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I Couldn’t Stay Indoors

If I hadn’t had small group at church last night, it would have taken a lot of convincing for me to believe today is already Thursday. And now it’s basically over. This week is zooming right on by. Yowza! I even almost forgot about my weekly Thursday ritual of lunch with Peter. A message from him suddenly popped up asking me when I planned on leaving to meet him for lunch. Uhhh…now???

I scurried around to head out for our weekly lunch date because you know I wouldn’t miss that. Peter even suggested grabbing lunch out this week since his work had bratwurst on the menu, which didn’t appeal greatly to either of us.

We decided to visit a sandwich café that we have wanted to try for awhile.


As it turns out, Cuzi Café is basically a glorified Atlanta Bread Company or Panera Bread, but why should I complain about that? I love both of those places! I love me a good sandwich.

I ended up ordering our sandwiches to go since the weather looked too gorgeous to ignore. We headed to our typical park lunch spot to enjoy our lunch together. And enjoy it, I sure did!

I picked a half and half combo – half of a sandwich and a half-sized salad.


For the sandwich, I chose the Avocado Delight which had thick avocado slices, tomato, cucumber slices, mushrooms, spinach, onion, and roasted red peppers with a dill sauce on nine-grain bread.


That sucker took some skill to eat. All the avocado wanted to slip out with every bite. Don’t worry. I handled it. I wasn’t going to let a bite go to waste.

For my salad, I went with my all time favorite combo of spinach, pecans, dried cranberries, apple slices, blue cheese, and balsamic vinaigrette.


I truly don’t think any other salad combination can compare.

It ended up making the perfect lunch to enjoy outdoors. Smile

Later in the afternoon, I had to make up my run from the morning. I usually hit up the treadmill for some interval action on Thursday mornings, but couldn’t make it this morning since Braedon caught whatever bug Makenzie had earlier in the week. I considered going to the gym to try a new treadmill interval workout this afternoon…but one look outside convinced me otherwise in about .2 seconds flat.


That is prime outdoor running weather right there! Anything from low 50s to high 70s feels fabulous to me and makes me want to run all day. Or four miles. Whatever.

Since I had a killer speedy run a couple days ago, I decided to just run this run care-free style. I picked a familiar route so I could leave the Garmin at home. I ran sans music. I la-di-dah-ed my way through the run and soaked up the glorious fall day. It was perfect. Until I tripped hardcore and gave myself a black eye walking back to my car.


Kidding!!! Although I know you wouldn’t put it past me after this week, huh? It’s just purple eye shadow because I felt like being a dork. I completely freaked Peter out and had him going. It was awesome.

Alright my friends, it’s about time for me to catch up with some TV shows and snuggle time with Peter. Night!

  • Do you prefer dining outdoors or indoors?
  • What are you up to tonight?

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Who Can Get Me Out Of My Pajamas?

I hate those times I feel like I keep wishing away time, but this week I don’t care. I am sooo happy it is finally Friday. This week dragged for me. It’s about time I get the chance to catch up on some sleep. Although I more hope Makenzie catches up on sleep. The “terrible twos” has gone to a new level this week. Love her much, but man can she have an attitude.


Today started off like any other Friday. I took my dear, sweet time getting out of bed because it’s a rest day and proceeded to start my day with breakfast and a cup of coffee. I went for the hot cup of joe this morning.


And I have finally figured out why I prefer iced coffee over hot coffee – I don’t have to brew iced coffee fresh every morning. Iced coffee awaits me in the fridge. Hot coffee does not. I don’t have much patience pre-caffeine. Therefore, iced coffee wins.

After getting some “wake-up drug” into my system and taking care of my motherly duties, I headed off to drop Makenzie off at school. One of my favorite parts of Friday rest days?


I stay in my pajamas until after dropping her off at preschool. Let’s hope neither of her teachers need to call me in for a chat. It could be embarrassing.

I promise I get myself dressed afterwards. Or at the very least, on days I have plans. Today I had special plans.


Told ya I needed a coffee IV today. A side of girlfriend chat was needed too.


Hi Lindsay! You saved me from staying in pajamas all day. Winking smile 

Lindsay, from the blog Lindsay’s List, came to Atlanta for the weekend and we knew we had to find time to get together. We could only manage a quick coffee visit between both of our schedules, but I’m so glad we fit it in.

We sat and talked for about 30 or 40 minutes, but could have easily spent way more time together. We connected over so many things – our families, our faith, our love of fitness and blogging…and our husbands even do the same thing! She has plans to come back to Atlanta in December, so hopefully we will have more time together then. I love my blog friends!


I had to jet real fast from our meet-up to pick Makenzie up from school and come home for lunch. Lunch today featured leftovers.


Homemade vegetable lasagna! I impressed myself with this one. (Don’t worry – the recipe is coming your way this weekend. Open-mouthed smile )

I want to eat this for every meal now. Not only because it tastes so flipping good, but also because I don’t want to go grocery shopping right now. I really need to figure out a time I am more motivated to hit the store. I’m done with any sort of to-dos by Friday afternoon and already dislike grocery shopping. It’s like salt in an open wound going Friday afternoon!  Guess my family needs to eat, though…so I’m off. Blahhhhh!

  • What time of the week do you HATE running errands?
  • Do you have a “pajama morning” where you stay in comfy clothes longer?

Something to check out: I find this story really cool - Katie Stagliano is a 13 year old girl who started a movement for kids to garden and grow healthy food to feed those less fortunate. Healthy and helping?! Talk about a girl who knows her gifts! If interested, Everyday Health TV will be airing her story tomorrow on ABC. Check the link for local listings.

PS – No. I was not compensated to share that. Just so we’re clear, disclaimer Nazis.

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