Posted: January 22, 2010 at 1:57 am

First off, yesterday's comments were interesting. It seems like most of us like to plan. I wonder if there is something in the personalities of people who blog that leans toward the organization and planning side? Or maybe we are just all super cool and like to stay on top of things. I like option dos! 😀 And speaking of blogging - check out this awesome giveaway at Be Fit. Be Full.

Today was a day of 'full'. I'm sitting here with a happy and full tummy after some deliciousness such as this...

shredded pork on sandwich thin & peas

I cooked 1/2 a pork tenderloin in the crockpot for 8 hours on low. 2/3 c low sodium beef broth, 1/3 c cider vinegar, 3T brown sugar, 1/3c ketchup, and 1/2 of a bbq pork seasoning packet chilled with the loin in the pot. Made some flavorful yumminess. And of course, you have to top it off with some extra BBQ sauce. 1 Tablespoon is plenty of flavor when you use the good stuff (aka Jack Daniels sauce). And as if that wasn't enough goodness, Peter brought this baby home from work for us to share for dessert.

oh white chocolate macadamia how I love thee

look how big!

My mind was also "full" today. My morning Bible reading really got me thinking. I've been asked previously what I am currently reading in my daily Bible time. Well, I am signed up for two plans that get emailed to me through the BiblePlan website. Seriously, how easy to get updates through email? Keeps me on top of things since I spend too much time on enjoy the computer. Recently, my plan has me reading a few chapters each day from the books Acts and Exodus. Today I really started pondering (picture me with my hand on my chin thinking hard - ha!). In Acts, Paul is constantly traveling to surrounding areas to proclaim the love of Christ to as many people as he can. Even though he knows he will be persecuted, stoned, imprisoned, and almost killed over and over and over again. Yikes! I couldn't handle that! But he endures. Hmm? Perhaps I shouldn't complain about oh, the doctor office taking flipping FOREVER today (M had her 15 month checkup and all is well :)). Perspective. Gotta have perspective. Because I don't want to end up like the Egyptians in Exodus who refused to trust and believe in God and ended up with rivers of blood, dead animals & family members, and tons and tons of bugs surrounding me. Eww. Faith = good. Trying to do things my own way & ignore God = not gonna work for me in the long run. Got it God! You spoke loud and clear to me today. Moving on now...

Lastly, I was "full" today with another awesome full body workout! I love love love full body workouts. They have so many benefits. What is a full body training split? It's where you work all of the large muscle groups in one workout. So instead of doing biceps & triceps one day, legs one day, and chest & back one day, you are able to get almost every muscle in one workout. Here are some benefits I have found with full body training:

  • Ability to work each muscle more than once per week without over-training. With a well set-up program you can work out legs, chest, back, etc 2-3 times per week. This can help you make progress quicker.
  • Greater calorie burn per workout. Think about it? When do you feel more beat? After some squats  or after doing some bicep curls? Full body workouts have you working out the larger muscle groups (legs, back, chest) throughout the workout, which will keep the calorie burn high. Also, with full body workouts it is easier to set up supersets and giant sets (exercises done back to back) which keeps you moving. Which = more burn than sitting around for a couple minutes between sets.
  • Never ending options for routines. When you are doing only 1-2 moves per body part in each workout, there are endless options and ways to mix and match routines. For example: You might still do the same 4 or 5 back moves throughout the week, but it can be split up differently each week with a full body plan instead of being the same moves every week on your back day.  Added bonus - when you mix things up in your routine regularly, your body doesn't adapt as much so you continue to see progress.
  • Less time in the gym. Full body workouts usually focus on larger, compound movements. Like bench presses and pull-ups versus overhead extensions and curls. When you do the big moves, there isn't a need to do as many of the smaller moves because those muscles are already worked in the big stuff. Like, you will work your triceps during a bench press and your biceps during a pull-up or row. And like the supersets I mentioned above. Those help cut down on time too, because you can hop from one exercise to the next. AND you only have to do weights 2-3 times per week.

Some things I keep in mind for a full body workout - don't overload and do too many exercises. Usually one exercise per body part is sufficient. Try to vary the exercises from workout to workout. Incorporate more compound moves and large muscle group exercises (back, legs, chest) and less accessory or isolation work (bis, tris, some machines).

These are some setups I have used for fullbody with each line being a superset and subbing in different moves:

Setup One




Setup Two



Isolation Legs (hamstring curls or leg extensions usually) / Chest OR Back (switch off each workout)

Shoulders/Bicep OR Tricep (switch off each workout)

Disclaimer: Even though I hope to one day be one, I am not a certified trainer. These are simply ideas and things I enjoy in my workout plans. Always do what works for you and consult a trainer or doctor to see if something is right for you and your goals. I simply enjoy sharing what works for me. With that being said, here was my specific workout I did today.

In this workout I incorporated a larger muscle group in each superset in order to keep my workout challenging. The exercises being grouped together helped my workout go quickly. I had an extra back move and a bicep exercise in this workout. In the next one it will be a chest and tricep to keep the balance. Once again, I am not a trainer and this is just a setup that works well for me.

So there was my full day. 🙂

  • Do you lift weights? What workout splits do you enjoy? Or do you prefer to just use gym classes for your weights?

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  1. Great blog!! I think it is so wonderful that you include all that you love here and in your posts 🙂



  2. Marcia says:

    I lift weights!!
    I love a quick full body split. I try to make it so I can vary it every few sessions to keep it fresh. I feel I get more out of full body circuits. I will throw in biceps and triceps every now and then just for fun!
    I do love to take classes at my gym, but I stick to spinning and kickboxing classes that I know do not incorporate any weights. If I happen to go to a class that uses weights I usually only stay for the cardio and duck out when the weight segment is started!
    Hey Tina! 🙂

    • Tina says:

      Yay look who it is! My crazy workout lady! I tend to throw in one bi or tri exercise per workout because I do like to work my arms. But it’s nice knowing I don’t need to do more than that. 🙂 And I’m the same with classes. If there are weights, I will leave! Luckily spinning is always a safe bet. LOL

  3. Vicky says:

    Hi Tina,
    long time no see … just found your new blog. I love it!

    M. is so cute!! Aiden just had his 15month-checkup as well. He had his last two shots and was so good about it. Only cried for 10 seconds on the second one. He’s 26 lbs already 26lbs of cuteness 😉 … can’t believe how big they’re getting.

    As for weight lifting, i swear by full body. It’s the only way to get it in for me, quick and effective!

    Vicky aka MommieQ

    • Tina says:

      I knew it was you! I’m glad you were able to catch me here. That’s so great that A is doing so well. M is still so so tiny. She is 12th %ile. Only 29.5 in tall and 20 lb 5 oz. Bitty girl. Glad to ‘see’ ya!

  4. Hi Tina, thanks for commenting on my blog! I love yours as well! I used to be really into cardio and I wouldn’t do anything else. Once I learned about weight lifting and understood it better, I incorporated it into my work-outs. I love lifting! It leaves me feeling strong, toned and tight.

    P.S. your baby is the cutest lil thing ever!! 🙂

  5. Theresa says:

    Hey Tina! I first followed a little bit of your journey to the stage on Oxygen forums, and am now seeing you commenting on some of the food blogs I love! Your O2 journal first caught my eye because I live in GA and am a huge Dawg fan =) Just wanted to say that I’ve enjoyed your posts!

  6. Lindsey says:

    I don’t do as much lifting as I should. I just started doing some arm exercises about 2 weeks ago – twice a week, but I need to do more.

    Thanks for the kind words yesterday and today. I’m very happy my dad is doing okay now. However, he did call me and mention he wants to have a hamburger for lunch. AHH!! We’ve got some serious work to do on his diet.

    Love your blog!

    • Tina says:

      I’m glad for you 🙂 And oh man. Sounds like my dad. One time he had a Wendy’s frosty to “coat his stomach” because it was bothering him. Then, when he went to the doctor to get checked out he found out he had diabetes. Hmmm….wonder why! LOL

  7. peanutbutterfingers says:

    oooh i’m making pulled pork next week after seeing this! yum-ay!

  8. janetha says:

    that is one epic cookie! i LOVE LOVE weight lifting! have a fantastic weekend, tina!

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