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It’s My Birthday (A Giveaway Celebration)

Creative post title, no? Winking smile

Well, I don’t have to get all creative up in here today because IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! Can you tell I feel just a wee bit excited? I don’t quite know why but I have awaited this birthday for awhile. It’s not even a big deal like turning 30 or anything. I’m simply another year older and hopefully at least a few months worth wiser. The last year has proved an exciting one, so perhaps I just anticipate even bigger and brighter things ahead.


I don’t know how I can beat it though. Just look at all that has happened in my life since my last birthday:

Yowza! Looking at that astounds me. I sure hope you all hang around for the next year of my life. It wouldn’t be the same without ya. Smile

Since its my birthday and all, I think that calls for a little celebration. And what better way to celebrate than with a giveaway. I love you and nothing makes me happier than showing you some love. That’s what I want for my birthday – to say thank you and spread the love.


You all know I worked with Love Grown Foods at the blogging conference. You all know how much I adore them. I think nothing compares to their granola. I think they may just be the nicest group of individuals to work with out there. They inspire the heck out of me with their commitment to producing quality, dreaming big, and still caring for the people who eat their granola. I think you will quickly fall in love with them too after trying their granola.

I think we need a Love Grown Giveaway so I can a) say the biggest THANK YOU in the world to Love Grown for sponsoring me at the conference, b) say an even bigger THANK YOU to you for reading and supporting my passion in FFF, and c) to have some fun on my birthday. Giveaways are a blast, right? Open-mouthed smile

What will you win? How about…

  • FIVE full sized bags - one of each flavor
  • FIFTEEN mini bags – great for portion control if you think it will help you not get addicted to handful after handful of the delicious goods
  • a Love Grown T-SHIRT! - insanely comfortable and cute

Five bags of granola = five possible entries! Whattaya say? Open-mouthed smile
Please leave a SEPARATE comment for EACH entry.

  • Leave a comment telling which flavor is your favorite / you would like to try most.
  • Tweet the following: I am celebrating @TinaFFF 's birthday with this @LoveGrownFoods #giveaway !!
  • Like Faith Fitness Fun on Facebook.
  • Like Love Grown Foods on Facebook.
  • If you attended the conference, received a sample from me, and blogged about trying Love Grown – leave a link to that post for an extra entry.

There you have it! Let my virtual blog birthday celebration giveaway begin! Love you!

Open to US Residents only. Giveaway ends Wednesday August 24 @ 10 pm EST.

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I Belong On A Makeover Show

Sometimes I secretly wish I was one of those women. You know what I mean. One of those ladies who always looks so well put together and classy. One of those women who can take jeans and a basic tee and make it look c’est magifique. Someone who can take workout gear from frumpy and dumpy to chic and haute. But oh ho ho…I am so not one of those women.

Truth: I smell like strawberries. In an overly sweet, fake, disgusting way.


I forgot to put my new bottle of shampoo in the shower. So, when I went to wash my hair this morning my only two options were store brand dandruff shampoo (sorry to rat you out, Peter) and Makenzie’s wash. Even Sadder Truth: At least I’m clean. Which is more than I can say for all day Monday and Tuesday. I gross myself out sometimes.

Truth: I have no fashion sense.

I decided to stop at the store Charming Charlie to pick up a couple accessories for my cocktail party dress I plan to wear at Healthy Living Summit. I literally own NO jewelry besides my wedding bands. I felt lost in that store. It wasn’t pretty.


What even goes with a brown V-neck dress??? Or a black strapless dress??? Heck. I have no clue! Even Sadder Truth: I let Makenzie pick something for me. You think I’m joking. And perhaps the saddest of all? Kid has better fashion sense than I do.


Truth: I need a personal stylist…so I got one.

Although a personal stylist for me puts together workout outfits. Until someone nominates me for What Not To Wear and earns me a $5000 shopping spree, I will gladly accept someone willing to help my workout fashion. Even Sadder Truth: I would probably take a workout wear stylist over a fashion guru any day. Although I did once want to dress awfully and have my mom nominate me for What Not To Wear just so I could get a shopping spree. I doubt that would have worked though.

champion 1 champion 2  champion 4

Thankfully, Champion offered me the chance to participate in the Shape Your Life program to try out some of their new shaping active wear. As part of the program, they sent me three different outfits put together by a personal stylist to suit my favorite activities and lifestyle. I broke into outfit numero uno right away.

IMGP0589 IMGP0590

This included the Shape Smoothing Long Top and the Ultimate Women’s Running Tights. Let me just say that any black leggings that can look that decent on my lower half get major props from me. And the smoothing long top was in fact very smoothing. I loved its fit and think it has great shape. I felt like cat woman – sleek, all black, and ready to kick some butt. 



IMGP0563 IMGP0560 IMGP0561

I wore the gear for a kickbox workout and only have good things to say about both pieces.

The top gave me plenty of girly support. It moved easily with my body and didn’t ride up on my stomach, which can happen with some form fitting tops. I truly felt cinched in, but  comfortably so. The pants felt very breathable and comfortable as well. I think they will make for great running gear when the temperatures start dropping. So far, I’m a fan and can’t wait to try out the other items. The Smoothing Knee Pants sound like a dream!

Truth: I have way too much stuff to do before I leave this afternoon, so I must now say goodbye. See you from Philly!

  • Are you fashionable? If not, what fashion faux pas would earn you a spot on a makeover show?

This post is sponsored by Champion and I received monetary compensation for my participation, but my review and opinions are my own. I only ever participate in programs that I see naturally fit my blog and that allow for honest feedback. 

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