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I Can’t Take It Anymore

I hope you all have gotten your bid on today for The Great Fundraising Act! You still have until 9:30 pm EST to bid on my Lemon Raspberry Muffins and your choice of FFF shirt!

Has everyone had a good day so far? Mine was pretty “meh”. I had a headache most of the day and my hamstrings/butt hindered walking for the day. I can get so sore in my hamstrings so easily. I don’t mind a little soreness at times, but it never seems to fail that my hamstrings are either comfortable or suuuupppperrrr tight. Never just slightly sore. Not a fan. I even had to put aside my workout I had planned for today and go with an unplanned rest day. If you can call taking the kids to a play group event at a playground a true day of rest, that is. ;) 

I’m actually kind of surprised that I have such soreness going on in my legs after a low-key workout yesterday. Yesterday’s plan involved a two mile easy run and light cross training. I completed the run on the treadmill yet again and followed it up with some time on the elliptical at an easy pace and resistance. Thank goodness for our gym’s Cardio Cinema room playing Sweet Home Alabama to keep me distracted!

I had impeccable timing because I showed up just as the movie started playing. I had to peel myself away because I wanted to see the end. For some reason, I can’t remember the details of how it ended. Although, of course I know who she ends up with. Chick flicks are nothing, if not predictable.

That doesn’t mean I will ever stop watching them, though. In fact, they now rank at the top of my preferred movie watching lists. I have always enjoyed a romantic comedy, but used to never choose one over a good suspense film. Now, though? I just can’t take suspense films anymore apparently! We tried watching the movie The Law Abiding Citizen for our at home date night on Saturday night and I had to beg Peter to turn it off. The plot line of a widowed husband seeking vengeance on the murderers of his wife and daughter literally had me sick to my stomach.

I’m not so delusional to think that things like murder don’t happen in our world, but I simply can’t stomach a movie that focuses on such stories anymore. Now, with my own family, whenever I see a film with such plot lines I find myself sucked into dark thoughts of “what if something like that ever happened to us”. It depresses me too much. I literally started getting shaky, anxious, and nauseous from watching. Overdramatic, much?

Luckily I have a good husband who happily obliged to finishing the movie on his own time and switching to something light-hearted to watch together. Even when something like Notting Hill caught my eye in the Netflix streaming options.

Guess I’ve been in the mood for old school chick flicks? Poor Peter. I bet he misses the days when movies like Saw ranked at the top of my list.

  • What is your favorite movie genre? Any that you just can’t stand to watch?
  • Where do you HATE feeling sore from a workout?

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End It On A High Note

Catching up from the weekend? Check out a few things you may have missed:

Every Saturday night, Peter and I have a “date night” where we try to decompress from life’s daily pressures and spend more time together than the standard night. Most of these “date nights” consist of dinner and a movie at home to keep our budget in check…and not to abuse our free babysitting benefits from the grandparents. Besides, it feels more special having one night a month to head out together for a special night just the two of us. We had our night out for July this Saturday and what a good one it was.

We actually started our date on the earlier side. Why? Well, to fit in enough time for this special occasion…


Yes, we were die-hard enough to go opening weekend. And to see it in 3D!


Attractive (and blurry), no? I doubted that the 3D would make a better viewing experience, but Peter insisted after seeing Transformers in 3D with some friends from work a couple weeks ago. And it really was neat! I definitely think it added to the already super-amazing-so-sad-it’s-over-want-to-watch-again movie. They really worked to end the series on a high note and the movie could not have been better. And…now I can’t wait for part one of Breaking Dawn. I’m secretly fifteen.

Once we finished our afternoon at the movies, we headed to dinner.


My beautiful Cheeky, we meet again! I couldn’t remember the last time we dined here - only one of my favorite restaurants - and knew we needed to pay it a visit.


We started with the required chips and salsa…


…which still lived up to my expectations. I love their salsa because it has a decent kick and is the perfect consistency – not chunky salsa but not watery either. I could have dunked the whole basket of chips in that delicious tomato flavah!


But I had to save room for my adored tacos – two fish tacos with poblano slaw and chipotle cream and one crab cake taco with poblano slaw and pineapple salsa.

at cheeky cheeky trio

Despite my happy looking face the meal ended up an Utter. Disappointment. 🙁

I don’t know what happened, but the tacos did not taste near as good as usual. They didn’t necessarily taste bad, but just not like they were freshly made and with as much quality. Part of why I always loved Cheeky was for their reasonable portions, fresh tasting food, and flavorful combinations. I didn’t get that vibe last night. I hope they had an off night and aren’t going downhill. I may just have to try that new taco place my friends love.

Even after a decent amount of food at dinner, I still felt really really hungry. If I don’t get the satisfaction I seek in taste, it’s almost like I never ate. I need food that satisfies my taste buds in order to feel satiated physically. So what does a girl do to satisfy those taste buds fully? 


I think you know what that is! Self-serve fro-yo!!! We found a coupon for a new frozen yogurt stop, so of course we had to include it in our date night. I quickly fell in love with this location. Because a) they have birthday cake flavor and b) they have cookie dough topping. A match  made in heaven…


You know…along with espresso flavor frozen yogurt and brownie bits, toffee, and butterscotch chips for additional toppings. You think I went a little topping crazy?


And do you think I care??? Thanks, Peter for the action shot. Imagine it in 3D. You would think I’m about to eat your face off. Obviously, the night ended on a high note. Do I look happy or do I look happy? ;) 

  • Ever seen a full-length movie in 3D? Did you like it?
  • Can you relate to my need for food to taste good in order to feel satiated?

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