Ooh La La!

Posted: May 11, 2010 at 8:35 pm

Goooood evening friends! How are you today? I hope great. Once again, I thank you all for your congratulations. I love how they just keep coming in. It sounds like you all are almost as excited as I am. Many of you are even saying you want to hear more about the pregnancy. Don’t worry! I will be talking about it regularly because it will affect a lot of my life right now. I guess I should have worded my last post differently to say my blog won’t be all about pregnancy, but like it has always been plus some pregnancy talk mixed in on a regular basis. Sound good? Good!

Now that we have that all cleared up, let’s talk about my “ooh-la-la” day. It started off pretty typical. I woke up and had my morning devotion time, then got the babes and I ready for the gym. I hit up a Power + Kick class combo this morning which left me feeling good. I have to take advantage of energetic days because I know before too long the first trimester energy crash will hit and I will be about as useful as stiletto heels during a hike…aka instead of sinking into mud, I will be sinking into our couch.

After the gym, my daytime hours were spent loving on the M and “ooh-la-la”ing my lunch. I had leftovers from last night with a ton of mango on the side. I heart mango. Both pictures aren’t from my lunch, but reused from yesterday. My appetite was too driven to pause for pictures today.

IMGP3241 IMGP3205

Most of my day’s fun began around 5:00. My mom and sister arrived for us to spend the afternoon together. I think this was the best moment of the day. Makenzie was wearing the special shirt I made her and my sister’s reaction was priceless.


I wonder how long it will take Peter’s family and others to figure the shirt out when the time comes for us to share with them. That won’t be for a little while, but I really loved the shirt idea.

After my sister pierced my eardrums it was time to get to the real reason for their visit. Since my sister was busy being a pirate all weekend, we had to wait until tonight to treat my mom to her biggest present – a mani/pedi combo on us. Bonus? We both get one too. And seeing as I never get mani/pedis I was thrilled for some pampering.


Happy 2,354,795,827th Mother’s Day to me! At least that is what it feels like. Ooh-la-la, right?


After we got home from our couple hours of fun, it was time to eat! Something I have no problem doing. Tonight I decided to try something new. What was on the menu? Portabella burgers and Nutbutter Parsnip Fries from Angela.

For the Portabella burgers I just marinated them for about 10 minutes (no more) in a mixture of olive oil, worcestershire sauce, garlic, pepper, and steak seasoning. Then, the hubs grilled them for about 5-8 minutes per side while basting them with the remainder of the marinade.


For the Nutbutter Parsnip Fries I just followed the recipe Angela posted in the link above. I have never had parsnips before so this worried me a tiny bit, but they tasted delicious. Although they did burn a bit. Lesson learned for next time, because I WILL be making these again.

What a delicious meal! And it totally makes up for the lack of a portabella wrap I had last week.


  • How often do you get mani/pedis? Or what is a “luxury” that you do regularly for yourself? I WISH mine was massages. I would looooove to have a regular massage. If I had to say I have a luxury it would be getting new workout clothes when I know I don’t need more.
  • What is a food you recently tried that you have never eaten before? Or what is something you don’t think you could ever try? Something I don’t think I would ever try is sea urchin. They showed it on a Food Network show recently and it just did not look appetizing in the least. I didn’t even know you could eat it!

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24 Comments to “Ooh La La!”
  1. I love love love grilled portobellos. Yum. I never get manicures or pedicures…ever. I should really indulge once in a while. Love the surprise picture of your sister. that’s priceless!

  2. Hahah those pics of your sister are great!

  3. homecookedem says:

    Awww, I love the pic of your sister’s reaction! 🙂 So sweet!! 🙂

    My mom, sis, and I all got pedis on mother’s day together! 🙂 We had a great time talking with one another! And we all got flowers painted on our toes which was kind of fun since I never do that!

  4. That shirt thing is too cute!!

    I need to make a portabella burger, those things look AWESOME.

    Also, I’m with you on the massage, I think I have talked about getting one for about a year now. ha.

  5. katiivey says:

    Pretty pink nail polish!! I try to get pedicures about every 4-6 weeks…I’m not a huge mushroom fan but I’m glad yall liked the burgers 🙂

  6. i used to get mani/pedis every 2 weeks. Then i got preg and had a baby. And it’s been 3+ yrs since i got a professional one!

    Love yours!

    Congrats, again. So awesome!

  7. GREAT pic of your sister! I love it.

    Living in my hut in Africa is pretty much a life completely devoid of luxury. I know that´s why a lot of people join the Peace Corps, but it gets REALLY HARD sometimes. When I wake up on a cold morning wearing three sweatshirts and have to strip down to get in a freezing shower (no cold water here), when I have no electricity for days, when national cell phone and internet goes down for days… I really have to redefine “luxury.” For me my greatest luxury now is occasionally “treating” myself to hot chocolate at night–I have to ration it because its from America and I can´t get them here–just a cup of cocoa now feels like the nicest escape EVER!

    • Tina says:

      Wow, Courtney! You really put things in perspective of what luxuries really are. We certainly take things for granted with how blessed so many of us are in well developed nations. You are doing such a great thing with your work in Africa and around the world. Thank you for that. And thank you for sharing a view that we all need to be aware of.

  8. Aww I love the pic of the reaction!

  9. Kelly says:

    Those pictures of your sister are CLASSIC!!

  10. LOVE the picture of your sister! I can’t imagine how wonderful it felt to share that news. I think I cried each time my sisters have told me!

    I typically get 3 or 4 pedicures in the summertime – I HATE my feet! Well, feet in general….not just mine. 🙂 I only got one last year because I was trying to save money, but I might try and go a few times this summer. It’s SUCH a treat and feels amaaaaaaazing! I’m glad you treated yourselves and I LOVE the pink color.

  11. lisaou11 says:

    Love the picture of your sister! Such a fun idea to tell everyone :).

    I usually get a pedi once a month in the summer months, and then maybe once a winter. Not too often!

  12. Lindsay says:

    I missed your big announcement! Congrats Congrats! Such wonderful news!

  13. cardiopizza says:

    I never get manis or pedis, I just don’t enjoy that! weird, huh?

    I do love massages, and do not get them often enough..in fact, I can’t remember my last massage!

    I could never eat bugs…gross!!!!!!!!

  14. Lindsey says:

    I’m so sorry – I missed the big announcement post!! Congratuations!! I am so excited for you. I’d definitely like to hear about your pregnancy and how everything is going. My husband and I aren’t ready just yet, but I think within the next few years we might be, so it will be great to follow your on your journey.

    Congrats again!!

  15. I just realized you’re pregnant! Congrats! love the mani and pedi =) I am obsessed with portobello mushrooms, they are such a great meat alternative.

  16. Jennifer says:

    I love your sister’s reaction. That was the best idea for you to make that shirt for M. I’m still so happy for you! I’ve got that same polish color on my nails. 🙂 Oh and I got your vlog to finally load. You seem like the sweetest person. Maybe I can come visit you one day while you are at the beach.

  17. jqlee says:

    I love mani/pedi’s. I haven’t gotten them very regularly since I started college but pretty much every time I go back home to Chicago, I get them done 🙂 I don’t trust “college” places. Haha. And I looooove massages. I took my bf for his first massage ever – he was 26. How could you not have gotten a massage up to this point? Haha. He’s addicted now 🙂

    I don’t think I would every try some super cultural foods like in the Philippines, they have this salted duck egg called Balut and it’s like an almost developed egg but not quite and there are limbs and beaks developed and everything. I think it’s soooo gross.

  18. I LOVE to indulge in massages but I prefer a pedicure over a manicure! I think they last longer.

    I just tried a new food this past week: jicama. I blogged about it : http://thehealthyapron.com/2010/05/12/give-yourself-an-exotic-experience/
    and have a delicious recipe if you would like to try it! I was surprised at how much I liked it!!

    ps. your mani looks wonderful and I’m glad you got some well deserved pampering!! take care!

  19. inmytummy says:

    I don’t get manicures very often because I always seem to mess them up and they don’t last long. I do treat myself to a pedicure once every two months or so.

  20. I never get manis and pedis. I just don’t feel like the results last long enough for all the money I would spend on them. They surely do look much nicer than my do-it-at-home nails though!!!

    HAHa, I love your sis’s face!

  21. katie says:

    You 3 are beautiful! 🙂 I can sure tell that you are related!

  22. Alison says:

    Ohmyword! Where did you get those fabulous white sandals? Love them!

    • Tina says:

      A fancy place called Tar-jay. 😉 I think they were like $15 at Target and I got them only a couple weeks ago. PS – They are VERY comfortable.

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