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I’m Afraid The Time Has Come

It seems like it should come so naturally. But it doesn’t. And, honestly, I’m a little afraid. Especially since the time has come.

First, Makenzie’s birthday.



Then the many traditions our family has in the fall that includes good food.


You can imagine what comes next. Thanksgiving. Christmas parties. Christmas dinners. Treats passed out every which way you turn. Holiday baking.


Food. Food. Food. Food.

What am I getting at with all of this?


I have a slight fear. Will I be able to keep maintaining the progress I have worked so hard towards? I have so far, but what about over the holidays?

You see…I feel kind of lost when it comes to holiday maintenance. Why? Because I have NEVER done it in all the years that I actually cared about my health.

Literally, NEVER! In other words, since high school, the holidays has been a time to pack on the pounds.

old school picture of mine and Peter’s first Thanksgiving together – towards the beginning of overcoming my binge eating struggles

In high school and the first two years of college, I just ate a lot. Then, my junior year of college I went on vacation to Disney world and ate my way through the week with a “new healthy plan” to start at the New Year.

That “new healthy plan” was the beginning of my food obsession and control techniques. For the next few years, the holidays were a never ending binge and restrict cycle that always ended with me “giving up and starting fresh on January first”. It also ended with the scale reading a good 10 pounds more. At least. For me to restrict my way back down from later on.

Finally, my relationship with food changed…but the holidays still weren’t for maintenance.

Four years ago – I was trying to conceive Makenzie and on the tail end of binging issues. Three years ago – I was a first time and new mom, who didn’t even think of the word “healthy” the first 6 weeks post-partum. Two years ago – I was having to force myself to gain weight in order to regain my cycle post fitness competition. One year ago, I was pregnant with a sweet tooth that wouldn’t stop and supposed to gain weight, of course.


It’s not an exaggeration. I have NEVER maintained my weight over the holidays and for some reason I find myself struggling with the concept.

Quite frankly, that pisses me off!

I KNOW what works for me to have a healthy balance. I KNOW what to do to stay on track. I KNOW I can work dang hard to care for myself.

So why in the heck am I not trusting myself to do the same for the next 2.5 months?

Just because I haven’t been able to before doesn’t mean I won’t be able to now. I cannot let doubt get in the way. Who am I to doubt myself?

I know what to do and I will do it. Look for another post coming on my “maintenance game plan”. But in essence, I will have my (pumpkin cheese)cake and I will eat it too.

I refuse to not enjoy the celebration that comes with this time of year we are fast approaching. But, more importantly, I refuse…REFUSE…to go back to my old ways. Who wants to knock the crap out of doubt with me? Punch

  • Is there a healthy habit you sometimes doubt in yourself?

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6 Ways To Karate Chop Fitness Plateaus

It takes a lot of time and effort to work towards fitness related goals. When things don’t progress how you hope, an overwhelming sense of frustration can set in. I understand and relate all too well. Plateaus used to throw a wrench in my goals time and time and time again. Over the years, I learned more about my body and effective ways to approach plateaus – to either keep them from happening or karate chop them out of the way when they would hit.

I recently received a question via email on whether or not I have had to deal with plateaus when losing the baby weight and what I would do when encountering one. For the purposes of the reader request, this post will focus more intently on weight loss plateaus, but many of the ideas presented can certainly apply to other fitness related goals.

First up – I feel the need to clarify what I deem a plateau. I think a plateau occurs when ZERO changes happen for an extended period of time – in my opinion, close to a month. You may not notice a change on the scale but can definitively fit better into your clothes. Not a plateau. You may only see a half pound loss on the scale each week for a few weeks instead of the pound you were seeing. Not a plateau. I consider a plateau a lack of progress on all counts – ZERO change even after allowing your body the time to catch up with your efforts and make changes.

Now that we have that straightened out we can focus on the ways I avoided plateaus while achieving my Body After Baby progress and the steps I took when I found myself in one.

Have Room To Progress
I never quite understand the notion to nose-dive into a fitness plan with the top intensity, highest level of dietary restriction, or most challenging plan from the beginning. That can only lead to burn out. If you have super human will power and avoid burn out, then your body will eventually adapt as it’s a smart little yoda…and then where do you go?

yoda source

I like to start with the smallest of changes so I can build up habits, remain consistent with them, and have options to tweak the plan as my body grows stronger.

Take A Break
The first thing I will do when facing a plateau is proactively decide to take a break. Counterintuitive, no? But it works. I allow my body to take it easy on workouts for a week. I eat a bit more. I don’t stress over my goals. By the end of my break, I feel rejuvenated and ready to take on my goals with a new, stronger intensity. The stress from eating less, working hard, or just fretting my goals inhibits my body’s progress greatly. So, when I chill out for awhile my body appreciates it and reciprocates with future progress, like it did after my recent vacation.


Look Closely at the Little Details
Sometimes the small things we do add up to make a bigger impact than we imagine. We know that our training and eating habits have an impact on progress and will readily look to them when facing stalls. However, we also must consider our other habits. I always take a look at the other details of my health to determine what areas I can improve. Am I drinking enough water? Am I getting enough sleep? Am I active in other ways throughout the day? Am I stressing too much? Am I “regular”? Am I facing some crazy hormones? Those things have key roles and need to be in order for progress to happen.

Track It

It doesn’t need to be drastic (like measuring raisins!). If I want to track to check my habits, I usually resort to a few simple protocols. I measure foods that I can have a heavy hand with when serving (peanut butter or cereal) to make sure I am taking proper serving sizes. I will count calories loosely in my head for a week or two to see if I have any areas I can tweak. I will stay more mindful of extra bites or licks I steal while making M her food or cooking. Nothing excessive, but enough to pick up on habits that may need to change for progress to get back under way.

Add Another Gear
Up. The. Intensity! I don’t believe in adding a ton of extra time to workouts, but I do think we can push ourselves out of our comfort zones to maximize our results and get the ball moving again. When we get in a routine, we can easily start sailing through workouts out of habit. To avoid this, I try to mix up or increase the challenge of my workouts every 6-8 weeks. I will either try something new, add in more intervals, shoot for new distances, vary up my strength training routines, or pull out workouts that I know kick my butt. Work harder and smarter.


Ride It Out With Positive Thoughts
If all else fails, I go here. If I know I have done all I can to have taken a balanced approach to eating, training, and caring for my health, then I can only accept that and stop expecting so much from my body. I trust that respecting my body will bring it just where it should be and let it happen naturally. I stop stressing. I picture my goals and keep working hard. Surprisingly enough, staying positive and committed ends up bringing the desired results down the line. After all, when reaching this point the only options are to keep chugging away with determination or give up and say forget it. I know one of those choices won’t help me achieve my goal…so why not just dig deep, ride it out, and trust? It can only do good.

  • What tactics do you use when facing plateaus in your goals?
  • What is a detail outside of diet and workouts that you have to take care of to feel your best? I think sleep impacts me the most!

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