Tina vs Money

Posted: June 28, 2011 at 4:00 pm

I like to tell people that I don’t like to shop. I lie. I actually love to shop, but have such a hard time with that pesky little requirement that goes along with shopping – spending dough. I spend money more readily on some things, but clothes shopping poses the biggest challenge. I always want new, cute outfits…but rarely purchase any because I have a hard time justifying something I don’t need need.

This past weekend we had some uncommon down time with no plans. We heard the outlets not too far from us had some great summer sales going on. Peter suggested we hit up the outlets for a fun way to kill some time together as a family and see what the stores had to offer. I didn’t plan on purchasing anything for myself. I have a trip to Philly to save for after all. 😉

But then….


I saw a couple of cute dresses in Gap. Oh. I could use a new dress after the meltdown I almost had trying to find a dress a couple months ago.

IMGP0451 IMGP0450

And they looked pretty good. Then, a visit into one of my favorite stores, LOFT, left me eyeing some mannequins up and down wanting to nab their apparel for myself.


And did I mention the sales? Yea…I pulled out my wallet.


40% off the black dress from Gap (same as the green one pictured above), 30% off the white skirt, and 50% off the green tank (both from LOFT). Two outfits for $55 doesn’t sound so bad! Besides, it fits in the “blow money” portion of my budget. I left the outlets with a little pep in my step and can’t wait to rock the new looks. 🙂

Tina = 100 points. Money = 0 points.

Sadly my victory over money’s hold didn’t last forever. I had to say no to an opportunity I would have loved to pursue…because of money. The opportunity related to sharing my story and experiences overcoming binge eating – something which I feel incredibly passionate. I wanted to sign up in a heartbeat. But it included a travel commitment that I felt I couldn’t fund in good conscience.

Much of the income from my blog we have budgeted towards travel and other fun splurges for myself and my family. I would have enough to fund this trip and opportunity, but at the price of not putting that money into the savings for a special trip Peter & I hope to take next year to celebrate 5 years of marriage. I wanted so badly to say yes and follow through on a great chance to learn and network with others over one of my passions, but couldn’t give up a good chunk of change that could go towards my family.

Tina = 100 points / Money = 17984279808143 points.

Dang money getting in the way! Do you think the rest of the world could get on board with God’s desire for the world to revolve around love instead of money? I have plenty of love I can pay with!

  • Do you have a hard time justifying shopping for certain things like clothes?
  • What’s something you would do if money didn’t have to be involved?

66 Comments to “Tina vs Money”
  1. Oh money, the necessary evil. Now that I think about it, I’m like you. I say I don’t like to shop because I hate spending money on clothes. I’m not very fashionable, but sure, I’d love some cuter outfits if I had unlimited funds!

    Luckily, both hubbs and I both aren’t spenders on little things (clothes, toys, etc), which allows us to spend on bigger things (houses, babies, etc ;))

  2. I’ve found that quite often, I don’t actually need clothes I just want them. It’s hard for me to remember that. My boyfriend is so good about only buying what he needs… it’s something I need to learn.

  3. Heather says:

    I hear ya. I have been working a lot on contentment lately. My hubby works for a non profit, so ya, you get the picture! I hardly EVER buy clothes, and when I do, they are from target. I would love to shop more, but like you cant justify it when I have a closet full of stuff. I jsut donated serveal tops yesterday as it is b/c I felt guily having them and never wearing. the only time I shop is when I get birthday money or gift cards and I am FORCED to. 🙂

  4. I’m with you. I love “shopping” but hate spending. I’ll even try on outfits and want them but put them back and pray for sales.

    My entire summer wardrobe is from the sale rack and I love it. Spending way less than full price equals more money for other fun.

  5. I love your outfits 🙂
    If money was not an option, I would definitely work less and travel more! Also, I’d eat out more lol

    I basically allllways have buyers remorse the instant I buy something…I’m sure that once I’m not a poor grad student anymore, that will be reduced though!

  6. I need to be better about my shopping habit– but it’s hard!! It makes me so happy to get a cute new outfit from Loft, haha. And they have such good prices that it’s hard to convince myself that it’s not a bargain…when the real bargain, of course, would just be not buying it, haha.

  7. I don’t think money won here. Instead, I think it made you examine your values and prioritize, which can be helpful.

    I guess I am personally fortunate in that I don’t really have any expensive habits (except the chocolate one, and that’s pretty cheap on a daily basis) and that I have a job that pays me fairly well. I keep thinking of things I would spend money on – like vacations, getting a cleaning service, etc – and I’m just too lazy to arrange for it. I kind of like my day-to-day life as is.

    Minus the weekly cleaning sessions.

    • Tina says:

      Very good point! Always good to remember and focus on those priorities and my family is definitely the biggest. 🙂

  8. I can totally be the same way about clothes…they can be so cute but I can’t justify spending the money!

  9. Katie says:

    I would go to Austin City Limits and move to Colorado. I mean really start living my life sometimes I feel like money is holding me back from living that I am stuck in limbo because I can’t afford to get out :/ Cute dresses though! I LOVE outlet stores because I don’t like spending money on clothes.

  10. I’m a total bargain shopper when it comes to clothes! I haven’t been able to justify any Lululemon purchases even though everyone raves about the quality of the clothes. Maybe one day..:)

  11. Mellissa says:

    There are so many things I want to do but money doesn’t grow on trees! There are blog conferences that I haven’t signed up for because it is hard to justify $500+ for a flight, hotel and conference fees for a weekend. I wish things weren’t so expensive.

  12. Jess says:

    LOVE those purchases! You look so good in those dresses, hot stuff!! I’m glad you gave in and splurged on something for yourself for a change. I know it’s hard to balance it all with everything that comes with balancing a budget. It ain’t easy. But sometimes a little “me purchase” does a body good. I’m glad you went for it. I’m super sad you had to say “no” to an opportunity that sounds like it would’ve been a good one. But as they say, one door shuts and another one opens?

  13. Mrs. Fish says:

    You got some great deals! I’ve found it harder and harder to fork over money on things I used to enjoy spending money on, clothes, etc as I become more and more aware of how far my money really goes. While I don’t want to deprive myself and my husband, I also want to feel like I didn’t throw my money away either.

  14. Ela says:

    I don’t actually much like shopping, but I especially don’t like spending money! Often, I have to persuade myself that it would be better to have ‘x’ than to have the money. I guess books and some kitchen gadgets are exceptions: easy to justify those!

    I admire that you’re so organized with your finances. Gorgeous clothes, too, and you in them!

  15. Dorry says:

    I’m the same way with clothes. I almost always only buy sale/clearance items. As for workout clothes, I’m very fortunate to work at lululemon, and I wear the clothes everyday for work AND working out, so they get a lot of use. If money weren’t involved, I’d take Billy out to fancy restaurants for dinner. He’s such a foodie!

  16. vivoir says:

    absolutely the same- i just never feel like it’s justifiable as it’s just another item of clothing when i already have some…

    it’s just too… ‘treat-y’?!

  17. I hear ya on this. I have some serious guilt issues with spending money on material things that I just don’t need. This usually results in not buying anything for a couple months and then going on a shopping spree and spending way too much.

  18. Same as you-love to shop, hate to spend money. Which is the reason I shop at thrift stores. I don’t want to buy anything nice, especially if I’m trying to lose weight.

    I was in Commerce, GA this past wknd and they had an awesome outlet mall there-I cleaned house at Bath & Body Works!

  19. Kristi says:

    I would love to buy some clothes to help make me feel good about myself, but right now I can’t justify spending any money on clothes so I’m making do with what I have. Money wins again.

  20. I usually only buy things on sale, UNLESS I really need it – like a new dress for an upcoming wedding or new running shoes. Otherwise, I’m on a tight budget!

  21. I have the worst time convincing myself to buy clothes. I really just hate shopping for realzies in general, because it’s a lose/lose situation for me. When I buy things, I tend to feel guilty for spending the money afterwards. When I go shopping and don’t buy anything, I feel like I wasted a ton of my time.The exception to this rule is when I have a gift card. Then it’s game on 😉

  22. You were right by my hair dresser! 🙂

    Love that purple dress on you!

    If money wasn’t a factor… I’d move to Italy and run a vineyard/B&B villa.

  23. Luckily I love to bargain shop, so I never do too much damage.

    Gap Outlet is one of my favorites, they have such cute things! I love the green dress you tried on 🙂

  24. Girl I can relate! I desperately want to furnish our house (we have a living room set and a bedroom set… thats it. empty rooms gah-lore!) but I can’t justify it.. I can’t justify a lot of purchases =(

  25. If moey wasn’t an issue, I’d quit my job and open a little bakery! It’s something I love to do, but just can’t justify it at this point….maybe someday far away when I retire…very far away.

  26. Bah. Stupid money. I hate it. End of story.

  27. Jolene says:

    I am glad you took a little mini splurge. You deserve it and look fantastic in those dresses! As for the thing you had to turn down…I firmly believe everything happens for a reason and the right opportunity may be just around the corner for you.

  28. Sarah says:

    First Tina you look stunning in both dresses and you got quite a bargain! Also if you ever go back to the Outlets, sign up for their Outlet club because you can print out coupons and get a coupon booklet at the visitor’s center.

    Also, I agree with Victoria that I don’t think money won, just your priorities. And I wish that we could live on love but unfortunately I don’t think human nature will ever allow us to live on love 🙁 It’s a great thought!

    Fortunately right now I have very good job security with a very good salary and I’m single so I don’t have tons of financial obligations. However, I’m still huge bargain shopper: I love TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Homegoods, etc. Plus I love buying presents for family and friends!

  29. Jane says:

    I would travel the world if it were free… instead I have to go on my work’s dime… one day I’ll make my around the world in 80 days adventure 😉

    Looks like you found some great items! I love me a good deal!!

  30. Karen says:

    I definitely have a hard time spending money on myself. I even find it difficult to spent a lot of money on clothes for my kids too. The grow so fast and play so hard that I can’t really justify spending a lot of money on clothes. I tend to shop clearance racks and discount stores for their clothes – they don’t know the difference : ) If money was no option I would travel more. There are so many places I would love to see but $$$ keeps me at home : )

  31. I would buy SO many clothes and shoes if money was no object. And I would travel more! And I would find a top-notch doctor to fix my nerves!

    I love getting new clothes but don’t like going to the stores and trying things on! I limit myself to seasonal shopping trips, getting a few new things each summer, fall, winter, spring.

  32. Love the outfits! I have a hard time spending money because I’m in so much debt right now going to grad school. It’s also hard because I know that I’m in debt, but since I’ve taken out loans- they aren’t impacting my bank account right now. Grr, I have to always be super conscious of what I’m spending. But, I still let myself get things on occasion and go out with friends. I will not miss out on fun events. I just don’t splurge all the either :).

  33. Ugh, seriously, why do things have to cost money???

    I love LOFT, could spend ALL my money there.

  34. I always have a hard time spending money on myself too – the Husband thinks I spend a lot of money, but I have to remind him it’s not on fun stuff for me. Its on stuff like groceries, home decor, etc. I have tonde a lot of shopping though lately. Whoops.

  35. Emily says:

    I’m so bad with spending money and clothes shopping. I feel the need for new clothes every few weeks/months and never seem to shop as efficiently as I would like (figuring out what I need vs what I want). I am on a super limited budget this summer so I am trying really hard to be good 🙂

  36. Jon and I decided some time ago to start a “Jon” and “Kat” budgets. Within our monthly budgets we set up a special budget where each of us could spend some $$ without feeling guilty. Because it’s budgeted for. And that way, if I want a pricy coffee one day, I don’t have to feel guilty. If Jon wants a 20th coffee in 2 weeks, I don’t have to tell him that we’re not made of money. But I still find myself “saving” my budgeted money…for something. I have no idea what. And now that it’s accumulated I feel too guilty spending it. *sigh* Money always wins with me.

  37. Em says:

    I’m not a big shopper either. It’s just hard for me to fork over money if something is $20.00 or more, I just have other priorities right now. And I grew up in such a penny pinching family that their habits have stuck on me. BUT…those dresses are super adorable on you so I’d have a hard time resisting as well!

  38. I always feel guilty buying clothes, even thought I do it so rarely! I tend to do it all in one swoop – go shopping once every month of two, and load up – only one day of guilt. 🙂

    If money weren’t involved, I’d either go to cooking school, or work on my PhD. Two very similar things, I know. 😉

  39. I would travel the world in a heart beat if money weren’t an issue! I hope to one day make it to at least a few of the places on the top of my list!

  40. Avery says:

    I’ve definitely been struggling with money lately! (just wrote a post on being b-r-o-k-e) It’s so hard to budget for things, even when we know we’re saving for the things that matter more! But in the end it always feels so good to be able to afford something we’ve worked hard to save for. Props to you for having self control!

    If money weren’t involved I would travel the world. I’ve always wanted to study abroad but MONEY is always the obstacle. I hate that money has to be a gateway for so many things.

    As far as clothes, I justify it based on how many times I wear something. Cost per wear.. like I’ll spend much more money on jeans or a coat.. something I’ll wear a lot more than a certain shirt, etc.

  41. Mac says:

    I hate money it always gets in my way… can we just go back to the days where we trade things? Wait, I’d still probably be screwed, I don’t know that I have any real talents to use to trade lol

  42. Sable@SquatLikeALady says:

    Ohhh gosh I am A LOT like you. I love getting new things and window shopping but I just hate the actual spending money part!! haha. I come from a pretty lower-middle income family where there was always a threat looming around the corner: foreclosure, lights turned off, etc., and it has MAJORLY shaped my relationship towards money! I am a little bit of a money hoarder — not something I’m proud of!

  43. Priyanka says:

    This may sound funny, I can rationalize and talk myself out a $10 top on sale but not when it comes to buying a $10 bag of chia seeds 🙂

    If money wasn’t an issue, I would go on a trip around the world with the husband!

  44. Becca says:

    I don’t buy a whole lot, and I honestly don’t like shopping much. I’m good with the clothes I already have. If I do need new clothes, usually my mom pays for me because I rarely ask for stuff and I don’t shop. So… she pays.

    If money wasn’t an issue, I would probably travel. A lot. And pay for school. And donate a bunch of money to my church to update some stuff. And… my coworker and I keep saying that if we won the lottery, we’d install a better security system in our store…

  45. Oh my goodness, yes!! I hardly ever shop for clothes or other things for myself, because I’d rather save the money for some family fun stuff. I’m still wearing my cheap running shoes, because I can’t bring myself to spend 150$ on shoes!
    If I had all the money in the world I would travel a lot. There are so many gorgeous places I want to visit, I don’t even know where to start.

  46. Anna says:

    Cute clothes!

  47. Kara says:

    I never used to worry about money before I stayed home with the baby. Now every unnecessary expense seems like it’s trying to take me away from staying at home, so I’ve become really cheap.

    I only buy new workout clothes, even though I have like 4 summer shirts. But the baby? Yeah, she has tons of clothes. That’s how it should be. 🙂

  48. Mandy says:

    I’m sorry sweetie 🙁 I know you were struggling with that decision. I know you made the right decision for you and your family 🙂

    Money stinks. I hate that it always gets in the way of just about everything these days.

  49. I hate money…well, I love money…but there’s just not nearly enough of it! I wonder how I will ever be able to pay for school, and traveling, and someday new furniture, and even someday paying for kids!!!
    I’m sorry that you had to turn down a special opportunity, but I’m sure more doors will open for you someday somewhere!

  50. Heather says:

    I feel like I work way too hard for the amount of money that I have and make. I guess that’s the way life works, right? But I try not to worry about it too much and enjoy what I have. My little splurges now and again are totally worth it!
    I wouldn’t worry too much about the lost opportunity – I have a feeling you have WAY more ahead of you! 🙂

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