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He Knows Me So Well: Birthday Recap 1

Can we go back to yesterday so I can relive it five bajillion times? Pretty please with a cherry on top? As I mentioned in my post last night, Peter had a day planned out to celebrate my birthday together. And he met my two requests for my birthday – not having to think/worry about anything and feeling pampered/doted on – with flying colors. It was truly a perfect day for me.

You already know that yesterday started with a 9.5 mile long run followed with a cereal breakfast on our back deck. What I didn’t tell you was that I came home to a strangely serene and relaxing environment. Normally, I walk in the door and immediately have a toddler tugging on my leg and a bobbling baby scooting around getting into all sorts of trouble. Normally, I have about point two seconds to devour food, grab an ice bath, and attempt to stretch/foam roll as I get treated like a jungle gym.

Yesterday? Yesterday I was able to come home, leisurely eat my breakfast in peace, and take my time doing whatever I darn well pleased. While out on my run, Peter had taken the kids to his moms for them to spend the day and night with her. Suh-weet! I can’t even tell you how long it’s been since I could have a chill morning like that!

And apparently…on the way home from dropping off the kids, he picked up a little something something for me.


A Pistachio Mango donut from the only place I will ever eat a donut – Dutch Monkey Donuts. Dutch Monkey is a family owned shop churning out gourmet, high quality donuts made from scratch every day. Their menu changes daily and Peter discovered this gem for the first time.


We only go maybe once every few months, so this was quite the little surprise. Nothing big, but a special little touch to get the day started. And I love that he knows me so well to pick a mango donut over the chocolate crème pie he chose for himself. You know how else he knows me so well? While I was out he also tweaked a few things to my new menu for the blog (have you checked it out yet?) to make it look better. Sweets and blogging. I knew I married this man for a reason. Winking smile 

Once early afternoon rolled around, Peter told me we had to get ourselves out the door. We had somewhere to be. Just where exactly?


Let the day of no worries, relaxing fun continue! I think he could sense I needed a physical and mental break. What better way to do that than sitting for 2.5 hours in a cool theatre, getting lost in a great story?


And while no movie ever compares to its book counterpart, I loved The Help and thought the directors/producers did a wonderful job recreating the book, developing the characters, and grabbing the essence of the stories. Much enjoyed!

After that, Peter said we had to go drop off something at his mom’s house that he forgot for the kids. Braedon just may need more than two diapers to get through the day after all. I told him I didn’t mind the pit stop and would love to see them for a few minutes. Well, little did I know it was all a ploy because before getting to his mom’s house Peter dropped me off somewhere else.


Why….hello, lover! A massage! A massage! A massage!!!!! And not just any massage. Some sort of body melt treatment that would include an hour massage plus reflexology treatment and a glass of champagne. I gave Peter a big kiss and giddily bounced my way into the salon’s main entrance.


Then plopped right on down with my champagne while waiting for Javier to come get me.


Yes, Javier. I about died laughing because not only did he have a stereotypical guy masseuse name but he looked the part to a tee too. Ha!

The massage itself went wonderfully. At first it felt a little weird having a guy massage me, since it was the first time. And it took a bit to quiet my mind – I have problems with that and it had hit me I wouldn’t be seeing the kiddos – but then I let it all go. It was truly the best massage I have had in my life.


I kept thinking “oh, it’s over now” and then Javier would start working the kinks out somewhere else…or start the soothing scalp/neck stress relief…or  start the reflexology (TLC for the feet). It actually didn’t zoom by in a flash! And Javier knew what he was doing. I mentioned training for a half marathon and also having a sore neck and shoulder area. He actually focused on those spots instead of just going through a standard massage routine. I can’t say this without it sounding dirty, so here it goes – Javier worked me in just the right places and it felt ohmygoshsogood Yea. Told you it would sound dirty.

Eventually Javier and I parted ways so I could go back to my true love. Peter found my goofy grin hilarious and kept saying it sounds like things got a little frisky with Javier. I told him not to worry. And then we went on our merry way for the rest of the night…which I will talk about tomorrow. I have written enough for one post. Hope you all had a great weekend too! See you in the morning. Smile 

  • What is the last movie you saw? Did you like it?
  • What things can someone do for you that makes you say “he/she knows me so well”?

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I’ll Tell You What I Want

I looked at the calendar today. The combination of our calendar tucked away on the side of the refrigerator and my relative obliviousness to the passing blur of days always leaves me surprised when I do stop to take a peek. Hold up. What day is it again? And then the following three thoughts cross my mind:

  • Must. Remember. To. Send. August. Preschool. Payment. MUST. Remember! (think someone is looking forward to the start of preschool?…then again my baby can’t be big enough yet! – tears commence)
  • Healthy Living Summit is in three weeks. Squeal with delight. But…oh yea. I need to find the time somewhere to finalize all the panel details. Yikes. Three weeks?!
  • Happy Birthday to me in four weeks from today!

Since my upcoming birthday has no extra freak out emotions, we’ll lay our focus there. I remember as a kid always having to craft up wish lists for my parents well in advance. You all know how I enjoy making lists. Making a list detailing fun things I would love to have awaiting me four weeks from now sounds like a pretty good way to occupy my time. And we’ll just gloss over the fact it only takes 30 seconds since I’ve had one running in my mind for at least the past two months.

A Subscription to Runner’s World

I am fully aware that running has overtaken me. I am also fully content with that and want it to overtake me even more. This way I can get my running fix even on those elliptical cross-training sessions. Winning, no?

The Women’s Health Big Book of Exercises

I used to own this book and loved it to help me always have something new to do for my workouts. It got lost in a move sometime ago and I want it back. Perhaps its lost with my previous love of reading novels because now apparently all I want to read are exercise books (NASM study materials, hello!!!), running magazines, and blogs.

iTunes Gift Card

A gift that would keep on giving. And earn you a spot in my rambling thoughts during my half marathon as I would use this gift to help create a rocking playlist for the race.



Because I’m obviously going to need one considering my first three gift choices.

Tickets to See Wicked

Wicked is coming to The Fox! Wicked is coming to The Fox! Wicked is coming to The Fox!!! Only my favorite theater in Atlanta. Only the one Broadway musical I have been hoping would make its way to Atlanta one day. Only the best idea for a date night for me! Think I threw enough hints in there? 😉

A New FFF Shirt

Just because I create them doesn’t mean I get them for free. I want one of these two that I came up with after my original designs.

Any of the Following Will Do…


Would you expect any less of me?

A Day Where It’s All About Me

tina crop

Okay, that sounds extraordinarily selfish but I only ask for 2 of 365 days (birthday and Mother’s Day) to have the focus on me, myself, and I. To get cared for by others instead of taking care of others. And I must admit that I desperately need that feeling for this birthday. I could care less about any of the other things as long as I get that one day to feel special, appreciated, and care-free. Although Wicked tickets sure would make a nice fit. Too bad a certain two-year-old’s tuition takes precedence. Then again, that could very well be a gift that keeps on giving as well. Not bad at all, I’ll say.

  • Do you ever make gift wish lists? What would be on yours?
  • In what month is your birthday?

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