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You Twisted My Arm

I don’t know what did it, but I actually got moving this afternoon! Perhaps my afternoon post on “the jeans” lit a fire underneath me? Or my lunch reminded me of my pre-run fuel so that I got the sudden urge?

Peanut butter and jelly with a sliced apple. Sometimes nothing can beat the simple classic.

Whatever happened, I appreciate it. Around an hour before Peter got home, I wanted to get out for a run. The outdoors didn’t even look all that inviting with the dreary gray skies.

But the temperature felt perfect for a run and I simply could not wait. I decided to go out without any plan and see what my body would feel like doing. I ended up with a 5K distance that wasn’t my favorite run…but I got some activity in so I will gladly take it at this point. Hopefully this is just the start of getting in to full-fledged workout love again.

I don’t regret taking a break and not following my “plan” for workouts, but at the same time it always amazes me how I could lose motivation because I always feel SO great afterwards.

Great enough, in fact, to feel super excited for two events I have on the horizon!

I can’t believe I let my upcoming race announcements slip my mind from blogging. First up, I have a 15K race I signed up for coming my way in just a few short weeks. The Peachtree City Classic 15K.


Lee has done this race a few times before and says it is a great course that runs through golf pathways, lots of trees, and nice scenery in general. We both signed up for the race and I can’t wait to enter a race together again. Any other Atlanta area runners want to join?

In other racing news….


Yep. I registered for the ZOOMA Atlanta Half Marathon! You twisted my arm. Winking smile 

I may not have run my first half marathon yet, but I have a feeling I will love it. Plus, a race through a wine vineyard? I couldn’t take the chance on the 2000 person race cap and the registration fee increase. So, I’m all signed up and will happily eat to my heart’s content on Thanksgiving to fuel for the Saturday race. Don’t you love my logic?

And speaking of food…I have some enchiladas calling my name right now. Catch ya in the morning with an interesting take on What I Ate Wednesday. I can feel your excitement oozing through the screen. Ha!

  • Do you have any races or other events this fall?
  • What is your favorite “classic” meal?

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Lower Body Beach Blast

While living it up on vacation, I have still found time to fit in regular workouts. I actually enjoy starting my day with some action. It gives me energy, leaves me feeling strong, and sets a positive tone for the day. Plus, beach workouts are fun!

After Peter & I completed his second Couch to 5K workout, we ran through a quick lower body circuit that included some cardio drills and bodyweight resistance training. The ten moves added up to really work the lower body. Welcome to the Lower Body Beach Blast!

Warm-up for at least 5 minutes before beginning. You will do each exercise for one full minute. Complete each move for a minute, then move right to the next move for the next minute. Rest 2 to 3 minutes at the end of the circuit, then go through the moves again. If you’re up for it, you can complete the circuit a third time through after that. Make sure to challenge yourself, while still focusing on good form. Use this workout on vacation, for an at-home blast, or even at the gym to mix it up.

Frog Jumps


Squat down low to the ground in a wide stance. Jump forward as far as possible, landing back in the same low, wide squat. Complete for reps.

Walking Squat

P1140536 P1140534 P1140535 P1140533

Lower yourself into a standard squat position. Walk forward about 15-20 steps, turn, and walk back to where you started. Aim to remain in a squat position the full minute.

High Knees


Jog in place, pulling your knees up to at least hip level or higher.

Walking Lunge with Front Kick


Step forward into a lunge. Continuing in a forward motion, pull your back leg up to a knee and then kick forward with a powerful front kick. Tap your foot down and then bring it forward to your next lunge. You should alternate legs.



Sprint forward about 25 yards, then tap the ground as you stop and reverse directions. Continue sprinting back and forth between the two points.

Plie Curtsy Lunges with a Lift


Begin in a wide stance plie-squat. Move your right leg back behind your left for a curtsy lunge. Then, pull your left leg back and up into a leg lift. Return back to the curtsy lunge and then back to the plie squat. Repeat the motion on the other side – doing a curtsy lunge back with your left leg and then raising your right leg. Alternate between the two sides for the full minute.

Side Shuffles

P1140559 P1140560

Once again get in a squat position. Shuffle quickly about 25 yards down, then shuffle back to where you started. Continue shuffling back and forth in a squat position for the full minute.

Pulsing Lunge


Get in a lunge position and pulse low for 30 seconds. Switch sides and finish the last 30 seconds pulsing in a low lunge on the other leg.

High Bounding Skips

P1140562 P1140563

Skip high and long with a bounding movement for 25 yards. Turn and return to start. Continue with the bounding skips for your minute.

Glute Kickbacks


Go ahead and get on all fours. Straighten your leg behind you while keeping hips level. Raise and lower your leg slowly for 30 seconds, squeezing tightly through the movement. Switch legs at 30 seconds.

Reminder: I am not a certified trainer and simply strive to share workouts I enjoy. If you choose to do any of these moves, do so at your own discretion.

And don’t worry about bystanders looking. They will only be jealous of your hardcore ways. You will deserve to rule the beach after that butt-kicking! 😉


  • Do you like working out on vacation? What types of exercise do you do?

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