Thoughts, Full Body Workout, & Book Review

Posted: January 26, 2010 at 1:18 am

Hello hello all!!! How is everyone's Monday going? Mine has been pretty great. Not for any reason in particular, but just a good day. It was a beautiful day with bright, sunny skies and mild temperatures. So, I opted to take a 30 minute walk with the Kenz baby before lunch. I usually spend some time in prayer/thought while taking our afternoon walks together and today was no different. I was just walking along with thoughts rambling through my head, when suddenly one just came to the forefront and stuck there.

What was it, you may ask? Well, it was about going ahead and getting certified to teach some group fitness classes. Now, I don't know WHY this thought came about. I have always had it in my head that the plan would be for me to work towards getting certified for personal training and possibly teaching group fitness classes in the future after we are done having kids (only having two, so not too too long from now) and after those kids are a bit older and in preschool at least. I wasn't even thinking about money, budgets, etc when this thought came around. It was suddenly - "Hey. Why don't you go ahead and contact your gym's head of group fitness or others in the area and see what is needed to become certified? Then, maybe you can go ahead and do it now, get on a schedule to teach just a few classes for the time being to get your foot in the door, make a little extra money (I know very little ;)), start building contacts for future plans, etc...

Here's what is going on in my head. I know I have a huge passion for fitness. I 100% plan to get into this field in the future. Teaching group fitness classes could be a relatively easy way to enter into this field - not saying it's super easy to do, but easier than going straight into training. It could possibly be a way to do something rewarding for myself outside of the home, help earn a bit extra money (every little bit helps, right?), and still be flexible enough to not be completely time consuming and a hindrance to my #1 focus of being a mother and wife first. If I did it, I would hopefully only be teaching a few classes a week - RPM, GroupKick, or Bodypump classes would be my picks! 😉

On the flip side, I also know that sometime this year we are hoping for me to get pregnant again. So, I don't want to take something on, that I may not be able to handle with pregnancy and a brand new baby. But, still - I think, if it's only a few classes, why couldn't I do that with a baby? Or pregnant? When pregnant with Makenzie I worked out up until the day before she was born, so that shouldn't stop me. And then I was back in the gym doing group classes or at home kickbox DVDs within 6 weeks after she was born. Exercise was my "me time" that I longed for. So, why not get paid for it and share my passion with others? I wouldn't want to leave anybody in the lurch, but if I wasn't teaching a ton to begin with maybe it would work out? And why put something off that I could go for sooner? Okay...lots of rambling. And I'm not sure where this is going to go, if anywhere for now. But I thought it was interesting how this option came to me out of the blue and felt like sharing it.

Now onto other things. Like my workout!!! Here's what it looked like today.

It was a fantastic workout! Like I have said before, I love a good full body workout and all the benefits it gives me!

Last, but not least, I finished the book I was reading today. Which means a book review. Actually, I have two. This past Friday I started reading Sloppy Firsts by Megan McCafferty because some of my old colleagues recommended it to me and they usually give good recommendations. Ummm, I could only read the first 30 pages before I had to put it away or else die from teenagedom torture. It was an extremely immature and whiny book and I could not stand it! So, I quickly switched over to this book instead:

Great Book

After You by Julie Buxbaum

As I'm sure you can tell from my caption, I loved this book! It was quite different from what I expected, based on the inside cover's description. I thought it was going to be a very predictable, girly, happy go lucky story. While parts of it were predictable, the story had such a depth to it that I did not expect. It was filled with emotion and had lots of strong qualities. From being able to sympathize with all the characters to wondering where things are really going to lead and if they will be okay, it was hard to put down. Here is a description from Amazon's website:

The complexities of a friendship. The unexplored doubts of a marriage. And the redemptive power of literature... Julie Buxbaum, the acclaimed author of The Opposite of Love, delivers a haunting, gloriously written novel about love, family, and the secrets we hide from each other--and ourselves.
It happened on a tree-lined street in Notting Hill to a woman who seemed to have the perfect life. Ellie Lerner’s best friend, Lucy, was murdered in front of her young daughter. And, as best friends do, Ellie dropped everything--her marriage, her job, her life in the Boston suburbs--to travel to London and pick up the pieces of Lucy’s life. While Lucy’s husband, Greg, copes with his grief by retreating into himself, eight-year-old Sophie has simply stopped speaking.

Desperate to help Sophie, Ellie turns to a book that gave her comfort as a child, The Secret Garden. As the two spend hours exploring the novel’s winding passageways, its story of hurt, magic, and healing blooms around them. But so, too, do Lucy’s secrets--some big, some small--secrets Lucy kept hidden, even from her best friend. Over a summer in London, as Ellie peels back the layers of her friend’s life, she’s forced to confront her own as well: the marriage she left behind, the loss she’d hoped to escape. And suddenly Ellie’s carefully constructed existence is spinning out of control in a chain of events that will transform her life--and those around her--forever. A novel that will resonate in the heart of anyone who’s had a best friend, a love lost, or a past full of regrets, After You proves once again the unique and compelling talent of Julie Buxbaum.

So, if you are looking for a good book that is enjoyable to read, not too serious but not cliche either, I would suggest this book.

And with that, I say Peace Out!!! Have a fabulous night. I'm off to watch The Bachelor. More drama, drama, drama!

And also a big thank you to those of you who read, commented on, or got anything out of my post yesterday. 😀

  • For those of you who teach group fitness, what are your thoughts on it? Does what I talked about sound feasible? Or for those of you who have 'known' me for awhile, what do you think about it? I do plan to pray about this issue and take time to fully consider it, but would love all of your thoughts as well 🙂
  • Do you have a TV show that is your guilty pleasure? I have The Bachelor, Biggest Loser, Grey's Anatomy, and Desperate Housewives that I keep up with. What can I say? I like TV. At least I only watch it for at the very most 2 hours a day.


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  1. Tammy says:

    Wow! It does sound like we have a lot in common! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and letting me know! I think it’s awesome that you worked out all throughout your pregnancy — good for you! And, I completely understand your thoughts on wanting to be wife and mommy first. I feel that way and my only kids are our pets, for now. Personal training sounds like a great option — I’ve thought of that many times, too. Gossip Girl is my new TV addiction! My husband loves it, too!

  2. lindsayruns says:

    Thank you so much for commenting on mine so I could find you! I really like your space and your perspective. I don’t go to many group classes, so I don’t really have the drive to be involved in them. But my friend is an instructor (and a mommy–you’re right, great balance and “me time” she says) and whenever I’m in her classes I think about doing it some far away day. She just has so much fun! I think you should totally go for it! And that book sounds intriguing.

  3. Keri says:

    I am a full time teacher who recently got certified in group fitness! I love the classes and go to them all the time, so I figured I might as well get paid for it. (Not to mention the discount I would get from my expensive gym membership) I haven’t started to work yet, I plan to wait until summer when I’m off from teaching to start, but I figured even in the fall once things get going again its something I could handle a couple of times a week. So to me, your plan sounds like a great idea, but I guess I am a little biased 🙂

  4. Vee says:

    I feel like you are in my head and writing exactly what I am thinking. 😉 How strange. I think you know that I will be attending a couple of Exercise to music courses in the next couple of weeks and I’m doing it exactly for the reasons you have talked about. I want to get into this field yet I want to have a baby in a year or two. This certificate will hopefully give me some flexibility and will be my first step to my new career.
    Good luck with your plans, can’t wait to follow you along! x

  5. Susan says:

    YES! I’m with you. If you love it, why not do it?? I find the initial investment to get into training and instructing is pretty low compared to some other jobs out there, which made the decision even easier for me. I haven’t mentioned it yet, but I plan on doing the training for an RPM instructor in February. I have no idea if I’ll be any good at it – but I won’t know till I try!

    Yayy! So happy for you 😀

  6. Lindsey says:

    Hey Hey! You know I am all about Group Fitness! 🙂

    It’s definitely feasible! Especially since you live near Atlanta, there are bigger gyms who have bigger budgets (vs where I live now in a small small town!), so you can definitely make some extra cash!

    I recommend contacting some gyms and seeing what they need. Before you get specialty certified with Les Mills, Spinning, or Turbokick, find out if there is a need for those. I say this b/c you can only teach those types of classes with those certifications.

    You can go through ACE or AFAA and get primary group exercise certified and be able to teach a variety of classes that are not trademarked. I went through AFAA and i’ve added Turbokick and Yoga Fit along the way…but I loved starting with AFAA, it opened many doors and you can really get hired any where (most require a try out, which is not bad).

    AFAA cost me around $300 for the actual certification and then extra for the book. Turbokick was around $150 – $200, I can’t remember exactly, but it’s cheaper as it’s only one format you are learning.

    Hope this helps!

  7. Melissa says:

    I took a spin class a few months ago and the instructor was pregnant. She was still great despite having to hold back a little, and I loved the class.

    I’m also thinking about becoming certified to be a group fitness instructor. 🙂 Big decision though.

  8. Just came across your blog for the first time!

    My brother is a certified strength and conditioning coach at a major university and LOVES it. Not only does he love the work but he now knows hundreds of people from all across the country. People from high school athletes all the way up to Olympic athletes. I think the potential rewards are great. Go for it!

  9. lisaou11 says:

    I say go for it Tina!!

    Everyone else has said some wonderful things, so I’m keepin mine short and sweet.

  10. Sunny says:

    hi tina! it’s sunny 🙂

    i miss you on 02 but just figured i’d leave you a comment here and let you know that i am following along everyday!

    i def think you can get involved in the fitness field if you want to.. it’s a good way to make extra cash and most of the time you can make your own schedule so it could work out well for you even with kids.

    oh and the bachelor is one of my guilty pleasures as well, love it!

  11. I think you should do it now – a spin instructor that I teach with just gave birth yesterday, and she taught up until 3 weeks ago! Can you imagine being on that bike THAT pregnant?!? Haha!

    As for group fitness, I honestly think it’s the way to go. I am not sure if you have read any of my posts about switching careers, but I just left my personal training job. I wanted to be a trainer since I was about 15-16. Was convinved I’d never want another job. It was my absolute undying passion (still is). But somewhere a long the way, I got bored or it and didn’t feel like I was being challenged. I guess I got burnt out, but it even put out the fire for my passion of my OWN fitness.

    I’m sure it would be different since you would be part-time and have kids, and by no means am I trying to sway you – just my 2 cents. 🙂

  12. Marcia says:

    I have taught group fitness since 1998..and am still going strong and still LOVING it. I, too am AFAA certified and have nothing but good things to say about it. It is highly recognized by many clubs. (Just as Lindsey posted)
    I am SPinning ( Madd Dog-the best in the bizz!), TurboKick and YogaFit certified as well.
    It’s a passion of mine and I am glad to be able to share it with people. Good luck!

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