Exceeding Expectations

Posted: July 22, 2011 at 4:00 pm

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After pushing through my workout last night (and envisioning flash mobs of “Can’t Touch This”), I happily welcomed a rest day this morning. I had time to leisurely start my day, including a shower in peace. I forgot what that feels like since I normally must shower in 2 minutes flat to avoid the breaking point where Makenzie decides seeing how high Braedon’s bouncer will bounce is more fun than reading a book. Ah, motherhood.

I reveled in my hot shower. Although I hate then having to wait a bazillion years to cool off so I can put on my lotion without it just sliding right back off me. 


I want that extra sun protection to stick, after all. A few years ago I had a handful of moles removed and biopsied that looked questionable and ever since then I have taken a lot more precaution with my skin. I stopped using tanning beds ever. I stopped baking in the sun at the pool and when we went to the beach. I loaded up on SPF when I would be outdoors all day for hikes. I did kind of lack on the daily SPF though. Oops!


A few weeks ago I received the Eucerin Everday Protection face and body lotion for review and have used it every single day since. I like the lotions because they aren’t thick piles of goop like standard sunscreen, yet still contain SPF 15 (body) and SPF 30 (face).


They blend in lightly and smoothly without leaving a greasy feeling at all. The face lotion hasn’t caused breakouts – a side effect I feared with using a face lotion with SPF every day. My only complaint is the lotion has a slight sunscreeny smell. Regardless, sun protection, a non-greasy lotion, and a fresh face? I’m game!


Me, my fresh face, and I took advantage of the rest day to also get some errands done. I have a baby shower I’m helping with this weekend, so I had to pick up some things for the shower – including a gift. I’m really bad about putting off gift purchases! Luckily, the registry (and having my own kids to know what is actually worth having) makes it easy. I quickly bought my necessary items and moved on to more important things. Like lunch with a friend!

My friend and I made plans for lunch, but didn’t know where to visit. I Urbanspoon’d it and discovered a cute little sandwich shop called Wildflour.


We got there shortly after it opened at 11 and at first were unsure if it would live up to the reviews since it was so empty. But not 15 minutes later the place became PACKED! I’m glad we got there when we did!

So, did it live up to its wildly popular status on UrbanSpoon?


Do you see that beauty? Portabella mushrooms, lettuce, tomato, fresh basil, provolone cheese, and a sage sauce on their daily fresh baked bread.


My stomach will tell you that, yes, yes it did live up to its reviews. Wildflour now takes the cake, er, sandwich as my favorite deli/cafe/lunch spot in my local area. And that’s a big claim from someone who proclaims sandwiches as one of her favorite foods. Ooey gooey cheese. Perfectly cooked mushrooms. Flavorful sauce. Crispy yet soft, pillowy bread. I could eat you all day. But – I won’t. Only because I have some peanut butter graham truffles to whip up and inevitably taste test 20. You’ll just have to hold your horses to hear more about those though. 🙂

  • Do you wear daily SPF lotions?
  • What is your favorite way to find new restaurants to try?

**I received the Eucerin products free for review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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26 Comments to “Exceeding Expectations”
  1. Alexandra says:

    Wow that wildflour place looks unbelievably fantastic! I wish we had a place like that here! 🙂 Urbanspoon is one of my fave apps, I love shaking it to find fun new places haha

  2. That portobello sandwich looks delish and thanks for the info on the shirts and the strap 🙂

  3. Good for you — everyone should always use sunscreen – everyday! My moisturizer has a SPF of 30! Happy Friday!

  4. I actually really love lotions with SPF although I don’t entirely love the smell. I’d rather be safe though!

  5. YES! I always wear SPF stuff because I get freckles oh-so-easily! You have great complexion btw! Beautiful 😀 I just like to try any and every different+unique restaurant there is.

  6. That restaurant sounds great! I recently discovered urbanspoon and I love that thing! Sometimes I also use Yelp, but I think I prefer urbanspoon. I really should wear sunscreen everyday, but I don’t like the smell of sunscreen. I’ve tried that Eucerin lotion before but the smell put me off too! Maybe I should find a lotion with spf in it though…I’m getting more and more moles as I get older.

  7. teresa says:

    That is the most gorgeous sandwich I have ever seen. Maybe I’m hungry, but right now I’d make a poster of it and hang it in my gym. (important to hang it in the gym and no where else in the house…)

  8. lindsay says:

    thats so smart. I need to look into spf lotion. I only have moisturizer. and wowza, thats a good lunch. I’d be there early too!

  9. Yelp is my favorite way to try new restaurants! It has totally saved me when traveling before. It’s not always easy to find a vegetarian restaurant (especially in the middle of nowhere) but I’ve found some great ones!

  10. I always wear SPF on my face, but not the rest of me when I’m just about and about. I should start though!

    Normally I like to go off of recommendations of friends and family for restaurants, but if it’s new, I’ll definitely check it out! And since I just moved it’s all new to me–which means lots of restaurants. 🙂

  11. I’ve started taking better care of my skin lately and have been putting SPF 15 on my face daily. I have body lotion with SPF but rarely use it – its so hot in the summer that the idea of putting lotion on is rather unappealing 🙂

  12. I use Aveeno face lotion (SPF) and i love it!

    I am all about natural lotion to keep my body and skin hydrated properly!

    That sandwich looks SO good!

  13. Wow that sandwich looks fantastic!! I love ooey gooey warm sandwiches like that 🙂

    And I can’t wait for the dessert recipe!! You basically took all my 3 loves (pb, truffles, and graham cracker) and morphed them into 1 – genius! 🙂

  14. Marcia says:

    I use that same body lotion. I bought it for Matt initially, because he does no put on sunscreen..this did the trick. Less goopy and easier to dispense. I use it on myself and the kids when in a hurry….
    We usually go by word of mouth on trying new places, or hearing commercials on the radio…or scouring a Groupon and hoping for the best! 😉 Have a great weekend!

    • Tina says:

      Yes! Groupon is fabulous! Does yours have the Groupon Now deals yet? Those are really cool because it will have deals for that day in your area that change frequently. Also – ScoutMob is fantastic because you don’t have to purchase in advance and it has a running list of deals you can use.

  15. I got a really bad sunburn about 10 years ago and have been loading up on suncreen ever since. I use the baby/child formula as my skin is uber sensitive 🙂

  16. Lee says:

    I wear a facial moisturizer with SPF but I am kind of bad about using it on the rest of my body.

  17. Helen says:

    I use Cetaphil for my facial routine….derm recommended. I try to get the moisturizer with SPF, but I can’t always find it in the store. I have SPF in my make up as well, but I do need to be more conscious of using body SPF.

  18. Dawn says:

    I love when my husband and I just go for a drive and stop at a strong out of the way place for a meal…it’s a great way to spend a calm day together and find some great new places to eat.

  19. I wear SPF on my face everyday, but not the rest of my body.

  20. I only wear SPF on my face, in my face lotion, on a regular basis.

  21. During the summer I rock out SPF everywhere on my body that’s exposed to sun pretty much every day, but then again I work outside, so I don’t have that much of a choice. My dermatologist likes to describe me as “fair-skinned,” which is code for vampire-esque, and I’ll burn on cloudy days if I’m not wearing sunscreen/reapplying every 3 hours or so. Plus my grandpa died of melanoma soooo…sunscreen’s kind of a big deal to me. I always wear a face lotion with SPF 15, though, whether it’s January or July.

  22. Syd says:

    Tina, thank you for creating this blog! I believe I shall bookmark it as I am thrilled to find someone who takes a faith-centred approach to fitness. Body image and self confidence are my biggest struggles right now and I am trying to focus on not trying to be thin but trying to be HEALTHY. Satan of course loves to mess with me…all the time…
    Thank you so much again – I wish I could go to Wildflour – it looks great! That sandwich is making my mouth water!

    Praying for you!
    – s

  23. jen says:

    it’s actually portobellO mushrooms !!!

  24. Amy says:

    I use the face lotion too! Although I like it, I have yet to find that face moisturizer (with SPF protection) that is completely oil/grease face free!

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