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Moley Moley Moley Mooooollllleeee

This day started off on a super high note. How could it not with this for breakfast?


Hello, fabulous. Looking mighty fine. I nabbed two thick slices of my Pumpkin Carrot Cake Bread I whipped up yesterday afternoon along with a banana for my breakfast this morning.


It looks like a small breakfast, but it was actually really filling and satisfying. That bread is so dense, but still so moist, chewy, and nutty. It’s perfection. As Chandler would say. Winking smile

I also had two cups of coffee because I simply had to go back for a second cup. I didn’t have iced coffee ready (sad day) so had to settle with the hot stuff. I figured if I was going to make hot coffee and have some pumpkin flavah, then why not do some pumpkin coffee?


I tossed a hefty sprinkle of pumpkin pie spice directly into my coffee grounds and brewed up my coffee. It gives it a subtle pumpkin taste, but such a rich aroma.


How I get my pumpkin coffee fix most of the time. Have to save on the moolah.

After breakfast and reading/playing with the kids for awhile, I decided to actually shower before 10 am today. It’s a rare occurrence. I even remembered to put on my everyday body lotion with SPF.

Yet another thing I have been slacking on. I’m good at remembering the SPF face lotion, but I haven’t been on top of my game with the body lotion. Why did it matter today? Because in my mind it will keep  my dermatologist from scolding me for being overdue for a check-up.

Kind of like flossing the week you have a dentist appointment or taking extra time to style your hair before a salon visit. Winking smile

So, I had the pleasure of spending an hour of my day getting looked over head to toe. Well, only about 20 minutes was the actual check-up. Why do doc offices insist you spend most of your waiting time naked in paper robes staring at a white wall? Just how I want to spend my time.

The visit went well though. I had one mole removed to get tested…which seems to happen every time. I’m not too concerned but better safe than sorry. I’m just a mole-y, freckle-y gal. Which automatically makes me think of that scene from Austin Powers with the mole. Moley moley moley moley. Moooolllllleeeeeeee.

Well, I think I better end that post here before I spew any other randomness at you. Hope you’re having a great afternoon!

  • Do you regularly visit a dermatologist?
  • Do you do anything to “special prep” for certain appointments?

Posted by Tina on September 15th, 2011 43 Comments

My Secret Weapon To Staying In Shape

I’m a big fan of the website FitSugar and the various fitness bits it shares. Recently, a post on 5 Ways Being A Mom Makes You Healthier came through my reader which sparked my interest. I’m here to say, there are some other reasons that having kids makes it easier to eat healthy, stay in shape, or even lose weight. Reasons beyond motherhood improving your relationship with food or inspiring you to set a good example.


1. Kids Steal Your Food. It’s like automatic portion control. Make a hefty plate of food…then suddenly half of it is gone thanks to a particular toddler deciding she wants “just oooonnnneee bite, Mommy”. One bite, my booty!

That would all be “bites” from my lunch yesterday…after she ate her own pbj with carrots

2. Playing Chase. Turn your back to do one thing and children can get into all sorts of messes. Even at 8 months old, baby B already has his sneaky ways down pat. I’m chasing that boy all the live long day. I don’t even want to think what it will be like once he starts walking! I could probably train for a half marathon without ever doing an official training run.

3. Kids are $$$$$! I’m too busy buying things like diapers to afford going out to eat all the time or to fund my daily cravings for Dairy Queen blizzards.

truffle blizzard

4. There’s Just No Time! Things are constantly go go go as a parent. And I’m constantly distracted by my children. Sometimes it even makes me forget to eat.

5. The Gym Is An Escape. You want to know why I have no problem going to the gym or on a run six days a week? Free childcare and the perfect excuse to get away for an hour. Winking smile

6. It Feels Good To Say No. I don’t have the junky packages of Ding Dongs and Ho Hos going into my shopping cart at the store. And part of the reason is because I get a wee bit of satisfaction saying “NO”. After all, I have to get revenge on that hour of sleep lost last night.

7. Kids Can Make You Lose Your Appetite. Mid-dinner and I hear the biggest explosion of nasty imaginable? Then getting elbow deep in baby poo? Not really in the mood to go back to my plate of Almost Meatless Sloppy Joe after that. You get the picture.


8. Kids Have No Filter. I really don’t care to have Makenzie tell me I have a big, lumpy booty…again.

9. You Do Active Things So They Will NAP! Nap time is heavenly bliss every afternoon. And I will do my best to make sure they take good naps. Enter dancing in the living room, visits to the playground, and going on walks.

10. You Become A Pack Mule. The amount of baby stuff to keep up with everywhere you go blows my mind. I can easily leave the house to go somewhere for 15 minutes having to carry three bags, a 16 pound baby, and dragging a 25 pound toddler. Let’s not even get to the amount of squats I do in a day bending down to pick them up.

11. Burn 1000 Calories A Day Cleaning. Kids are messy. Really, really messy. There’s always something to clean or do. Teddy bears to run downstairs and grab to bring back upstairs for bedtime. Sweeping and mopping up spills. It. Never. Ends.

12. Tuning Out Superpowers. As a mom, I have gotten very good at tuning out the whining. Sometimes you just have to. And that only strengthens my ability to tune out unnecessary cravings for a second bowl of ice cream.

13. Wine, Coffee, and Chocolate. Those three things have been shown to be “good for you”. Or so I heard that somewhere and I like that idea, so I call it truth. Antioxidants and heart health…or something? Sure, why not. All I know is that I need a little lot of each as part of motherhood. Total health powerhouse!!


So, as you can see, motherhood is my top secret way to stay in shape Wait. Hold that thought. I have to go run up some stairs to squat down and curl up my little man. Then, I have a feeling M will want to play “jumping bean” (aka me jumping up and down holding her). Yea…motherhood. It’s a pretty good secret weapon if you ask me.

  • What is a random part of your life that helps your fitness/health without trying?

Disclaimer: I wrote this post in a very sarcastic manner. While the above are all true parts of motherhood, they do not mean I rarely make time to eat or think of my children as a burden.

Posted by Tina on September 9th, 2011 47 Comments


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