Sister Sister

Posted: May 19, 2010 at 6:00 am

Yesterday was a pretty eventful day. I had my workout in the morning and learned that I can still practice listening to my body. Then, I cleaned and worked on my secret writing project during Makenzie’s nap. I’m excited for it, but please don’t build it up too much in your heads. Around lunchtime one of my friends came over with her son to visit. We get together about once a week and I love the girl time. We are continuously becoming closer which is really nice.The remainder of my day included getting blood drawn (results will be in sometime today) and then some fun surprises delivered by Peter.

First up were the two books I had on hold at the library. It may not seem important, but I have been waiting for these for months. I placed my request months before they were even released. Now that they are available, I can’t decide which I want to read first!

IMGP3781 IMGP3780

Another great surprise was a little gift package from Lisa. She sent me a thank you note for the books I sent her a couple weeks ago, as well as some Justin’s Chocolate PB and a couple sets of cards from her mom’s amazing business.


They are beautiful. I love writing messages to people and these will be a special way to do that. If you like sharing cards and notes too, check out her mom’s website. She does amazing work. As for the Justin’s…that will certainly be making an appearance in my morning bowl of oats. *licks lips*

Even with so many good things going on yesterday, the highlight was without a doubt hanging out with my sister. I adore getting to spend time with this fabulous chica every week. Last night was no different. We did feel like doing something different though. My sister suggested we go to dinner because it was already getting late and the planned meal would take an hour to prep and cook. So, we hit up a favorite Chinese restaurant instead. They have a weekday dinner special that includes soup, spring roll, rice, and an entree for a great price. I ordered hot & sour soup, brown rice, and the veggies & tofu entree.


Mmmm mmmm good! I’m looking forward to the other half for my lunch this afternoon.  I’m hoping this lunch comes with a side of good news too. We’ll just have to wait and see on that.

I admit I was the teensiest bit bummed to go out because I was excited to try out Janetha’s Garbanzo Bean Turkey Bake. I will just save it to try next week instead. Along with a few other new recipes I have my eye on.


The Deceptively Delicious cookbook was part of my library haul and I look forward to recreating some of those recipes. They all look great. Plus who wouldn’t love sneaking in some extra veggies? I will be sure to post whichever recipes I try.

  • Do you ever scratch dinner plans for an impromptu meal out? I will if it involves a good deal, makes more sense, and if it will be spent with quality company. All of those fit the bill last night so off to a restaurant we went. It was the right choice.
  • What is a cookbook you LOVE? I really want to find new cookbooks so I can grow my love for trying new recipes. I need some suggestions to start with though.

30 Comments to “Sister Sister”
  1. I love all of Emily Griffen’s books!! I just got that one and can’t wait to read!

  2. Sarah says:

    I can be easily persuaded to change dinner plans if good company and good food is involved!

  3. lessonstolearn says:

    I like Emily Griffin’s books a lot. They are light, fun reads. I’ll keep an eye out for that one.

    You’re so lucky to have a sister to share weekly dates with! I always wanted a sister. I’m glad you had a fun night out 🙂

  4. I am still pretty lazy when it comes to the kitchen despite my greatest efforts to become a legitimate cook, so it is usually pretty easy to convince me to head out to eat! The only time I get frustrated or reluctant is when I had planned to cook with food that is about to go bad (which for me is a very frequent occurance…) but still, company trumps everything and I usually love a meal out… those veggies will still be edible tomorrow : )

  5. I love impromptu meals out, but for some reason, I only like them on the weekends!

  6. Oh I am totally with you on getting excited to get a new book by a fave author. I’ve actually not read either of those authors. May need to check them out. I rarely scratch meal plans for going out. I probably should more often just as a way to let myself relax and go with the flow. But being vegetarian in the South has it’s issues as you can imagine. Often it’s so much yummier to eat in!

  7. Lindsay says:

    Sometimes it’s such a nice surprise to scratch dinner plans in favor of going out after a hard day!

  8. Mellissa says:

    I am looking forward to reading the new Sookie Stackhouse book, it is not on kindle yet. So I am waiting patiently.

    I think the cookbook I use the most is a Cooking Light Best of that I got at Sam’s Club for about $12!

  9. Sister time completely recharges me, too. I spent Sunday evening with mine (when I normally get the Sunday blues) and actually was in a GREAT mood on Monday because of it!

    I am getting better about impromptu invites out – like yesterday, my boss decided to take us all out to lunch. I had packed leftovers for myself, but I went and we had a great time – and the food was AWEsome. (And, um, free).

    Though it doesn’t feature any healthy recipes (that I can recall), my mom and sister LOVE Pioneer Woman’s cookbook. The photography itself is absolutely worth taking a look at!

  10. Lindsey says:

    Read the Emily Giffin book first! I want to know if you like it. I still haven’t read her last book “Love the One You’re With” but I read Something Borrowed, Something Blue, and Baby Proof and loved all three! Did you like her other books?

    • Tina says:

      Love the One You’re With was by far my favorite of hers! And I think I am going to read her book first. I have to finish one I’m currently reading first though. I don’t want to wati.

  11. katiivey says:

    I have contemplated reading some Emily Griffin…do you like her?! Obviously :> Praying for good news for you today! We don’t normally eat out during the week but like to on Friday and maybe Saturday nights!

  12. I love Clean Food magazines (not really a cookbook but a great subscription), ALL of the Cooks Illustrated cookbooks and the Southern Living ones for classics.

  13. Therese says:

    The hubs and I hardly EVER eat out. But I am definitely often persuaded to scrap what we have on hand, head to the grocery store, and cook up something fun!

  14. lisaou11 says:

    Is that the newest book in the True Blood Series? I’m lost on the order of these babies since there are so many!!

    I’m so glad you got the cards and the PB! Seriously, thatll make your oats darn delicious. so good! And I’m glad you like the cards–I love sending letters and I’m pretty lucky to have my moms cards at my disposal!

    I love me some egg drop soup! So good. and Funny you just put up the deceptively delicious book. I just sent that to melissa so she could try some of the recipes!

    • Tina says:

      I ended up having cereal this morning because I was in a rush…but I can’t wait for my oats tomorrow. And yep, its the newest book in the series. But blonde me realized I haven’t read the one before it yet so I might have to go back on the waiting list forever…or pay a ton of late fees. Booooo!!!!!!!

  15. I love the Skinny Chef Cookbook! IT’s soo neat.

  16. Heather says:

    aren’t sisters the best? 🙂 my favorite cookbook thus far is definitely the pioneer woman cookbook and the America’s Test Kitchen book…LOVE!

  17. cardiopizza says:

    Oh yeah, I’ve skipped out on my scheduled meal for a meal out with friends. I love being social and getting together, so i’ll pass up my meal any day to be with friends and family 🙂

    I love my Sandra Lee cookbook…I’m all about “semi homemade”!

  18. kbwood says:

    YOU ARE A WALKING LIGHT OF CHRIST!! just saying.. i look up to you so much! sisters are so great-we are called to walk in fellowship and love each other and lift each other up! what a blessing!

  19. I just got that Emily Giffin book this past Saturday and I can’t wait to read it! She’s amazing!

  20. rc1001 says:

    Every once in awhile I’ll scratch dinner plans and go out. But I try to cook as often as possible. But usually after a really long day, or after a really great day, we’ll go out instead.

  21. janetha says:

    i think jessica seinfeld’s book is so clever. i don’t often go out to eat on a whim, because i am such a bore, but sometimes i will! charlaine harris wins at life. i love her books.

  22. hayleycepeda says:

    I had no idea Emily Griffin came out with a new book – YAY!!! I definitely need to get that before we leave on our trip – her books are so much fun!

    I can attest that Janetha’s Garbanzo Bake is delicious! I plan on making it again in the future, and it’s super easy, too.

    We’ve definitely scratched meals at home for impromptu eat-outs! Sometimes I’ll make something for dinner and neither Chris nor I will feel like it and so we’ll go get something. Not always the wisest decision, but I’d rather eat something I truly want than force myself to eat something I don’t desire and then eat something on top of that because I wasn’t satisfied the first time.

    Honestly I don’t use a lot of cookbooks now…most recipes I use are taken from blogs and online websites!

  23. ellie says:

    Oh, YES to impromtu dinners out… I don’t do it enough but it’s always so much more fun to be spontaneous. Especially with good friends/family.

    I love the Moosewood cookbooks a lot…just wish they included photographs! Most of my recipes come from the internet nowadays.

  24. homecookedem says:

    Love how close you and your sister are!! My sister and I have really come a long way from when we were kids. We were so mean to one another!! But now we get along great and enjoy getting together.

    Your chinese meal you ordered has me DROOOOOLING!! I’m totally wanting it right now, haha! That looks just like something I would order. You have great taste, hehe! 😉

  25. Stacia says:

    Oh I read the Sookie book already. I am putting that Emily Giffin one on hold NOW!! I loved Sookie – but I have to say it wasn’t as excitement packed as some of the others in the series. I want to hear how you like that cookbook. I have it, and am embarrassed to say I’ve never used it.

  26. We scratched last night’s dinner plan for snacks – chips & salsa, a muffin, and trail mix. Not the healthiest decision, but sometimes it’s nice to just wing it!

  27. Mandy says:

    hope you love some of the deceptive recipes! i have found some yummy ones so far! just made chili last night with carrot puree in it 🙂

  28. Sometimes I will scratch dinner & choose something easy- like take out…typically on the weekends- I need a break sometimes 😉
    As for cookbooks, I honestly LOVE all of the recipes that I have found on my favorite blogs!! They are always my ‘go-to’ for new recipes 🙂

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