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Your Breastfeeding Q’s: Part 2

I started the day off right with my current oats combo obsession. It’s basic but tastes insanely good. White Chocolate Wonderful PB and sliced strawberries. Those two make for a heavenly combination.


Now, to finish answering all those questions you all sent my way. Here we go!

I’d love some info on what you can/can’t and should/shouldn’t eat while breastfeeding. I’ve heard mixed opinions on alcohol?
General recommendations include not to eat too much dairy, soy, beans, cruciferous veggies, spicy foods, caffeine, etc while breastfeeding because it could upset the baby’s tummy. Some children are more sensitive than others. I always eat normally then cut back on anything in particular I notice upset’s my baby. And the alcohol? I personally have no problem having a small glass, timed not too close to when he will eat again. I only do this very occasionally.

How long you plan to do it?
When it boils down to it…I breastfeed as long as I am not fighting my body to do so. I stopped at 7.5 months with Makenzie because I could not keep up my supply to her needs. It became a daily battle of Fenugreek pills for milk support, pumping extra, her always being hungry, and me always frustrated and upset. I make an effort to feed as long as possible, but if its not going smoothly for an extended time, I don’t feel bad for stopping. I don’t want breastfeeding to become a battle or something I resent. I don’t believe that is healthy for myself or my child.

What do you think if someone is unable to breastfeed?
It happens. I have had at least a few friends honestly unable to breastfeed and I fully support them every step of the way. Do I think breastfeeding is the optimal way to feed a child? Yes. Do I think mothers should try to breastfeed? Yes. Do I think mothers aren’t adequately caring for their children if they don’t breastfeed? No!!!

Some children don’t latch well. Sometimes issues can exist with production. Sometimes pumping doesn’t work and its the mother’s only option. I would hope someone would give a solid effort to breastfeeding, but if things are too difficult for one reason or another, there is absolutely no shame in stopping. As I said above, it should not become something of resentment and extreme struggle. Every mother knows what works best for her and her child. Those decisions should be accepted without judgment from others.

cute baby B photo to break up all the text…

My son stopped nursing after his first “taste” of the bottle. Is there any way you can increase your milk supply using the pump?
Whenever I have had to increase my supply I did a few things: Ate lots of oatmeal. Drank lots of water. Took Fenugreek, which is an herbal supplement and it works. Pumped a little longer or an extra session. And lactation cookies are always helpful. And delicious. Please note: I did this to increase my supply for nursing and I’m not sure on exclusively pumping. I would always speak with a consultant over personal challenges with feeding.

A friend told me she isn't breastfeeding so that other people can bond with her daughter. Does breastfeeding inhibit others bonding with the child?!
No! It does not. Holding, cuddling, singing, playing, rocking, changing diapers, and the many other things you do with an infant all are part of bonding. Yes, a special bond happens with nursing, but it does not limit a bond with anyone else who interacts with the child either.

Do you honestly ever get shy when you're nursing? Like when you have company or are out in public (or do you avoid those situations or go to another room?) I want to know etiquette of when/where it is okay to bfeed!
I will nurse anywhere…but you all probably know I am not the most shy person out there.  believe that you can nurse anywhere and in front of anyone as long as it is done discreetly. Family? They should understand what you’re doing and not be weirded out. Friends? Same thing. In public? You’re never going to see these people again so who cares what they think!

I do try to use a nursing wrap or blanket to cover up in front of others. I also will try to pick a more private space, like a seat in the corner of the room instead of smack in the middle of the couch and my friends. I will “warn” people that I need to feed my child. I have gotten really good at keeping all things hidden while doing so. There are times I will go to my car or another place that is completely private.  IE choosing to nurse in the car versus in a fast food joint when on the road traveling…or going to the nursing room at church versus whipping out the boob mid-service.

Question of the Day – What is your favorite type of nut butter? Who would you have the hardest time nursing in front of?

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Reader’s Request: Gaining To Conceive

When I posted my Body After Baby post on how I plan to track progress, Katie from Peace Be Me commented with a request for me to share a bit more in depth on my weight gain to conceive. I have briefly discussed it before, such as in my Q+A post about my weight, but not in detail recently. Ask and you shall receive here on FFF. I’m not afraid to spill my guts. I guess there’s a reason “brutally honest” and “real” were two of the quickest responses I got when I sent out this tweet yesterday.


I’ll take it! Now, to get to the nitty gritty gaining to conceive stuff.

You regular readers know that I competed in a fitness competition early November of 2009. If you’re new around here and didn’t know that, well a) now you do and b) hello & please stick around! For my competition, I had to do some pretty intense training and get down to a low (unhealthy for me) body fat level in order to achieve the leanness for displaying muscle definition in such an event.


I began training for the competition right after I weaned Makenzie from nursing. That’s important because it means I had not had my period since conceiving her almost 2 years prior to then. Read more about that in my period post.

So, I had no cycle because I couldn’t regain it after nursing thanks to the intense training and diet for my competition. We knew we wanted to try for a second child pronto. Right after the competition ended, I became determined to regain my period as quickly as possible. Due to conceiving M so easily, the recommendation became to get back to the weight I was when I got pregnant then. That equated to around 20 lbs heavier than I was on competition day.

Now, I gained just shy of 10 lbs of that immediately as my body gained back the water weight and glycogen stores I had depleted it of for the show. So in reality, I only needed to gain 10-15 pounds above my “happy place” to get to where I easily conceived Makenzie. With time, I likely would have regained my cycle at my happy place because it was healthy for my size. I put that aside though and went for the extra padding because we were ready for a baby. Sure enough, I hit that 135-140 weight range and BAM – I got my period about 6 weeks post-show.

In order to gain the weight I had to stop working out completely for awhile. I had to eat, which was easy enough because it was the holidays. My body had been through the wringer and was more than happy to put on some fat. In all honesty I didn’t mind so much at that point because it was for a greater cause and I was still at a healthy weight.

Then, we got negative test after negative test after negative test. Every month that I had to keep myself at a place heavier than I felt best became harder to do. I wanted to throw myself into fitness goals, but had to hold back to carry the few extra pounds. I’ve mentioned before how I don’t feel quite like me when pregnant…I felt the same then. I believed I had spent the previous year enjoying fitness and happily getting into GREAT shape for nothing. All because of that dang competition. And I didn’t have a pregnancy to show for it either.

That challenged me the most. I didn’t mind the weight if it brought me a baby. When it didn’t happen quickly like with M, worry crept in. Did I royally screw  up my body with the training and now I wouldn’t get to conceive? I dealt with that worry by hating on my body. Then that angered me because I had come to a place I loved myself and believed in my worth. I didn’t want to question the wonder of my body again and deal with those old demons. All of those emotions constituted the greatest trials.

Fortunately on Mother’s Day 2010 I saw that positive (+) sign flash on the screen. It all became worth it. Looking back, I probably could have questioned advice and gone about the weight in a less drastic manner. I shouldn’t have felt so concerned because 6 months to conceive is 100% normal. I should have realized more how healthy I still was, even if not at where I feel best. That’s all in the past now, though. I have my little B bumping around in my belly now…ready to come out. I learned from that experience and know more about myself and my body thanks to that time. And now, I will work towards my healthy, happy place and then stay there. It’s yet another reason why its so important for me to find again. 

Question of the Day – What’s one of the most emotionally challenging things you have gone through? Mine is my stuff with my Dad. That’s rough to this day.

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