Meals On Repeat & Talking Shop

Posted: October 12, 2011 at 2:07 pm

After all the craziness of last week, I feel good that this week has gone relatively smoothly so far. Nothing too insane. Well, besides this morning’s workout. Ha! I still don’t know how I survived it. <--- There’s that exaggeration we talked about. Winking smile

Good thing I did survive, though. I had a stellar day today! Once I caught my breath this morning, I dropped Makenzie off at school and came home HANGRY and ready for some breakfast. I made myself shower first, then dug into another bowl of pumpkin oats. This time topped with Justin’s Maple Almond Butter that the lovely Janetha got me hooked on  last year.


For the record, I just bought three more cans of pumpkin. I will have pumpkin oats for breakfast for many days into the foreseeable future. Can’t stop. Won’t stop.

Count your lucky stars I’m not a food blogger. Things would get very old around here fast. Besides having another repeat breakfast of pumpkin oats, I also had a repeat lunch.


More English muffin pizzas!!! Best way to use up leftover crushed tomatoes. And you know Makenzie loves them. She told you so herself in her guest WIAW post!

Makenzie opted for apple slices again, but I was feeling a little spice. I went with half a cucumber sliced up and a couple large handfuls of baby carrots to dip in salsa. I adore salsa.


Both of those meals fueled me right through my prime work times and I knocked out a good bit of things I needed to get done. I hope this productive streak lasts!

After work time came play time. An afternoon play date with my friend Ann and her two kids – a friend for Makenzie and a friend for Braedon.


I love play dates and think it’s so important to connect with other moms. Not only does it give the kids social interaction, but it gives you the chance to “talk shop” with someone who understands. Who else would I turn to to discuss overnight potty training woes? Ann helped me feel better about giving up on trying to overnight train Makenzie. We gave it a shot, but it wasn’t worth the stress.

Don’t worry. We also have lives of our own too. We spent a lot of time chatting away about adult things…including her recent trip to Chicago to support her husband in the Chicago Marathon! It makes me want to run it. Mostly because I really, really want to go to Chicago. Maybe I should just book a trip and scratch that whole running 26.2 miles part? Either way, I loved hearing about her trip!

Thanks for the fun afternoon, Ann!


By this point dinner time quickly approached. We had planned on honoring another meat craving of Peter’s with meatloaf, but I forgot to get the ground beef out of the freezer. Oops! So I went with a baked sweet potato, more roasted green beans, and a Morningstar Farms garden veggie burger.


I stole an idea from Courtney and rubbed the sweet potato with a little bit of butter and some Garlic Gold from my Healthy Living Summit sample.


Ohhhh…what a good idea.


If I wasn’t such a cheapskate I would order some for myself in a heartbeat. But I am a cheapskate, so I just savored tonight’s dinner. Just like I plan to savor an early bed time. T minus 2 hours and counting. Later gators!

  • Where do you turn to “talk shop” about things like work, motherhood, etc? I would say Peter and good friends, including you all!
  • Do you ever forget key things for dinner prep like taking something out of the freezer or picking up something at the store?

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29 Comments to “Meals On Repeat & Talking Shop”
  1. Aw, that is so nice to have friends that have kids around the same age as yours! I usually talk shop with my classmates, boyfriend, and mom and dad! And I always seem to forget something when it comes to dinner prep haha…perhaps that’s my downfall in the kitchen 🙂

  2. You should come to Chicago – I know this really cool girl you could probably hang out with. I’ll introduce the two of you sometime.

  3. That’s Awesome the kids are the same age!

    And That sweet tater combo sounds amazing!:)

  4. It’s so cute to see little kids play together. I love visiting my stepson’s day care to see how the kids interact with each other.

    I always forget things for dinners and I hate running to the store to pick it up so dinner often turns into a “Top Chef” type challenge in using what we have.

  5. Yes! Plan a trip to Chicago! I’m a little biased though, I’m from there, but I love it so much. There’s really something for everyone there, unlike a lot of big cities.

  6. you should definitely run the chicago marathon! I live here in Chicago and got inspired! I’m going to see how my first half goes, and then I hope to sign up!

  7. Did you say CHICAGO?! Yes, come here please. I think I know a blogger or two who would host you here. 😉

    I also think the Chicago Marathon is the very best one. But that could be because it’s my hometown and I’ve run it three times. Who knows? 😉

  8. Yay Chicago Marathon! I was there this weekend working for my old internship. I’m definitely going to run Chicago some day (or at least, I definitely want to run Chicago some day). It’s a great course, nice and flat, AND it’s (usually) way cooler up here than it is in your neck of the woods. You’d be all set 🙂

  9. Playdates are the best!! The kids play, while the mom’s gossip!! 😉

  10. Lauren says:

    I always forget to prep ingredients. The other night, I wanted to make salmon but I completely forgot to thaw it. Salmon didn’t happen but luckily shrimp can be thawed out in a pinch.

  11. Rebecca says:

    Lovin’ the kiddo pics!! And great that you got some friend time, too!! 😀

  12. I joined a pre-natal yoga class a few months ago, and it has been really, really nice to “talk shop” with the other preggo ladies in there. I can see how it will be nice to continue that on once our babies are born– SO much to discuss, haha!

  13. Denise says:

    Your kids are so cute:)

  14. I hate when I forget things I need. To defrost or at the store! I always improvise, too. It’s just me so it’s never a big deal to throw some tuna on lettuce and call it dinner.

  15. I guess my sis is my go-to for talking anything and everything. sounds like a nice afternoon. I really can be a spaz in the kitchen. I forget things all the time.

  16. Justin’s maple almond butter is my jam! errr…almond butter 😛 Seriously the best. I just hate how $$ it is!

  17. If I ever need to vent, I usually go to my boyfriend, significant others tend to be great sounding boards!

  18. pumpkin butter would go great with that maple almond butter…with banana… just sayin’!! 🙂

  19. I LOVE english muffin pizzas!!

  20. I talk to The Boy, and my girlfriends when I want to talk shop.

    I actually stopped blogging so much food stuffs when i realized I repeated dishes A LOT.

  21. Khushboo says:

    Gah it annoys me when I forget to take something out the freezer but I wouldn’t mind with an alternative like that! Love the look of the sweet potato- kinda like garlic bread for the gluten-intolerant!

  22. Garlic Gold + butter on a sweet potato sounds (and looks) pretty awesome. My sample packet from HLS is still waiting to be used, and now I know for certain just how I will be using it. 😀

    When I want to “talk shop,” I usually turn to my best friend or my mom. They both know me inside and out, and they’re able to offer insight from two very different perspectives. I greatly value their words of wisdom!

    And yes, I almost always forget to take frozen items out of the freezer to thaw. And when I do remember, I often forget to use them!

  23. STUFT Mama says:

    Ha ha! I write about food alot and I pretty much have the same dinner every other night. Oops. Aren’t those Morningstar veggie burgers the best? Love them!
    I totally talk shop at my stroller fitness classes- best of two things!

  24. Tina says:

    I ususally talk to my friends that have children and can relate to what i’m going through, also my husband.

    I’m notorious for forgetting things that I need at the store lol. I was going to make grilled cheese and soup tonight for dinner and just realized that I’m out of bread…how do I forget that? I also ran out of milk last night and had just about enough this morning for my coffee!

  25. Isn’t that Garlic Gold on the sweet potato awesome?!? Oh my gosh, I want another one now! 🙂

  26. Mmm…yoiur eats look so delicious! I’ve got a couple of sachets of that justins maple almond butter, that I’m saving for a special occasion, becuase they sounds so yummy!
    I must make myself some english muffin pizzas, because i bought ezekiel muffins AND daiya back from the USA…this sounds perfect! 😛 Tomorrow…I’ve planned it. 😉 And don’t you worry. I often forget key things for meals, like taking stuff out the freezer, or buying a key ingredient. It’s easily done, especially when you have lots of other things whizzing around your brain!
    Oh man, sweet potato + butter = heavenly! <3 xyx

  27. janetha says:

    ha! totally forgot about sending you that! mmm.. so good.

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