Birthday For Her, Presents For Me

Posted: October 21, 2011 at 3:59 pm

I think I know an underlying cause for my emotional madness earlier this week. HORMONES! I had forgotten about those suckers and just how much they can affect a gal. Yikes! It’s madness, I tell you. Madness!

However, that realization doesn’t change me wanting a more mindful approach to how I spend my time. I’m still definitely cutting back on the extra posting and working out a schedule so I’m blogging-free on weekends, thanks to pre-writing and guest posters (let me know if you want to contribute!). So, thank you hormones for helping me sort things out for more balance…but you can pass by quickly too. Winking smile

Birthday For Her, Presents For Me

I let you all know that today is Makenzie’s 3rd birthday in my earlier post. That meant we had lots of special treatment in the FFF household for the little princess today. I didn’t mind too much. I actually scored quite a bit in the process of her birthday love.

First stop, school! Although not just any school day. I had to return shortly after dropping her off for a special birthday snack and celebration.


None other than “teddy bear” sugar cookies with PINK sprinkles. You have to try really hard to picture the teddy bear. I seemed to forget that the cookies spread when baking. Oh, well. The kids didn’t complain…and neither did I. Open-mouthed smile

After snack, I went ahead and brought Makenzie home for the day. Then, asked her what she wanted to do for fun for her birthday.


Of course she wants to play in the fabulous ball pit Auntie “Haha” gave her. Chaos ensues with reminders every 5 seconds to “play nicely with your brother”.

One of these days my sister will have kids and I will have the joy of sharing such gifts with her children. Until then, she leaves me with no other choice than to do this…


Mwahahahaha! Payback, sister! That right there was like birthday and Christmas rolled into one. Love you, Heather! Open-mouthed smile

When the ball situation (hehe) continued to spiral out of control, I suggested the library to Makenzie. That got her attention…but only if she could go in her princess pajamas. Sooooo…


We went. Let the kid enjoy the freedom to parade around in princess cozies before she reaches the age of eye rolls and scoffs. Not that that ever stops me. Ask the dude in the baking aisle during my emergency store run for cookie needs last night.

And just so you know, cookie needs go hand in hand with other needs. Which is why I got very excited to find THIS at the library…


Yessiree. I get to try the Shred for FREE. They have a bunch of other DVDs too!

And the goods don’t stop there. Look at what I found at the consignment store while picking up presents for Makenzie -


Another hiking pack for kids! We have one already and needed a second for Braedon to sit in to be able to do hikes as a family. I have looked for MONTHS! I happened to look down while getting puzzles for Makenzie…and there it was. For $32!!!! Score!

Told ya. It’s like happy birthday to me here today too. Although Makenzie certainly doesn’t mind.


Let the birthday fun continue!!! <--- aka let me finally haul my booty to the store to get stuff for the party tomorrow. Have a great rest of your Friday!

  • Did you do anything special for your birthday as a kid?
  • What’s the last great discovery you came across unexpectedly?

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24 Comments to “Birthday For Her, Presents For Me”
  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your sweet little princess!

    …and I really need to remember that karma will come back to haunt me when I choose such gifts for my sister’s/brother’s kids. 😉

  2. Sara says:

    Yay for good deals! Can’t wait to see how you enjoy The Shred! Your new blogging plan sounds awesome!

  3. Kelly says:

    Happy Birthday Makenzie!!!

  4. loving the sisterly love. lol!

  5. Haven’t tried shred, but I am in week 3 of Ripped in 30. I heard wk2 of shred, you have to do something like 50 push-ups… 😉

  6. Rebecca says:

    Sounds like a pretty good day so far!

    When I was little, until I was probably 6-ish (??), my parents would let me have several kids over for a party. Usually they were kids I went to Sunday school with, haha. But after that, they decided to limit it to one friend spending the night for my birthday. And then when I got to junior high, my three best friends and I combined birthday parties and did sleepovers for the four of us, because our birthdays are all within a month of each other. 🙂

  7. Maria says:

    Happy Birthday M and good luck with the party, Tina!

    I once got my cousins’ son a HUGE indoor play tent and occupied her dining room for three straight months. I’m still waiting for my payback 🙂

  8. Happy birthday to the birthday girl! M looks so adorable in her pajamas! I think I’d just want to scoop her up and give her a big cuddle (but not in a creepy way).

    My parents never really did anything special for our birthdays so that’s something I’m conscious of now with my stepson. I want him to have the best birthday’s ever. This year I made him a Lightning McQueen cake and last year a Thomas the Tank. He loved them and still talks about them. So sweet.

  9. My parents did fun things with us when we were growing up. My fondest memory is of the cake my mom made for my sixth birthday party. It was a hamburger cake and I loved it!

  10. Happy 3rd Birthday to your little girl! 3 is such a fun age 😀 And she just keeps looking cuter and more grown up in every picture you post.

    I still remember how much I loved birthdays as a kid 🙂 I could not sleep for at least a week beforehand in anticipation… Now I like to forget it’s my birthday because that just means I’m getting older 😉

  11. I’m taking that hormones = a good thing!

    Aaand I didn’t get to comment earlier because I was working, but give M a birthday hug and kiss for me!!

  12. Lauren says:

    Aw, happy birthday to your sweet little girl! 🙂 And I’m glad you figured out a schedule that works for you. Enjoy a blog-free relaxing weekend!

  13. Pretty sure all you need to do is hand a kid a cookie with sprinkles on it and they’ll be thrilled – bloated teddy bears and all! 😉 Happy birthday to your little girl 🙂

  14. Marie says:

    Happy birthday to your little princess! 😉

  15. Hilary says:

    Good luck on the party tomorrow! Growing up, my older sister was into doing magic tricks…and she would dress up in this old vest and do magic shows at my parties….I loved it! I got these great shoes I wasn’t even looking for at a Bass outlet in September…just brown flats but SO comfy and cute I’m in LOVE!

  16. Score on the hiking pack. SO much easier and saves money since it is a short life span item.

    I bought a jogging stoller on consignment because they are wicked expensive at the store.

  17. Oh, I hate hormones – but I guess that’s what makes us so great 🙂

    Happy birthday to your sweet girl!! A good friend had a baby this morning – it’s definitely a good day!

    And welcome to 3!! Let’s just say 4 is better. Ha ha.

    Good luck with the party tomorrow – I’m sure it will be fantastic!!

  18. Happy Birthday to Makenzie!
    For some reason, no matter how old I get I prance around town in my pajamas too! 😀 I don’t think the people in the superlarket have seen me in anything different…

  19. A ball pit and extra time in princess pajamas sounds like an excellent birthday to me. I hope you two keep having fun! 🙂

  20. I love consignment shops! We get most of Peanut’s toys there because they grow out of them so quickly!

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