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Posted: October 27, 2011 at 7:49 am

Morning, friends! I hope you’re having a good week so far! I want to start this morning with a quote I found yesterday that fits blogging so perfectly.

Friendship is that moment when one person says to another: “What! You too? I thought I was the only one.” ~ C.S. Lewis

Is that not the perfect quote for this fabulous community? Thanks for letting me be a part of it and for visiting me here at FFF. Big love! Red heart

I love coming here because I know you all will get my excitement over the following.

I got my “spice” back with two new strength training workouts this week!

Now, why can’t everyone get the cause for celebration in finding a new challenge in strength training? They’re missing out, don’t ya think? Winking smile 

What did I do to finally spice things back up? Since I like to save the best for last, I will talk about yesterday morning’s workout first.

Last Friday I discovered that my library has quite a few workout DVDs available for check-out. I scooped up Jillian Michaels’ The Shred and couldn’t wait to try it out!

Yesterday morning was finally the time to pop it in the DVD player and see how I fared against Jillian. Since each workout is 20 minutes in length, I decided to go through both Level 1 and Level 2 to get a bit more of a challenge.

Challenge, it was! At first, I thought it wasn’t too difficult…but by halfway through Level One I started feeling it. It progressed from there FAST! I was one hot mess by the end of my 40 minutes!!!

Looking a little something like this…

I think the many compound moves and those squat thrusts did me in. Whew!!!

As much as I loved The Shred (and can’t wait to give Level 3 a shot), I simply have to toot my own horn here a bit.

Monday morning I headed to the gym with a new circuit idea in mind. I had a feeling it either would either be a total flop or a total killer. If I’m talking about it…you know it was the latter. OH. Muh. Good-NESS!

I wanted something relatively quick (around 30 minutes), but with enough variety to switch things up from my regular weights routines. I went with the trusty circuit style, but instead of doing a few different circuits with 3 sets of each move, I went completely hodgepodge and did a different move each step along the way.

Let me explain a little better. I present you with the 5 x 5 circuit:


5 body parts x 5 moves per body part x 1 minute per move.

Basically, I crafted five DIFFERENT circuits. In each circuit, I picked a move for legs, chest, back, and shoulders, then finished with my fave move ever – the plank. I went through each circuit only ONCE, before going straight to the next one. I didn’t have a set number of reps for each move. I simply used the timer on my phone and completed each move for a full minute. Turns out – a minute is a long time in workout world!

Here’s a breakdown for you:

Told ya it was a good one! Be sure to let me know if you try it out! Or if you have any questions. Like “where should I keep my sweat towel???”. I think I may just have to do this again tomorrow!

  • Have you ever done The Shred?
  • What’s something other bloggers get your excitement over that friends and family do not?

PS – I’m not a certified trainer yet, so use this workout at your own discretion.

PPS – I can in fact do math, and know 5x5 is 25. The 30 minutes comes from the extra time added in for transitions/rest/etc. Winking smile

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63 Comments to “Something New”
  1. Khushboo says:

    Ohh totally bookmarking this workout- looks fab! I love that fellow bloggers genuinely feel excited by new food finds or unusual combos…if not my ‘real life’ family/friends, at least I can count on the blogosphere 🙂

  2. i love the shred…can’t really do a lot of it right now with all the jumping but it’s a great way to get some strength and cardio in 20 minutes and i love to pair it with a long walk or cycling for a challenge!

  3. Jess says:

    LOVE your strength routine – look at you ms. personal-trainer-in-training! I LOVE it!!! And not gonna lie, just a wee bit jealous. I will just have to live vicariously through you on this one. You’re going to be a great trainer!! 🙂

  4. Woah! Good for you girl! I haven’t done the Shred yet, I have been wanting to try it though 🙂

  5. I’ve never tried The Shred, but I’ve heard good things. I usually try to keep my aerobics low-impact, but sometimes you just need to go higher-impact to really get your sweat on!

    I love that my blog friends don’t judge me for waking up at 5 a.m. to workout M-F, and I love that other bloggies don’t say I eat “weird stuff” like my family says. Spaghetti squash isn’t crazy, Dad!

  6. Anna Marie says:

    I get excited over new work outs and trying new DVDs whereas some of my friends/family do not get as much excitement out of that. =P I am still healing from my injury but I am excited because it is causing me to venture from my usual workouts of pilates and yoga to try things like swimming, interval elliptical workouts and standing abs. So..bring it on!

    I am actually thinking of trying the Shred for the month of November since it is 30 days and so is the month of November!

  7. katie says:

    Yay for getting your spice back!

    I love how you put the option to print that awesome workout routine!

    Happy Thursday love! Hope B is feeling better ! xoxo <3

  8. the shred is a good workout! though all the jumping irritates my knees at times and perhaps my downstairs neighbors too. 🙂 most of my friends and all my extended family don’t get my running thing. i’ve been running for 14 years now…you’d think they’d be used to it!

  9. LOVE the Shred! It’s a present I give to new mom’s (not joking). Perfect for when you want to get back in shape and are short on time!!

  10. I’ve done the Shred before – Jillian rocks my world!

  11. Karin says:

    Wow, that is one intense workout! I will have to try it. I ordered ‘The Shred’ from netflix to give it a try. If I like it, it will be on my Christmas list. You did level one and two, back to back? I’m impressed. I heard it is hard. Have a good day.

  12. jobo says:

    Holy crap Tina, that is an insanely awesome circuit workout! You are going to be an amazing trainer. I hope one day to be able to take your class, wherever that may be 🙂

  13. I own Jillian’s 30 Day Shred DVD, and it is quite the booty kicker! It’s great when you don’t feel like planning your workout or you need a little motivation (from the TV).

    I love the looks of your circuit workout too! I’m going to try this tomorrow!

  14. Ooohh. Your circuits look fun! I wish I could go to the gym now and try it out instead of work!

  15. Emily says:

    I’ve never tried The Shred, but I loved your review! I might just have to invest.

  16. I love that DVD – it always challenges me and is great for a QUICK workout. If you want a 40+ minute one, try her “No More Trouble Zones” (way harder, less cardio) or “Boost Fat, Burn Metabolism” – mostly cardio. I LOVE fitness DVDs from the library! 🙂

  17. YES! I do think people are missing out if they do not strength train. 😉

  18. I have never done the Shred, but I did notice that my library has a lot of workout DVDs too. I am excited to check a couple of them out. I love the look of this circuit workout. I love BodyPump which uses the timed approach for lifting. But when I lift by myself I tend to use reps. I think doing timed weight lifting out of class is a brilliant idea! You will make a great trainer Tina!

  19. I LOVE the shred. You are hardcore for doing two levels – I only ever do one! It is INTENSE and I’m super inconsistent about strength training, so 20 mins is perfect! =)

  20. Have you tried No More Trouble Zones? Its NUTS!

  21. Wow! Great 5×5 workout, I can definitely see how it would give a great workout. I recently got a living social deal for boot camp, and our circuits have been killer! Definitely feeling the burn…

  22. Jenny says:

    I have had the Shred DVD for a long time and its a favorite! I actually like level 3 the best. You think it’s going to be relatively easy but it isn’t-even if you are used to hard core workouts.

  23. STUFT Mama says:

    Oh yes, The Shred is AWESOME! Love it! Can’t wait to see what you think of level 3.
    And you should TOTALLY Toot your own horn for that 5×5 workout. Holy smokes woman, that is a good one! I’m going to have to try it!

  24. I’ve seen that DVD and i’ve been dying to try it! Might be a nice change up from my normal classes, love your work out, can’t wait to give it a go 🙂

  25. That 5×5 workout sounds crazy, hard and did I mention crazy?! Can’t wait to try it!

  26. i have the shred dvd (i think i found it at target for ~$7 a while ago!) and i like it every now and then. i think i’d go crazy if i tried to do it every day for 30 days as suggested though. ugh…that is one thing i dislike about workout dvds – when you KNOW what the instructor is going to say before they say it.

    • Tina says:

      Yea. I have a TON of workout DVDs solely for the fact that I have to have variety. And I dont even do them every day. I could never do a full program all the way through having to repeat the same DVD all the time.

  27. I love the Shred! I graduated from level 1 and 2 but level 3 was a doosey so I joined the gym hahaha. Makes no sense, but I still do the DVD now and again, it never gets old.

  28. The only workout I’ve ever tried of hers was a yoga one. I kind of liked it b/c it moved faster than most yoga workouts. I just think the daily blogger inspiration is something family and friends don’t understand period.

  29. Kiah says:

    Good for you for trying new workouts! Since I’ve been training for a 1/2 I tend to get caught up in my weekly mileage and forget about lifting and abs. I have been really wanting to get back into strength training, so I can’t wait to try this–even if I’m a bit scared (full disclosure). 🙂

  30. Jean says:

    I own 30 Day shred, No More Trouble Zones, and Burn Fat Boost Metabolism and they are all awesome. I use them as my strength training 3x per week and they all work! I first tried them all from exercise tv and knew I loved them before purchasing. Your 5/circuit looks awesome, Tina. Will have to try it

  31. Cynthia says:

    LOVE that 5×5 circuit workout. I will have to try that.

    I absolutely love 30 day shred. I used to do it more regularly and I had actually progressed to Level 3. Now I only do it sporadically (when I need a change of pace) and I have to go back to levels 1 or 2. It really is an awesome workout. She works you pretty hard for thoe 20 minutes.

  32. Lisa Fine says:

    I love that quote – it’s so true. The blogging community has been an amazing support and resource for me since I got into it.

  33. Christelle says:

    I did the Shred! I didn’t follow the schedule for 30 days, I just do random workouts as cross-training…I have a few of her workout DVDs, they are all awesome! You should give the others a try too!

    • Tina says:

      Definitely planning on picking up the others of hers that my library has! And yea – I never do the full programs. I always just pick some for some variety in cross training. I have exercise ADD! 😉

  34. Love that quote! That’s probably the reason I started blogging, I couldn’t believe there were so many other people as interested in health and fitness as I was.
    I am dying to try the shred! I love your circuit workout too, I am definitely going to try it. Thanks Tina!

  35. That 5×5 circuit looks amazing! I love how each move is completely different.

    I have The Shred at home and love it. If you loved that one, you’ll really love Ripped in 30. It’s way more challenging and will murdify your muscles, in a good way.

  36. I love shred! I haven’t done it in months. I also love her Yoga Meltdown which I just did for the first time in months and it left me sooo sore the next day. I might actually break out 30 day shred today since it’s nasty outside and running is not happening.

  37. WHat the heck? Don’t you know that 5×5 is 25?!?

    Just joking.

    I have done the shred before and I like it! I havent done it in a while though! Once my knee feels better, I am doing this circuit! I already have it printed out.

  38. Amy says:

    Do you know where I could find an example of some of the moves above?

  39. I have tried the Shred and I love it! Jillian Michaels knows how to kick some serious bootayy
    And that circuit looks SO cool! I am definitely going to give it a try and I’ll let you know when I do!:)

  40. I like the shred a lot too! At first I thought it was going to be a total snoozefest but halfway through I really start sweating! I really hate all her commentary though lol. What size weights do you use? I am using 5 pounds and it feels great on some moves, not enough on certain others, and then a littttttle bit too heavy on others.

  41. Ela says:

    Wow, that sounds like a killer! Sounds like you’re on fire, not just spiced…

  42. This workout looks good! I might have to give it a whirl! And yes, I have done the Shred and I really like it. I’ve only attempted Level 1 though… 🙂

  43. You go girl… such a badass! 😉

  44. I’ve tried the Shred before (just the workouts never the whole challenge) and I thought it was a pretty good workout! Jillian had me sweating!
    And I lol’ed at your pps. I think I would be lucky to get this whole workout done in 30 minutes! You were movin’ girl!

  45. I have done the Shred! I like to do Level 3 and then 1, because after 3 I’m dead and I need all my initial energy for it! I often find myself yelling at her on the computer screen…

  46. Paula says:

    Awesome!!! There’s nothing like getting that fire back, you just feel like you can’t wait for your next workout.
    Your 5 x 5 looks great, nice balance!

  47. I totally thought this one going to be something different! I was doing 5×5 lifts for a while, a little while back. Except it was 5 reps and 5 sets of only 3 exercises per workout. Shane’s actually doing it now.
    This sounds fun for a change up! And I totally feel your excitement, girl 🙂

  48. Dang, A+ to you for doing circuits that involve minute-long moves. I cannot do those to save my life. I’m a much bigger fan of numbers…like 10 reps of whatever rather than one minutes of whatever. I can handle that much better haha.

    I’d have to say other bloggers get my excitement over…other bloggers. Haha. Like last week when Emily from Daily Garnish had her baby? Yeah, I tried to tell my roommates about it, and they were so confused as to why I would care. But I feel like other bloggers get that, you know?

  49. Tina, that’s fantastic! What a great fast paced and creative workout Will definitely give it a try sometime!

  50. I love The Shred! I prefer 1 and 3 though. I don’t know why. I think 2 is kind of boring. Looks like you had a great workout!

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