glee, joy, and workout scheduling

Posted: October 29, 2010 at 11:05 am

Today is going to be a good day. A busy one, but a good day. Wait. I take that back. A great day! It’s my baby sister’s 21st birthday, so we have a lunch date to celebrate. Then, this afternoon, the mom’s club has a Halloween party for the kids to dress up and trick-or-treat at some local stores. Finally, I will top the night off with an Atlanta blogger meet-up. I can’t wait!

So, did anyone else watch this week’s Glee? I watched it last night after my Skype interview about my blog with Fit Moms Fit Kids Club (hi Annett!). I liked the costumes and music fine, but the storyline just felt really out of sync. I was kind of disappointed. It entertained me, so that’s all I care.


As you may have noticed from yesterday morning’s post, I have been feeling a bit busy. It hasn’t gotten to the point where I feel overwhelmed and unable to handle everything I juggle right now, but I know some things could use a bit of adjustment. Of course, I say that on one of my busiest days yet. 😉

No matter what, I really thought about ways I could make my schedule and responsibilities work for me a little better. Two things came to mind: my dedication to my time with God and my workout schedule. You all know how important the faith part of the equation is in my life and that it helps me live to my very best.

Lately I have felt almost in a rut. It happens for me too, you know! Not really in a rut in my beliefs, but in a rut with my practice of them. Prayer time, Bible-reading, etc have started to feel more routine and something to cram in, rather than relish as my “recharging” so to speak. So, I’m finding time to get back to the basics there. I love what our old pastor shared a long time ago about living each day with JOY – taking time to love Jesus, Others, and Yourself.

How simple to remember and doing that really does bring joy to a day! I already started on the right foot, even if that does entail needing to set an alarm. Oh, and I have to share this. Only because it literally made me laugh out loud while searching.

Okay, moving on to the workout talk now. My days are always pretty hectic and sometimes fitting in my workout in the morning hours, when our gym’s childcare is open, makes it even more crazy. I’ve been a mid-morning workout person since M was born, but lately have thought it might be best to switch it up and go in the afternoon once Peter gets home from work.


  • won’t have to pay for childcare anymore
  • easier to get to the gym when I don’t have to get myself and a toddler ready
  • more time during the day to accomplish necessary things
  • I planned on switching to that time after baby B’s birth anyways to keep him out of the daycare during flu time and not leave me lugging 2 kids every day to the gym, hoping they both cooperate long enough for my workout


  • having to go later in the day, which would still be by 5 pm and isn’t awful, just not what I’m used to right now
  • less time as a family when Peter gets home, although lately I’ve been flustered finishing other things after he gets home for an hour+ anyways
  • a slight feeling of guilt leaving him to take care of kids after a long day at work…go ahead and say it bec he already has – “that’s ridiculous!”

I plan to give it a try this upcoming week since I feel the pros outweigh the cons. Let’s hope it works well!

  • When is your ideal workout time? What factors help you determine when is best for you to get in regular workouts?
  • Do you have any little mottos you use to inspire your days?
  • Don’t forget to ASK ME ANYTHING for the November Q + A series!

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42 Comments to “glee, joy, and workout scheduling”
  1. Oh gosh I need that t-shirt, it’s awesome! Sometimes I have to remind myself when I’m stressed or really have a lot on my schedule that “slow is smooth, smooth is fast.” It helps me step back for a moment and just breathe. Also, a prayer always helps 🙂 God won’t let you down.

  2. If I could, I’d prefer to workout around 10-ish each day. But with work, that doesn’t happen. I used to be strictly afternoon (4pm on the dot) but now I am enjoying splitting it up and getting some exercise in at lunch then shorter workout after work so I don’t feel like I spent my entire evening working out.

  3. Angela says:

    Given the option, I’d work out at about 7:30 or 8am every day. In real life, it’s 5am because there is no way I could get ready for work in 15 mins! I’ve gotten used to it and it works well because I don’t like to feel rushed at all in the morning – I leave myself a good hour/ hour and a half for the gym, then come home and shower, get ready, eat a good breakfast, enjoy my coffee, and blog (of course!) before the day’s madness starts!

    • Tina says:

      I hate feeling rushed too and I think that’s a big thing that has left me frantic feeling lately. I always feel rushed trying to get M and myself ready…and have time to get other things done before we leave.

  4. My ideal workout time is in the morning. The later in the day, the harder it is for me to get up the motivation to go. Although my “morning” is probably late morning. 🙂

  5. Caitlin says:

    I love that shirt! And I definitely try to keep JOY in my thoughts and actions all the time. Lately I’ve been actually psyching myself up before I start my day (I strongly dislike my job) to have the most positive attitude possible and to remember that despite what I have to do to get through it, I only have one xx-xx-xxxx to be the best person I can be.

    Also, Glee just isn’t doing it for me this year, with the exception of the Britney episode.

  6. Jess says:

    I agree with your husband’s “that’s ridiculous” sentiment – you deserve some time to yourself and MAJOR kudos for wanting to use that “me” time for working out! You may end up finding that the afternoon is ideal for you after you adjust to it. I tend to be a morning workout person but, similar to what Heather said, if I could choose (aside from work!), I’d be an 8-am-er or around there, that way it would always be light out for outdoor workouts even in the fall/winter months. 🙂

  7. Astrid says:

    I love working out first thing in the morning. It is my favorite way to start the day. My workouts have gotten a lot less intense and doing yoga right in the morning puts my head in a great place for at least the rest of the morning, if not for the entire day!
    I have to admit that I listened to the episode of glee, but really didn’t watch it, except for the musical numbers. But that’s what I do with all the episodes. I watch it for the entertainment and music, not for the drama.

    • Tina says:

      I will miss having a workout to start out my day. That’s one of the biggest things that has me hesitant to switch it up. I guess we’ll see how it goes.

  8. Crazy as it may sound but the best time for me to workout is at 5 AM. I know, too early but otherwise I let life get in the way. I have tried to do it later but then the kids are either fighting, wanting me, a snack, the list goes on.

    I have found though if I get up early I am more productive during the day.

  9. “When is your ideal workout time? What factors help you determine when is best for you to get in regular workouts?” i go after work, usually from 5:30-6:30ish, because i can’t wake up early enough to go before work!!! i wish i were a morning person. i would not need coffee if i had the gym buzz going in the morning. i like being able to shower at home, though, and i wouldn’t be able to do that in the mornings. i usually gym it m, w, f and run on sundays and tuesdays or thursdays.
    “Do you have any little mottos you use to inspire your days?” whenever i am feeling stressed or overwhelmed, i remember a saying my mom taught me: take it 5 minutes at a time!

    • Tina says:

      I like that “5 mins at a time” idea. That’s a really good one.

      And yea…I couldn’t do super early either. I do still get up around 6 am every day, but I like having that time as quiet time.

  10. I am a mid-AM exerciser too….sometimes I have to go in the afternoon, depends on the schedule. That stinks your gym doesnt provide free childcare…mine does from 8am-noon…so thats a plus after the baby is born!

  11. My ideal workout time would be first thing in the morning! Getting a workout in then would just make the rest of the day seem like smooth sailing. However, energy wise, I am at my peak in the afternoon. I find myself mid afternoon at work wishing that I could go for a quick run. I currently work out in the early evening after work. It actually is great because it relieves all stress and it somehow just separates work/day time craziness from the rest of the evening. I find that I come home from my evening workout relaxed, ready to eat dinner, and in a really calm state of mind. It’s nice to end a day that way.

    Hmm, one of my daily inspiring motto is “Make it what you want!” I don’t know why but for some reason when I tell myself that I realize I really can make whatever I am doing into what I want it to be – if I put effort into my workout I’ll make it into a great workout, if I put hard work into my job I’ll feel more productive, etc. So why not make it into something positive and great!

  12. I love the motto you posted today. It is so true. I wish I could always remember what is really important but once I start getting busy I forget! My favorite time to workout is early morning. My sister has 3 kids and she goes at night when her husband gets home for the same reasons. Don’t feel guilt. Going to the gym is something you need and that is something that will help you to be even more of an amazing mom!!

  13. It’s really varied throughout my life depending on whatever my schedule is. It’s been anywhere from 10pm til almost midnight during law school, 5-7pm right after work right after I got out, 5:30-7 am before work more recently…and currently…nada. But energy wise? I’d love to go mid-morning. Too bad work gets in the way.

  14. You brought up such an important topic!

    Life can just swallow you up, spin you around and knock you right back to where you started sometimes, can’t it? I love your idea of getting back to basics, doing what brings you true joy, peace, and balance. Instead of doing, just because “we are supposed to” or doing something more out of habit and less because we thrive on the benefit it brings us. Not sure if that makes since…am rambling a bunch today! 🙂

    I workout in the am. I have the most energy then!!! And it sets my day off well.

  15. I really don’t know what is the ideal time for me to exercise. Right now, I need to exercise after work and before dinner, or my sleep suffers. I would have to get up at 5am to workout in the morning and that is not happening!

    Sometimes I wish I could go into work later, but I like being done at 4:30pm, so for now I’ll stick with what I have!

  16. Maura says:

    I try to have the motto of “In reality, it ain’t that bad.” When I’m having a bad day or feeling sorry for myself, I try to stop and recognize that in the big picture, my life is pretty fantastic. The death of that 20-year-old Notre Dame student was an instant where I stopped to think, “Count your blessings.” And I try to re-think what I complain about.

  17. Camille says:

    I definitely thought the storyline was a bit off this week but I still enjoyed it. I liked that they went a bit over the top and goofy!

  18. Anna says:

    I can relate to the way you are feeling with your Bible reading, prayer time, etc. When my schedule gets busy (as it did the last couple of weeks), my quiet time turns into going through the motions instead of feasting upon the word. I have seen the J.O.Y. acronym before and it is a great reminder of what our life is supposed to be centered around ^_^

  19. The more we start thinking about starting a family, the more I realize how much everything is going to change. Right now I workout in the morning or at night (depending on how I feel). I prefer to get it over with in the morning though, makes me feel more energized. I know things will be so much different though with a baby!

  20. Jen says:

    I’m a stay at home and I have 3 kids. That being said, my workout time is 4:30am. It’s the only time of day I can concentrate on ME.


  21. Sami says:

    I prefer morning workouts for sure, but sometimes it’s just not logical. After work is when practice is for me and the basketball team, so I don’t have much of a choice 🙂 ON weekends, I still have morning workouts, though!

  22. I loved that Glee episode, especially Kurt’s costume and make-up! I totally agree with you, that the story line was somehow “off”.
    I like working out first thing in the morning or in the morning. I love the feeling of being done with my workout and having the rest of the day not to think about it. Otherwise if I have to workout in the afternoon or evening, my mind is somewhat preoccupied with thinking about it all day!

  23. Mellissa says:

    I didn’t love Glee last night but that is because I am not a big Rocky Horror fan. But I give them points for creativity.

    As for the workout time- make it work for you and you shouldn’t have one ounce of guilt about having Peter be with the kids during that time. That is his job too! You both work during the day, even though your job is the kids it is an equal job at night.

  24. I am ONLY an early morning workout gal. I have worked out in the morning since I was about 17 and I just love how it begins my day. I hate going in the evening!

  25. Love your pros/cons and that you’re really thinking of it, and it’s impact on you and everyone in your family. So thoughtful! I love that you can try it, see how it goes, and then regroup and do what’s best. Good luck with your decision!

    Can’t wait to meet you tonight, btw!! 🙂

    P.S. ehh not a fan of this glee.

  26. or you could even do 2 days where you go in the AM and 3 where you go in the PM…would that work out?

    • Tina says:

      unfortunately we wouldn’t be able to do that with childcare. If paying for it, I would want to use it all the time and if I work out at night, we won’t keep paying it. Plus it will double in a couple months if we have it. Blech.

  27. Don’t feel guilty for spending a little time on making yourself stronger and more ready to do a good job as a mom!

    Am I the only one who didn’t like the Britney Glee ep? I have been a fan of Britney’s since I was in middle school and think that their singing did NOT do any justice to the voice she portrays. I find the Brittany character annoying as well.

  28. Love that you made a pros and cons list too! I went to the gym at 5:00 yesterday after work for the first time, and it went very well! 🙂

  29. Melodie says:

    I can get in a rut too with my quiet time, and feel rushed. After reading your post yesterday I thought a lot about my schedule and have decided to switch things up a bit. I don’t have anything set in stone yet, but I am working on it. I would love to get my strength training and Bible study done in the morning, but I may have to alternate days. I still get prayer time on my morning walks/ drive to work.

    I have to break out of the mindset that each day has to be exactly the same, you know? Kind of like Heather said above, some days in the Am and some in the PM. I have to realize that is ok to, it doesn’t have to be all OCD with me! lol

    It is so great that your husband will support you and be with your kiddoes so you can go work out in the afternoon. I hope this schedule works well for you!!!

  30. During the school year when I’m teaching I either workout at 5 am or at 4. Last year I used to wake up more in the mornings, but I seem to be more tired this year for whatever reason. When I’m on vacation I’m a mid morning work out-er too. I hope your new schedule works out and it will ease you into after you have your baby!

  31. My ideal time is actually first thing in the morning, but that doesn’t usually happen. Right now, I am exercising after the kids go to bed and after whatever shows I watch are over. Generally that time is 11 p.m. 😛

    • Tina says:

      Whew! I wouldn’t be able to motivate myself at that time. Just goes to show that we each have a time that works best for us personally. 🙂

  32. Shannon says:

    I used to workout early in the morning. But now, with the baby, it’s more midmorning. I definitely prefer the mornings because I can check it off my list early and shower only once. But as Noah gets bigger and his schedule changes, I may have to move things around. I recently got a treadmill and elliptical which I feel really lucky to have. That way, I can at least eliminate trekking to the gym, regardlessvof when I have to schedule the workout.

  33. Allie Finch says:

    You have a good husband who obviously loves you & realizes you need some “you time” too. Listen to him & appreciate him — let him be there. I know TOO MANY MEN who don’t help at all with the kiddos because they “work all day” & think taking care of kids all day is a breeze…[because they have never done it]. I also know a few women who are control freaks & won’t let their husbands help much. Let him be the wonderful father & husband he obviously is. Maybe on one of your “rest days”, he can have some “him time” doing something he enjoys.

    • Tina says:

      He really is so wonderful and I’m lucky to have him. I like the idea of him getting some “him time” on rest days.

  34. Sara says:

    I decided to eat a little snack before I leave work and when I get home, and then squeeze in a workout before dinner. I don’t NEED to start dinner as soon as I get home, that’s just usually what I do. But if my husband wants to join me, I’ll have to wait for him, so we’ll see how it goes. Nights I can’t do that (because of something else to do that evening) I plan to get up in the morning and do it, or work it in at night.

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