No Rhyme Or Reason

Posted: August 15, 2011 at 7:00 am

Sometimes life seems to have no rhyme or reason. Like the fact that it is Monday again already. Or that I leave for Healthy Living Summit in three days. Or that I have already cried today and I still have T minus 2 hours before dropping Makenzie off for her first day of preschool. No rhyme. No reason. Just like the post I’m about to throw at your eyeballs. 

Ice Baths Are Torture

IMGP0472 IMGP0473 IMGP0474 IMGP0475

I have succumbed to the torture technique known as the ice bath to help my legs heal after my long runs. It works. I haven’t felt sore at all, despite mileage increases, since taking the frigid 15-20 minute dips over the past few weeks.

I Like Free Stuff

I received a coupon for a free recovery shake from my gym. Free is good. I cashed in on the drink yesterday afternoon after my 3 mile treadmill run and 15 minutes on the stepmill. I picked up a blend of strawberry, pineapple, and coconut. Verdict?


Yowza that is too sweet for a smoothie! You all know I like sweet (reference below), but this was over the top for a smoothie. But free is good, so you better believe I still drank it.

You Will Hate Me For What I’m About To Do To You

coffee toffee ice cream brownies 1

I made these this weekend. And you have to wait until Wednesday for the recipe. No amount of begging can help your cause. Just like no amount of begging I do will make these “health food” as I so deeply desire.

Surprisingly Good

just go with it source

The movie Just Go With It with Adam Sandler and Jennifer Anniston pleasantly surprised both Peter and I. We had an unexpected open night on Saturday and decided to have a night in together since I go out of town next weekend. We had some pizza (duh), ate too much sugar (you did see above, right? so…duh), chatted, and watched this movie. A predictable movie, but pretty funny too!

Strange & Bizarre at Church


In our Sunday group study this weekend we had some interesting tangent conversations – like wanting to ask God what happened to the dinosaurs and is there any other life out there? Random. I know.  Also random? In fourth grade I had a dream that aliens abducted me. It felt vividly realistic and I still remember it in detail…including waking up and immediately projectile vomiting. It creeps me out even though I don’t believe there are aliens like depicted in films out there.

I told you. No rhyme or reason. But it’s all good, baby. Unlike that smoothie.

  • Do you think there is such a thing as too sweet? What things can be too sweet easily to you?  

  • What random thing do you always wonder about?


66 Comments to “No Rhyme Or Reason”
  1. Ugh! I have to wait till Weds to get that delish looking recipe?! MEAN haha 😉

  2. allison says:

    How are you getting through your ice bath without a hoodie?!?!?! i was always so bundled up on the top half of my body and only wore bikini bottoms cause i hate wet clothes lol sometimes i even wore gloves:):) And drink something hot!! that always helped me:)

    About the dinosaurs, ya know they mention them in Job and a few other books!! I dont remember the verses but i remember being really surprised when one of my theology professors mentioned that in a class!

  3. Aw, you’re going to have a great time at HLS! Can’t wait to hear about it from everyone!

    Just Go With It surprised me a little, too. But I did have low standards going in, so maybe that had something to do with it? I thought it was kind of cute.

    • Tina says:

      Same here. I didn’t expect anything from the movie but ended up really liking it too. That must be the secret. Low standards. LOL

  4. lindsay says:

    Your so brave! Ice baths are torture! and wow, mackenzie….when did she grow up so fast????

  5. I’m the girl that thinks EVERYTHING is too sweet! So, yes!

    And I’m going to cry with you about M – just let me know when you drop her off and I can produce some great tears.

  6. i am right there with you on the smoothie thing…i like mine to be a little tart and never ever add sweetener to them. on the other hand nate adds either honey or white sugar to his and they’re always too sweet for me! to each his own though i suppose 🙂

    • Tina says:

      Yea. I like smoothies more tart too now that I think about it. Although dessert…give me the sugar! LOL

      Ah. We will get along just fine whenever we get the chance to meet. Which better be someday! Love you!

  7. Kelly says:

    Have fun at HLS…I am sure I will be reading updates on tons of blogs!

  8. I have a MAJOR sweet tooth, but there are still things that can be too sweet for me. When something that seems like it should be good without all the sweetness, like a smoothie, or a good cup of iced coffee, is too sugary and unnatural, it kind of ruins the good feeling of the drink…at least for me! I don’t mind super sweet when it comes to ice cream or dessert though!

  9. Jen Rahn says:

    I just have to say that you’re super cute in that last smoothie shot. You always make me smile.

    Also, I can only imagine how emotional today must be for you. You’re in my prayers as you drop M off at preschool this morning.

    Wow, where does time go?

    • Tina says:

      I dropped her off at 8:50 ish. I cried. Most definitely. But knowing she was so happy made it a lot easier. Thanks for the prayers, Jen!

  10. Haley Q says:

    Every smoothie I’ve ever had at a gym has always been too sweet and fake-tasting too! I also wonder why gyms (atleast mine) sell super unhealthy food too, like burgers, fries, chicken nuggets, etc. Maybe not EVERY gym does it, but the fact that one does is crazy to me!

  11. mindy says:

    I really liked that movie! It was quite a bit funnier than I thought it would be. Adam and Jennifer have good on-screen chemistry.

    Looking forward to meeting you at HLS!

  12. Ice baths are so, so good for you! I love Jennifer Aniston–wish I had her hair.

  13. Emily says:

    I definitely think there’s such thing as too sweet…especially with smoothies and sorbet. I love sorbet as a dairy-free icecream alternative but sometimes I go somewhere and its just wayyy too much sugar and it doesnt taste as good. Excited for your recipe though 🙂

  14. I have been SO sore after beginning weekend long runs… I just can’t bring myself to take an ice bath! I HATE being cold.

  15. Amy Lauren says:

    Sorry your smoothie was too sweet :(. I can believe it though, a lot of smoothies are really sweet and sugary and not even that healthy, honestly. I try to just make that stuff myself so I know what goes in it but sometimes it’s nice to get one out. And those brownies look delish!

    I totally admire you for having the courage to do an ice bath because I haven’t yet!


  16. Woooooo, you are BRAVE!!! I’ve never taken an ice bath!! Just can’t bring myself to do it 🙂

  17. Ice Baths? WOW – I don’t think I could go thru that – yikes! Next up – polor bear swimming — you’re half way there! 🙂 lol Alot of things are too sweet for me – I’m a huge salty person! xoxo from Trinidad

  18. I love fruit sorbets in the summertime…but they’re always way too sweet for me! I guess that’s technically built-in portion control 🙂

  19. I’m still too scared to get in a bathtub full of ice because it really does sound like torture like you said. 🙂
    After adopting a much healthier lifestyle, I come across a lot of things that are too sweet. Don’t get me wrong, I still love desserts, but I have had several occasions where cake is way too sweet for me. Craziness!

  20. is it wrong that I giggled a little at your ice bath photos 😛

    wish I could meet you in person this weekend, ended up selling my ticket for #hls since my student budget couldn’t afford the flight – GOOD LUCK and you’ll do great 😀

  21. You are one crazy woman, Tina, putting yourself in an ice bath like that. Seriously. lol When I was constantly icing my ankle a few weeks ago, I swear it was the hardest thing for me to do. It hurts!! I even commented about how I didn’t understand how athletes do the whole ice bath thing. How do you do an entire bath!?! (Is it a constant soak or do you give yourself a break? lol)

    Smoothies/drinks in general are the things I have a hard time liking if they’re too sweet.

    I actually wonder a lot about the history of Earth and evolution (not necessarily of humans). How long it takes, etc. I studied it in college, and it’s an amazing theory. (That, yes, can coincide with religion very easily.)

  22. Samantha says:

    Props to you for succumbing to the ice bath!! I haven’t given into that yet, but know I will once I dive into marathon training…great.

    And I liked that movie, too! My boyfriend and I got it from Redbox last week to have a relaxing night in and got quite a few chuckles out of it. I was expecting it to be bad, so I was impressed. Predictable, but amusing.

  23. I’ve been hearing a lot about ice baths recently but have been too scared to try them. Glad to hear they work for you :).

    As far as sweetness goes, I do believe there is such a thing as too sweet! Fudge does it for me all the time. I can only eat it in VERY limited quantities.

    Something that I wonder about is in Bible times where people would naturally live for hundreds of years…by the time they were 400 were they one big wrinkle? Or did they look how 40 year olds look today?

  24. I have a really strong sweet tooth but the butterscotch icing that my dad always gets on his birthday cakes is even too sweet for me.

  25. Yep, too sweet exists. I hate when flavored water tastes like pure sugar..yuck — not quenching at all and leaves a funky taste in your mouth. No thanks!

  26. Kara says:

    No such thing as too sweet or too salty. I even salt Ramen noodles.

    Ice baths are awesome in the summer and HORRIBLE in the winter. Ugh. In the summer, I’ll be running along and think “Man, an ice bath will feel good!” and in the winter, I’m like “So cold….so cold…ice? Are you kidding me?”

  27. I have YET to try an ice bath, but have heard they are amazing! Glad to know you haven’t had any soreness…. my next run is 14 miles then 16, 18, and 21, so maybe I will try it out…

    • Tina says:

      You should. They really do make a difference. At leas they have for me. I have had literally zero soreness post long runs when I ice bath and get in 15 mins of foam rolling/stretching.

  28. Oh my gosh…I don’t think I could handle an ice bath! I hear they’re helpful for runners, but ouch! You’re brave. 🙂

    Yeah, there’s definitely too sweet in my book sometimes. Smoothies are one of those things!

  29. Have a great time at HLS! I’m so mad I couldn’t go! I leave for Italy that day!

    I’ve never done an ice bath but they sure do look like hell!

  30. Khushboo says:

    I have the biggest sweet tooth on the planet but there is def something such as too sweet- especially juices/drinks! Fudge is another thing I find tooo sweet- I can feel my teeth rotting with each bite! Can’t wait for that recipe!

    I was also pleasantly surprised Just Go With It! I normally not a fan of Adam Sandler but thought they were both fab in the movie- had me laughing all through!

  31. Now I have something to look forward to on Wednesday! Can’t wait for the recipe!

    I always thought that there wasn’t anything that could be too sweet to me, given my sweet tooth, but as I’ve hit the dreaded 30s, my tastes have changed. I still really really love sweet stuff, but my tolerance has declined a ton. Maybe it’s because I just don’t eat it as much anymore? Phewie.

  32. Lisa says:

    You are BRAVE. I could never do ice baths, no matter how hard I tried. And after running Hood to Coast I NEEDED it.

  33. Omg I think I would freak out in an ice bath. I hate being cold haha. Some things can definitely be too sweet or too rich, and then they just upset my stomach. Good luck to your little girl on her first day of school 🙂

  34. Maren says:

    Those ice baths do work wonders! I’ve done them all the time since college basketball. I’d swear they’re like a miracle drug!

  35. I love posts with no rhyme or reason (ha, have you seen my blog? Random)! I give you props on the ice bath. I have put my feet in an ice bath, but that is as far as I can do, it was way painful. I can’t even imagine putting my whole body in. I think I’ll live with the pain. 🙂

  36. Sarah says:

    I loved Just Go With It. The little girl with the faux British accent cracked me up!

  37. Errign says:

    Desserts and smoothies can easily cross the “too sweet” barrier for me!- Usually it’s stuff that’s packaged, not homemade.

  38. Ice baths are amazing. I’ve learned that I cant whine and cry when I get into them though because my dog goes crazy and runs to the door barking for help. Obviously, I dont want to discourage that in case anything ever does happen, but not being able to whine when Im getting into the tub is SO hard!!

  39. LauraJayne says:

    I know I should ice bath, I just can’t. The closest I come is bags of ice (or peas). I’m sure I’d be a much better runner, but I’m already SO sensitive to cold (read: a baby about it, whining and all) – that I can’t make myself do it. AND, even worse, I do the exact opposite (long baths) which are even worse! I’m totally impressed by your ice bath strength!

  40. There is most definitely such a thing as too sweet! Most conventional baked goods are too sweet for me, and I have a sweet tooth.

    And good job with the ice bathing. They are total torture, but they do work!

  41. peacebeme says:

    I hate cocktails that are too sweet, that happens too often! have you seen “horrible bosses” with Jennifer Aniston? It’s hilarious!

  42. You might think I’m crazy… but honey and syrup are both too sweet for me! I eat my waffles plain with butter, pancakes same way, and french toast? Powdered sugar only! This post cracked me up Tina! I love random musings

  43. I WANT THOSE BROWNIESSSS!!! GIrl I can’t wait to meet you at hls!!!!

    • Tina says:

      Woo! Party time!!!!!And I would say I would bring you a brownie but I don’t think it would keep well. they have ice cream in them. Hehehehe.

  44. Nooo I already love you MORE for those treats! hahaha. And yes, I do think that something can be TOO sweet 😛

  45. Jessica says:

    Ice baths? Totally work. I was a believer after marathon training for the first time.

    Those brownie looking things? Actually look appetizing for the first time in months!! Now…how to get the husband to go to the store…..

  46. sorbet! just had a perfetly nice strawberry sorbet from my favorite ice creamery, and though you could taste the fresh berries, they just used to much sugar and it turned out really sweet.

    • Tina says:

      It seems like when things add sugar on top of fruit makes them unbearably sweet. Fruit is so perfect on its own!

  47. I always question God about dinosaurs + aliens. How creepy you had a dream about that! That would scar me for life… Tip on ice baths (if someone hasn’t already mentioned it), I sit in the tub first, fill it with cold water while I’m sitting in it, and then dump the ice in. It’s a little easier to get used to… You at least are smart enough to wait until after you’re in before dumping the ice in!

  48. I’ve yet to do the ice bath thing. I’m too much of a wimp! Yes, things can definitely be too sweet. My idea of sweet is very different than most people’s I think. And I have too many random thoughts to even mention LOL.

  49. I’ve never done the ice bath but I think I’m going to have to do suck it up because last year while training for my half I got REALLY sore after 11 miles and barely recovered by the time the next long run came around the following week.

  50. I find smoothies from stores (like Tropical Smoothie) to be too sweet in general. I always ask for no sugar 🙂 That smoothie combo did sound good though!

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