Wicked Awesome

Posted: September 19, 2011 at 7:00 am

Oof. It was rough waking up this morning. I didn’t want the weekend to end. Did anyone else fall of the edge of the social media and blogging world with me? If so, let me catch you up with at least the happenings around here:

For those of you who were around Saturday afternoon, you may recall Peter’s mischievous ways and his hopes of surprising me. Well, they worked. Like a charm. I had NO idea.

When I originally signed off on Saturday morning’s post, I thought I would be heading to meet up with some friends to go to a parade and town festival for the day with the kids. I was frantically showering and getting ready after my run, when Peter told me I didn’t have to rush. I kept telling him “No! I have to leave in 20 minutes! I do have to rush!”

After a lot of assurance, I realized he was serious that he had taken the kids to his mom’s for the day again without me knowing. He then told me we had no plans, but he wanted me to have a relaxing day since he knows how hard I work. Works for me! I settled in on the couch right away…until a few hours later when he told me to go get dressed and plopped some tickets to go see Wicked in my lap!


I may have been just slightly excited. Winking smile 

As soon as I heard Wicked was coming to the Fox Theater in Atlanta I was dying to go to the show. I love Broadway musicals. I love the story line of Wicked. I love the music of Wicked. And I loooovvveee The Fox.


It has such a charm to it. The inside is designed to look like an outdoor theater from ye olde times, complete with a starry night sky and castle turrets inside the theater.


Don’t you love my sneaky low-light pictures I nabbed before the show started? And oh, the show! I want to go back. Like…today.


I loved it just as much as I thought I would. The characters all played their roles extremely well to make for a very entertaining show. And the music blew me away! I have a feeling I will be singing “Popular” and “Defying Gravity” in my head for weeks now. I really adore the story line of the Wicked Witch not really being so wicked, but instead showing the back story of a harder childhood and her battle against other “evils”. The hype people give it comes with good reason. Even Peter enjoyed himself and this is so not his type of thing.


Don’t worry. He got his type of thing after the show. Flirt male

With dinner! Dinner, you naughty little thinkers!!!



We had a couple deals to use for the 5 Seasons Brewing Company and we used them well. I love that they let us combine two deals for one meal. It meant we could each get a beer, some appetizers to share, and a meal.


We each got a beer, although we both agreed my choice of the Maibock – a “hoppy” beer with a sweeter finish – won out. I know how to pick ‘em! Strong, but sweet…like my man!


Although that beer at the 5 Seasons Brewing Company certainly stole the show, we had some good food as well. We shared a beet, arugula, goat cheese, and walnut salad…


…plus some beer-battered onion rings for appetizers.


We obviously like to keep things balanced.

Both of the appetizers were fantastic and filled me up pretty well along with the beer, but I still had dinner coming my way.


I ended up ordering the BBQ sandwich with a spicy Chipotle sauce and sweet potato fries. The meal itself was kind of “meh” on Saturday. I remember the sweet potato fries being a lot better when I went for an Atlanta blogger meet-up earlier this year. And I probably should have stuck with the portabella burger I fell in love with then as well. Live and learn!

The meal still left me quite content and I couldn’t beat the company.


Oh, wait. Not the giant, ceramic, beer-loving turtle. This guy.


He is seriously too good to me. Thanks, Peter, for giving me a Wicked awesome day. Open-mouthed smile 

  • Have you ever seen a musical in theater? Which one(s)? Did you love it?
  • Are you easily surprised? As Peter mentioned, I am NOT. I usually figure things out…but this time I really had no idea it was coming my way Saturday.

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61 Comments to “Wicked Awesome”
  1. What a nice surprise from the Husband! I love Wicked as well – it is my all time FAVORITE show!!!

  2. Lauren says:

    Sounds perfect! A great way to spend the night with your man. 🙂

  3. What a sweet sweet thing to do! I love that he actually was able to surprise you! It can’t be easy when you’ve got a busy life with kids like you guys. Very special, I’m sure 🙂

    That food looks downright amazing! Onion rings and pulled pork have never looked so good at 7:15 am 🙂

  4. Khushboo says:

    Peter is such a great husband :)! I get super overwhelmed with surprises. My sister’s wedding was 2 weeks after my 21st birthday and because she wasn’t able to celebrate with me, she actually arranged for a cake to be ordered and cut by me during one of her occasions—> I had no idea and it meant the world to me! I may or may not have shed a few tears :)!

  5. I am glad you had such a nice day!!! Two of my sisters have seen Wicked 3 times — once in New York, once in London (!!!) and once in Minneapolis. Obviously I am totally jealous and haven’t seen it at all!

    I actually hate surprises — and Jason knows this 🙂

  6. Wicked is awesome! My husband surprised me with tickets for our first anniversary 🙂

    Glad you have a really fun time, and I must admit, I didn’t think you meant dinner 😉

  7. Heather says:

    This was seriously so cute! Way to go, Peter!!!!
    I love surprises, but I’m such a snooper that I can usually figure out the surprise if there is one. I just can’t help myself. 🙂

  8. I’ve seen Phantom of the Opera and I LOVED it! I saw The Squirrel Nut Zippers at the Fox so long ago. I love that venue. Sounds like you had a great weekend Tina!

  9. Lee says:

    Les Miserables is coming to the Fox next Spring. That’s my absolute favorite. I’ve already informed Jason that we are going!

  10. Bari says:

    I sooooo want to see Wicked! It’s definitely on my list of “must sees”.

    The last musical we went to was Spamalot. I am a HUGE Monty Python fan (so is hubs) and this musical is da bomb! If you like Monty Python, you have to see this one. Seriously.

  11. aw, peter! such a sweetheart 🙂 that sounds like a perfect saturday together!

  12. What a great surprise! 🙂 Looks like the perfect day together!

  13. Such a nice surprise! I’m even more excited to see the play this week. 🙂

  14. katie says:

    Peter rocks! I am so glad he surprised you! Im glad you loved the play too! I want to see it again so bad as well!

  15. lindsay says:

    Wicked awesome indeed! Peter, you get an A+ in my book. Now how is he going to top next years birthday??

  16. How much fun! Sounds like the perfect surprise to me.

  17. I want to see Wicked so badly!!! That’s so awesome of your man to surprise you like that 🙂
    I’ve seen Rent on Broadway and it was the most amazing show of my life. I love the feel of live theatre!

  18. Holly says:

    LOVE surprises! Daniel has thrown a couple of good ones at me: engagement (I had no idea that he had talked to my parents), and when he surprised me with tickets to the LION KING musical! And husbands totally need “their type of thing” after the show 😉

  19. Stephanie says:

    Why sing in your head when you can belt it out at the top of your lungs? I’m glad you had such a great night. You know…this makes me think that I’m often the one being surprised, but I don’t often do things to surprise my husband. Hmmm…I’m going to have to think about that!

  20. I am so jealous! I really want to see Wicked! I have never seen a show because we live at least 4 hours away from a major city, and that’s usually the only places they show them. What a wondeful surprise!

  21. Sounds and looks like a fantastic night! I’ve seen a few plays I love love going to the theatre 🙂

  22. jobo says:

    aww!!!! that is so cute!! What a great surprise!!!

  23. He’s a keeper 😉 Awesome surprise! I’ve never seen Wicked and it’s one I really really want to. I think I need to start dropping hints for a NYC theater day 😉

  24. So much fun and such a nice surprise from Peter!!! Looks like you guys had a great time. I saw Wicked in NYC probably eight years ago and I loved it. Now I’m off to convince Chris to see Wicked here in Atlanta. I’ll tell him Peter approves. 🙂

  25. my friend told me about the Wicked book and ever since I’ve been interested but it’s always sold out here. and now they have a musical play there (not sure if it’s based also on the book) but if I were there, i’m pretty sure i’m gonna watch it, too 🙂

  26. Oh my goodness how awesome is that!?!? You got yourself a keeper!

    I love love love surprises from the hubby. Whenever we go on a date he never tells me where we’re going.

  27. Aw. I’m so glad you were able to see the show, and how sweet of your husband to surprise you like that! He’s been on a roll lately!

    I’m not easily surprised. My husband sometimes tries to but he can’t help but drop little hints that I pick up on. It’s really cute.

  28. I’m lucky: my mom gets season tickets to the few shows that come through my city on tour and I am her “theater” partner. I have seen Wicked and enjoyed it. I have lots of soundtracks from musicals too.

  29. Wicked is my all time favorite musical, I have seen it x and would love to see it again. It helps that the Wizard of Oz has always been my favorite movie.

    So glad your hubby surprised you!!

  30. I’m so glad you got a surprising weekend!! I am not surprised very easily because I’m always so suspicious when Lee acts strange!

    Your hubby is definitely a keeper! 🙂

  31. cheryl says:

    loved the fox in my ATL days. and, while i tend to try to pick other fish b/c i ODed on salmon before i got more adventurous, they have the best salmon i’ve ever had…and there’s plenty to compare it to

    • cheryl says:

      adding…the book was good but is MUCH more about political stuff than the show….just a note for folks considering it. i’m interested in politics and all but parts got too much

  32. after seeing all of your tweets, etc. over the past weeks debating whether or not to buy wicked tickets, i was SO excited for you when i saw peter’s post on saturday! 🙂

    i’m so glad you go to go see the show. what a great guy for surprising you like that!

  33. Megan says:

    You have such a sweet husband! I’ve seen a couple Broadway shows – The Lion King, Mary Poppins and the Phantom of the Opera, and loved all of them. I adore musicals, but I usually have to make my mom go with me, husband wouldn’t dare be seen in a theater to watch a musical!

    I love the look of the Fox theater, too! So neat that it looks like an outdoor theater!

  34. Awww so sweet! This post made me 100x more excited for this coming Friday – when I get to go see Wicked at the Fox!!! YAY!

  35. Peter may just get the hubby of the year award 😉

    I saw Wicked and thought it was so so well done! My fave musical theater was Chorus Line on Broadway — nothing’s beat it yet!

  36. Ah I love wicked and the theater looks awesome. Great surprise! My boyfriend just got us tickets a few months ago for our anniversary and I loved it all over agian.

  37. Dorry says:

    So glad y’all got to have a fun adult night! I’m a big musical fan, and I LOVE Wicked. I think it’s one of my favorites.

  38. I saw Peter’s post the other day, and was so excited to hear your recap. What a sweet husband. Im glad you loved the show – that just makes it even better.

  39. I saw Wicked last month for the first time and LOOOOOVED it!! I see why people are so obsessed with it now! It’s SO creative and clever. And the woman who played Glinda in the cast that I saw was a spitting image (and sounded just like) Kristen Chenowith. Everyone was so amazing! How fun!

  40. Ahhh I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I LOVED Wicked when I saw it on Broadway :). Hairspray was pretty freaking amazing too! Peter is such an awesome husband…and I’m glad he enjoyed himself!

  41. Those onion rings are calling my name! YUM!

    I love musical theatre, any theatre in general is a passion of mine!

  42. Karolina says:

    Wicked is one of my favorite things of all time. I cry at the end of it, both because of the story line and because a few years back when a friend died they sang for good at his funeral. I may be completely obsessed with the show:)

  43. That is SO sweet of Peter. What an amazing husband you have 🙂

  44. I love 5 Seasons Brewing! It’s more than just great beer. That sounds like a really awesome time. I’m glad you guys had fun.

  45. That’s great! I am so intrigued by the storyline of Wicked, but I haven’t seen it yet.

    My husband (then-boyfriend) once drove me to Des Moines, Iowa to see Les Miserables for my birthday (we live in Minneapolis, so it was several hours away). He wouldn’t tell me where we were going or what we were doing, and it was a fantastic surprise! It was the closest location of Les Mis that was near my birthday. I don’t know if I’m easily surprised, but I loved that one!

  46. Major bonus points for hubby. That was awesome of him!!! You sound like you could be from Boston with your use of the word “Wicked”…love it. 🙂

  47. What a great surprise! He is so good to you, but only because you deserve it.

    I read Wicked and loved it but never had a chance to go see it while it was in town here. I hope they keep touring!

  48. Peter is definitely a keeper!! But you already knew that!

  49. Angie says:

    The Fox is one of my very favorite places. Entering the Fox is like slipping into another time and place.

    I’m glad you enjoyed Wicked.

  50. Marie says:

    What an AWESOME weekend; I think the best part may be that you were surprised this time! 😉 I LOVE surprises and I am easy to surprise; my husband loves it. We have seen Phantom of the Opera and The Lion King. We are “kids at heart,” so we referred the Lion King and can’t wait to see it again now that we have the kids. 😉

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