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When Class Gets Cancelled + Success vs Achievement

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Normally on Wednesday nights we have our small group at church. Well, last night we ended up having to cancel because very few of us could make it. It felt like back in college when I would get the announcement that class had been cancelled. Suddenly, a whole slew of options to have some fun and relaxation came pouring in. Although I chose to spend my time a little differently than I did those days. No getting started on the pre-party earlier here.

Old school flashback…

Eeeep! I don’t even know that girl anymore. (I’m on the far right…)

I feel much better with how my sudden downtime went last night. Winking smile

First up, I filled my time with even more play with the kids. After already feeling so much less pressure on myself and having the time to do what matters most, I couldn’t wait to soak up even more of that feeling.

We played Makenzie’s very first board game…


…then hit up the library for some new books.


I love this child’s love of books! I think that is why Belle is her favorite princess.

Of course that meant I had to read a bajillion books when we got home from the library. Although reading about surfing pigs or moons falling from the sky didn’t keep me from reading my own book.


I cracked open Heaven Is For Real (part of the gift exchange from Chelsey) for the last 30 minutes of the kids’ naps earlier in the afternoon. It had me hooked so after the kids went to bed, I immediately grabbed the book to read more.

I even welcomed the fact we had to scrounge up dinner in a fend-for-yourself fashion. I poured a bowl of leftover tortellini soup and read my book cozily over the spicy soup.


Yep. It was that good that even dinner took second place. And I finished it over the next 2 hours. Wow. What a good story. It made me sit in amazement. I wish I could talk to the kid!

As wonderful as it felt to have some extra down time when I needed it most, I still missed getting the chance to meet up with friends for support and discussion. Especially since we have had so many great topics come our way recently. Like this one that I simply must share:

Success vs Achievement

One of the biggest things that struck me in the group study we have been sharing recently is the need to not only use our gifts, but to use them wisely. It can be really easy for things like pride or a desire for recognition to get in the way. I know I can relate!

I know the passions I have and the feedback I receive affirm many of what I believe as my strengths. Even take blogging for an example. It can reflect some of my strengths in  connecting with and encouraging others, but, as I recently shared, I can easily let it overtake my happiness and other important parts of life if I’m not aware.

I loved this simple definition I found in one of my devotionals:

quote a

I think that about sums it up perfectly. I want to become the best version of my ENTIRE self. I don’t want to work on being “successful”. I want to work on being the best me I can be. And trust that will be more than enough. Smile

  • What is the last thing that sucked you in and you couldn't step away?
  • How would you differentiate success or achievement?

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Setting Up A Workout Schedule

Peter has had some changes to his work schedule, which means I will have a bit less freedom in the workout department. I’m not complaining though. I know I was spoiled before! Now, I just have to revamp things a bit to make sure I still have a training plan that works.

I think setting up a loose workout schedule does wonders in helping people stay on track with activity and fitness goals, so I always make having a plan a priority. Here’s what I consider when setting up my plan:

Key Questions When Setting Up A Workout Schedule

Question One: Are there any parts of my training I have to do on certain days? Sometimes you have certain activities or “training dates” that you can’t change up as freely. Some examples to consider here would include:

  • the optimal day you can fit in your long run
  • the only day that offers your absolute favorite group fitness class
  • a pre-set date with a trainer or friend

Question Two: Are there any days I know are really hard for me to fit in a workout? Some days of the week are busier than others. Some days you may simply find very hard to mentally get motivated for a workout. Those are the days you should shoot to schedule as a rest day.

Question Three: What time of day works best for me? Early morning? After work? Mid-morning? Late night? On your lunch break? During naptime? What time will you be able to consistently fit in activity?

Question Four: What options will fit my goals and my schedule the best? Find the options that will help you achieve your goals, but keep the time commitment and exercise selections realistic. That might mean putting less emphasis on certain parts of your training at times.

Question Five: Are there any options that will make it easier to stick with your plan? A favorite class? An at-home workout?

Here’s where this all left me -

MONDAY Full Body Weights + Spin Class in the afternoon
TUESDAY Mid-Week Longer Run (5-6 miles) in the afternoon
WEDNESDAY Cardio DVD at home in the afternoon
THURSDAY Treadmill Run in the morning + Weights DVD in the afternoon
FRIDAY Off (or possibly trying yoga/stretch class at the gym)
SATURDAY Long Run in the morning
SUNDAY Off (or make-up day or recovery run if feeling it)
  • Schedule-wise, I have to do long runs on Saturdays. That also means I need to rest or keep things light on Fridays in preparation for my run.
  • I have come to realize that I have a very hard time working out on Sundays because mentally I view it as a “family day” and a “relaxing day”.
  • I die at the thought of regular early morning workouts, so I’ll be hitting up the gym or pavement at 5 pm most days.
  • Training for two half marathons means running is my main focus. Strength training will have to go to 2 workouts a week, instead of 3.
  • To not take as much afternoon time from my family, I will need to use more at-home options to make the most effective use of my time.

So with a little careful thought, a solid plan can happen to help you stay on track. Personally, plans make a huge difference in my consistency and focus. I definitely suggest giving one a try if you don’t have one…or if your current one isn’t keeping you motivated. I’ll have to fill you in on my workout later tonight. I have a feeling it will be a goodie!

Do you have a workout schedule? What things do you focus on when making one? Do you have a day you really struggle with working out?

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