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Fun Fact Friday

It's Friiiiidaaaayyyy!!! Which means another installment of my Fun Fact Friday. Remember last week's? I stumped a lot of you good (like my grammar ;)). Let's see who all can guess this week's Fun Fact Friday correctly. Remember - only one of the below is a true fact about me. Which one is it???

  1. The only way I like to eat fish is raw aka in sushi form. I don't even care for cooked sushi.
  2. Sounds gross, but my favorite pizza is pizza from the chain Papa John's. It beats ALL kinds.

So, post which you think is correct 😀

Okay, onto the rest of today. First of all, I want to say WOW to all the comments from yesterday's post. It is amazing how many of us battle or have battled with feeling guilty for missing a workout.  I hope that we all can support each other through this fabulous blogging community to have healthy mindsets and focus on the great lifestyles we live. I know it's all too easy to try to compare ourselves to others, when in reality all we should be doing is lifting up one another on making the best out of our lives. Which includes letting other parts of our lives take the forefront of workouts, how things should be. Or just enjoying  pure laziness. Like last night. Keeping with the "no guilt" theme, the hubs and I ended up skipping the gym and chilling together as a family since neither of us were in the mood for it. 😉 And I didn't gain 10 lbs from it! Yay! *please note the sarcasm - in fact I have no clue how much I weigh since I haven't stepped on a scale in months and don't care to know either - another post for another day*


Today has been eventful and will continue to be. I woke up this morning early, had my quiet time with the big man upstairs, caught up on blogs/comments/emails, and then got the Mster and myself ready for our Mommy Group visit. We went to an indoor playground today and there were a lot more women from the group there this time. So, it was a great time. I am really really loving what this group has to offer. And quite a few of the moms have kids M's age. Mostly boys. She was a flirt. Even though you might not be able to tell from this picture:

the rare fussy M

Ha! And oh. I almost cracked up because one mom asked me how I found the group and I told her through Google. It made me laugh because funny story - I live in Cumming, GA. So when I googled Moms of Cumming (which is what I thought I remembered the name of the group being from a flyer I got a couple months ago), it was scary. Do not google that. You put the two together. Yea. Ewww. What a lovely place to live, no? Especially when the local Cumming BJ's likes to have Huge Blowout Sales. No joke. Big sign with that one last year. Alright, enough crudeness.

After the mom group, I came home and put M down for a nap so I could shower and get ready for the wedding rehearsal dinner we have to go to tonight. We're going to a restaurant in downtown Atlanta called Social. Check it out here. Looks interesting 🙂 I wanted to give you a preview snapshot to tide you over until I can get official updates of the evening and this is what I got:

stop taking shots! your vision is blurry!!!

Please excuse the fact that I am blonde special and didn't think to take the picture on timer and instead went to the only full mirrors we have to take it. Those mirrors are grungy because they are in the basement in my workout area (see the cool step and mini TV in the background which is soooo fancy old school). But, hey, you get the point. And you can see the measly point and shoot camera I have to use. Once again, wish list = new nice  camera! So it can better capture beauties like this...


...and this...

leftover oat chicken tenders in gigantic salad

That's last night's dinner, which was uh-mazing! Spinach & spring mix with cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, leftover oaty chicken tenders, and light caesar dressing. Mmmmm...

Ok. Time to get some lunch in my belly, pack up some things for M's stay at Nana & Papa's tonight, and head on out. I'll catch up with all you fab gals (and guys) later!

PS - Check out this giveaway at Jasmine's blog Sweet & Fit! 🙂

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Hit the Ground Running

That's how I started my day. From the moment I woke up, it was nonstop today. It all started off with my morning Bible reading. Followed up with showers, baths, getting ready, and breakfasts for the baby girl and I. We had to head out the door at around 9:30 this morning to go and meet up with the local Mom's Group. I contacted a local group a couple of weeks ago and got some information and today was the first day to head and out and see what it was all about. We went to a cool little playcenter called Imaginations at Play. This place is really cool for kids. They have all sorts of different areas set up for the kids to explore. From a place to splash in water and play with bubbles to a mini grocery store to go 'shopping' there was all sorts of fun. Here are some pictures of Makenzie from this morning and all her adventures.

Splish Splash

Crawling through the Caterpillar

Working the Gears

Playing Vet


I really enjoyed meeting some other moms in the area and having new things to do with Makenzie. I believe we are going to go to an indoor playground and meet some more people from the group on Friday morning. I think Ihave already decided to join this group. Do you have any groups or outside activities where you meet regularly with others? What are they? Why did you join? I decided to look for a mom's group to have more adult interaction and social outings with baby M during the weekdays. It is so important to have people in your life with similar interests and lifestyles. Which is one of the main reasons I have this blog 😉 Love you all! 🙂

After the playtime we headed home for some lunch. It took twice as long to get home due to an accident that shut down the main road to my house so I was a starvin' marvin upon pulling in the driveway. Lunch was my usual - some sort of wrap with turkey or ham, veggies, and laughing cow cheese/mustard with an apple and 100 cal popcorn or more veggies on the side. I am a creature of habit and tend to eat the same things all the time. Not very exciting for all of you foodies, I know. But I am who I am, so take it or leave it.

After I refueled myself, I got to some laundry and housechores while the baby girl crashed from her extravaganza of play. I did have a moment to take some time to catch up on blogs too and read my next book (which I am LOVING). Finally, it was time to get my groove on workout. I opted for an at home Turbo Jam workout today. I always love those workouts because they always leave me feeling great and it passes quickly because they are so fun.

This reminds me - THANK YOU for all the supportive posts yesterday. This is something that I know I want to do and will do eventually, the question is when. I still plan to take some time to pray about it, but I will probably go ahead and talk to the group fitness manager at my gym just in general about what it takes to get certified and stuff. And I'll just look at some things and see where the good Lord leads me 😉

Now I have to let you all go. My sister will be arriving shortly to enjoy some din din together and watch tonight's episode of The Biggest Loser. Which reminds me - I am so peeved that I accidentally stumbled across a possible Bachelor spoiler last night. Gar! I hate not being surprised. 🙁

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