good and bad

Posted: September 28, 2010 at 12:38 pm

Good: Waking up to a chill in the air, which you have awaited for months.
Bad: Having to drag yourself out of the cozy covers into said chilly air.

Good: You haven’t had any more charlie horse cramps in your legs.
Bad: You now drink over a gallon of water per day to prevent them, and therefore run to the bathroom every 30 minutes. Literally. I counted yesterday.


Good: Heading to spin for a great workout.
Bad: Sitting around all gross and sweaty because you can’t motivate yourself to shower just yet.

Good: How cute your little girl is and her power to melt your heart.
Bad: The fact she knows she is so cute and uses her power to push your buttons and see just how much she can get away with.


Good: Having loving family members who share gifts.
Bad: When the gifts take up more floor space than some of your furniture.


Good: Getting rid of the concrete feeling temporary crown in your mouth today.
Bad: The fact that includes a visit to the dentist today.

Good: How much I love blogging, reading your comments, responding to emails, etc.
Bad: The fact that blogging gives me an excuse to procrastinate on some cleaning. Although, even without blogging I would still find another way to put it off so it doesn’t really count, right? 😉


Good: Having leftovers for lunch.
Bad: It fuels the fire of my food rut. I guess its still good if they’re veggie filled though.


Good: Having the positive attitude to forget the bad and focus on the good.
Bad: What bad is there in that? Even though there are two sides to every coin, we always have the choice on which side we look at. That is always a good thing!

  • What good/bad have you experienced today?
  • CALL FOR READER’S REQUESTS! Let me know if you have something you would like me to post about. Either leave a comment or send an email. I would love to share what you might be looking for. 🙂

36 Comments to “good and bad”
  1. Shelley Tully says:

    Love it <3

  2. Whoa, that’s a big whale! Matt gave me a huge stuffed leopard our first year together and now it’s this larger than life pug toy.

    Good: Waking up with my dogs all snuggled around me
    Bad: Having to break my cuddle session up to get ready for work.

  3. Jamie says:

    I love it! 🙂
    I’m going to go with bad and then good tho. 😉

    Bad: I still have a headache (after 4 weeks) and just heard from my MS doctor that it’s probably from a medicine I’m on that really helps me.
    Good: I woke up! I can walk and I have sunshine in my soul today.

    Bad: It was dreary and rainy.
    Good: As I was on my way to work (& singing praise songs, hehe) the clouds broke and this amazing sunshine shone down. I’d like to think it was for me. 🙂

    Good, Good, Good: My motto for today is to “Be Bold”. Good things are happening because of it and I love it! I’m just very thankful today for our God who loves us and takes care of us.

  4. Kat says:

    How cute! Love this post 🙂
    hmmm lets see.
    Good: Got to sleep in today
    bad: because I had a doctors appt

    Good: it is overcast
    Bad: it’s still humid and 90 degrees out!!

    Not digging the heat over here!!

  5. Marg says:

    Look how cute she is!!

    Good: Found red beans and rice in the deli.

    Bad: Not that great for me to overeat them! Pants are tighter.

  6. I procrastinate so much because of blogging… Need to work on that 🙂

  7. Your daughter really is so precious.

    Good: Amazing breakfast

    Bad: Still have tummy issues 🙁

  8. Love this! 🙂

    Good: Finding the inspiration to clean and sanitize the entire office today.
    Bad: The inspiration came from the discovery of mice.

  9. Joanne says:

    Good: At work we had over 500 inquiries resulting from recent advertising.
    Bad: I had to respond to them all. 🙁 Excuse me while I go take care of this carpel tunnel syndrome.

    Love you Good / Bad write up. And your sweet little girl brought a smile to my face. When you see a little one with an adorable grin like that, you just have to smile and be happy.

  10. Lol, I pee all the time, too! When I’m at work I think my coworkers thing I’m sick or something. Nope, I just drink lots of water.

    Your daughter is soooo adorable.

  11. I would have to agree with you about getting out of bed in the morning. The warm bed made it so hard to get up into the chilly air. I still managed to make it to spin so it was worth it!

  12. Rachel says:

    Good: Taking the pressure off of my parents, being a responsible adult, and paying my own cell phone bill and health insurance.

    Bad: Having to change my lifestyle to afford all my bills.

  13. Good: Being able to run again
    Bad: Sore legs

    Good: Getting to spend time learning in a school today
    Bad: 6am wake up call, and feeling tired now and have to go to class

    Good: Rekindling my relationship with fellow bloggers, starting my own blog, and learning a lot about myself and others in the process
    Bad: Spending a lot more time in front of the computer

    Another fab post- have a good day Tina!

  14. Monet says:

    What a great post. Each day is filled with trials and joys. Your little girl is just precious, by the way. Bad: forgetting to put salt in my cupcakes Good: not giving up and making a delightful second batch!

  15. Good: working from home and having freedom
    Bad: Not having the discipline to structure my day to be productive 😛

    Good: Britney Spears episode of GLEE tonight!!
    Bad: How can there be any bad when the above statement is true?? 🙂

  16. Great post! I can relate to so many of those!!!!

  17. Good: It was the end of the peanut butter jar today = the hard, crunchy part which is my favorite.
    Bad: It wasn’t necessaily the end. I impulsively made it the end… 🙂

  18. homecookedem says:

    M is SO cute!! LOVE that picture of her!! 🙂

    Good: Andrew is a great cook and always brings me little treats home.

    Bad: I have my blood glucose test this Friday and Andrew’s treats are NOT helping prepare my blood sugar levels for this test!!!! 😉

  19. Meghan says:

    I am with you. Good-went to yoga Bad-still sitting here in sweaty yoga clothes.
    Also–are you reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo? I just started the third book–I could not put any of them down!

  20. She is so incredibly adorable and the fact that she knows it…makes her even more adorable!

    Love that Free Willy has taken ownership of your floor.

    Request: I’d love to hear more about the pros/cons of your competition diet and workouts.

  21. missy miller says:

    Well…can’t say I blame you for letting that little doll face get away with murder!

    One thing interesting that you may write about is hw you plan on raising your daughter in regards to food and body image.

    I often have a hard time juggling encouraging my niece to eat healthy without feeling I am ruining know? I want her to know there are healthy alternatives to pop tarts and donuts without leading her into thinking food is bad.


  22. LOL – I feel like I spend half of my day in the bathroom too b/c I try to drink tons of water. Some days I just feel like I should move my office to the restroom 😉 Love that you find more good than bad!

  23. Good: Had so much to do at work that the day flew.
    Bad: Had so much to do at work that I actually felt overwhelmed (which rarely happens!).

  24. I so agree with you about the “loving the cool air but hating getting out of bed in the AM!” That is me every morning!

  25. Lee says:

    M is very cute!

  26. Good: Cleaning today…all day
    Bad: Not finishing what I wanted to get done!

  27. maryann says:

    i like the blog…been checkin it out when i remember. i am currently taking a season off of my blogging. i see you are reading the Dragon Tattoo book…i walked around the pools at Vegas last week asking everyone reading it….”did you read Eat Pray Love?” (yes) “can you tell me why there are if-you-liked-this,you-will-like-this recommendations? they dont seem to be of a similar nature”
    6 out of 6 women agreed…they are really nothing alike and they arent sure why they are “linked” like that…but it seemed to be an enjoyable book for most of the 6. some were barely beginning.
    what is your take?

    • Tina says:

      Well, I have barely gotten into the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo yet…but from what I can tell they don’t seem too similar. I didn’t even realize people were grouping them together!

  28. Heather says:

    well, yesterday it was good that it was my birthday, bad that i found out my grandfather might pass away soon. let’s just say it was a rollercoaster!

    • Tina says:

      🙁 I am sending you a great big hug! And lots of prayer. I hate hearing that anything sad is going on right now in your life.

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