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Posted: July 28, 2010 at 6:05 pm

Oh, boy! I am beat today. Last night was a late night. We had a meeting at church to discuss some new leadership roles for small groups in our congregation. It went from 7:00 until 9:30 and then we had to make the 30 minute drive home. Somehow it was after 11 by the time I hit the sack. The meeting discussed a lot of important issues. It was a reality check to how much more our church can do to help foster relationships among the members. I know I could not imagine my life without the friendships that started inside those four walls. I will be happy to serve however I can to extend that same support and community to others. Just as I love to share friendship and support with my fellow bloggers! Hi everybody! Are you making your day the best it can be? Only you have the power to do that ya know!

Today has been a good one around these parts. It did not go 100% as expected though. The reality check that started last night continued on throughout today. Despite my late night I still managed to wake up early enough to accomplish some tasks. I decided tackling my email folder was a good one for the early morning. Reality check = replying to emails is a huge time suck! My morning time flashed in the blink of an eye. Likely because I was replying to reader questions, which is something I truly enjoy doing. Remember? One of the best compliments in my mind is when someone trusts you enough to turn to you for help.

Another reality check came quickly after that. My body aches. The TurboJam Cardio Party DVD I did yesterday kicked my butt in a way that hasn’t happened in awhile. My shoulders, legs, and back are all sore. At first I thought this worked out perfectly because Thursdays are my rest days. Reality check. Today is only Wednesday.

I wonder if anyone ever called her “Hump Day”? Anyhoo. I spent the morning honing my coloring and dancing skills with Makenzie. I also took a quick break to send in a query for a women’s health site freelance writing job.  Yet another reality check. It doesn’t hurt to try. The only certain way to fail is not to try. I decided to give it a shot. I have no expectations (other than God is in control), but I can live freely knowing I took a step forward in something I love to do. A sad reality check came at the end of this 30 minutes. Makenzie’s favorite show ended…and Barney came on. Is that hideous purple dinosaur still on TV? Oh, heck no!!

Eventually, lunch rolled around. A veritable gold mines of reality checks. Including the following:


 IMGP5501 IMGP5504

  • As Heather says, sometimes a Lean Cuisine pizza is necessary.
  • Eating such doesn’t mean you can’t have room for fresh produce. Cherries, strawberries, and fresh from the sis-in-law’s garden cucumber slices.
  • Garden fresh is better!
  • Cherries stain your fingertips purple.
  • I just may have to disown my daughter. She HATED the mushroom lover’s veggie burger I gave her.

This veggie burger tops my list. It has so much delicious flavor and mushroom chunks. Mushrooms are on the top of my veggie (fungi?) list and it saddens me she does not feel the same. 

Then she went and did this. Took her consignment clothes I bought her out of the box and laid them out neatly.


So, she is my daughter. Whew. That was a close one!

My final reality check came mid-afternoon. My previous computer setup – chilling on the couch with the laptop – was not ideal. So I made the executive decision to turn one tiny corner of our living room into my “office” now that I have to spend time writing.


So amazing what a good chair and desk tv tray can do for the back! Now onto tonight’s reality check. Will stuffed peppers be as easy to tackle for this culinary fool as I think they are? I sure hope so!

  • Do you believe you have the power to make your day the best it can possibly be?
  • Where do you do your “computering” (as a friend calls it) from?
  • Anything else you got for me…. 

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55 Comments to “reality check”
  1. girl, you know i believe in the healing power of a microwave pizza from time to time 😉

    i definitely believe i have the ability to change my day and my life…it’s just instigating that’s the hardest part! and i usually either do my computering on the couch or in our office if nate’s not using it to edit photos 🙂

    • Tina says:

      Yes! It can be hard to initially change our mindsets and reactions to a positive one. I have to convince myself that only I have the power many times. I think your LC pizza had me craving mine. I was happy to eat it!

  2. Nichole says:

    I am still laughing at the Wednesday picture. I mean I woke up this morning in a made panic that it was Tuesday. What is going on with me.

    Morningstar is MY FAVORITE! mmhmm! Not the mushroom though, ick, lol. Black Bean Veggie Burger.

    I believe that you have the power to pray for your attitude to change. I find myself mentally saying, chill out, and it’s surprising what that can do to your frustration level.

  3. I do think you can seize control for the most part and turn things around. It’s about perspective and attitude. I typically “compute” from the kitchen table or in the living room while not really watching tv. Happy Hump Day!

  4. I cannot stand Barney! Baby Boy really likes him. Boohoo! I agree checking emails (work emails for me) seems to take forever!

  5. homecookedem says:

    Haha! “I wonder if anyone ever called her “Hump Day”? ” 🙂

    I do all my computering from my couch! I don’t know what I’d do without a laptop!!

  6. I had a huge mushroom salad tonight and loved every minute of it! I definitely work at a desk. I would imagine your belly is not going to be very couch computer friendly real soon! Glad you had a good day. I am definitely working on controlling how my days turn out!

    • Tina says:

      And I’ve been thinking of you and your family. Sometimes we are given so much to handle and all we can do is make the best of it. That doesn’t even mean we have to make it good. Sometimes the best is simply surviving. I hope things are improving.

  7. Lee says:

    I actually really like the Lean Cuisine pizzas. I always have!

    I have a laptop, so my computing can be from anywhere, but usually I sit at the dining room table.

  8. oooh what a wonderful combination of flavours on that plate!!!
    At the moment I normally do my computering from the couch (as I have a laptop) – but once we move into our new place I will have a study with proper computer yay!

  9. Ha!! I can’t believe Barney is STILL on! It’s time for him to retire 🙂

    Good luck with the stuffed peppers– I’ve always loved that dish!

  10. Emily says:

    Too funny that she pulled her clothes neatly out of the box! 🙂 She may come around to those mushroom burgers after all…

    It is amazing what sitting at a proper chair and table can do for your back while typing! I always try and do my homework at the kitchen table as opposed to the couch as appealing as it may seem.

    Have a great night!

  11. It looks like you had a very productive day! Mmmmm…mushroom Morning Star = yummy! I also love the veggie ones. Ain’t no shame in some Lean Cuisine. Quick and satisfying!

    LOL@ calling her “Hump Day” 🙂

    I believe we have the power to choose our attitude toward the day, and that definitely affects how the day plays out.

  12. The only way I have the power to make a day the best it can be is by relying on the Lord! To be honest, that hasn’t been so easy over the past few days :/

    I do my “computering” (haha) just about everywhere! Right now I’m plopped pleasantly on my couch watching SYTYCD 🙂

  13. I hope you get that freelance job! I’m a writer as well, working at a little paper. My advice is to write every day and send out tons of queries and e-mails! Wow, working for Women’s Health would be a dream job. Good luck!

    • Tina says:

      Well it’s not for Women’s Health, just a site that discusses women’s health. How awesome would it be to write for Women’s Health though? Thanks for the writing advice. I’m just starting this freelance stuff.

  14. “I wonder if anyone ever called her hump day”

    I just cracked up for about five minutes on that one…

    How awful… ha ha

  15. I LOVE that Morning Star veggie burger! I always get sad when I look in the freezer and see a different kind. I need to get more of those stat.
    I definitely think our day is what we make of it!

  16. Just discovered your blog, and I love it!! 😀

    I definitely think we get out of our day what we put into it! Oh, and that mushroom veggie burger looks so good! Gonna have to try those soon!

    I work from home, and my home “office” is now situated at one end of my dining room table! We are saving money by living in a smaller apartment, so I’m making due with what I’ve got– but I did spruce it up with a cute lamp, and it’s starting to feel like a real desk!

  17. Hey Tina! I’m so glad I stumbled across your blog! I 100% agree that our days are whatever we make of them. For me, doing that means giving my trust to God–knowing that He has everything under control. When I’m able to do that, I can truly enjoy life’s simple pleasures, and not let worldly stresses get me down. 🙂

    I love Morningstar veggie burgers as well. My favorite is the Tomato Basil Pizza Burger. The melted mozzarella is what puts it over the top.

    Good luck with your application to freelance writing! I have no doubt that you’d be a huge asset to the website!

  18. I do my “computering” in a spare bedroom that has our desk and computer…but I wish for a laptop, so I can go/type anywhere!

    Love the green on your wall in that pic:)

  19. i absolutely believe we have the power to make our day the best it can be! it all depends on how we want to view and handle situations that are given to us. and i agree with you – nothing feels better than hearing from readers that look to you for advice.
    i love your new little computing corner! and wow – i never knew barney is still on, either!

  20. Meg says:

    Ha. Computering! We haven’t set up our office yet so I bum it at the kitchen table, on the couch or even worse, in bed!

  21. Your lunch looks so yummy! It makes me kind of sad about mine. 😉

    I do my computering from my couch and my desk. I like to move around!

  22. Jenn (GH) says:

    Oh my gosh Barney is hideous! Ha!

    For the most part, I believe in choices so we can choose how to respond to different circumstances and people. I do think some people who are mentally ill are not able to make the best choices for themselves.

    My computer is in our home office right next to my hubby who works from home. We LOVE it even though I’m not there the majority of the day since I homeschool the boys.

  23. I believe in positive thinking and that YOU make your days better by being and staying positive.

    Thanks for stopping by at my blog – I’m very exicted to get to know a new reader 🙂

  24. chelsey says:

    I totally believe we have the power to make or break our day.. It’s all about our attitude. Sometimes it’s easier and sometimes it’s harder, but with God I don’t struggle quite as much. Its those days where I forget to put him in the picture that I struggle.

    I computer from my kitchen table. FH has a business so the office is his, and well… I really like my placemats 🙂

  25. Erica says:

    I can’t imagine being a Mama & trying to work! I’m sure it must be tough to divide your time. This is SO true: “Are you making your day the best it can be? Only you have the power to do that ya know! ” I think I need a daily reminder of this. Glad you setup your own little office space- you need/deserve it!!

  26. Shannon says:

    I’ll have to look for those mushroom burgers 🙂 And I see nothing wrong with a frozen Lean Cuisine pizza…esspecially dressed up with summer fruit!

    GOod fro you for putting yourself out there and applying for the freelance job. Who knows! And sometimes, even if that doesn’t lead to a job, it will lead to something else. I like your attitude 🙂

  27. Yes, our attitude most definitely affects how we handle our circumstances!
    It helps to keep our eyes on an eternal God and His goodness, rather than those sucky circumstances which will eventually pass 🙂
    I work from a desk in the dining room 🙂
    The other thing that helps my day a bit better is peanut butter 🙂

  28. Allison says:

    Thank you so much for your sweet comment! I can’t wait to catch up with your posts and keep reading from now on!! I hope you have a wonderful day!! 🙂

  29. Heather says:

    I do my computing from the couch in the living room! I have an office with another computer that I do my travel agent work in though.

  30. Kimberly says:

    We do small groups at my church too and I love it!

    Mushrooms–I love them, hubby is allergic, therefore my kids think they are poison-lol!

  31. rachael says:

    Frozen pizza is definitely a necessity on occasion! I “computer” at a lovely desk my father-in-law built us, or on the couch in the living room while the boy plays or watches bob the builder.

    • Tina says:

      That is why I set up my mini office in the living room. We actually have an office (aka more of a storage space) but it is away from where M plays. I needed to be able to have a bit of time on the computer when she is playing. I mainly stick to during her naptimes and before she wakes up, but it is nice to hop on easily for a quick check on things when she is channeling Kelly Clarkson in Ms. Independent mode.

  32. LOL @ your comment “I wonder if they called her hump day” That really cracked me up! I do most of my computering from my work. I look at a computer for 8 hours a day!

  33. I definitely believe we have the power to make our day awesome!! There will always be other circumstances, but the way we view them can totally change things for the better.

    I won’t be home from vacation until next Saturday morning, but if you’re free Saturday night that could work for a meetup! Let me know what your plans are!

  34. I love the stone wall in your “office”! 🙂

    PS- I agree.. how can the purple dinosaur not be extinct yet??

  35. I think that yes, we do have the ability to influence the outcomes of our day. I like to start my day off with a workout to get an early endorphin fix, and that generally helps the positive thoughts start rolling. Although I’m so far from perfect on keeping the negative thoughts away throughout the day, I’m really trying to work on it.

    I usually do my computering (hehe!) from my desk, because I find that I’m too cramped up on the couch. (It is however, a nice change of scenery once in a while!)

    I’ve not actually tried Morningstar products yet (that I can remember anyway) since I’m not a vegetarian. If my sister is visiting, I’ll buy more veggie-friendly foods, but if I ever by them for myself, I think Morningstar will definitely be the brand I roll with because of your positive reviews!

    • Tina says:

      I’m actually not vegetarian either. I just LOVE their stuff for quick meal fix options. I highly suggest trying some.

  36. I think your attitude is responsible for a lot in our lives. We defintiely have the power to be in a good mood or a bad mood and we have the power to change it. But I think sometimes (myself included) we get so caught up in it that we forget that we are in control of our feelings.

  37. – Yes!
    – on the couch
    – nothing much going on over here. =)

  38. hehe what a little organized girl you have! Love it!

    I computer in my bedroom in bed!

    I do believe I have the power! I think it’s all about choosing to be happy and choosing your reactions and mood. Not always easy, but something I always strive for!!

  39. Heather says:

    I’ve never seen those mushroom lover’s veggie burgers, they look awesome. I’m officially on the hunt for them!

    I do believe I have the power to make everyday a good day. Each morning when I wake up I recite “Today I am expecting good things.” Gets me in a positive thinking mindset.

    And I do my computing from the dining room table, the desk in my bedroom or on the couch. Just bought a lap desk, and I love it!!!!!

  40. My church relationships have always been my strongest 🙂

  41. I actually thought you made that pizza at first! lean cuisine is lookin good ;).

    I will be doing my computering on my couch or on the bed! one reason I love my laptop!

  42. I can definitely change my day by just having a positive attitude and not letting things get me down.

    And I agree that sometimes LC pizzas are totally necessary! And even hot pockets once in a while!

    I do my computing at our kitchen counter/breakfast table thing. I don’t have a laptop so I am stuck there for now!

  43. Hey Tina! Thanks so much for stopping by 🙂

    I am loving your blog!! I just added you to my RSS feed!!!

    I think we do have the power to change our day depending on our attitude…however, I think some days you just can’t get past it and can feel defeated. Overall, we should pick ourselves back up and say, it could be worse, I am happy to be breathing, and blessed to have the things in my life that I have…and move on!

    I do most of my “computering” in my little den 🙂

    • Tina says:

      Definitely! Some days simply surviving is making it our best. The point is to never lose sight of the good. Love your input and thanks for coming by. I’m glad you like my blog. I know I really enjoyed yours. 🙂

  44. I do my computering from the couch 🙂

    And you know what, you are right! It’s definitely in our power to make our days the best they can be. It’s all in attitude and reaction, right? 🙂 Hope your day is going well!

  45. never tried a lean cuisine, but hey in a crunch? its a good idea!!!
    omg barney ended, to be honest…he always scared me! i don’t know why maybe becauase he always smiled? but that big purple guy just always freaked me out!! haha

    thats so cute of mackenzie to lay out her clothes 🙂

  46. Jennifer says:

    Hump Day! You crack me up.
    Your lunch looks delicious!!!!

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