I Want To Play! {Fun Fitness Survey}

Posted: October 7, 2011 at 12:36 pm

A few days ago, I came across a fun post from my good pal Lindsey over at the blog Cardio Pizza.

Her post went through a bunch of light-hearted questions related to her personal fitness preferences and goals. I immediately thought “I want to play!”.

Since Friday means fun and light-hearted around here, why not break it out today? I can’t wait to hear some of your answers in the comments! Or read them on your own blog. Open-mouthed smile


Five Fitness Things I Can’t Live Without:

  • running shoes
  • Bosu or stability ball – love the extra challenge from them!
  • someone to watch the kids – yes it’s a fitness thing because it often makes the difference between a workout or not
  • Cathe or Turbo Jam/Kick/Fire DVDs – I need the extra variety
  • dumbbells – most versatile piece of strength equipment

Favorite Pre-Workout Snack or Meal:

I usually have to grab something as I’m rushing to get the kids ready in the morning. This means I need something quick, easy to eat one-handed, and that digests quickly so I don’t feel sick while working out. My favorite options are:

  • a larabar
  • a banana
  • a few handfuls of cereal/granola (Love Grown!!!)

Then, I always eat a big ole breakfast post workout. Oats for the win!

On My Fitness Bucket List:

Hmmm…you know. I don’t really have anything on a bucket list. I guess my biggest thing is to continue having fun with fitness and working on challenging myself in fun, new ways. That changes all the time, so I can’t definitively say what I would put on my fitness bucket list.

Must-Have Tech Tools:

  • Garmin – mainly so I don’t have to pre-plan my running path!!
  • iPhone – for music

Top Exercise Gear:

I love working out in a good sports bra, a tee (preferably wicking material), and either running shorts or capris. I’m still fully in love with all my Champion gear.

Motivational Mantra:

“The finish is worth it” is probably the biggest mantra I use. However, nothing gets me going like my crazy Hammer flash-mob mental game.

Next Big Exercise Goal:

Crossing the finish line of my first half-marathon. Rest assured – I will cry.

Favorite Cardio Exercise:

I never thought this day would come, but running has truly become my favorite form of cardio. I love that I can either push myself for a workout that makes me feel amazed at what my body can handle or simply keep it low and have it recharge me mentally and physically. It’s so versatile and I love that! Cycle classes will always be up there too as a close second.

Favorite Strength Move:

I would have to say the push-up. They never get easier!!! And they work.

  • What’s your next fitness goal?
  • What are some of your fitness must-haves?

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19 Comments to “I Want To Play! {Fun Fitness Survey}”
  1. Some of my fitness must haves are good workout clothes, i love champion gear too!!, and I love going to group workout classes! A lot of the ones offered at my school are REALLY challenging and I love feeling like I’ve gotten in a total body workout. Also when doing cardio, listening to a good playlist is key!
    One of my fitness goals would to be to keep challenging myself with lifting heavier weights!

  2. love this post tina! your pictures are great! ahh i love lindsey too! what a doll 🙂 i feel extra connected to you gals from back in 02 days!

    next fitness goal is to really work on building my upper body!!! no shows until 2012 though

  3. Mellissa says:

    My must haves? Good workout clothes, I can not workout in a cotton shirt. Ick.

    Next goal: Do an entire program from start to finish. I have such fitness ADD and end up stopping halfway through. I will do an entire program!

    • Tina says:

      I should have that as a goal for me. I’m the same way with hopping around from one plan to another when I try to follow one.

  4. You’re right – push ups are always challenging!! In fact I did the last challenge in a boot camp class I was teaching the other day, and I had to admit to the class the next day that my chest was feeling it HARD the next day 🙂

    And a super random question – what font do you post in? I’m not to keen on my blog’s font, and I noticed I really like this one! Thanks Tina!

  5. Katheryn says:

    My next fitness goal is a half-marathon in 5 weeks. This is my 5th, so nothing new with that, except this time I’ll be 14 weeks pregnant while running. My only must-haves while running is good running shoes and my shuffle to hold all my podcasts.

  6. Tina, I’m stealing this (as I’m going to need some “easy” posts here soon)! I am TOTALLY in love with Champion gear too – they make my absolute favorite sportsbra that I wear to work every day. Oh, the perks of being a PE teacher!

  7. I would not survive without my ipod. Not only do I always use it to run and track my runs, all of our Jazzercise routine music is on iTunes, so I have to use my iPod to make my classes! My entire life is on my iPod! Yikes!

  8. Pushups are a good one, those bad boys are always hard! I’m going to say plank is my favorite though. They work and I love how they make me literally shake with fatigue. My next fitness goal is to finish the Philly half and beat my previous half time!

  9. I really want to run 5 miles!!!

  10. Such a fun post Tina!! I think a fitness must-have for me are dumbbells! I use them in one way or another every time I do strength training!

  11. I really like this post! And totally want to play too!

    My favorite strength move is also the push up. I remember when I was younger and stronger and could do 20 in a row with just one foot on the ground. I think that might just be one of my fitness goals!

  12. I <3 Lindsey's blog – one of my favs! My fitness must-haves are dumbbells, good shoes, a good bra (so hard to shop for those), and my lifting gloves. My hands hurt if I forget them.

  13. I love my balance ball 😀

  14. Khushboo says:

    Ohh I love this! Do you mind if I play too?? Would love to feature this survey on my blog! The plank is my favorite move, with squats closely behind!

  15. jobo says:

    What a great idea for a post!! I would have to say my next fitness goal(s) are to finally kick my running/breathing issues so I CAN do another half marathon and – eek – learn to swim!

  16. […] Today I am running in my first 10K, specifically the Tufts 10K in Boston and I am SOOO freaking excited! So wish me luck for my first, and certainly not last, 10K. While I’m running I thought I would leave you with something fun… The Fun Fitness Survey I saw over at Tina’s site! […]

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