i hate mondays

Posted: September 20, 2010 at 8:18 pm

And while we’re at it, I hate pregnancy hormones too. It seems like one day a week I get in this mood. A mood where even the smallest thing can send me over the edge and bring me to tears, headaches, anxiety, lashing out, and any other unpleasant side effect of PMS x 10,000. Today was my lucky moody day. Of course it would just happen to fall on my most overwhelmingly busy day of the week too.

I hate Mondays. I always have so much to do and it never fails to fluster me just a tiny bit. Which is exactly what happened today. Somehow, even after typing up today’s 30 DSLR post about living life fully, I got caught up in my to-dos and forgot about finding joy in the day. Doh!

Even worse? Feeling overwhelmed with my Monday, I imposed the stress and anxiety I felt onto life as a whole and my future. I have big hopes for my family, myself, and even this blog (nothing crazy big for that though…I am realistic). You can probably tell that I pour a lot of energy into those things I care about. Sometimes my crazy anxiety gets the best of me and makes me question if I’m putting effort into things appropriately and if I’m on the path God wants me on.

I told you pregnancy hormones bring out the crazy in me. Please forgive me for sounding like a whiny two year old. I know its not fun to hear. Especially after dealing with one all day. I don’t know what her deal is. She doesn’t have any hormones to blame for the ‘tude she has been throwing today. She has actually brought me to tears. You think I exaggerate the hormones? You just wait until your time comes.

I assure you that things turned around though.Once I wiped up my second round of tears caused by Makenzie, I took 15 minutes to lay down and breathe…and ignore whatever she was doing at the foot of the bed. I thought about my own message from today and repeated “Do what you can today. God has the plans for your future” to help calm me down. I even ended up writing it on a bookmark to keep with my to-do lists as a reminder.


After that, I slapped on a smile and took charge of my day. I hit up the first round of errands, which included a weekly shopping trip. And guess what I found???


That in and of itself helped bring my mood up! I have searched high and low for some Libbys. I made that grocery trip even better by stopping by for a skim iced coffee on the way home. I needed a little pick me up to sip while getting stuff done after lunch.


Those pick me ups continued as I read through your comments for today’s post. You all really helped me today. You do with each and every one you leave and today meant even more. I think all of that brought me out of my sour preggo mood and helped me finish out the day on a high note. I finished what I needed for today, tutored the great kid I help out, and even fit in a Turbo Jam DVD workout to relieve some stress. No matter what, we have the power to turn things around for the better. Even on a Monday.

  • What is your least favorite day of the week? Need I say more after the above?
  • Do hormones ever get the best of you? Need I say more after the above? 😉

I forgot to post up links to posts from other bloggers this morning. Check them out!


44 Comments to “i hate mondays”
  1. Melodie says:

    I love those verses in Psalm 24… and I LOVE the fact that you wrote that on a book mark for yourself 🙂 I have got to become more intentional about doing those things. I have been listening to Max Lucado’s book Fearless today on my drive to and from work (I have an almost 30 minute commute each way) and it is so encouraging… just like your blog… and just like the verses you posted and the book mark! Thank you so much for posting so honestly, even if you think you are whining!! You are such an encouragement and you blog has been such a blessing.
    I have a son who just turned 13, and let me tell you, he is a GREAT kid, I know I have it much easier than other moms with teenagers, but they can whine better than a 2 year old sometimes!!!! lol

  2. Oh totally agree with you on Mondays sucking.I am not even pregnant and I have days just like you’re describing! Not sure it that should make you feel better or worse LOL. Maybe know that you’re not alone – you’re just human. And you know what, that’s why I love you so!

  3. YES! I am incredibly emotional and moody. It’s a problem. And I can’t even blame pregnancy.
    Woohoo for pumpkin!!! EVERYONE is finally finding it! Yay! I’m about to go make some pumpkin overnight oats for the in the morning in fact..

  4. Meg says:

    Hey lady, I had a similar monday and I’m not even pregnant (or PMSing– I think). Isn’t it silly how we get ourselves all worked up? I don’t think you were whining like a two year old at all. We all have those crazy days that make us feel like we are stretched beyond capacity!

    Hang in there, at least Monday only comes once a week! 😉

  5. Gillian says:

    Yes Mondays do stink! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love how many cans of pumpkin you bought…I need to do the same pronto! Haven’t found any yet!


  6. Mark says:

    Mondays are always hectic, but then I have never been a big fan of Sundays either. Sundays are weird. Maybe it’s because the weekend is over and a new week is imminent. It was always worse as a kid because Sunday evening TV was awful and always had a dull vibe. It hasn’t improved with age either 🙂

  7. Least favorite day? Tuesday or Wednesday…you’re stuck in the middle of the work week! I can get in some moods too. Like Friday night I started ranting and raving to Ryan about how my bedding hadn’t come in and the stupid company I ordered it from…he was like, it’s not my fault! Then it came in today! And I’m happy 🙂 Keep your head up, I find often that a great day (or at least much better) follows a sucky day.

    • Tina says:

      I swear pregnancy makes me crazy. I have almost started crying about the most ridiculous things…like not being able to get something I’m craving. I sit there and KNOW I’m being ridiculous but can’t stop it. The things these kiddos do to us. 😉

  8. Sarah says:

    Ugh, I try not to hate Mondays but today sucked too! And I don’t have pregnancy hormones to blame only lack of sleep plus an awesome weekend I didn’t want to end.

    But I love when days take a turn for the better! I try to remind myself that there are many things that I can’t control but I can control my attitude and how I react to crappy days. Sometimes I can cheer up and sometimes I can’t but at least I tried. Hopefully tomorrow will be better 🙂

  9. Hi Tina! So happy you finally found pumpkin 🙂 I’ve been staking out our local grocery stores since the beginning of September, just waiting for them to fill the pumpkin void on the shelves. Yesterday was the day! We stopped by after church for a quick check, and there it was! I may or may not have left the shelf almost empty 🙂

    I’m glad your Monday turned around for the better.

  10. Aw, I’m sorry you had a tough Monday start 🙁 Whenever I feel anxious and overwhelmed I try to think of the advice my Mama gives me: take it 5 minutes at a time.
    I love your pumpkin mountain display 🙂

  11. girl you’re pregnant. with a toddler. and life is always hectic, busy, etc…and having those two other things, the preg and the toddler, make it all magnified! We’ve all been there, my god, yes! Glad you got your Dunkin’ on!


    • Tina says:

      Yep! Certainly magnified. I knew you would get what I’m talking about. Toddlers can make you crazy. Pregnancy can make you crazy. It was just a bad combination yesterday. 😉

  12. Least favorite day of the week – Sunday nights. I get the Sunday night blues BAD!

    Do hormones ever get the best of me? HAHAHA!!! I have this magnet on my refrigerator, “My greatest fear is that PMS doesn’t exist and this is my real personality.” At least one and a half weeks of the month I feel CRAZY. God help anyone in my life when menopause starts peeking around the corner.

    Hang in there and enjoy the journey. Yes, even on Mondays.

    (By the way I love the Psalm picture (and words..) I really need to remember those. And when I went to save the image, I noticed it was a pic from the Columbia River Gorge, which is in my neck of the woods.

  13. Elise says:

    My least favorite day of the week is Tuesday. Because even though Monday is over there is still SO much of the week to go.

    And I’m SO excited about the Libby’s being back on the shelf — I really need to get myself to the story for some pumpkin…for everything.

  14. Lee says:

    I actually get more in a mood on Sunday nights just thinking about the next day being Monday than I actually do on Mondays.

  15. Kristy says:

    I try not to “hate” many things but I DEF HATE days where simple everyday things send me over the edge….

  16. If it makes you feel any better, your surge of stress is good for the baby. I learned that since my sisters body was under so much stress. I am not a fan of Monday either…I love Saturday. Who doesn’t though, right?

    Ok, you are holding out on me…where did you get the pumpkin? I NEED it!

  17. ha ha… your feelings towards Mondays are how I feel about Tuesdays… I think, in general, it seems everyone has issues with the beginning of the week! :p

    I hope today is a little better for you!

  18. My least favorite day is actually Wednesday.,, weird, huh?

    But hooray for Libby’s making a return!!

  19. Angela says:

    aww i’m sorry to hear you had a bad day! monday is probably my least favourite if my weekend hasn’t been particularly relaxing, but yesterday was a good one. YAY for the pumpkin – that would make me happy too! 🙂

  20. Biz says:

    Hang in there – we all have days like that, pregnant or not 😀

    Completely jealous of your pumpkin find!!! When I was at my Mom’s house I used her last can of pumpkin to make pumpkin pancakes – I keep looking though!

    Monday is my least favorite day – I think we should have a 3 day weekend and start our work week on Tuesdays! 😀

  21. Jennifer says:

    Ugh. I empathize.

    I feel sorry for my husband. I’m not nearly as calm (ever!) as I normally am when I’m pregnant. I, too, have those very frequent meltdown days. Eric’s actually instituted a “rule” that we shouldn’t discuss any major life decisions while I’m pregnant because I’m so sensitive and emotional.

  22. I can totally relate to hormones getting the best of you. It happens much more than I’d like to admit. Just this weekend, for example, I was crying over the silliest thing. I felt like I was PMS-ing all over again.

  23. my least favorite day is tuesdays. its just boring. its not the start, its not the middle and its not the end of the week.

    Plus, I have two labs today and it’s draining.

  24. I know those days, even though I’m not pregnant. I get those when I’m in the middle of my period and as it happens I had one of those days last week. I was the hormone monster as my bf calls me when I go totally nuts over nothing special.

  25. Nichole says:

    Pumpkin, cheers everyone up. I found that TOO this weekend at Publix, woo hoo. I grabbed like 3 cans with no plans, but I know I wanted it, haa.

    Sorry for your Monday blues, we ALL have those and most of the time mine fall on a whole bunch of random weekdays. God can’t give us more than we can handle, but that man lives on the edge, lol.

  26. Hi sweetness!

    I’m sorry I haven’t commented in a while, but want you to know I’ve been following along on the 30 DSLR everyday and reflecting on the topics. It even helped me when talking to my sister yesterday about body image, so I thank you for giving me inspiration to pass on to my sister about loving her beautiful (and FIT) body! When I look at my sister I can’t possibly think of any reason she would have for not loving her amazing, fit, toned body, but she struggles with those last 5 lbs and I was able to draw on some of the things you’ve been talking about in teh 30 DSLR to really help my sister put things in perspective. THANK YOU for that:)

    As far as hormones go, *Oy Vey*, I just wrote a post about that TOM and how I’m pretty much a certified schizophrenic on those days HA!

  27. Thank you for a great post today – it really put things into perspective for me and today is a better day.

  28. Ela says:

    feeling your pain on this – and way to turn it around! I don’t know what I’d do if I had a two year old as well as my own inner toddler!

    My hormones are up the spout but jury-rigged with supplements, but it still feels out of control at times. Blogging about the reflection on self love yesterday really helped me out.

  29. […] the extent of excitement in my life. I am in a great mood today. Partially because it is no longer that dreadful day and my hormones are playing nicely today. Partly because I had the best workout this morning during […]

  30. Steph says:

    My least favorite day of the week are usually Tuesdays or Thursdays, I always feel like its a different day of the week.

    Thank goodness for pumpkin, by far one of my favorite foods.

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