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Posted: September 8, 2011 at 7:19 pm

Seems you all are just as amped as I am to see FFF hit 1000 posts. Or you want to get your grubby little hands on some NuNaturals Stevia. Have you entered the giveaway yet?

Besides getting pumped for such a fabulous giveaway for all of you, today has been a pretty good one. I’ve been quick and effective today. Just how I like it.

I started my day off at the gym because it always gets my day going on a positive note. Lately, I have been splitting up my Thursday run and full body weights workout by doing a Group Power class in the morning and heading out for a run in the afternoon. But that had to change for today. Peter wouldn’t be able to watch the kids for me to run outdoors this afternoon, so that meant some quality time with the dreadmill treadmill.

I couldn’t swing having Braedon and Makenzie in the gym childcare for long enough to do my 3 miles on the treadmill and hit up Group Power class. I had to make a game time decision on which workout to do at the gym. With half marathon training, the run won out. I reasoned that I would do a Physique 57 DVD during their naps this afternoon to get in some weights instead.

In my gut, though, I knew the DVD wouldn’t happen. It’s hard for me to stay motivated for afternoon workouts enough as it is. But to have to stay motivated for a workout and give up quality productivity time during their naps? That was a recipe for workout skippage no doubt!

Good thing I stumbled across this gem in the September issue of Fitness magazine I flipped through during my cool down on the treadmill.

Sweat drops on the page = sign of a GREAT workout!

It must have been fate! An express workout with “kettlebell blasters” for the lower body and abs sounded like the perfect fix to get in my strength training for the day.

It did just as promised. In 15 minutes I felt like I had worked every inch of my body for twice as long. Kettlebells really are so awesome for a quick and effective total body workout. And now I have a few more moves to tuck away for future workouts.

Thanks, Fitness Magazine for keeping me from skipping out on my weights today! Smile

You can check out the full Kettlebell Express Workout on Fitness’ website too!

The quick and effective trend of the day kept on going with lunch. I had no desire to put much thought into making anything, so I turned to the trusty snack plate again.


Thank goodness I think to pre-chop some raw veggies for easy grab and go options during the week. It really does get me to eat so many more vegetables.

Today’s snack plate featured carrot sticks, “cucumber moons” (as M calls them), apple slices, a slice of nutty whole wheat bread with peanut butter, and a container of pineapple Chobani.

You know what just hit me. I cut up veggies for the week but I never pre-chop my fruit. Which is odd because I hate taking the time to slice things but a lot of my fruit I much prefer sliced over whole (apples and strawberries for example). I guess I just love fruit enough to give it that extra tender loving care chopping. Plus, fruit gets a blah texture really fast in my opinion if you don’t chop it just before eating. No room for mushy brown apples here!

And in the name of being quick and effective, I will leave you all here. See you in the morning! When it’s FRIIIDAAAAYYYY!!! Party smile

  • What things add up to a recipe for skipping out on your workouts?
  • Do you pre-chop your veggies? Any fruits?

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34 Comments to “Quick And Effective”
  1. Wooo hooo! Congrats on 1000 posts Tina!!

    I’ve never precut my veggies but my roommate does and it is the most brilliant thing ever!! I need to start soon 🙂

  2. I prechop veggies for snacks all the time! Definetly saves time. Not so much with fruits, cause they tend to go bad faster!! Sounds like a great workout 🙂

  3. I’m a huge fan of Fitness magazine, they have some great workouts that are always perfect for days when things just don’t go as planned.

    I’m glad you were able to get in your beast-of-a-workout 🙂

  4. LOVE quick and effective workouts! Gosh I havent done much with kettlebells lately but I sure do love them! Way to get your run and strength training in!

  5. Oh my goodness, cucumber moons, melts my heart <3

    That sounds like such a great workout! Have you ever tried the Vipr? Just took an exercise class that featured using it and it was awesome! I think you would like it! 🙂

    I never pre-chop anything but lately have been thinking of doing it with veggies, would make life so much easier! And I agree with you about the pre-chopping fruit, it get's all funktified like that!

    And a recipe for skipping a workout is if I put it off to the afternoon, I gotta get it done first thing in the morning or it'll never happen!

  6. Sarah says:

    I did that kettlebell work out and it left me all sweaty (which I love). I always keep workout DVDs in my apartment plus I rip out all the workouts I find in magazines and keep them in a binder (in sheet protectors).

    I don’t mind chopping fruits and veggies. It becomes rather meditative for me. But I definitely prefer sliced fruit rather than whole because I eat it much slower.

  7. Erica says:

    Great job on the rocking workout!! At what age did you start putting the kiddos in the gym daycare? I love snacky plates. The only fruit i pre chop is melon

    • Tina says:

      As soon as they were allowed. I really trusted the people in my gym daycare though and started off with short visits.

  8. Lauren says:

    Workouts are always harder for me later in the day as well. I’m much more on my game first thing in the morning. I notice this too when I teach Spin. My morning classes are always so much better than my evening.

  9. Emily says:

    I always forget how much bum those workouts from fitness mag kick! Looks like a great day 🙂

  10. Oh goodness, I once put on my workout clothes in the morning, only to wear them around all day and not work out – haha!! At least you got those 3 miles in!!

  11. I don’t pre-chop fruits, but I like to have pre-chopped veggies in the fridge for snacking on. You’re right, the fruit loses its goodness if you chop it early.

  12. I forgot how much I love kettlebells, thanks for reminding me! I usually do “snack plates” for dinner (and it ends with something chocolate-y hehehe).

  13. I was just reading that magazine in a waiting room the other day… and remember thinking to myself, “man, I wish I could take this one home!” They had a few good workouts in there…

  14. lindsay says:

    i forgot to tell you, happy 1000th!! thats amazing. Cheers to 1000 more!

    as for me, i love food prep. Its therapeutic for me. So I’ll precut my veggies all the live long day. haha.

  15. I never pre chop veggies or fruit. I’ve read that fruit loses nutrients after they’re chopped (especially strawberries), but I don’t remember where I read it. I should chop my veggies, but I never think to do that. I’m glad you had a great day Tina!

  16. This weekend was the first time I chopped up all my veggies for cooking all week… Man what a time saver. And I only had to have one onion cry session!

  17. Working out in the afternoon nearly always means I’ll miss it because I just find other things to do. And I hate taking two showers in a day!

  18. im learing all about kettlebells at work!!! love them!

  19. Rachel says:

    I absolutely love working with Kettlebells. They are pretty much the only form of strength training that I do. I have found a great set of videos from an RKC certified instructor, Lauren Brooks (http://www.ontheedgefitness.com). She has developed some really great workouts that always get my heart rate up and leaving me feeling sore for days.

  20. Amy Lauren says:

    I don’t skip workouts often, mostly just if I’m sick or if my body just can’t take it, which sometimes happens. I’ve only done kettlebells a few times but that’s so awesome that you got all that in for just 15 minutes :). And the 3 mile run, that’s awesome too.

    Don’t really prepare fruits or veggies much… just kinda go with what I need, but I can see where it would help you eat more of them.

  21. I’m the same with chopping–I do veggies on the weekend so they’re easy to grab and go (I’m more likely to eat them too) but not so much on the fruit. I love fruit so I’m usually willing to take the time to slice it up. I do however take grapes off the vine, wash, and put in tupperware in the fridge, and do the same for berries.

  22. B n B says:

    I wish we’d get Chobani in Canada…I want to know what this fuss is about 🙂

    Kettlebells scare me…as someone who works in Rehab, I always feel someone is going to throw their shoulder or elbow out with poor form 🙁

    Just a question – has anyone ever commented on the light font of your posts? I love your layout! But it’s difficult to read the text…maybe it’s just my lame eyes 😉

  23. LOVE LOVE LOVE kettlebells! I want to get certified in them after this baby.

    Also, I think the text for your layout is fine and I have horrible eyes. I read you in Google Reader though where everything is black and the same font so maybe that’s why I don’t see a problem?

  24. Katie says:

    I hear ya Tina! I think that’s why I love workout videos/classes…They are in and out, and straight to the point! I find when I do my own thing I tend to drag it out a bit! 🙂

  25. Katherine says:

    This workout looks awesome, I think I just might have to do it tomorrow! Thanks for the inspiration Tina!

  26. I don’t really prechop veggies or fruits – I like them all cut fresh! Apples get brown and mushy if I cut them up too soon, and some veggies have a different texture if I cut them up and pop them in the fridge before eating them, so I just cut them up as i use them.

  27. I never do my workouts if I put them off til the evening. I have to do them first thing in the morning, or they never happen. I will also skip workouts if I have cramps :-(. Love your snack plate! I sometimes chop up my carrots and peppers, but that’s pretty much it!

  28. If I don’t work out before I get home in the evenings, it’s just not going to happen. I can do a workout in the AM, at lunch, or after work, but once I get home, all bets are off… Like tonight. Except tonight I had a massage right after work, so I KNEW there would be no workout today! Relaxation!

  29. Khushboo says:

    I love pre-cut fruit too, especially apple slices…they seem to last longer ha! Postponing a workout till ‘later’ is a recipe for it not happening…later seems to never come!

  30. Glad you were able to get your run and strength training in for the day! I love kettlebell workouts!

  31. I love prechopping my veggies- gets me to eat a lot more also. I don’t pre-chop fruit, but I will wash it and sometimes pre-bag it- something like grapes or cherries for example.

    And congrats on 1,000 posts! You rock!

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