(Im?)Patiently awaiting baby

Posted: September 27, 2010 at 8:00 pm

Earlier today, after sharing my goal of cooking more new things but holding off until post baby, I began thinking of how I anticipate that time to come. I can’t help but look forward to many things.

I want to cook more again...after things settle down a bit and we no longer have people stocking our pantries. I want to sleep on my stomach again…when my boobs aren’t too full and uncomfortable from all the milk production. I want to get back into my workout groove and see the changes in my body again. And I certainly want to cuddle the little man.


I love pregnancy, but do have difficulty with feeling like I’m not fully myself. I’m much more emotional and moody. I miss striving towards various fitness goals. I prefer my typical eating habits and not the crazy fullness fluctuations I currently experience. I long for the days I have the energy and physical capability to be the active, fun mom and play more with my kids. Right now it hurts to carry M, have her sit on my lap and lean against me, or run around outside with her.

I have just under 4 months left to this pregnancy. Initially, that feels like a lifetime away. Then, I recall the preparation we still have to do. Like getting some new “big girl” furniture for M. Painting two rooms. Rearranging the office into an office/guest room. Cleaning out and organizing the office and the closet to M’s “big girl” bedroom.

I realized 2 of the 4 months will revolve around the holidays. And oh yea…I really don’t want to have to be cramming things in at the last minute to finish renovations like we did before Makenzie. We remodeled our entire upstairs ourselves while I was pregnant with her. We had the final touch of carpet installed on a Friday…I went to the hospital the following Monday. Yea. No repeats of that, please!

Oh, shitake mushrooms we really don’t have much time left!!! Plus, I like my sleep. Baby, I can wait. Maybe, I’m not as impatient as I thought. 😉

  • What types of things do you get impatient for?
  • Do you ever think something is really far away, but then it ends up being much closer than expected? I always do. I’m a huge procrastinator because I always think I have plenty of time. Good thing I tend to work well under stress.


36 Comments to “(Im?)Patiently awaiting baby”
  1. I get impatient for EVERTHING, lol. In fact, I’m impatient for having kids myself, even though it’s a few years away! Everything at its own pace, right? And I love your swear word – I sometimes just say “Oh, Shitake!”

  2. Haha…I can definitely see how four months would SEEM like a long time, and then would fly by!!! Before you know it, that little baby will be here!!

  3. Don’t worry Tina! B will be here before you know it 🙂 I’m impatiently waiting for when I can start trying for my own little one! Just a few more months of school and then hopefully….

    • Tina says:

      How exciting! I remember being impatient waiting to get pregnant. And now I’m feeling impatient to be done with it. Hmmm….that puts things in perspective a bit. I need to appreciate what I waited so anxiously for.

  4. I’m impatiently waiting for: of course my sweet little girl!, less hours at work, more time to cook/blog, work outs, and a new life of a family of 4! *including the dog* 😉

  5. Jennifer says:

    Oh, we are in EXACTLY the same boat. I want to meet my little man, too, and four months seems like a long way away. Also, I am going insane with the sluggishness and heaviness that I feel. I was just bemoaning my situation to my husband yesterday, telling him that I feel uncomfortable and that I’m no longer enjoying my workouts. “I just don’t feel like myself,” I sighed. I miss my energy and lithe body.

    On the other hand, we have bedrooms to change around and redecorate, and I have only a few precious months left with just my baby girl. I also am really enjoying my yoga sessions while Addison naps, and I know that those will go by the wayside once our baby boy is born. I also really love the quiet simplicity of our lives right now. That feels like it’s about to change very soon….

  6. Penny Lane says:

    10 weeks of college classes really isn’t that long of a time, but at the beginning of the quarter when I plan for the papers I have to write I try and be good, but then all the sudden it is the end of the quarter and I haven’t even prepared for that 10 page paper that is due in a week. Woops I am so a procrastinator!

  7. I would be the same way as you! I get really impatient, if I have to wait for a gift, a surprise or an event coming up. I just want to get it over with! 🙂

  8. Monet says:

    I’m so glad you visited my blog…because it brought me here! you have such a beautiful family and a wonderful perspective on living. I’m excited that I found you, and I look forward to watching the next few months unfold for you. Warmest congratulations on your upcoming baby…stay strong!

  9. Camille says:

    Oh man, those 4 months will fly by!

  10. What am I impatient about? Everything…including (like grocery goddess) having kids! good luck the next 4 months!!

  11. I’ll bet these months will just fly by! I’m the most impatient person ever. I’m waiting on some big news right now and it’s been keeping me tossing and turning!

  12. thats definitely expected and understandable. i can imagine how u would feel up and down and the hormones would make u a bit tense and at times irritable and not like urself. i hope that things even out tho and u can really settle into feeling wonderful <3

  13. LOL I love that you said “shitake mushrooms!”

  14. I am the worst…I am kind of a procrastinator on things I know will take forever to see the full results and then there never seems to be enough time!

  15. I don’t blame you at all for being impatient! Heck…I don’t know how I’m going to make it through 9 whole months of carrying a child, eek! 😛

    Lately I haven’t been having *too* much trouble with patience, however I am having trouble with being content. I have a ton of things I want to happen in my life over the next year or so, and while I’m patiently awaiting them, it’s difficult for me to be fully happy with where I’m at *right now.* Clearly that’s something I need to work on, though, because life is going to be full of things that I need to wait for!

  16. Heather says:

    oh girl, i can’t even imagine how you feel! i have friends who are about to have their babies and it just feels like they told me they were expecting yesterday!

    • Tina says:

      Pregnancies go by so much faster when they aren’t yours. LOL I have friends who I’m like “WOW! You’re already that far along?!” but it seems so far away for me. LOL

  17. Kristy says:

    I am sooo bad at being patient! 🙂

  18. Awww, that little guy will be here so much faster than you even realize (though you probably know that already). I always impatiently wait for vacations. I look soooo forward to them and they always seem so far away.

  19. before you know it, 4 months will have gone past and you will have your little baby in your arms, and you will be able to start doing all those things again. However, I can ONLY imagine those 4 months feeling like ETERNITY! I am sure of it!

    I get impatient waiting for vacations, and pretty much anything that is exciting….the thing I have been MOST impatient about I can’t talk about til the end of the week, but it’s been rough!

  20. Oh, I’m always impatient. Maybe because I prefer being busy!

  21. I get impatient for everything. But right now, I’m especially impatient on the job front: I want a new job and I want my hubby to find a job for after graduation!

  22. Julie says:

    If there is one thing I regret about my pregnancies, it’s that I didn’t enjoy them more. I was so impatient to have the babies out and into my arms that I feel I missed out on enjoying the actual pregnancies to their fullest. I totally wish I could re-do them and appreciate them more.

    I totally understand wanting to sleep on your tummy again!! That one was hard!

  23. I’m pretty sure I am the most impatient person on the planet! I can only imagine what you’re feeling right now! But you’re right that it will fly by, especially since you have lots of prep to finish.

  24. Nichole says:

    You are GROWING a child, that’s more of a workout than I’ll get in today:) lol

    I’m impatient at Christmas, I want to give everyone their gift the day I get it.

    • Tina says:

      Thank you for the reality check. LOL Growing a child is a tough job. I remember seeing t-shirts that said “I’m growing a human. What’s YOUR super power?” hahahaha

      I wanted one so bad.

  25. I get impatient for doctors visits, I love to hear the hearbeat and know everything is okay. My next visit (10/4) is the 20 week u/s and I’m trying not to go crazy with anticipation!

    Hahaha at shitake mushrooms, lol

  26. Yup – I keep thinking that I have plently of time before baby A arrives but just the other day I realized that it is almost time as my first shower is coming up. I am freaking out because we still need to get some things done and I am getting nervous.

    I am impatient waiting for her to arrive as I am trying to stay busy but I jusy can’t wait to meet her.

  27. Shayna says:

    How exciting for you, you’re almost done! I bet it’s hard to wait while your body’s being rented out 🙂 I bet it’ll fly by once the holidays get going and you’re busy with all that!

  28. I’m a terrible procrastinator too. I like to think I work well under stress but sometimes it gets ugly for those in my circle. EEEK. You know the months will fly by and he’ll be in your arms soon! I missed that you found out he’s a boy! Boys are AWESOME. Maybe one day I’ll know how awesome a girl is? 😉

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