Moral Of The Story

Posted: October 31, 2011 at 6:52 am

Hey hey, my friends! Long time, no talk. Guess we all had some busy and fun weekends. Sounds good to me! Looking for some good reads from the weekend?

Let me fill you in on the rest now. After I left you on Saturday morning, Peter and I had a lot planned for the day. I showered up and packed up the kids for a long, fun day ahead. We had plans for one of our fall traditions!


We hit the road a little before lunch time and got about halfway to our destination before Makenzie had to potty. We stopped at a grocery store for a bathroom break and both felt the hunger strike. The store had a huge salad bar, so we made that work for lunch.


We made our pit stop as quick as possible to get back on our way to the North Georgia region. I love going there this time of year. Look how pretty!



After about an hour of driving, we made it to our first stop – the North Georgia Corn Maze! We normally visit a corn maze and pumpkin patch closer to home (the one we visited for Makenzie’s field trip), but discovered a Groupon deal and decided to check out this site instead.

There was hay bale jumping…


…and some silly fun…


…before finally settling in for the two main events. First up? A hay ride through the amazing scenery.



I loved this place’s hay ride. They really took you on a longer ride and you got to see a LOT more than at other ones we have visited. Family photo op!


Gotta love photos with kids! Ha!

Once the hay ride finished, we made our way through the corn maze

. IMGP2458-1IMGP2482-1

I much preferred other corn mazes. This one was small and not very well organized. I nearly killed myself tripping over the mass amounts of rogue corn all over the paths. That could just be me and my clumsy ways, though. No matter. We still had a GREAT time there.

Moral of the Story: A deal ALWAYS wins with us! And nothing compares to the free beauty of seeing this…


From there, we weren’t far off from another one of my favorite fall traditions.


Oktoberfest in Helen! Helen is a small “Alpine town” in North Georgia with a ton of cute shops, biergartens, tubing down the river (not in this cold!), horse drawn carriages, and other such fun.


After walking around the town and perusing a few shops – glassblowing is my favorite! – we stopped for an “afternoon snack”. In other words – a reason to get some beer in Helen.


We picked both the lighter and darker Oktoberfest seasonal brews to share. I’m an amber girl all the way. The light one didn’t do it for me in the least. But the darker Oktoberfest? Yes, please!

I also say “Yes, please!” to the following part of our Helen tradition.



A hunk of Peanut Butter Swirl fudge from Hansel & Gretel’s Candy Kitchen. I long for their fudge and we get some every year. It’s gone by now. Duh.

Moral of the Story: A salad bar lunch leaves plenty of room for beer and fudge later. Good thing. Very good thing.

And I can’t end the weekend without brining up a certain special part. Open-mouthed smile

The night ended on a very high note. Since we were out gallivanting around town all day, we had to record the Georgia-Florida game. We watched it later on Saturday night (while eating our fudge, no less) and were quite pleased with the outcome…

which I found out thanks to Twitter (I’m looking at you Brittany! haha!) before even starting to watch. It didn’t make Georgia’s victory any less sweeter, though!

Moral of the Story: Stay away from social media if you want to be surprised of the outcome of something. And Go Dawgs!

But perhaps the biggest moral story of them all – nothing beats a weekend unplugged and spending time with my family. Hope you had a good one too!


  • What would be the “moral of the story” for your weekend?
  • What is one of your favorite fall traditions?

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61 Comments to “Moral Of The Story”
  1. How fun! I love fall traditions like that. Glad you had a good weekend!

  2. Oh wow – those views are so pretty!

    The moral of the story of my weekend is they are never long enough 😉 regardless of how long they really are!

    And I am also a big sucker for the corn mazes and pumpkin patches that are so essential to fall. My favorite season by far and never lasts long enough!

  3. Family always wins 😀 Glad you had a great weekend!!

  4. Amy Lauren says:

    We watched that game too. Was really surprised Georgia won, Fla was really doing well when we watched. Not that my team had a pretty win this week, but anyway. I love how you guys have so much neat stuff close to you, it looks like you had fun at the corn maze and the Oktoberfest :).

  5. katie says:

    Happy Halloween!

    Hope you have a great halloween with the kids!

    It looked like you guys had a fun weekend! The fudge looks so great!

  6. Khushboo says:

    Fun weekend :)! “Moral of the story” for my weekend would be: don’t drink alcohol so fast and expect not to feel nauseous by the end of it!

  7. That fudge looks so good!

    Happy Halloween! Love the pics of you and your fam 🙂

  8. lindsay says:

    those are the memories a family will never forget. Fall traditions, the beauty of the coutnry side, hay rides, etc. I love it Tina. and I am all about those deals too!
    Moral of the story….don’t ever undersestimate how quickly time flys!

  9. Tina, it looks SO gorgeous! Wow what a beautiful day. It definitely looks like a fun family day for you guys. I look forward to those days when we have kids!

    One of my favorite fall traditions is carving pumpkins with friends and/or family and eating yummy festive treats!

  10. This post makes me sad that I’m not in PA to enjoy the beautiful fall in the country…NYC does not have much to offer in terms of foliage and corn mazes, sadly. I’m with you on the beers though- the darker, the better!!

  11. We did our annual fall trip to on Saturday too! We hit Amicolola Falls, but unfortunately got a late start and misse dout on Burts Pumpkin patch on the wayhome. No Helen this year, but we did it last year and it’s quite a unique place. Glad you guys had a nice dayout!

  12. GAH! it is SO BEAUTIFUL there! love all the colors 🙂

    my moral of the story is it’s best to not put things off til the last minute…even if it works out in the end i’m beat!

  13. Kelly says:

    Looks like a great family weekend!

  14. Lori Lynn says:

    Looks like it was a really fun day! I don’t really have a special tradition, but I do love the fall scenery, especially the colors of the trees.

  15. Awww! Looks like a great weekend! Yum that fudge looks great 🙂

  16. Tina says:

    What a great family day!

  17. Aw that looks like so much fun! And that fudge sounds fantastic :). My moral of the story this weekend- don’t go grocery shopping on a Saturday if you want to be overwhelmed by crowds haha.

  18. Lauren @ Forward is a Pace says:

    Looks like a wonderful weekend! We were so busy this weekend that I didn’t get a chance to carve my pumpkin, so it looks like my weekend will carry over to Monday, too.

    I love spending my weekends unplugged, I find myself just posting once on Saturday, if at all, and I love having that “off” day feeling!

    • Tina says:

      We have two pumpkins that never got carved. Oops! At least we can keep them out as fall decoration a bit longer. 😉

  19. what a fun fall tradition! my husband and i have gone to an apple orchard each of the 3 falls we’ve been married. guess that’s our tradition! oh, and buying halloween candy when we get no trick or treaters. yeah…. this year i didn’t buy any. we do have a little candy around that we can use in a pinch if we get some, but i’m not counting on it (famous last words).

  20. Mellissa says:

    I really want a fall filled weekend, I didn’t get a chance to do any apple picking or pumpkin carving this year. Sad! Too bad snow will be here before I know it.

  21. That looks like a great time. I’m a fan of hayrides and of Helen. The hubs says he’ll never go back to Helen since it’s so cheesy, but I think it’s a good time that’s just all in good fun.

    Happy Halloween!

  22. aww that looks like such an awesome day! my moral of the story from this weekend is that halloween at college is kind of overrated haha

  23. What a perfect fall and family filled weekend! Glad you had some time to unplug and enjooy yourself 🙂

  24. Going to Helen was always a family tradition growing up! I haven’t been in SO long though…is it still pretty touristy?

  25. Oh Helen, how I love thee! I’ve only attended Oktoberfest in Helen once, but we’re there every year around the 4th of July and this year we’ll be there for Thanksgiving. North GA is definitely a beautiful place!

  26. This looks like the perfect fall day!!!

  27. You’re weekend looked so perfect- I’m sorry I ruined it with my tweeting action, but with excitement like that, how could I keep it in??

    For realz, though- sorry for ruining such an awesome game for you… to top it off- I stole your football picture, too. 😉

  28. Looks like you had a great time! My moral of the weekend: Don’t start big assignments that are due Monday on Sunday. Oops.

  29. What a great weekend! The scenery is so beautiful 😀

  30. The moral to my weekend would be, 3 year olds TOTALLY cheat at shoots and ladders.

  31. Lisa says:

    Gorgeous fall colors! It looks like a really nice day with the family. 🙂

  32. Looks like a fantastic way to spend a day if you ask me. And the weather looked fantastic (or at least sunny).

  33. Awwww, what a fun weekend!! Growing up we always had sundays out like this or special traditions, I love it!!!

    I was just in Georgia!! I was in ATL for 5 days and have never been, it was fun!!

    I hope you have a very happy halloween!!


  34. Michelle says:

    Gorgeous pictures! Love making memories like that.

    And YAY! UGA 🙂 So glad our schools don’t play each other so we can just hate on the Gators together 🙂

    Can’t wait to meet you THIS WEEKEND!!!

  35. Mariel says:

    These are some beautiful pics!! 🙂

  36. Kara says:

    What a fun weekend trip! I loved taking my kid to the corn maze. 🙂 I hope you’re enjoying your taper week!

  37. Your photos are beautiful, Tina and it looks like such fun!

  38. Beautiful! I’m with you on the amber beer. Especially this time of year. Helen sounds so fun!

  39. I love Helen, it’s like a totally different world in North Georgia! Looks like you had a blast! 🙂

  40. Ok, that picture of baby B sticking his tongue out is ADORABLE! North Georgia is breathtaking! I love all the fall foliage!

  41. Paige @ RAN says:

    Sounds like such a fun trip. The trees are gorgeous.
    I love Mackenzie in the family photo op! hehe 🙂

  42. that place looks like a lot of fun! And I miss the south in the fall, I used to go up to the Asheville area when I was in college!

  43. The family pictures are so cute and love the one of B sticking his tongue out. He’s so adorable!
    I went unplugged this weekend too and it was awesome. I got to spend time with my husband, who’s been MIA because of work, and it was so great. Golf, lounging, movie watching, pumpkin carving. Ahhhh….

  44. Truly gorgeous scenery! Your family is really beautiful, Tina. I’m so happy you guys had great weather and scenery for this lovely outing. Salad, fudge and beer sound like a perfect weekend meal 🙂

  45. Helen says:

    I have been telling my husband for several years that we need to move to Helen, GA to live! You know because my name is Helen…hehe 🙂

    Such a fun time!

  46. Hilary says:

    Mmmmm…fudge. One of my “morals of the story” would be it’s good to take a day to treat yourself, eat French fries and cookie dough every so often, and fav fall tradition is definitely our amazing local fair every Thanksgiving weekend!

  47. I love your fall pictures! Just gorgeous.

  48. Looks like such a fun fall day! I go to a huge pumpkin festival every year, it’s such a good time! Nothing like fall festivals to get you in a festive mood.

  49. Ah, that is so fun. I love the pumpkin patch! Always a good time.
    Your photos are great, they have me feeling all festive 🙂

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