I’m Actually Not Laboring On Labor Day

Posted: September 5, 2011 at 10:01 am

Good morning and happy Labor Day to my fellow US residents! Although, in all honesty, my family & I never really celebrated or did much for Labor Day. It was just “the end of summer” and an extra day. I even just had to look up the reasoning behind the holiday. It’s a “day to celebrate workers” and started as something to appease labor unions, if you’re wondering. No matter what, though, it gives a good enough reason to gather together in Peter’s family.

We had a large group of family and family friends gather for a pot luck style meal late yesterday afternoon as our Labor Day celebrations. Before leaving for the fun, I whipped up a quick Three Bean & Feta Salad to contribute to the spread.


His sister’s face when I whipped that out was pretty priceless. Winking smile 


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We spent a good chunk of the day (aka the few hours before the kids would crash hard from not getting full naps), sharing a meal and talking around the table while the group of wee ones tried to keep from causing too much mayhem.

Braedon wanted to join the fun in a bad way. Why do I feel like the kid will be walking at 10 months old? Yeesh!

The family buffet focused on hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken, grilled vegetables, a few casseroles, and my lonely bean salad down at the end of the table. Don’t worry – I gave it some love. Although, I did realize I used the wrong stevia and it left a bitter taste in this blend. Oops! Never stray from the recipe you know works, folks!

My plate consisted of Honey Dijon kettle chips (normally not a chips fan but these were addicting), macaroni and cheese, potato salad, grilled squash and zucchini, and the bean salad. Thank goodness for hefty sides so I can fill up a plate! And for Instagram when I forget my camera’s memory card and to charge the batteries. Ain’t no big thing. It was a chill night and I did just that – chilled.

I also plan to do that today. Normally on three day weekends we do our gatherings and celebrations the Sunday before the holiday. This usually means I treat the actually holiday day as any other Monday and busy myself catching up on work or things around the house or running errands. Well, not today, folks!

There is rain rolling in and I’m forcing myself to take a mental health day and relax. I’m not very good at relaxing, but I know I need it, and so that’s what I plan for today. I will see you all tomorrow! And working or not, I hope you find some time to sit back and relax too. Or at least have a glass of iced coffee or cozy cup of tea. Smile 

  • What do you like to do to relax?
  • Do you normally have big plans for “three day weekend” holidays? Or is just another regular day normally to you too?

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39 Comments to “I’m Actually Not Laboring On Labor Day”
  1. I bake to relax! And today is just a normal day for me 🙂

  2. Just another extra day for me as well. I agree, I’m not a huge chip person but anything by that brand is amazing… the sweet onion ones are so freakin’ good!!

  3. My relaxing consists of watching Netflix movies and/or shows with my hubby, reading a book, or reading blogs.

    It depends on the weekend. This weekend is mostly just a normal day except for the fact that the hubby and I both don’t have work today, which is really nice! We plan on relaxing and getting some random projects done around the house.

    Enjoy your relaxing day! You deserve it.

  4. Those honey dijon kettle chips are amazinggg. I may or may not have eating half a bag in one sitting once…:)

  5. Laura says:

    I usually use this time to do some creative writing, working out and maybe trying something new. I’m working tonight since I work in a college and students just moved in, but one thing for sure I’m doing this morning is doing what nourishes me which is relaxing and taking it easy.

  6. Jess @ Jess Go Bananas says:

    To relax I bake, clean, or just watch what is on my DVR! 🙂 This Labor Day is going to spent, well, laboring! lol I have work :/

  7. My day is getting spent with returning to our regular schedule now that our friends left! Having guests is fun but very tiring….

    xoxo from Trinidad

  8. Carly says:

    When I need to relax I snuggle with my dogs on the couch 🙂 I can’t ever have a full day of relaxing – I’m too much of a busy body! I also had no plans this weekend, besides working ALLLLLL weekend!!!! Enjoy your relaxing day 🙂

  9. Today is a relaxation/ homework day! I usually leave the 3rd day on an extended weekend to catch up on everything I procrastinated about over the weekend! 🙂

  10. Lauren says:

    Enjoy your relaxing day! After I finish up some homework, I’m relaxing by having a game night with some friends later. Maybe a run too if the weather cooperates.

  11. That’s what i’m doing today too – RELAXING! (well I did sneak off too the gym for an hour, but that’s fun in my book) Going to see The Help later!

  12. Labor Day is my FAVORITE holiday!!! Typically three day weekends aren’t anything special, but this one is. There has been lots of family, fun, and FOOD.

    Today is definitely a day for relaxing and a good cup of coffee!

  13. Priyanka says:

    The rain is such a welcome change after the sweltering heat in the last few days. I am loving it!

    Baby B and M are so much alike, they really look very similar. For a moment I though it was M, that your husband was holding (until I saw, the tiny tummy and legs)

  14. Looks like a great {and delicious} celebration!

    It’s hard for me to relax—I don’t really have something in-between ‘go go go’ and ‘sit in front of the tv all day’ mode. Maybe I can find something inbetween today 🙂

  15. peacebeme says:

    Unless I have a glass of wine in my hand, it is pretty much impossible for me to relax! So I would say drinking wine and watching House Hunters International is how I relax. 😉 For some reason, I do allow myself to read whenever I want. I always looked at that as “productive” because it’s good for the brain!

    It’s slightly rainy here today too. It feels so good. I have my Starbucks with me right now! Happy Labor Day!

  16. The food all looks amazing! I love Braeden’s little baby belly in that top pic! Baby bellies are the best! 😀

    Ugh, it’s already raining here. It has been since about 11AM yesterday.

  17. Amy Lauren says:

    That plate of food looks super yummy, I think you and I like the same foods. Agreed with the chips thing, but those chips are pretty good, the Kettle ones anyway. Haven’t had Honey Dijon but the Salt and Vinegar are tasty :).

    For me… I went shopping and out for FroYo with my mom this morning. Hubby and I are getting Firehouse subs for lunch and I’ll probably spend the afternoon painting or doing crafty things. I might go for a run this evening if it doesn’t pour!

  18. Enjoy your day Tina! You deserve it! You AMAZE me with all your posts! I’m tackling a mile long to do list so… coffee, tea, chocolate… I’ll take a little of each. Ha!

  19. Good for you! I wish I didn’t put off all my chores for today. Ugh… the sun is so shiny, but I’m stuck inside cleaning! How did I let this happen??? Oh well – still beats a day at the office!

  20. looking like its delicious!

  21. Shannon says:

    On three day weekend I dont usually have any plans except relax 🙂 Since I’m always so busy during the week I like to just take a break on the weekends 🙂

    Hope you had a nice relaxing weekend, God bless! 🙂

  22. The family day sounds fun!! Enjoy your day of relaxation, you deserve it!

  23. awww have a great and blessed day Tina!

    My family never celebrates anything (except bdays), so I’m always the one trying to bring about new traditions for special days.

    I just love to take walks to relax, or sit at a cafe and read! 😀

  24. Marcia says:

    I like to read, sleep or watch mindless TV to relax.
    I was going to teach an hour long spin class today, but the gym lost its power! So we all went shopping and out to lunch. Not the usual thing for us.

    P.S Miles walked at 10 months. Good luck with that! 😉 I think it was weird seeing such a little person actually walking upright…blew my mind for a minute. Haha!

  25. My big plans for long weekends are…cleaning, laundry, cooking..I am pretty wild 🙂

  26. I love the three day holiday! Although I always seem to use it to catch up on things that I normally don’t get to do. On the list? Changing lightbulbs, laundry and making sure D doesn’t get into trouble.

  27. Okay 3 bean salad is one of my FAVORITES!!! Make me some, pleease?

    And I have a hard time relaxing too. Even though I was pretty caught up today, I still found things to do to keep busy.

  28. i’ve spent today working 🙁 lame. i need a mental health break so badly! maybe next weekend… 6am flight to utah tmrw. haha. enjoy your relaxation!

  29. LOVE the idea of celebrating on Sunday, but not so you can work on Monday, but so you can RELAX! Out of curiosity, as I have a lot of new goodies from NuNaturals that I’m playing with when I cook, what specifically do you mean by the “wrong stevia”? Hopefully you can save me from a hick-up!

  30. 3 day holiday weekends are usually just an extra day for me, I’d rather relax than try to beat the traffic going somewhere! Quick question if you don’t mind-did you have someone do the recipe page thing for you so the posts go directly there? I’m trying to do something similar for different topics and the person I was talking with is just unresponsive at this point. Let me know if you used someone you’d recommend! If you did it yourself, I’m thoroughly impressed! 😉

    • Tina says:

      His name is Peter. 😉

      I’m so thankful for a husband who knows coding and can manipulate all those little details for me on the blog! I have not a clue.

  31. Khushboo says:

    When I have 3 – day weekends, I always try to get a lot done to maximise my time..but like you said, sometimes taking a ‘mental health’ day is the best thing I can do for myself!

  32. the spread looks great.. especially your bean salad and the mac n cheese! Love long weekends with family and friends 😀

  33. It looks like you had a great long weekend! Me and my family usually don’t plan anything big, although once in a while we take a day trip. Yesterday we just enjoyed being with each other though which meant a lot :).

  34. Jen says:

    Glad you had a relaxing weekend! I love doing the same as you did…eat lots of yummy sides instead of a burger!

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