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Posted: October 22, 2010 at 7:00 pm

Up until my last half of college, I was always a goody goody two shoes. I never broke the rules, worked hard to get all As in school, and preferred to stay under the radar. Then college came around and I went a little crazy with partying and not caring too much about perfection. I had the mindset that I couldn’t achieve it, so why even bother being good at all?  I guess you could say now I have found a nice place to settle in the middle. I try to do things well, but don’t seek perfection, and just go about happily living my life and trying to spread love to others.

It’s always nice when the love comes back to you too though. I got two goody goodies delivered to me in the last 24 hours. First off, I received a batch of Lindsay’s mother’s special homemade chocolate chip cookies in the mail. As well as a cute Halloween card and some fun stickers for Makenzie.


Oh, sweet heavens. I will need to practice some serious self control around these babies. I have a weakness for chocolate chip cookies. Especially ones that have such a soft, chewy, almost dough-like consistency. Lindsay, let your mom know that these are perfect. Thank you so much!


Another goody goody arrived on my doorstep today. I’ve been “Boo”-ed!!! Our Mom’s Club has been doing a fun activity where each person goes to 2 other moms’ doors to ring the doorbell, drop a treat, and RUN! It is a secret little game to liven up the Halloween fun. I found this little friend on my doorstep.


Have I mentioned how much I love fall and all the little traditions that go with it? Oh, I have? Well, I just had to say it again. Now, I get to pass on the fun sometime this weekend or Monday. 😀

Well, time for me to log off so I can spend a goody goody of a night with my husband. We’re doing the usual Friday night routine of a pizza dinner on the couch with a movie or some DVR’d shows. I love Friday!

  • Were you more of a goody goody or wild child growing up?
  • What food is your weakness?
  • Don’t forget to ASK ME ANYTHING for the Q + A series in November!

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38 Comments to “goody goody”
  1. Cynthia says:

    I was a real goody-goody growing up. I think it’s the older child syndrome or something.

    I think my weakness is just about anything sweet. I have a major sweet tooth!

  2. Brooke says:

    total goody two shoes. was accused of making rules up just to have more to follow. i’m giving moderation a try right now…its not working so well for me. maybe i’ll grow into it.

  3. Oh that Boo game was ALWAYS the best part of Halloween! I love surprise treats!

    I am the most rebellious person in my immediate family–dropping out of high school, taking alternative jobs, moving to NY on a whim blahblahblah–but I’ve always stuck to my values.

    I have a rebellious, curious, stubborn personality, so I am surprised I turned out so straight-and-narrow. I can EASILY picture me as the EXACT opposite. Sometimes I wonder if drugs and partying and free lovin’ would be more fun!

  4. Warm bread just out of the oven is my definite all time weakness. I could eat 1/2 a loaf.

  5. allison says:

    I was a major goody goody:) Still am lol its so ingrained in my nature i cant be anything but good lol

  6. Kelly says:

    TOTAL goody goody…still am! I very rarely break the rules. What can I say…that’s just me. I think my food weaknesses is pecan pie during the holidays. Holy nuts…I can eat my weight in that stuff!

  7. I was such a goody-goody. It was pathetic. I sucked up to teachers and parents to no end. In fact, I’m still kind of like that, though of course, I’ve learned about loosening up and having fun 🙂

    I love the tradition of boo-ing your friends with treats!

  8. I was definitely a goodygoody growing up! But I think I have a better balance now:-) ice cream is definitely my weakness!

  9. I was definitely a huge rule follower growing up! I have to constantly be aware of my perfectionist tendencies these days – I think I’m getting better.

    I am totally with you on the cookies. Sweets are my biggest weakness, and those look SO good!

  10. Those cookies look fantastic!!

    I have ALWAYS been a rule follower. I get made fun of for it all the time because I am so by the book. High school of course was a different story. I went all out with the rebellion from grades 9-12. I guess I was better than most, but for me it was pretty bad.
    Now Im back to being my good old rule following self. 🙂

  11. Shannon says:

    I was such a goody goody! I still am!

    Our Friday nights are the same…pizza and the DVD. I love it!

  12. I was such a goody two shoes. Not because I was trying to be something I wasn’t, but I was the oldest of 4 girls and I had to grow up faster than I really wanted to in order to help my parents out. One of my sisters is the same way, but the other two are CRAZY! Have a great weekend Tina! Enjoy your trip with your friends!

  13. Courtney F says:

    I was a goody until I turned 21 in college and then like you, branched out a little, ok alot. I don’t have much of that girl in my life at all anywhere and I’m completely ok being a semi-goody now.

  14. I was a goody goody, but also a bit of a rebel. I think we all were though. Just silly things like lying to my parents to stay out past my curfew or dating boys they wouldn’t approve of. Nothing too major.
    We do pizza too, but last night we mixed it up and I made stuffed tomatoes. Yeah, I cooked a whole, big recipe. It was very unlazy of me 😉

  15. Lee says:

    I was kind of in the middle. I went through a bit of a partying phase which started in high school, but at the same time, I got good grades and stuff.

    I got “booed” at work yesterday. Now I have to boo two people and I don’t know what to get them. My booer gave me candy and doritios!

  16. I was a total goody goody until college. And I think it was just because the environment I was in was such a change and that I was so far away from my parents- I went nuts. I got my sh*! together, and wouldn’t change my experiences, but I don’t have near the energy to attempt to be anything like how I used to be. And that’s ok with me. 🙂

    • Tina says:

      When I went out for my friend’s bachelorette party earlier this summer we both wondered HOW did we used to go out 4-5 nights a week, each time staying out until 4 am and then get up by 9 for classes. HOW?!!! hahaha

      It was crazy….and fun though. Only some things I would change and those would be some actions with guys.

  17. Angela says:

    Yup, I was definitely a goody goody!! Never really broke any rules – well, no big rules anyway… 😉
    In terms of food weaknesses, I cannot turn down Werthers Originals! They’re just so so good!! If there is an open bag, I will empty it single-handedly!

  18. Aww, what a cute idea to be “boo-ed”! How fun!

    Chocolate will always be my weakness…always. It doesn’t matter if it’s paired with peanut butter or pretzel or nuts or popcorn. etc. If there is chocolate involved, I go weak HA! It’s amazing how this prep can teach you SO much about self control and discipline. Other than maybe 3-4 Chocolate Vitatops since August, I’ve not cheated once and I’m really looking forward to having a “fun” day after comp. You can bet it will involve chocolate:)

  19. Total goody goody! Cookies and chips are my weaknesses. I could eat an entire bag of cheetos in a single sitting.

  20. Lindsay is such a sweetheart, isn’t she? And I know how amazing those cookies are first hand. Gotta eat em cold 😉

  21. Allie Finch says:

    Fun — what a nice way to engage your community.

    I was definitely a goody goody through high school…then college hit & not so much. I would like to think I have found a nice balance now.

  22. Katy says:

    The “boo” game sound so fun and very cute! I may do that with some of my friends. 😉

    I am still in the process of “growing up” but I was goody goody through high school until last spring during my sophomore year of college. I started partying more to gain some friends and this continued until a month ago. I was partying every weekend and not being myself. My grades were still good so my parents never suspected anything, but I wasn’t proud of the person I was becoming.

    Exactly one month ago, I was at a party and I SUSPECT that someone slipped something into my drink. I don’t remember anything after a certain point. I remember waking up the next morning feeling horrible, but realizing that I need to make a DRASTIC change. So, I stopped going to the parties and minimize the time I associate with these “friends.” I am focusing on myself for the first time in my life. I am training for my half- marathon and going back to being the REAL me!

    Have I lost some friends because of my change for the better? Absolutely. I have a “friend” who is constantly calling me out in front of people saying that I am a fake, *insert some not so kind words here*, etc, but I am remaining true to myself. In the end, I know that when I look back on my college experience, I am going to be proud of the person I’ve become, and I can’t say that about some people I know.

    I apologize for the long comment!

    Love your blog and I am so glad that you found mine. I have added you to my blog roll! 🙂

    Have a wonderful day! 🙂

  23. I was such a goody goody when I was little! The food I can’t resist is ice cream. I just LOVE it!

    Those cookies look amazing BTW

  24. I honestly fall somewhere in the middle of being a goody goody and a “wild child.” I’ve had my fair share of crazy nights, but I’ve only done a few things that I truly regret (and, they weren’t even THAT bad). In the end, I’m always very *responsible* no matter what I’m doing!

    In a way, I’m glad I’ve been able to do some “bad” things because I’ve learned so much about life and myself. I think if I was a goody goody 100% of the time, I would feel like I was missing out and might end up rebelling to the opposite extreme. Does that make sense? 🙂

    • Tina says:

      Makes great sense. Especially since I think that is exactly what happened to me. I really did go from one extreme to the other.

  25. Leashieloo says:

    I was a major goody goody! I got wild for a brief period of time but just reverted back…currently, I try to find a balance between the two.

  26. Annie Crow says:

    Friday night pizza and movie on the couch with my sweetie is the way to go!

  27. Melissa says:

    I was definitely the goody goody of the group reminding the others that they could get in trouble. But rather think of myself as the goody goody, I prefer to think of it as being an independent leader who made thoughtful decisions rather than following the crowd.
    And my weakness is potato chips for sure. “Once you pop, you can’t stop.” That phrase suits my relationship with chips.

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  29. I was a goody two shoes but there was an assumption that I was a rebel. Figure that one out. I dressed like a skater and had pink hair, so my parents always assumed that I was the trouble-maker and never took their eyes off me. I think I had a total of 2 beers in HS, didn’t date, and got straight A’s. My brother? All-american jock. Got away with EVERYTHING. Still got the A’s, but was always out partying and was linked to lots of girls. And he may be a successful investment banker, but also has a FELONY. (long, funny story) Let that be a lessen to us all. Even parents judge their children by the book’s cover.

  30. lizzie says:

    Goody two-shoes for sure. And I love cookies . . . chocolate chip. Thick and chewy chocolate chip. Of course, I’d take a chewy double chocolate chip cookie over a plain chocolate chip any day of the week.

  31. I think I went the middle road between goody and wild child… and my biggest weakness is definitely cheese, especially brie and manchego which usually don’t last long in our home.

  32. Sara says:

    I’m with you on the soft, chewy cookies. Yum, yum. Brownies … and salsa con queso w/ tortilla chips. I think it’s been a whole week (or more) since I’ve had any! Go me!

  33. Susan says:

    Ummm… I was actually a total badass! When I was really young I was well behaved, but as soon as puberty hit I was sneaking out of the house, smoking, drinking, skipping class. I also played in several punk bands and dyed my hair every colour of the rainbow. For the most part I’m much better behaved these days. But I can still get a bad streak every now and then 😉

    Put a plate of chocolate chip cookies in front of me and they don’t stand a chance. The one food I just can’t say no to!!

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