True friends

Posted: May 23, 2010 at 6:02 pm

How was everyone’s weekend? Ours was spent with some great friends. It was a fabulous time and just reminded me the signs of a true friendship. It also reminded me why the first trimester is typically the least enjoyable part of pregnancy, but I’ll reserve the glory of all those details for a future post…coming to your screens sometime this week. I would much rather recap the fun side of the weekend on a Sunday night.

We have to rewind back to Friday night. After Peter got home from work, we headed out to meet some of our best friends for dinner. This was the first time we’ve been able to go to dinner all together since the birth of their beautiful daughter 2 months ago. (Happy 2 month birthday C!) Things have been a bit of a rough start for them since C was born 6 weeks early, so now that things are a bit more stable they were excited to get out for awhile. I know the feeling! I was glad we got to be a part of it.

IMGP4010 (Large)

We went to the restaurant Olde Towne Tavern in a local area with shops, parks, grassy areas for play, water fountains, etc.

Olde-Towne-Tavern-_-Grille.jpg (440×267) IMGP4021 (Large)

We spent about two hours there talking, catching up, and enjoying the good food. Makenzie made new friends with a little boy at the next table over and C slept like an angel. It was a good dinner. And the food definitely helped it out. I ordered a baked crab cake sandwich with sweet potato fries and had a garlic roll from the table’s basket. It was as good as it sounds.

IMGP4000 (Large)IMGP4003 (Large)IMGP4005 (Large)IMGP4006 (Large)

Once we overstayed our welcome at the restaurant, we headed out into the night to go feed baby C and let Makenzie blow off some energy. She wanted in on a game of frisbee, but had to settle for being cute dancing around the grass.

IMGP4011 (Large)

The night didn’t end there. We had to top off the night by trying out some Rita’s frozen custard. I got the twist (chocolate & vanilla) with caramel sauce. Heaven.

IMGP4035 (Large)

It was really rich though. I couldn’t even finish it. But all in the name of intuitive eating. No reason to overstuff myself too much. It was time to say goodbye after that. I already can’t wait to spend time with them again.

Saturday night was spent in a similar fashion by hanging out with more of our close friends. We headed over to their house in the afternoon for the men to take the kiddos to the park while us ladies went to Costco to pick up some food for our trip to the cabin Memorial Day weekend.

IMGP4085 (Large)

We also picked up a pizza and some salad from Buckhead Pizza on our way back to the house. I had a small serving of salad and 1.5 of the super large slices. The pizza had spinach, mushrooms, onions, olives, pepperoni, and sausage on a whole wheat crust. It was goooood. Especially since carby, salty things sound amazing right now.

IMGP4093 IMGP4091

We had an enjoyable night in with great pizza, watching our girls play together, and then playing Taboo after they went to bed. Another perfect evening and we get to have more like it next weekend when we go out of town with them.

This entire weekend verified to me the thoughts I was having last weekend about friendships. As we get older and move into new phases in our lives it is normal for the friendships we used to count as our closest to change. My friend who is getting married is one of my oldest friends and I can't imagine not having her friendship. But I can’t deny that other friendships in my life fulfill me in ways hers can’t. Many of who I would consider my closest friends right now are friends I have much more in common with. Friends I go to church with, who also have children, or who share similar passions as me. I look forward to talking to and seeing these people on a regular basis. When I don’t see them for over a week I actively miss them. I can reach out to them, asking for prayers and knowing that they hurt for me the same way I ache for them when they are facing troubles. I feel so blessed for the numerous friendships I have already and the ones I know are going to grow by leaps and bounds (<---Emily!) I don’t plan on losing my old friendship, but I know I must accept the fact it is changing as we revolve in different circles and travel down different paths.

I have learned one important lesson through the many changing friendships I have had in life. The ones who count are the ones who stick with you for the long haul, through the easy and the hard. In that way, no one can compare to my friend “N”. I love her and will work hard to keep our friendship running deep like my others. You can never have too many true friendships, right? I sure hope not. I love being surrounded with friends…old and new.

  • What was the best part of your weekend?
  • Favorite pizza toppings?
  • What do you think is the most important factor in a solid friendship?


16 Comments to “True friends”
  1. Hey girl – glad you had a great weekend. Mine was fantastic. Spent most of it with my sister and eating pizza! Love Greek style pizzas or just loaded down with veggies. I am one to have fewer, but stronger, friendships rather than a bunch of not as strong friendships. One of my dearest friends I’ve known for 30 years.

  2. Sarah says:

    -The best part of my weekend? There were many good parts, but probably the BEST part was getting a little healthier in the head and then celebrating with my church family this morning.

    -I don’t tend to eat a lot of pizza, but one of the best I’ve had recently was a barbecued tofu pizza a family member made because he knows I don’t eat meat. It was soooo good (is that enough o’s?!).

    -Most important part in a solid friendship for me is someone who is able to very honest and doesn’t put me in a box- ie. loves me and allows me to be human, as well. I know that’s a somewhat general description….

  3. Shannon says:

    So true about friendships. It can be hard to drift away from certain people, but we are always drifting towards others.

    The most exciting thing for me this weekend was starting our baby registry! And we bought nursery furniture! Makes it all even more real 🙂

  4. Lindsay says:

    Yum Ritas. Totally tasty! I agree about friends…the real ones are there no matter what! I think honesty is a huge factor in building strong friendships…and chocolate! 🙂

  5. homecookedem says:

    Our friendship IS going to grow by leaps and bounds!! 🙂 So excited about seeing you sooooooon!! 🙂

    That dinner looks awesome!! Were you in Suwanee last night? I can’t believe how much it’s changed there. I actually drove right past there last night on the way back home from my parent’s house. I saw there were a lot of people there and I was thinking what a nice night it was to be out over there.

  6. Those sweet potato fries had my mouth watering…they are my one of my favorites!! 😀

    Friendships are funny, aren’t they? Things can change so quickly sometimes…last summer, I was a bridesmaid in a friend’s wedding, and now, we don’t even talk anymore…
    But I know who my true friends are, and I can’t imagine them going anywhere!!

    Oh, any my fave pizza toppings are all veggies – peppers, onions, broccoli, artichokes…pretty much any veggie except mushrooms! 😉

  7. caronae says:

    Glad you had so much needed friendship time this weekend! So did I. It made me realize how important and special and healing our time with others is. I treasure people who care for me and I care for them in return. Favorite pizza topping is wild mushroom and pepperoni.

  8. katie says:

    she is BEAUTIFUL!

    friendship is an amazing thing, isnt it? such a gift from the Lord. we NEED encouragement and fellowship with others.. we NEED to be held accountable! and we need to share life with people!!
    fav pizza topping-banana peppers, chicken and feta!

  9. I know what you mean. I have friends come and go out of my life but I have one friend that has remained a TRUE friend since we were 5. I love her so much and I can’t imagine not having her in my life. She is always supportive of me no matter what she thinks personally and never says “i told you so..” that’s a true friend.

  10. I totally agree about the friendship thing. Things change and people change and some of the oldest friendships you have may start to feel distant. It’s hard when that happens, but ultimately, you can’t force a friendship if you’re moving in different directions. And who knows, maybe you paths will realign again in the future.

  11. Sami says:

    The best part of my weekend was probably the fact that I got a message from my Dad who’ s in Nicaragua right now!! He sent it from his new facebook account last night and I just about jumped up and down 🙂

    My fave toppings are ham & pineapple! MMmmm or grilled veggies!

    The most important factor in a solid friendship is faith based, in my opinion. There’s a bond that forms between two Christians that is completely unbreakable! 🙂

  12. Jess says:

    I love this! And TOTALLY agree – friendships DO change with time, usually for the better, but sometimes for the worse in terms of seeing some of your friends’ true colors come out. Times change and that means friendships evolve, and some do not, and that’s ok too. I am all for friendships that don’t take “work” – those are the friendships that last and are the most meaningful, I think.

  13. janetha says:

    love reading your thoughts on friendship. it is crazy how things change over the years. i’ve been doing a lot of pondering about friendship myself.

    love you and photos of your lil lady!

    oh and those mac cookies from the previous post?! LOVELY!

  14. ellie says:

    I have thought about this a lot. I only have a couple close friends, both living 3000 miles away… Now that I live here, I see them once a year. We meet up and it’s like we were never apart. We can sit in silence and just ‘be’. We can laugh about random things or we can have deep and serious conversations- we can go weeks without talking (she had a baby six months ago) but I know that if I ever needed her, all I need to do is send her an email and she would be there. And she knows the same stands at my end. That’s friendship. She has never judged me or criticised me- she doesn’t always like the choices I make (nor do I like all of hers) but we respect each other. I think that’s the most important thing to me. Having someone who will be your friend no matter what.

    Favourite pizza topping? Spinach and ricotta is a classic for me. Though I also love grilled vegetables- peppers, onions, mushrooms, eggplant. Also a ham and pineapple fan!

  15. Nicole, RD says:

    Your thoughts on friendship reminds me of a conversation my best friend and I had recently about she and her college friends growing apart. I think that all of my friendships fill something that another friendship cannot, or does not as well. Glad your weekend with friends was so fun and fulfilling…everything looks delicious!

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