Triceps! Get Your Defined Triceps!

Posted: June 27, 2011 at 4:00 pm

Picture me as one of those old-school newspaper boys that would stand on the corner shouting out the next big news for passersby to pick up and read. Why? Well, because I have the next big exercise moves post right here for you. Okay – that may not be “breaking news” material, but you all clearly wanted it!

After sharing some of my favorite back exercises, I had more than a few requests for similar posts with different body parts. So, I got myself decked out in my cute new 4all by jofit top – because if I’m taking a ton of pictures I want something quality, sweat-wicking, and flattering 😉 – and got to work.

4all top

Today, I’m delivering just like that old school paperboy. Triceps! Get your defined triceps!

One Armed Triceps Push-Up

P1140622 P1140623

Lay on your right side with your right arm crossed over your stomach. Place your left hand on the floor with your arm bent, in front of your chest. Complete a push-up motion and squeeze your tricep muscle for a full contraction at the top.

Double Arm Kickbacks

P1140628 P1140629

Bend over at the hips. Keep your back straight with your abs pulled in. Bring your arms up by your side, with your elbows in, to form two 90 degree angles. Extend arms back slowly. Return to start position and repeat for reps.

Triceps Plank Hold

P1140626 P1140627

Start in a straight leg, straight-arm plank position. Make sure your arms are directly under your shoulders. Lower your chest straight down to a couple inches above the floor and hold for 15-20 seconds. Push back up to the top. Go slooowllly for a good burn!  Repeat

Overhead Cable Extension

P1140636 P1140637

Set a cable machine at the highest height with a rope attachment. Grab the rope and face away from the machine. Start with your arms in a 90 degree position close to your ears. Extend your arms out straight, then move back to start position.


P1140638 P1140640

I think dips are my all-time favorite triceps exercise…and you need no weights! Place your hands just outside your hips while sitting on a bench with your elbows pointing back. Move your hips off the bench and lower down, then back up. Make sure your butt/back stay close to the bench as they go through the motion. The further you move your feet and straighten your legs, the more challenging the move becomes.

Lying Triceps Press

P1140642 P1140643

Hold a barbell with your hands in a narrow grip. Arms should be right at sides and the bar should come across your ribcage. Extend straight up at a controlled tempo.

Overhead Extension with Stability Ball

P1140630 P1140631

This is just your basic triceps overhead extension but with a balance component. Lean against a stability ball with your leg extended for balance/support. Drop the weight behind your head and then extend the weight back up.

Well, there you have it! Some of my favorite triceps moves to help you add some variety. Of course there are plenty more – cable pushdowns, lying extensions, skull crushers, etc. Plus, never forget that you work your triceps during many other exercises since they are a smaller muscle that will assist in bigger movements, such as chest work. A little bit will go a long way with working the back of those arms. 😉

  • Do you like working your triceps? What is your favorite move?
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Disclaimer: I am NOT a certified trainer. Use any of the above at your own discretion.


70 Comments to “Triceps! Get Your Defined Triceps!”
  1. Thanks a lot for sharing your favorite moves! My arms do need some work at the moment. I especially like the body weight moves you mentioned, as I can easily do them at home, too.
    I love triceps dips, but I think it’s time to try something new.

  2. I love working triceps, they’re one of my favorite muscles because I can really feel the burn! I love pulldowns, overhead extensions and dips the best!

  3. Brindi says:

    I love skull crushers!

  4. Stephanie* says:

    Tina, I have to say you look GREAT!! Here I am, I have been reading your blog since before baby b was born (im a lurker, and hope to begin a blog soon once our computer gets fixed) but I have been reading your post baby body updates and I thought Id begin a weight loss challenge as you did, and I havent even made a dent! 🙁 Lazy, but I need to get started! If you do ever get certified for PT I live in cumming GA too!

    • Tina says:

      I just bought my materials. 😉

      And it’s all about finding a schedule that works for you and being consistent with it. Consistency with healthy habits will bring those results. You can do it!!

  5. I love working my triceps. Dips are probably my fave, too. 🙂

  6. Jeannie says:

    That’s quite a handful of exercises! My favorites are one arm push ups and tricep dips. Both can be done most anywhere because no equipment needed and they do really make the triceps burn!

  7. I have said it before and I will say it again: You have the BEST arms! It’s okay for me to covet them, right?

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  10. heather says:

    ahem. bitchinarms. ahem.

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