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Posted: August 5, 2010 at 4:51 pm

Oh, I love the TV show Friends. Remember the episode with the New Year’s Resolutions and Ross wanting to do something new everyday. The scene of him in the bathroom in those leather pants with the baby powder always makes me laugh. I HAD to include a clip from it – even if it is poor quality.

Well, today I took Ross’ advice and tried a bunch of new things. I like to get one big dose of new instead of spreading it out to one a day. You know…because I’m wild like that. 😉

This morning, I woke up to some strange feelings in my stomach. At first, I groggily thought the body aches from yesterday finally manifested themselves into some form of illness. Not the case at all. You know what it was? BABY! Rolling about in my stomach. I have thought I felt baby a few times before but this morning was undisputable. The feeling reminds me of being tickled, just from the inside out. I could feel him (since I’m sure it’s a boy) moving from one side of my stomach to the other. What a fabulous way to start the morning!

In other new news…I signed up for something new to me, but old to many of you. I finally joined FoodBuzz. I’m not really certain what kept me from doing so sooner, but now I’m part of the community. I really have very little clue what to do with it, how to find people, what types of things to add, or anything else related to the site. So if you have any advice or guidance for a newbie, hit me up in the comments section.

More new came to my day with a visit to a pool I've never been to for playgroup time. We met up at a local pool which boasted its own toddler play area AND a water slide. Awesome! Makenzie & I had plenty of fun splashing around. Splashing around and chasing after her served nicely as my workout for the day too. Every bit of activity counts. You don’t always have to complete a formal workout. I knew there would be no time for one today, so my pool activity suited me very well.

P1140310 P1140307 P1140312

I also discovered a new found sense of confidence. Perhaps it stems from all the Operation Beautiful talk or seeing Caitlin on the Today show . Maybe it is simply from my own personal growth and what God is working in me right now to share here soon and the learning that comes with it. Whatever it is, I felt more beautiful in a bathing suit today than I think I ever have. Even with more cellulite than normal thanks to pregnancy. I’m not perfect, but I’m beautiful. I have to believe that to be a positive role model for Makenzie. And she deserves it. After all, she changed my life for the better. Which is why my 30 Days of Insight letter is to her.

Dear Miss M,

Thank you for being you. From the moment I knew you existed inside of me, you sparked a change in my life. Before, my life revolved around thoughts of food, workouts, looking better, and being the girl others wanted to be. I may not have admitted it. I may have hidden behind veils of deceit.You tore those down. It was you who taught me that my body had more worth than simply how it looked. It was you that showed me beauty is in the heart - how much love you have for someone or something – instead of in the mirror. It was you who forced me to respect my body with a balanced diet and adequate exercise, not too much or too little of anything. It was you who brought me to my knees and turned me to prayer to begin to love myself again. That journey shaped me in so many ways and I may never have ventured on it if not for you.

After your birth you continued to teach me. You exemplified what it means to love life. Simply and fully. You help me to laugh every day. Stay positive and be content with being me. Nothing else required. Your eyes show me my worth and what I can bring to the world. You gave me everything. I pray you never stop being you. And that I never lose the precious gifts you have given me. I love you baby girl.

Love, Mama

Okay, okay. We must move back to the standard stuff if I don’t want to short circuit the laptop with my tears. For lunch, leftovers sounded perfect. I needed a quick fix meal. Last night, I made a different take on my favorite chicken enchiladas. I followed the recipe but used beef instead of chicken…and added some extra peppers + onions to the filling for flavor and crunch. I still prefer the chicken, but these satisfied my Mexican tooth. With some fruit on the side for the sweet tooth.


Now, I must say goodbye. Around 10 pm we will head out on our driving adventure from GA to Philly for my friend’s wedding. I’m trying to focus on being able to wear my new dresses and see an old friend marry the woman of his dreams. I think that is more positive than focusing on the new acts of driving overnight and leaving my baby girl behind for 4 days and 4 nights. 🙁 I’m going to miss her!!! Too bad she can’t read yet. Because I will be blogging. So I will see you all tomorrow to let you know if I survived!

  • What is your favorite TV show of all time?
  • Who would you write a thank you letter to for helping change your life for the better?

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51 Comments to “new thing to do that day”
  1. oh man, favorite show? probably law and order SVU…it sucks you into this crazy time warp! love it!

    and i would totally write a thank you note (and have!)…i bet Miss M is going to really love that you wrote that to her 🙂

  2. What an incredible letter! Love M’s bikini – too cute. Safe travels!

  3. Oh what a sweet mama! I would totally write it to my husband. He is the best thing that ever happened to me. He knows me sometimes better than I know myself and he always reminds me of who I am and how great we are together.

    Have a safe trip and have fun!

  4. homecookedem says:

    I need a tissue now!! 🙂 SOOOOO sweet!! 🙂 I’d write my letter to both Andrew and my baby!! I can’t choose between them. Honestly though, Andrew has loved me through alllllll kinds of sizes and my baby has taught me to let go of rigidity and to listen to my body.

    I just started feeling my baby more and more!! For me, it’s more of a popping feeling. He definitely likes might right side more than my left because I always feel him over there and the ultrasound tech said that’s where he was yesterday. I just love him so much already!! 🙂

    I’ll pray for a safe and happy trip!! 🙂

  5. I hope that you save that “letter” and let her read it someday. She would love to know what changes she brought about in you.

    and yes I LOOOOVE that episode of friends.

    as far as foodbuzz, I joined a month ago and I really don’t know what it’s about! I just put the badge on my page!

  6. I’m a sucker for So You Think You Can Dance…if only I could!!!!

    And welcome to the City of Brotherly Love! Maybe I’ll see you on the streets! 🙂

  7. Ameena says:

    I think that writing a thank you note to your daughter is just about the sweetest thing ever. I really need to do that and save it for Maya to read one day, I think she’d love it!

    My favorite TV show of all time…I can’t narrow it down to just one! I love Saved By the Bell. Silly but I can’t help it. And I really loved MacGyver and the A-Team. Gosh, I’ll be thinking about this question all afternoon now!

    Have a safe trip!

  8. Mellissa says:

    She is going to love reading that letter someday, the power of knowing how much you truly love her 🙂 It makes me have tears in my eyes.

    I think I would write that letter to myself 10 years ago, I have learned so much about myself since I was 18 and have really embraced being my true self and being confident.

    • Tina says:

      I love the idea of writing a letter to a previous self. Our pasts really do help shape us into the people we are.

  9. I also just joined foodbuzz! I am getting the hang of a few things on their site but I am pretty much still lost. So if you learn anything new hit me up! 🙂

  10. Becky says:

    Such a beautiful letter to your daughter. She will certainly cherish that someday. This week of Operation Beautiful has been so powerful. I always knew it was a fabulous movement, but it feels like this week has really brought about change in all of us!

    As for Foodbuzz, I’m new, too. I put their badge on my blog, but I don’t know much else about it.

  11. What a wonderful wonderful post 🙂 And what an exciting thing to wake up to 🙂

  12. Hayley says:

    I am a total “Friends” junkie and that is one of my favorite episodes!! I love that you tried out some new things today and I LOVE the pictures of you and Miss M at the pool!! 2 beautiful girls for sure. 🙂 I think feeling the baby move for the first time was one of the most exciting things for me…and it’s even more amazing when you can feel his/her kicks get stronger and stronger! She is moving around right now as I type this!

  13. Heather says:

    Wow-great letter to your daughter! I’ve been keeping a journal for my 6 1/2 since she was 18 months old-I haven’tbmissed a day 🙂
    Fave tv show ever: The Office!!!
    Who I’d write a letter to: my grandpa. He shaped SO much of who I am and I really miss him 🙁

  14. Ilana says:

    I also just joined foodbuzz recently- no clue what i’m doing haha.
    that letter made me tear up a bit! you’re so wonderful!!
    I told him in person, but my boyfriend helped me so much more than I can say, without even realizing it. He sat me down on more than one occasion and told me, flat out, that I wasn’t happy and that I needed to change. At the time I didn’t like hearing it, but he was the only person who would ever say that to me, and he was right – and eventually, I did change. I wouldn’t have, if he hadn’t told me I could.
    fave tv shows – Lost, Weeds, South Park. and OMG that scene in FRIENDS always kills me!!!

  15. What a beautiful, amazing letter! M is lucky to have a wonderful mommy like you, and you are lucky to have such a blessing as your daughter that helped you to realize that all of those other things didn’t matter anymore! Caitlyn did great this morning, I was so happy for her!

    I joined Food Buzz like 5 months ago, haha, I have NO ideas what I am doing either…I should totally log in and figure it out and post it on my blog, haha…you just reminded me…

    Favorite SHOW of all time is tough. I am DEFINITELY a FRIENDS fanatic, absolutely will put that up with my all time favs…that episode was HILARIOUS! My fav is when Ross goes to get spray tanned…LOL…They all make me crack up big time though!

    I also love LOST, The Office, True Blood, Greys Anatomy, Gossip Girl and Dexter…those are my can’t miss TV shows!!!

  16. Shannon says:

    Such a beautiful letter! Save it and share it with her one day 🙂

    I love that episode of “Friends” I still laugh out loud when I catch it.

    It is the most amazing thing to feel the baby move. I didn’t feel anything for sure until about 18-19 weeks. But now he doesn’t stop! And he’s strong!! I’m afraid he’s going to break a rib! But its such an amazing thing, I can deal with the uncomfortable kicks.

  17. aw what a feel good post, missy! I love all of the pool pictures and of course the Friends clip, which could potentially be my favorite show of all time. Well that and SATC. Those are my top two. I’ve never heard of that website – i’ll have to check it out!

    I would probably write letters to… wow. so many people! I know i’m a changed person due to the impact of so many others.

  18. Dorry says:

    So sweet! Those words are priceless for your daughter. Adorable pink bathing suit by the way. I’ve also joined FoodBuzz recently and haven’t had time to fully dive in and figure it out.

    I’d write a letter to my mom…and my oldest sister…and my oldest friend from childhood, Emily.

  19. Kiersten says:

    That is such a beautiful letter. I hope you will keep that and actually give it to your daughter someday. It was also nice to read that you are feeling good about your body. You should feel good about it, because you are beautiful!

  20. Emily says:

    This is such a great post! I definitely had some tears flowing, myself. 🙂 I think my favorite tv show of all time is The Office. Its so good.

    Have a safe trip and have fun at the wedding!!

  21. Madeline - Greens and Jeans says:

    So sweet! My dad wrote me a letter every year on my birthday growing up and he gave them all to me on my 18th birthday. I get teary just thinking about how special they are!

  22. Kimberly says:

    How exciting to wake up to your little one dancing in your tummy and little Miss M is just adorable. I love her little bikini 🙂

    Hope you have safe travels and a wonderful weekend with friends!

  23. Sarah says:

    I would write a thank you note to my husband. He has helped me to be a much more confident, open, outgoing, and adventurous woman. I love that man!

  24. Wendy says:

    Ok your letter to Miss M made me get a little teary, too. So precious. And I can relate 100%. My daughter is about to turn four. <3
    fave show of all time: GILMORE GIRLS -hands down.
    I think I'd write a letter either to my mom or my little Blondie-butt.

  25. andi says:

    I think Friends is my all-time favorite … I could watch re-runs all day and not get sick of it!

    I just joined Foodbuzz too, but I know very little about it. lol. wanna learn about it together?

    and your letter to Makenzie is amazing. she’s so blessed to have a mother like you. 🙂

    hope you had a safe drive!

  26. That clip is one of my favorite friends moments too. I laugh histerically every time.

  27. Heather says:

    I love that episode of Friends, such a good one! That’s probably my favorite show of all time, always made me laugh when I was going through a tough time.

    And Baby M is just too cute!

  28. I love that episode of Friends!!!

    That letter is so beautiful and touching. You’re an amazing role model for your daughter. She’s very lucky to have you!

  29. oh wow, what a beautiful letter to your daughter! i wrote one to my parents a while back, thanking them for raising me and stuff. it meant a lot to them, especially since we’re on opposite end of the globe…

    on a lighter note 🙂 i’m not sure what my all time favourite show is, but right now i LOVE Top Chef! if you haven’t seen it you must watch!

  30. Right now is 24! My husband and I are obsessed! We’ve been watching the series…one hour long epi at a time.

  31. That has to be one of my favorite episodes ever!!!!

  32. What a beautiful post!!! This makes me want to have a baby soon 🙂

    I love that episode of Friends — I remember crying from laughing the first time I saw it.

    My favorite show right now? I really like Top Chef, Dexter and Weeds.

    I would write a thank you letter to my friend Susan. She has helped me with my self esteem, self consciousness and my friendships. She always has the best advice for me, and I don’t know where I would be without her.

  33. Nichole says:

    OK, going to reapply my mascara. What an amazing idea. Too sweet. I love that we learn as much from children as they do for us.

    Kudos on Food Buzz, ow ow! I want to go to the water park – hit up White Water:)

    Have a very safe trip – it’ll be a hot one for sure.

    And I would say Friends is definitely at my top TV list.

  34. Kelly says:

    What a beautiful letter! You are so lucky 🙂

    This is weird, but I would probably write a thank you letter to myself – I think I’ve changed my life for the better based on experiences, want, need, etc.

    Hands down, Friends is my favorite TV show of all time! The episode with the couch (pivoooooot!) and the one where they had to switch apartments are among my favs. 🙂

  35. Ohhhh, your letter to your daughter brought a tear to my eye! That is so amazing 🙂

    I would write thank you letters to my mom, my friend B, and my ex who have all taight me a lot in very different ways.

  36. I loved that episode! Seriously one of the all-time bests.

    Welcome to FoodBuzz! Make sure you join the tastemakers program!

  37. I love Friends, I never get sick of watching it. I think my all time favorite TV show is The Office though!
    Feeling your baby move must be one of the coolest things ever! How exciting!!!

  38. What a beautiful letter! I still watch reruns of Friends when it’s on. Love that show! I would write letters to my boys and to The Lover. 🙂

  39. oh man, I LOVE friends. Ross is my favorite – so funny!

    Welcome to FoodBuzz! I’ve been on it for four months and am still not sure what to do on it! 🙂

  40. JamieS49 says:

    Your post had me in tears. What a wonderful letter to M. I hope you give it to her one day.

  41. Aww that is a beautiful letter! I think mine would be to my mum. We’ve had our troubles over the past couple of years but I really am thankful for everything she’s done for me.
    Good luck with the drive! 🙂

  42. So many good things in this post 🙂

    FRIENDS is the best, I just watched old episodes tonight – hilarious. I also love Top Chef, How I Met Your Mother and The Office.

  43. What a beautiful letter to your daughter! You inspire me- in just the short time I’ve been reading your blog! You exhibit true inner beauty and I know so many readers/friends see it daily:)

    What an AMAZING moment to feel your baby *boy* inside! Gosh, that is so incredible! I can’t wait to experience that one day:)

    I’m horrible at choosing favorite anything, but my favorite show in recent years has been “Biggest Loser”. It inspires me and challenges me. Just because I don’t have hundreds of pounds to lose, the contestants inspire me when I see their inner strength come out and how they realize they had it in them the entire time:) I’ve got several months to go, but already through this bikini competition prep, I feel God strengthening me from the inside out and it feels amazing:)

  44. Rachel says:

    OH man that is one of my favorite Friends scenes EVER

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