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Bringing Mojo Back

You would think not being able to do anything all day long wouldn’t leave me so exhausted. You would be wrong. I was cooped up in our house without a car again today and apparently having nothing to do but entertain a toddler all by myself drains me like nothing else can. Or it could also be fatigue from a good workout late yesterday afternoon. I couldn’t make it to my usual Power class so I opted for my own full body weights workout that went like this:

Body Part Exercise Weight (total) Sets Reps
Legs Leg Press 90 3 15
Back Wide Lat Pulldown 70 3 10
Chest Chest Press Machine 55 3 10
Shoulders Overhead Press 30 3 8
Legs Bench Step Ups 20 3 10/leg
Biceps DB Hammer Curl 20 3 15
Triceps DB Kickback 20 3 10

Followed up with 20 minutes incline walking on the treadmill. It was kind of weird not just going to a class. Making up my own workout routines and detailed plans is something I thoroughly enjoy doing and this workout made me really miss it. I still think I am going to mainly stick with classes right now and save the creative-workout-plan juices for after the baby. I will do my own things on occasion, but when I’m not trying to make any strength gains or physical progress I prefer to not have to think much about my training. Classes definitely provide that option.

One notable thing about my own workout…I am feeling it today. I am taking a rest day today, but I will be ready to get back in the groove tomorrow. I have my mojo back. Something I was hankering for after a few too many weeks of it missing. Between vacation time, a sick kiddo, battling morning sickness, and other issues I have not been to the gym much at all over the month of June. In fact, Monday was my first workout in about 2.5 weeks! That is a long hiatus for me and I was worried it would be difficult to get back in the swing of things. So I took some time to consider how to get myself back to working out and came up with the following ideas. They are working so far and I hope they can help you when coming back from vacations, illnesses, life getting in the way, etc.

1. Ease back into it. If you have taken close to a week or more off from your regular training, don’t expect to pick up right where you left off. It might take a few days to a couple weeks for your body to get back in the swing of things. Try to schedule in an extra rest day or two the first week back. Lighten up your normal weight load for strength training workouts. Cut back intensity or length on some of the cardio. Wouldn’t you rather take things a little slowly for a week over injuring yourself or blasting your body into soreness oblivion that leaves you sidelined for weeks? Yea, I thought so.

easy image.jpg (327×321)

2. Pick a workout you can get excited about. Don’t expect to motivate yourself back into the gym on Monday morning if your regular Monday plan is that long elliptical session that makes you feel like pulling teeth. Choose something you know you love doing, whether it be a run, a spin class, a lifting session, or some yoga. Make it fun. You can even opt for a new workout you have been dying to try, like that Zumba or Kettlebells class your gym just added.

zumba-alberto-beto-perez.jpg (300×338)

3. Find a workout buddy. If you have accountability from another person that will help you get your butt off the couch quicker than relying on your own self would. Since Peter has to use my car this week, I knew I would not get myself to the gym in the afternoon after he came home unless he went with me. Being able to go workout with him helps me be sure to get in a workout and it makes it fun.

4. Schedule to go at a time you are least likely to skip going. If it is already going to be extremely tough to get back into the early waking habit, it might be better to plan your workouts for after work until you readjust to your normal schedule. If stress is wearing you down, make a point to get things done first thing in the morning so you can feel better. Don’t make fitting in your workout harder than it could be.

Clock.jpg (360×360)

5. Don’t delay or start excuses. Upon returning from a vacation or fully overcoming that cold, return to your training routine asap. If you start making excuses for why you can’t go at the beginning, it will just continue to get harder to return to your fitness plan. The first couple of workouts are always the hardest after a break. Get them out of the way quickly so you can feel better and rejuvenated.

6. Remember why you love getting your sweat on. Consider the goals you are striving towards, the race you are training for, that accomplished feeling you love after a workout, or the health you enjoy. Think about what got you to the gym or out pounding that pavement before your break. Use those same things to motivate you now.

workout-2009-entre-post.jpg (600×600)

And if all else fails, buy a new workout outfit you want to flaunt of take such a long break that you really cannot wait to return to the gym! For the record, there really should be something called sarcasm font. 😉

  • What helps you get your motivation back after a workout hiatus?
  • Do you prefer morning or afternoon workouts? I am definitely a mid-morning workout person. Going anywhere from 8-10 am is the best time for me. One of the perks of being a stay at home mother!

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