I’m Back, Baby!

Posted: September 20, 2011 at 7:18 am

Good morning! I’m pleased to say that I feel fairly refreshed after taking a chill movie night last night with Peter. I also slept in about an extra hour this morning.The little mental break was just what I needed. Just like you all apparently need some new workout clothes. The Champion giveaway seems to be quite a hit! Be sure to enter if you haven’t already. Smile

One of the things I love about reading blogs is that no matter what is going on in my life or how I’m feeling a particular day, I inevitably will come across someone’s post that will make me want to shout “YES!!!” at my screen. That happened to me yesterday as I read Gabriela’s post about blogging mojo.

I know I definitely have upswings and downswings in my blogging mojo. Yesterday, in fact, was one of those downswings. I seemed to lack motivation in all areas of life yesterday. I guess since things were so chill this weekend, I didn’t feel quite ready to go back to the everyday routine of things…and so my typical spark for life didn’t reach all the things I love – It hit my faith and my family, but fizzled out by the time it reached my fitness and my blogging fun.

Yes, you read that right. Sometimes I really don’t feel all yippee-kay-yay about blogging. I have even thought “what if I “quit” blogging??” before. It’s been a long time since I have thought that, but yesterday I did start wondering…”What would I do with my extra time, if I didn’t blog???”. Well, there’s a question for ya. What would I do?


I do my blogging in the morning before the kids get up, when Makenzie is in school and Braedon naps, in the afternoon when both kids nap, and occasionally will hop on at night to catch up on emails or do some fun things like #fitblog chats or blog reading if Peter has something going on work-wise. So, what ways would I fill up that time if I didn’t blog?

  • sleep in an extra hour or so every day
  • clean our house a lot more
  • read books for pleasure again
  • maybe pick up a napping habit
  • drive Peter and friends crazy by dumping all my workout talk on them
  • find another time-suck online (no joke)

When I thought about that, my blogging mojo swung right back in full force. It could be nice to have that extra time….but….

None of the above help better who I am as a person as blogging does. Blogging pushes me to try new things and to reflect on my thoughts, actions, and life.

None of the above foster the amazing connections that allow a mutual support and respect to help us each learn from one another.

None of the above help keep me determined and accountable to my goals.

None of the above would allow me to support my family any extra…because we all know nobody would want to hire me as a maid.

None of the above fulfill me as a person. None of the above make me “me”.

That is why when my blogging mojo pendulum swings from “I’m a blogging machine!” to “Blog? Really?” for a brief moment, it always snaps back very quickly. I guess it all goes back to that quote I shared last week:

Mojo is back, baby. All it takes some days is a little extra perspective. Winking smile

  • What would you do with your time if you didn’t blog or read blogs?
  • What’s something you occasionally lose steam over, but always very briefly?


38 Comments to “I’m Back, Baby!”
  1. It’s refreshing to know that a “big time” 😉 blogger like yourself even lacks motivation sometimes. I definitely have days when I don’t feel like it – so I just don’t! Even on those days I still usually read blogs, though. I think I’d get more laundry/organizing done at home if I didn’t blog!

  2. This past weekend I lost a bit of my mojo too – sometimes I go through phases where I have so many things I want to talk about, and other times I think “meh”. If I didn’t blog, I would probably watch a lot more TV, read a few more books, and probably clean.

  3. Everything needs a break some times no matter how much you love it! Tony is an artist and while he loves to draw, the fact that he does it for a living means some times…he needs a break! Same for me and cooking. It’s hard to be creative 100% of the time. I’m glad you feel refreshed Tina!

  4. I would study more if I wasn’t hooked on the blogworld! Haha every blogger I love have such interesting things to say! Plus I love sharing my thoughts 🙂

  5. katie says:

    Yay for being BACK and getting your blog mojo back!

    We all fall into the blog ruts, I went through that this past weekend, since Mike was home, I wanted to spend more time with him and not think about what my next post should be, and sometimes you do need to take a break, it feels better ; )

    If I didn’t blog, I don’t know what I would be doing, honestly the BEST thing I ever did was start it, it was one night, when I was going through a very bad time and I just decided to start one. I think everything happens for a reason, I got through that dark time a lot better, thanks to my blog, and I could never leave the blog world, I feel like if I lost my blog, I am losing ‘family’ the blog world is a family to me, I love all of the friends I have made through it, its one big amazing and happy family!

    Have a great day girl! xoxo <3

  6. Khushboo says:

    If I didn’t blog/read blogs, I’d be very bored! KIDDING…somewhat! I would probably read a lot more books but I can’t say I would learn more! Blogging/reading other blogs has taught me so much more than just about healthy living. I have lost my mojo once but all it took was a few days off to get the juices flowing again! I’ve told you before but I LOVE that last photo…not sure if you saw but I used it on my blog last week and linked it back to you :-)!

  7. Anna Marie says:

    Welcome back!

  8. AmandaCG says:

    I am so glad you are back to your old self! What’s sort of funny about yesterday and your lack of mojo post, is that reading your blog yesterday completely motivated me! My mojo was missing over the weekend, but after I got caught up on your blog, reading entry after entry late into the night Sunday and then all day Monday, my mojo was back in full force! Don’t ever stop blogging!

  9. oh man, i’d probably be a lot more social since i wouldn’t be cooking every night, i’d probably be a lot more in tune with TV shows, our house would be WAY cleaner, and my dogs would be brushed every day. but i also wouldn’t have an outlet to be creative in a way that i love!

  10. Amy Lauren says:

    I’m the same way about blogging, but mine is a personal blog so it doesn’t matter too much, although I like to keep my friends and family informed on my life, I guess. I’m glad you feel like you have your motivation back now, though. We all need off days :).

  11. I feel you on the reading for fun part… I sometimes feel guilty that I don’t do much of that anymore. But I LOVE blogging and the community here.

    • Tina says:

      I used to read like three books a week. I have no time to read now. Well, besides personal training study stuff. 😉

      I sometimes feel odd not reading a ton of books anymore…but I get so much more from blogging.

  12. Tina says:

    Your blog is one of the blogs that I look forward to reading each day. I love your positive outlook on everything. Glad you found your spark again : )

  13. I would probably spend too much time on other random internet sites haha…or I would spend more time than necessary on homework- in a way I like being “pressed for time” because it makes me more efficient with my work and I tend to do better that way!

  14. I lose interest in blogging all the time — but before I know it I realize that I have something I want to share! But if I need a break I take it!

    I used to blog every day and I cut out weekends a few weeks ago — my house is back to being clean and I am reading books again!!! Feels good to get back to feeling more balanced.

  15. I think I’d just get sucked into reading a million blogs out there or finding another time investment online (like you said). That’s what I was doing before I started blogging and it feels so much better to be putting my time and energy into something for me and something that I love now. I still enjoy reading others (obviously) but I’m more focused in my time now to fit it all in.

  16. I feel the same way about blogging sometimes. I wonder if anyone is really reading and if anyone really cares about what I write…and then I’ll get a wonderful comment or have a conversation with another blogger and I feel like it’s totally worth it all over again! 🙂

  17. jobo says:

    Yay for returning mojo! Figured it would be today 🙂 I try and read blogs in the morning – now – or at night, and sometimes a few at lunch. It’s a good way to break up the work day for me and catch up with my friends of course! I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t read them! Honestly!

  18. I’ve thought about what I might do if I didn’t read blogs…honestly, I’d probably just waste a lot more time on celebrity gossip sites 🙂

  19. Totally agree, Tina. I mean, these days I don’t even remembered what “bored” feels like. I remember a couple of years ago when I was thinking…man, I need a hobby. Well, I sure found one — and one that I genuinely love thanks to my passion and the others I’ve found in blog world like you! I appreciate all of your positive messages and your dedication to building others up and helping them seek the truth about themselves.

  20. I lose steam over blogging nearly weekly (on the weekends) and then I realized weekend blogging just isn’t for me. If I didn’t blog, I’d probably do more house projects (decorating), more shopping ;), and more cooking…all of the things I do on the weekend!

    • Tina says:

      I’m a LOT more lax on weekends with blogging. I do have posts go up, but one is a guest post so I can share some other awesome stories of other bloggers which I love to hear. Then the FFF features is just an easy recap that people say they like getting and it makes it easy for me too. Love that about my weekend blogging. It always gives me just the break I need. 🙂

  21. Ahh, you know I’m queen of blogging vacations, don’t you? I’m still working my way up to becoming one of you “bigger bloggers”, but there are definitely days where I feel like I’ve lost my mojo. I get all inspirational for a while and then bam…I lose it. And you’re right…my house would be cleaned a lot more often. 😉 Keep blogging for sure, momma…even though I’m not always commenting, I am always reading. 🙂

  22. I’m struggling with my mojo too! Some days I feel spot on and others I’m like….uh…what if I just quit? But then I think that I love blogging, if only for the opportunity to get my thoughts out.

  23. Wow I can definitely relate to this post. Now that I’m back at school, I don’t have nearly as much time to blog. However, I still enjoy it and it still is really helping me grow. At first I felt a little guilty for not blogging as frequently as I did in the summer. Now I’ve stopped forcing myself to blog a certain number of times a week, and I only blog when I feel the urge and have something to say.

  24. I’m glad you are PRO-blogging because I would be very bummed if you ever went away! Your honesty, positivity and faith are inspiring to me….and I love that you do it all AND have such a beautiful family 🙂 Glad you enjoyed your ‘rest’ day – you have to give yourself a break sometimes! Enjoy the rest of your day 🙂

  25. Posting three times a day… No wonder you lose your blog mojo sometimes! I am so impressed that you always manage to put out so many truely thoughtful, funny, and inspirational posts.

  26. Lauren says:

    I am so glad you stand behind this! Do what you love! I tell myself that every single day. 🙂 <3 you!!

  27. Lisa says:

    I’m with you. There have been a few times in the last year and a half where I totally lost my mojo for blogging and was kind of fed up with the clique-yness of it. I was feeling burned out and uninspired about my own blog–and I was tired of all the other ones I was reading! So I took a step back. I stopped blogging on weekends for awhile, I cut down on a lot of the blogs I was reading and just saved the ones I REALLY liked. It helped a lot!

    Taking a break helps so much. Do something different for a bit. Take weekends off. Try blogging once a day instead of two (I used to post 3x a day and that’s when I got burned out). Even if it’s just for a little bit it might help.

    🙂 Hang in there!

  28. Your blog has become a “check first” blog for me – which means I want to read it as soon as I wake up! You write with such insight and passion and it really shows.

    That being said, if I didn’t blog I’d probably watch more TV.

  29. The Jeans says:

    […] life is more than diet and workouts. Powered by WP Greet Box WordPress PluginWell, looks like my blogging mojo is back in full swing…but that workout mojo is still alluding me. Sigh. I had my clothes on and a […]

  30. Without blogging I would spend more time reading books for fun, sleeping, vegging out to TV, and being bored.

    With blogging I found support of people who exercise like me and value healthy living. I definitely take more photos, I actually workout more because I’m intrigued to try new things. And I care about my appearance more instead of wearing workout clothes everyday whenever I’m not in uniform.

    I think I’ll stick with blogging 🙂

  31. Find another time-suck online – ME TOO.

    Sometimes I’m “over” blogging and get tired of it, but ultimately it’s something I always come back to and probably will never give up entirely.

  32. I so lose my blogging mojo about every couple weeks…in fact yesterday I got it with blogging and blog reading and my reader is up to 60 unread items, ha! What first helped was deciding to not blog during the weekends because it wasn’t fun for me and I wanted to use that time with the hubby…but then it makes it always harder to get back into it come Monday’s.

    Honestly if I didn’t blog I don’t know what I would do with my extra time…in the end blogging for me is so worth it, especially for all the friendships and connections I’ve made through this community 🙂

  33. What a good post! Thank you for reminding me what I love about blogging—and how there would be a void without it! 🙂

    You look cute in the pic!

  34. […] when I really wasn’t “feeling it”, chances are you would notice really quickly. Gabriela and Tina both recently did posts on their “blogging mojo”, and both are a really great […]

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