy. A standard side effect to the excess sugar I partook. Just body science. NOT something to beat myself up over in the slightest.
  • I didn’t feel fat. I simply felt discouraged that I couldn’t fully rest and relax like I knew my body needed…and defeated knowing I would be going the parenting alone all day despite the fatigue and achy head/body.

Once I put my finger on the true matters affecting me, both physically and mentally, I freed myself of that “fat feeling” and gained solace knowing the temporary state of my situation. Seeing my thoughts for what they were helped me to change them and move on. So now I can go about today feeling more back to myself. Fat feeling be damned.

What things trigger the “fat feeling” for you? How do you fight it?

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95 Comments to “I Feel Fat”
  1. helen says:

    I get that “fat feeling” often when I over indulge, am bloated, and lack energy from those choices. I have neve thought of fat not being a feeling. Thanks so much for sharing this and putting perspective on that feeling 🙂

  2. teresa says:

    As usual, you are so wise. I’ll try to catch myself doing this more and ‘right the ship’ sooner.
    I love the way you live healthy…maintain your weight and still enjoy the pleasure that food can be in moderation. I see that for myself.

  3. Interesting that you should post this today because I was just thinking that morning that I felt fat. Not mentally, really, but physically. It was like I could feel myself feeling heavier.

    Except, it probably was mental. Especially since today was my weigh-in day and I’d lost a pound since last week.

    Now, I need to think about why I felt that way and see if I can put my finger on what’s bringing me down.

  4. Avery says:

    So glad you have the right mindset to stop that “feeling” in it’s tracks and deem it insignificant.

    Of course I have these days every so often too! I’ve found what’s best for me is to remember just how mental this “feeling” really is. I remind myself that if I stepped on a scale, I would see the exact same weight I saw yesterday, and the only real difference is that I’m trying to convince myself I’m somehow “fatter” than the day before. So silly!

    And then of course the next day I might have a good run and feel healthy and hot! Oh the mind games we play with ourselves 😉

  5. I hate that “feeling”! Once I start telling myself that I can fix the problem ( workout, eat a healthy meal, etc.) I usually can snap out of it.

  6. That is so amazingly perceptive.
    It’s true, so many times, I tell myself that I “feel fat,” but really, what does that even mean?
    You’re so right in saying that it’s usually that I don’t feel like myself–but also that I let myself eat more and more…and more, til fuller than I needed!
    Thanks for the post; so insightful and encouraging!

  7. Jess says:

    Any time I eat something that’s salty/fatty, like chinese or mexican take-out, I get that “fat feeling”. But I know that it’s just bloat and will go away in a day or two.

    I always return to normal eating the next day and drink plenty of water, and remind myself that one meal (or day) will not make or break my healthy eating.

  8. I know exactly what you mean, anytime I eat anything really heavy (or overeat) I get that superfull “fat feeling.”

    Every woman has to deal with this-thank you for stepping up and posting this!

  9. I seriously love you and your blog because you constantly remind me that I am worth something despite the fact that I may not fit into a size 0.. Who cares?
    I agree that ‘I feel fat’ is seriously one of the worst phrases of all time..
    Seeing that even you allow yourself indulgences and are okay with it is inspiring 🙂
    Love you Tina!!

  10. I definitely get the “fat feeling” and I hate it. I’ve never looked at it from your perspective before though. There’s always an underlying issue. Next time I get the dang “fat feeling” I’ll think of this post and figure out what I’m really feeling. 🙂 Great post!

  11. I don’t know if I can thank you enough for this post. At least once a week I “feel fat.” I never realized that it’s really my body just not feeling like myself. I just don’t feel healthy, but that doesn’t mean I’m “fat.” I don’t know why that never clicked for me! I’m going to write that first bullet point on a note card to remind me the next time I “feel fat.” Thank you!! 🙂

  12. I totally have these days too. Sometimes, no matter HOW MUCH you know you’re strong and are training for a race and just did a workout yesterday…blah, blah, blah, you can’t shake the fact that you FEEL fat.

    The fat talk can be really hard to combat. I try to make the next food related decision a healthy one. Like if I’ve eaten a piece or two too many of pizza, I’ll tell myself, okay tomorrow morning I’ll have a green smoothie. That will put me on the right foot. Or, I’ll do something active like go on a walk with the dog or do a little yoga. Just thinking about what I can do to make progress in the future helps me.

    I wish I could just get rid of those thoughts mentally, but often it’s something I have to do physically to make me feel better about it.

  13. Whenever I go overboard with desserts or other not-super healthy food (like snack-y stuff) I get that fat feeling. It’s the worst for me though when I put on clothes that obviously fit at one time and no longer do (or if they do, don’t fit the way they used to). I’m not very good at combating the fat feeling, though. I mean, it goes away, but not usually because of anything in particular that I did. I like the idea of looking for the root of the issue, though. I think that could be really helpful.

  14. Ela says:

    Thanks for sharing your wisdom. It’s wonderful that you picked yourself back up so quickly and were able to identify the real issues.

    I ‘feel fat’ practically every time I eat, especially if it’s a social occasion and I haven’t planned every last bite. I feel fat every time I look in the mirror or see myself naked in bed. Yes, I still have a ways to go with this recovery thing, but being able to do more exercise now that I have energy really helps.

    I appreciate your wisdom.

  15. This is such a well-stated post. What I hate even more than when the “fat feeling” comes is what it does to me as a person. I don’t like myself when I feel “fat,” let alone what I look like. I always remind myself that what matters is how I act outwardly toward others, not what I might *think* I look like to them …

  16. Oh Tina, I know that feeling way TOO well. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and how you can change your mindset. I like how you put it that it’s “body science”. Isn’t it crazy though how just a couple of days can make us feel so different? Your honestly is so inspiring. I didn’t know hwo to answer your question- I actually wish I had better tactics to “fight” those “fat days”. 🙂

  17. Kat says:

    You hit the nail on the head! I usually don’t feel “fat”. I just don’t feel like myself or feel stuffed.

  18. Kimberly says:

    First, you’re awesome and such a beautiful encouragement to the world of bloggers and people around you 🙂

    Second, I know that feeling all to well….. I feel it most when I don’t like myself either…fat is just one aspect of it. In literally terms, I always feel fat during that ahem time, and so often in dressing rooms because I have been blessed with such an awkward body to fit.

  19. Thank you again for sharing your wisdom – you have so much encouragement to offer! Like others mentioned, this was perfect timing for me – yesterday I was having that “fat feeling”. Usually for me it comes after a big weekend like yours, or after a lazy day of house chores, or especially when I’m feeling a little bloated from “that time of the month”. But I love the way you talked it through and found the problem for what it was. Thanks for the encouragement!! (I feel better starting the day already!)

  20. Shannon says:

    Tina, there are certain posts that you write and I swear, you’re talking directly to me!! I had a sugar bomb of a day on Sunday and I felt like complete garbage on Monday. I too took an unplanned rest day and felt guilty about it. I battled a headache and a very “down” mood all day. It was so not worth it.

    I admit, I do not have the healthiest realtionship with food, and I am working on it. I just really appreciate your honesty and openness especially about topics like this. Thank you!

  21. Lee says:

    Unfortunately, I go through this a lot. It’s mostly triggered by ill-fitting clothing. Some of which has truly gotten too small and some of which never fit right in the first place.

  22. Katie says:

    My “I Feel Fat” feeling usually comes after a evening where I loose control of my eating and basically binge. I’ve learned though that for me to prevent this outcome, I need to eat normally before going to a BBQ or dinner, so that my appetite is in better control. Instead of beating myself up the next day, I make sure to just drink lots of water, eat well, and sweat it out. We all make mistakes and life is too short to beat yourself up over it. Happy Hump Day! 🙂

  23. Lindsey says:

    Remember when “phat” meant good? And isn’t it funny how something can be described as the bomb and it’s a good thing? I think we, as humans who have a very complicated and always evolving language system, us simple words to either project, justify, blame, or attribute anything we can’t exactly explain. I think you’re presented two very good examples of how we say “i feel fat’ when it’s really fat that we’re feeling, it’s just something else that can’t be pinpointed.

    Regardless of nerdy words above, I do think you, again, wrote with great wisdom and a positive perspective. Thank you!

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