Body After Baby Month 9

Posted: October 11, 2011 at 7:20 am

Guess who turns 9 months old today?


And guess who is on the move and  into everything??? Winking smile

I can hardly believe it’s been nine months since taking that ambulance ride through the “ice storm”. And nine months since I looked like this…

I must say that, as much as I appreciate what my body did for me in bringing baby B into the world, I also really appreciate how fit and strong it feels now. It helps me feel more like myself – not from a looks standpoint, but from a lifestyle standpoint. Plus, why wouldn’t I want this cutie out in the open with me to play with for the last nine months?

Okay, now that I have oohed and ahhed over Baby B enough, let’s get to Body After Baby! I debated doing this installment, because it’s not about making big leaps of progress anymore. I reached my happy weight. I fit into “The Jeans”. I wanted to focus on training for my half marathon and other fitness goals. And I didn’t want to come across as “Look at me! Look at me!”.

But Body After Baby isn’t 100% about losing the baby weight. It’s about showing the full journey of a post pregnancy body the first year after birth. I believe a woman’s body changes and reshapes itself a lot over that time. I want to document those changes and show the real post baby body journey.

So despite not focusing on monthly progress anymore, I still decided to go ahead with two last updates – one at 9 months and then one final one at a year. Here we go.

Month 9 Body After Baby

month 7 front IMGP1970-2month 7 side IMGP1971-1

Change Over Past 2 Months Overall Loss (since 1 month post partum)
Waist (Narrowest) - 0.5” - 4.50”
Waist (Belly Button) - 0.5” - 6.50”
Hips - 0.5” - 6.0”
Butt - 0.25” - 5.25”
Thigh - 0.25” - 4.0”

I notice two things:

a) Yep, I’ve been basically maintaining!
b) Oh dear goodness, girlfriend needs a tan!!!!

I truly believe the mentality that It takes 9 months to make a baby and it will take at least that long to get back to your normal. I also believe having that mentality can make the process more realistic and more achievable overall. It is possible, but it can (and likely will) take lots of time. That’s what I hope to show by sharing my journey.

I’ll be honest – I was a little nervous before checking in on whether or not I have actually maintained. From a personal standpoint, this check-in reassured me that I don’t need to overanalyze my decisions. I have learned what works best for me to balance a healthy lifestyle. I just have to stay consistent and trust my body. Focusing on the feeling of health will continue to carry me a long way.

Thanks again for reading my journey! Crazy to think only one more Body After Baby installment left now!!! Hopefully Braedon won’t work me too haggard chasing after him the next few months. Winking smile

  • Do you remember what you were doing 9 months ago?
  • Are you fair-skinned or do you hold a tan longer than a month? More than I can say for myself obviously! Ha!

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78 Comments to “Body After Baby Month 9”
  1. Way to go Tina aka hawt mama 😛

  2. Khushboo says:

    Holy abs, Tina- you are looking HOT! This gives hope to all new mothers, for real! Also while I could say you are pale, it would be like the pot calling the kettle black…I am disturbingly pale! My aim for next week’s beach getaway is tan, tan and more tan!

  3. Holly says:

    9 months ago I was doing the same thing…staying at home with my girls. I am pretty pasty on the parts that don’t have a tan but I’m 1/4 Armenian so I keep a tan pretty well once I have it.

  4. Sarah says:

    Oh, how I am looking forward to getting back into shape after my baby is born. But you’re takes time, and I’ll just need to keep plugging along, keep up a healthy attitude, and the rest will come. Thank you for such an important reminder!

  5. i was just looking at my non-blond arm hair the other day and got sad…granted that mostly came from vacations that we took, but i still miss being tan!

  6. Erica says:

    PERSONALLY…I think you should be saying look at me look at me ;). You look rocking girl! The body is definitely always changing- especially post baby. I have hit a bit of a wall and you’re going to serve as my motivation to get past this!

    • Tina says:

      Just keep working hard! I know you know that though. I think I hit a roadbump around 4 months post partum where I didn’t have as much progress. Then suddenly BAM!

  7. Once again, I am totally blown away by you! You look amazing!!!

  8. Tina you look amazing and you’re one hot hot hot mama!! 🙂

    I loved seeing your journey here, it’s so inspirational and it reminds me that with the weight gain I’ve had to put on in (still!) trying to get pregnant, that eventually I will have that moment to shed it off and get back to my happy weight. Thank you Tina for putting it all out here for us and seeing that through patience and preserverance, without deprivation, that it is possible to get your body back after baby! 🙂

  9. Tina, you are one hot mama!!! I love these posts…they are truly inspirational :). Nine months ago I was in my 2nd semester of grad school…now I’m in my 2nd year!!

  10. Paige @ RAN says:

    First off- I love how much you stress this isn’t all about looks.

    That said, you look FANTASTIC!!

  11. Wow! You look great. I’m so glad to see your focus on feeling strong and trusting your body.

    And I hold a tan way to long for my liking….that’s what brown on brown will do I guess. 🙂

  12. I can’t believe it’s already been nine months! Time really flies.
    Nine months ago, I was stuck at my boring desk job, almost broke, (that hasn’t changed), unmarried, and still working on my C25K plan (that HAS changed, whee!).
    You’re looking really great! It’s obvious that your healthy habits are paying off. Or maybe you’re just blessed with good genes? Dang!

  13. This might sound ridiculous, but one of my fears about having kids is that I won’t get my body back. I don’t mean I’m worried about not looking quite the same, but I am worried about getting my fit, running, triathloning self back. In my heart, I know I will if I work for it, but sometimes I convince myself I won’t. (And I’m not even pregnant and I’m worrying about these things — yikes!)

    Thanks for sharing your journey and showing me it’s possible. 🙂

  14. Mellissa says:

    Even nine month to get to a happy place is a good thing, be proud of that. I am the whitest girl on the planet, I don’t tan and my skin is basically glowing white.

  15. Amy Lauren says:

    You look amazing :). I’m glad you do blogs like this to show people that it’s possible to lose the baby weight. I can only hope to lose if I ever have a child. Plus I’m really short so any gain or loss is pretty evident.

    I do tan well, but of course I have pretty much lost most of my tan since I haven’t laid out in a month and a half (bleh for summer ending). I still have a little bit from running but not enough to talk about… and when I’m not tan, I’m pretty pale.

  16. WootWoot! Good for you gurl! Looking amazing 🙂

  17. Good for you! Lookin’ good 😉 I hate bikini pics of myself at the beach, but I loathe bikini “progress” pics of me in the house when I’m all pale. I cringe even when my body’s bangin. ha

  18. You look freaking amazing. I could only hope to be as dedicated, fit, and HOT after having children as you!! Such a good role model of how to do it the right way.

  19. You look amazing, as usual! I have a dark complexion so I tend to be tan year-round and I keep my tan lines from summer to summer. I tend to think I get ‘white’ as my tan starts to fade, but I’m actually still a little bit tan.

  20. Runblondie26 says:

    Looking fab Tina!

    It’s so inspiring to see your progress without going to extremes. I’m convinced baby #2 is going to ruin what’s left of my figure forever. This really gives me hope 🙂

  21. Erin says:

    Wow Tina, you look amazing!!!

  22. Megan says:

    You look wonderful! 9 months ago I was in Maryland and if you would have told me where I’d be now, I would have never believed you, haha!

  23. You look GREAT! I will be so happy if I can make the kind of progress you have in 9 months after my little one is born. Thanks for sharing your journey with us and being honest and realistic.

    I can get tan, but I don’t hold a tan at all and am so pale all winter long. I feel ya.

  24. You look awesome, you are brave, and we are lucky to benefit from you sharing your story!

  25. What beautiful inspring pictures. I tend to stay tan for awhile… but in the dead of winter I definitely look quite pasty.

  26. You look awesome! You are so right about not overanalyzing your decisions, but it’s good to have some positive reinforcement about your progress.

    “girlfriend needs a tan” HA Story of my LIFE! I’ve just learned to embrace it, but you know it’s bad when I am whiter than my red head husband…

    9 months ago I was anxiously waiting to hear back about the job interview I had had and if we were going to move to Utah. We did 🙂

  27. You look amazing, you should be proud of yourself.

    I’m definitely fair skinned. I work outside, so during the summer I have to reapply sunscreen 2 or 3 times or else I burn. I tried to stay covered up most of the time too, with a hoodie and hat. Too bad I didn’t get my dad’s dark olive skin . . . .

  28. You look fabulous 🙂 Very inspiring! And a healthy, realistic and balanced approach. With two kids you have your hands full, yet always make it a priority to take care of yourself which I am a huge believer in. To be a better mom, sister, wife, etc you have to love and take care of yourself first!

  29. Rachel says:

    You are such an inspiration!! Thank you for sharing your progress.

    I’m a natural redhead, so I don’t tan at all. Just freckle and burn (if I don’t reapply my SPF soon enough).

    9 months ago, I was overweight! I’ve since lost 30 lbs, and while I don’t have abs quite as good as you :), I am feeling pretty darn good about my body and my fitness level.

  30. Tina, you look as fit and fabulous as ever!! Thanks for providing such a healthy model for me to follow 🙂

  31. Jess says:

    I am constantly impressed by your ability to maintain such a healthy and balanced approach to life with everything you’ve got to juggle with in your life – two kids; a wonderful husband and marriage; a blossoming blogging career and a soon to be personal trainer. You are amazing!! I hope to be just like you one day, whenever I finally decide it’s mommy time over here 😉

    You look beautiful, strong, confident, HAPPY!

  32. SO inspirational– I have to say, this is something that really worries me when I think about life, post-pregnancy. I’m just worried that I’m going to be so consumed with our new baby that I won’t be able to carve out the time I’ll need to get anywhere close to looking the way I looked pre-baby…but then I see you and I see that it IS possible!!

  33. jobo says:

    You don’t need to overanalyze to maintain. I LOVE that realization and can’t wait to personally get there. And girl, you look radiant in that 9 mos pregnant picture too, absolutely gorgeous then and now. Congrats!!!

  34. You are looking trim, slim, faboosh and HAPPY! Love it girl! What an inspiration!

    Hmmm 9 months ago? Getting Lasik!

  35. Kara says:

    I hold onto a tan forever…which also means I hold onto tan lines forever too. The grass is always greener! 🙂

    • Tina says:

      I guess that it is a blessing in disguise. Especially since most of my tan would probably be in the form of t-shirt and sock tan lines from running. 😉

  36. Oh Tina- you are rocking it. You look great (tan or no tan). 🙂 I have the WORST farmer tan ever. With my workout clothes on I look tan, but in a bathing suit. Yikes! Not a pretty picture!

  37. You look amazing Tina! I tan pretty easily with olive skin but come Jan/Feb, I look like a washed out pasty mess. I’m already losing the summer “glow” and I miss it!

  38. Ashley says:

    I love that you do these posts. I had a misconception for a long time that once you had a baby, your body would never be what it was. But that is simply not true! You are a testament to what a consistent healthy lifestyle can accomplish.

    It takes me ages to develop a tan. And when I do, it’s really not much of one. My father and brothers all are redheads and I inherited the skin, but unfortunately not the hair. It doesn’t help that my bf is Native American and when I am at my darkest, I am still paler than his palest! Ah well, there is beauty in all shades.

  39. BEAUTIFUL and always!! And what a cute little reward you get – Braedon is a heartbreaker!

  40. You look great, Tina (but always do!) 🙂

    I love your progress updates – they’re real, informative and always helpful.

    I tan easily, but I also get pasty easily. Tis the season I guess! I just try and rock the paleness 😉

  41. Katherine says:

    Congrats Tina, you’re looking amazing!!! Truly an inspiration to all of us women.

  42. Heather says:

    you look great girl! way to go!
    I have been in need of buying more tanning lotion from bath and body works!

  43. Megan says:

    You look fantastic! I love women who look strong – such a great statement for younger girls! And as for the lack-of-tan – I have to laugh. Just this weekend I was shopping with my mom and while in the dressing room, I thought to myself, “You look so WHITE!” Clearly I need to start applying the sunless tanner too 🙂

  44. You look amazing!!!! Something my mom and I have been telling my sister over the last month is to not freak out about losing weight quickly after having Aubrey – it took her body nine months to bake that bun so it might take some time to get back to pre-baby clothes!

    9 months ago, I opened up my email at 6:00 AM with an email from you saying you had Braedon!

  45. One of my biggest fears is not only being pregnant, but getting back into shape afterwards. You truly are proof that if you really want it, you can make it happen! Not that my time for children is anywhere near (not even engaged yet!), but I love that you did the body after baby posts. Definitely an inspiration!

  46. You are looking fantastic Tina!! You look healthy and strong which is the way I strive to look! You should be really proud 🙂

  47. WOW you look awesome! you seriously amaze me! Your kids are seriously the cutest, what cute little chubby cheeks he has!:)

  48. Great job at maintaining all your hard work Tina!

    It’s not easy to do and you should be saying “look at me!” “look at me!” 😉

    Happy 9 months to Baby B! He’s cute as ever!

  49. Nine months ago, we were busy with our puppy since he was still very new to our family back then!

    I have olive skin and can hold a tan for a while once I get one. But since I became pregnant I haven’t been in the sun much and look like a scary ghost! I joke about what I’ll look like when I give birth (Feb) because I seriosuly don’t think I can get much paler than what I already am!

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