all natural products – crystal deodorant review

Posted: September 5, 2010 at 4:00 pm

Hi everybody! Keep those thoughts on today’s 30 Days of Self-Love post coming. I love reading them. I wasn’t expecting to write all that when I sat down for the post. It just poured out. I knew the topic, but didn’t quite know it would turn so personal for me. I hope you all know just how much this movement means to me and just how much I value each of you for your support and friendship. 🙂


I have a lighter and quicker post for this afternoon. Amber and Barbara, from the One2One Network and , sent me a tri-set of deodorants to try out and share with you. I received them at the end of last week and have used them since.


takes pride in their all natural deodorants and what they offer their consumers. Established in 1984, they are the original mineral salt deodorant. Mineral salts have many great qualities:

  • all natural
  • act as a buffer to prevent odor causing bacteria from growing on your skin for all-day, natural odor prevention
  • won’t stain clothes
  • no white residue
  • long lasting – one application will last through the day, including workouts

I know I typically think of all natural products as hard to find or too expensive. proved me wrong. You can find deodorant products nationwide in stores like CVS, Walgreens, and RiteAid. CVS currently offers a promo for the products, no coupons needed, for the entire month of September. Pick up an awesome deal now!

  • $1 off the Crystal® Body Deodorant Stick ( )
  • $0.50 off the the Crystal® Body Deodorant Roll-On (2009 Winner – All-Time Top 10 Classic Best of Beauty Award by Better Nutrition)  ()
  • $0.50 off the Crystal® essence Pomegranate Roll-On (2010 Winner – Best Natural Deodorant by Better Nutrition Magazine)  ()

Now, I’m sure you want to know what I think! These thoughts are my own, despite being provided for free by the company (disclaimer!). I received the three varieties of roll-ons: Fragrance Free, Pomegranate, and Lavender & White Tea.


Oh, the things you do as a blogger….LOL! It’s fun though. 🙂

I really liked the light smell of the scented varieties. They certainly worked on odor and kept me mostly dry (see below).  They are light and easy to use. I also love the lack of white residue that I have to be careful with when using my traditional stick deodorant. I really love that the product boasts so many wonderful things as well – endorsed by Cancer Treatment Centers, rated safest by (Skin Deep Environmental Working database), part of the Campaign for Safer Cosmetics, and not tested on animals.

I only faced one con. I didn’t feel quite as dry as I do when using my regular deodorant. I don’t know if it is simply due to not being used to a roll on deodorant that goes on a bit more moist than a stick…or if it is because the Crystal products don’t seem to be an antiperspirant. It wasn’t anything serious and I never felt sweaty when using it. I’m not sure if it would keep me dry for the entire day with an intense workout like it claims though.

There you have it! Have you ever considered using (or do you use) natural beauty products? What’s your favorite deodorant?

19 Comments to “all natural products – crystal deodorant review”
  1. I’ve thought about using natural beauty products but I haven’t made the switch yet. I have to wait until I use all my stuff I already have. It seems like a good idea though, especially since I have really sensitive skin anyway!

  2. Penny Lane says:

    I would love to use a natural deoderant and infact I did for a few months last summer. The problem I ran into though is living in a very hot climate (Southern California Desert) I was constantly wet and half way through work I would be a bit stinky. So I went back to an aluminum filled product:(.

  3. oh man, i hate the white streaks on me clothes. even when i’m not wearing deodorant, i swear, they still get on there!! lol… glad to hear this stuff is different 🙂

  4. I’ve tried natural deodorants before and I just sweat WAY too much. I have to use the super duper stuff – Certain Dri. Yep, that much of a sweater and probably TMI! LOL

  5. eatmovelove says:

    LOL at the picture!

    At least we know you really tested it out! 🙂

    Hmm…natural products are usually more expensive…that’s always my downfall unfortunately.

    It would be a lot cheaper to be with Matthew McConaghuay and not use any at all – au naturel – …or so he says…I mean really? he’s running on the beaches of Miami and sweating…there’s something going on there…

  6. I would love to focus on using more natural products and have started paying more attention to ingredients – not just in food but now in other products as well. I agree with Jen at eatmovelove above however – sometimes these products are priced out of my range.

  7. Thanks for the review! I’m always on the lookout for natural deoderants! The ingredients in commercial deoderants are very sketchy to me.

  8. girl just commented below your comment on heather/wheres beach blog and didnt read your comment til after i wrote mine, we both used the word discipline. and boundaries. i despise parents who do neither!

    deodorants i hate “wet” deodorants that dont dry.

    natural beauty, well am loving Unite brand hair products, vegan gluten free, free of junk, but not cheap!

  9. I’m all for natural products if you have sensetive skin or what not because they’re often much more mild..but I find they don’t work quite as well as the stuff with all the chemicals. I know it sounds bad, but it’s kind of true, ya know?

  10. Tina I love the action shot of you using the deoderant! Hilarious!

    I *need* antiperspirant though. I won’t go into detail, but I need it, trust me 🙂

  11. Sava says:

    I don’t actually have any natural beauty products but I plan on replacing the ones I have with natural ones one they are used up.

    This deodorant looks promising, though, I’ll have to check it out 🙂

  12. I do use natural deodorant. I either make my own (recipe on my blog) or I use the crystal spray. If I use traditional deo, I get painful lumps in my arm pits because the pores get clogged up from the aluminum in the deo. So, I am a natural girl.

    Probably tmi but I figured since you just showed yourself putting on deodorant that I could talk about it 😀

  13. homecookedem says:

    Great review! I am pretty OCD about my deodorant. I don’t think I could ever switch brands!! haha!! I love Mitchum. It’s not natural, but I don’t care… it works so good for me and I think I’d have a panic attack if I had to try anything else, haha! 😉

  14. This is a tough one. I’ve tried a few of Tom’s All Natural Deodorants, and I think I tried the crystal a long time ago, and they always leave me feeling sticky and not very fresh smelling.

    I have a few friends who can get away with using natural deodorant and they smell fine, but I got the “yuckmo” gene, and only the powerful Secret stuff will do the trick;)

  15. I have been using Toms 12 hour deodorant for a couple of weeks now. I love the scent (lemongrass) but it doesn’t keep me dry. Why is it that natural deodorants are just deodorants and not antiperspirants?

    • willow says:

      Because you are supposed to sweat! It is your bodies way of eliminating toxins. Aluminum is a deadly chemical and is what gives conventional deodorants anti-perpsirant qualities.

  16. I really like the idea of natural products, and have been trying to incorporate more of them into my beauty routines… but I have trouble thinking that a natural deodorant would really be able to stand up to the high Las Vegas heat!

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