Versatile Foods, Favorite Foods

Posted: July 15, 2011 at 4:00 pm

I discovered something this morning. Apples no longer reign as my favorite fruit. The crispy satisfaction of chomping my way through a pile of apple slices no longer commands my attention on a daily basis. And although I will always welcome them back with open arms mouth every summer, berries and mangoes inevitably let me down when that chill starts to creep in the air. So if they can’t play nice, I can’t play nice and call them my favorite. Enter banana.

banana oats 1

After I realized an entire container of strawberries had turned rotten on me before ever getting my hands on them, I had to resort elsewhere for my daily bowl of oats. So, I did the inevitable and scooped up a banana to slice over my bowl with the standard blob of peanut butter and sprinkle of raisins.

banana oats 2

And then, I entered tasty heaven. That banana made my bowl more filling and literally left me mmmming out loud on more than one occasion. I’ve had banana with my oats before, but something about today solidified banana as my favorite.

What makes banana gain the title of “Tina’s Favorite Fruit” even more solidly? I can’t get over how versatile they are! Bake with them. Eat them straight up. Gulp them in smoothies. I only wish my already finicky…”regularity” shall we say…could handle numerous bananas every day. Alas, I will have to choose. Oatmeal or smoothie? Oatmeal or smoothie? Oatmeal or smoothie? Or banana muffins??? As you can see, endless possibilities for a happy belly!

Today’s lunch also featured endless possibilities for a happy belly.


But more on lunch in a second. My good friend, Nikki, came up to my neck of the woods for some shopping, girl time, and lunch today. We met up at a local outdoor shopping area around 10 am to beat the heat for a gentle stroll while hopping in and out of the shops. I’ve mentioned my touchy relationship with shopping before, so I tried to reign in the wallet today. But LOFT always gets me with their special deals – like $6 basic tees that I live in. I love LOFT!


After walking around for about an hour, we headed in to the sandwich shop Which ‘Wich to pick up an easy and delicious meal. I have three favorite foods: 1) pizza, 2) ice-cream, and 3) sandwiches! So, I cheat and pick foods that you can have in a million different flavor combinations. They’re still my favorite. :p <--- that would be me, being mature and sticking my tongue out at you

I mean how can I not love sandwiches? Look at this bad boy!

which wich 1

Every time I have gone to Which Wich I end up with a different sandwich and every time I cannot get over how good it is! Today’s sandwich included a black bean patty, hummus, black olives, mushrooms, lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickles, oregano, and red pepper flakes. Talk about a flavorful combination. Let’s take one more look, shall we?

which wich 2

Yes. Versatile food delights me. Versatile food wins my complete adoration. I heart you, bananas and sandwiches! Now, where’s my pizza and ice-cream?

  • Tell me your three favorites: FRUIT? FOOD? STORE?

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53 Comments to “Versatile Foods, Favorite Foods”
  1. zahra says:

    i have been reading your blog for about four months now and every time i read it, i feel like i am the one writing….but today absolutely takes the cake and i just had to comment….i eat pb, banana, and raisins with my oats almost daily….unless it’s a weight training day and i have banana in my smoothie…but that is always the hardest decision for me as well and i literally just cackled out loud as i read that in your blog….don’t mean to be a creepy lurker! i really really love your blog so much and i look forward to a new post every day. thanks for your honesty, it’s refreshing 🙂

  2. Fruit-banana
    Store-J Crew

  3. I have been on a crazy banana kick lately too! I freeze them and make smoothies, banana soft serve, I caramelize them and put them on pancakes, I eat them with peanut butter and toast, I bake with them… They are so versatile! 🙂

    • Tina says:

      I forgot to mention banana soft serve! Bananas clearly take the cake for fruit. Or take the banana bread, if you will. 😉

  4. jobo says:

    LOVE bananas!! But they have to be perfectly ripe, overripe is ick to me, a little green on top is okay too 😉 that oatmeal bowl looks divine. And cue hunger 😉

  5. Haha, apples are definitely my favorite fruit. I eat one every day. I do switch around with variety though: Granny smith, Braeburn, Fugi, etc. I love how they are so portable and don’t go bad very quickly.

    My favorite foods have to be apples, peanut butter, and tortilla chips (Tostitos brand only!).

    My favorite store/brand is GUESS by far. Won’t buy jeans anywhere else!

  6. Robyn says:

    I have to stick with the apple! Honey Crisp/Pink Ladies were reasonably priced last week, so I had to get some!

    I have been eating a lot of berries and melon also.

    Don’t forget to try this: slice a banana in half the long way and spread PB over it. It is good!

  7. I love whipping the banana into my oatmeal as it’s cooking. It makes them so much creamier without being slimy. And the banana breadI posted about my oats this morning actually but I used blueberries this morning.

    Fruit: pineapple
    Food: steak
    Store: New York and Company (used to be Learner, back in the day)

  8. I only really love apples in the fall, you know the big ole honeycrisp variety.
    Favorite Fruit: Peaches
    Favorite Foods: Eggs, black beans, dark chocolate and mixed nut with sea salt
    Favorite Store: Loft for clothes- love their teacher discount!
    Trader Joes and Penzeys Spices for food related items

  9. fruit: nectarines
    food: pizza
    store: Ann taylor loft

    I want that sandwich!

  10. Food = eggs …. Store – H & M ….Food = a good turkey burger with Swiss, mushrooms & arugula! Yum

  11. Banana is definitely my favorite fruit. Makes me oatmeal SO much better. I love loft, too, and american eagle. I’m a 16 year old at heart.

  12. Fruit: bananas

    Food: tacos

    Store: Target!

    Have a nice weekend Tina!

  13. Pineapple, pizza and nordstrom rack! Although I do adore which wich…so yummy!

  14. 1. Nectarines (although they’re only nice for about 4 months out of the year), 2. Spaghetti carbonara, 3. Nordstrom. The point of this post was actually to say that I sympathize with the love for bananas. The beauty of bananas is that they’re SO versatile. Any time of year, they’re good. Fresh or frozen in a smoothie, they’re good. Muffins, oatmeal, cookies, bread, whatever you want to do with them, bananas never let you down. Amazing.

  15. Julie says:

    That sandwich looks AMAZING!!

    Fruit: the perfectly ripe canteloupe is WAY up there on my list

    Food: A complex burger – the more stuff…the better!

    Store: Any book store!

  16. Black bean, hummus, AND black olives!? This sounds like a dream come true!

    And I’m sorry, but bananas will always reign as favorite fruit in my book 😀

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  18. Haley Q says:

    Isn’t Which Wich the BEST? I didn’t know they started serving black bean patties..that definitely demands a sandwich trip. I have to agree with you, bananas are definitely the best fruit (and the cheapest. They’re like the one fruit you never have to throw away when it gets too ripe, because ripe bananas=baked goods! And you can’t go wrong with banana bread/muffins/cake/cookies.

  19. Banana on anything is GOOD – oats, waffles, cereal, fro-yo. Mix in some peanut butter or cinnamon … perfection! Bananas rule! 🙂

  20. Sarah says:

    Bananas are still around $15 kg here or about $2 each from the floods earlier in the year. It’s a strain on my budget so I have had to cut down to 2 a week. I dream of the day when they are $5kg again!

  21. Yum everything looks great! And I love Which wich — haven’t been there in a while, but it sure is yummy!
    Favorite fruit: banana, hands down!
    Favorite food and store: way too hard to say, Tina! 🙂

  22. Amy says:

    My favorite fruit is watermelon! Although I don’t know if I could pick an actual favorite food.. there are so many!

  23. Hilary says:

    Fruit: cherries and berries (I can’t pick either)….I am very seasonal though, so my answer could be different to this question depending on when you ask.
    Food: Burgers and dessert
    Store: That’s a tough one…gotta say, I love the lululemon, but that’s not really where I shop for “every day” stuff.

  24. Missy says:

    I love how you say they no longer “reign” as your favorite…meaning that the throne rotates. Because…who can play favorites with a thing like fruit!

    Every fruit has it’s time, if you are like me…it’s moment in the spotlight.

    Currently? I must admit I am digging frozen fruit of all kinds…I eat them like popsicles or whir them up in the food proc with some almond milk for a sorbet of sorts.

  25. Karen says:

    Favorite Fruit – watermelon
    Favorite Food – pizza
    Favorite Store – Target

    Your sandwich looks amazing! We don’t have a Which Wich anywhere up here but it definitely looks like a place I would love!

  26. Fruit: Apples (even in the summer, they’re still my fav!)
    Food: Quinoa
    Store: The Banana Republic and JCrew outlets – never buy retail from those stores! 🙂

  27. Errign says:

    FRUIT: Apples. This part of your post made me laugh because I was just thinking yesterday about how I used to hate bananas and now I tolerate them, but I don’t really like them.:)
    FOOD: This is a tough one, since I love food so much. I am going to give you my current food obsession, and leave it at that, since that changes weekly – pancakes! 🙂
    STORE: Well, since The North Face isn’t really a store, probably Banana Republic, because I can’t afford J Crew.

  28. Jen says:

    Bananas are so good with just about anything, you can’t go wrong with them.
    Holy freaking sandwich, that beast looks AMAZING!!!!

  29. Brindi says:

    giada’s israeli couscous
    banana republic

  30. A girl after my own heart. Yes, BANANAS! God – I adore them…love, love, love. I have one every morning with breakfast…and in banana bread, muffins, cookies – whatever 🙂

    Bloobs and raisins totally make oat bowls even better – with almond butter 🙂

    I seen your frozen pizza below and adore that this isn’t another blog that just makes pizza on tortillas all the time. I love a frozen or ordered in pizza now and then and don’t want to feel guilty for it!

  31. Oh my gosh, I want that sandwich! haha. It looks incredible. 🙂

    Fruit: Bananas rank pretty high for me (versatility), but I’m a huge fan of raspberries too. It’s a tough call!
    Food: Chocolate and smoothies.
    Store: TJ Maxx.

  32. Bananas are my favourite – hands down. I was so annoyed last week, it was like every banana in Ottawa was green – there were no “ripe yellow” ones to eat, not even at starbucks! Weird, eh?

  33. Favorite fruit – changes all the time, but right now it’s blueberries!

    Favorite Store: Target for sure.

  34. Carrie says:

    I LOVE which wich!!!! Great choice 🙂

  35. Lenae Crumley says:

    Yummy Breakfast.

    Fruit – Watermelon, Peaches and Cherries but I will never turn down a good apple or kiwi. I LOVE just about all fruit
    Food – Depends on my mood a lot but a good sandwich always hits the spot
    Store – The Gap or Old Navy. Can shop for the entire family at one time and for someone that hates to shop it works out great.

  36. haha! apples have been slowly pushed aside with me too! I have been pounding back naners like its my job!
    Food: Peanut Butter Sandwich
    Store: Forever 21 or Whole Foods
    Fruit: Blueberries

  37. Sarah says:

    Yumm that which wich looks amazing! I have one right by me so I’m going to have to make a stop there soon.

    Fruit? Banana
    Food? Does fro yo count?
    Store? Loft for sure! They give a discount to college students too so yea they rock

  38. Lee says:

    You and I are on the same food schedule. I went to Which Wich yesterday too!

    • Tina says:

      And so did Brooke from Exercise for Fries (the blogger who just moved to Atl). We were all in the sandwich mood, I guess. LOL

  39. I love banana in porridge has been my staple breakfast before my cycle rides with some honey on the top so so nice.

    okay so fruit is mangoes I adore them their my drunken munchy craving lol

    food urm hard one at the moment its a bowl of porridge ultimate comfort food

    my favourite shop is river island

  40. Fruit: yes please. I honestly can’t pick. Just not honeydew or plums.

    Food: grilled chicken salads that involve berries. They’re seriously my favorite thing in the entire world.

    Store: Target. I honestly think if I had the budget to, I would buy everything in that store haha.

  41. Jen says:

    Avocados, sushi, Target!

  42. Fruit: Bananas – Definitely with you on that one – in smoothies, over yogurt, oatmeal, you name it!

    Food: Frozen Yogurt!!

    Store: Express

  43. I WISH we had a sandwich place like this in LA. This looks AMAZING, and I love all the choices. My mouth is watering looking at your sammy!

  44. wow I am behind on blogs!! Just had to say I love love love which wich! We had one at school, I miss it soo much!

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