so much fun! & posting what i eat Q + A

Posted: November 4, 2010 at 7:10 pm

Braxton Hicks are so much fun!!! I have been experiencing them almost non-stop the past few days. Oh, the joy. Ironically enough, the only time I don’t feel them is when I work out. Or perhaps I simply experience a workout high and don’t notice them? Either way, it just reaffirms my desire to continue fitness, even at 7 months pregnant. And even when the man next to me in spin class tells me to please not go into labor right there. If it wouldn’t have disrupted class, I would have been highly tempted to fake contractions and freak him out. Now, that would have been fun!

Not as fun as this though….

It’s official!! I am registered! So, anyone going interested in rooming together? I will warn you that, with a 4 month old at home, breast pumping will be involved. As discreetly as possible of course. 😉 I’m extremely excited and know I will have so much fun. We’ll wait and see if BlogHer is in the cards as well. I hope so!

We had to be at church for a little while this afternoon to meet with some others attending a church retreat with us. I wasn’t sure how long we would be, so I planned for a dinner on the go. Normally I go for a sandwich from Subway, but a different sandwich appealed to me tonight.


I would also normally opt for the half sandwich and half salad option. Not tonight! Something about a full, hearty chicken salad sandwich from Atlanta Bread Co. sounded perfect. Perhaps because the last thing I had eaten was a bean, cheese, and rice whole wheat wrap/burrito with a honeycrisp apple about 6 hours earlier. Who cares on the reason?! It tasted delicious. Now, today’s Q + A!

Why do you not post everything you eat on your blog? Do you ever not post something because you feel embarrassed or guilty?

First off, I don’t post everything I eat because it simply is not my style. As my blog states, I believe life is more than diet and workouts. To coincide with that belief and fit my blogging style, I don’t post all my food. I would feel too tied down if I attempted to post all of my food. I LOVE reading blogs that share their daily eats and the ideas from them, but I don’t believe it suits Faith, Fitness, Fun.

Also, with my past, I don’t feel comfortable focusing that much on food. It works for some, but I fear I would lose my sense of eating intuitively. I could see myself feeling pressured to have interesting food or wondering if my food was “acceptable” in the blogging world. I eat a lot of repetitive meals and don’t have a passion for cooking like many other food bloggers. In other words, I would bore you all to tears if I blogged with more of a focus on food. I’m happy with how I eat and don’t want to take the chance of effecting that negatively.


With all of that said, I do not hide my food. I would do a play by play of my eats post without hesitation. And heck, right now I feel I post more of the meals I eat that aren’t the healthiest. I have no shame. I have a chicken salad sandwich on the blog tonight, some leftover Halloween candy on the blog yesterday, and a plethora of dinners out mentioned here. I even had an entire post dedicated to my “confession” of visiting a McDonald’s earlier in the pregnancy because I craved it and refused to feel embarrassed.



I do enjoy sharing meal ideas I feel worth mentioning or great new recipes I try. I also love sharing fun meals out as part of our weekend activities. In the future, I will likely have more to say about my food and will openly discuss my dietary choices when working to lose weight after pregnancy. Basically, I share food when it fits into topics I blog about. I will never share everything I eat, every post. I’m cool with that because that means I am being true to myself and my blog. 🙂 That is always a good thing, no embarrassment needed.

  • How do you handle posting food on your blog?
  • If you have something you wish to ask, CLICK HERE to do so anonymously. Or post a question in the comments.
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56 Comments to “so much fun! & posting what i eat Q + A”
  1. Braxton Hicks just sounds wonderful… hahaha! I hope you get some relief soon, even though I don’t know a thing about pregnancy!
    Love your answer to the question. I never/will never post all my food, even though I get asked to almost everyday. It’s just not my thing and I actually think it would be really boring for me to do. However, I do like reading other blogs that post about meals – it helps give me lunch and dinner ideas! But I have to admit, I don’t really see the point in someone posting a salad and saying, I ate that, BUT I only used half the dressing. Why not just say you ate a salad for lunch? Who needs to know about the dressing, and more importantly, who cares? I couldn’t handle posting about my meals!

    • Tina says:

      I’m with you on the salad thing. Although I’m sure I have probably done that before too. Likely out of habit from back on my O2 forum posting days. It seemed like you had to justify EVERY morsel of food over there. Ick.

  2. too funny that you posted this. I JUST got an email today from a reader asking why i dont eat dairy becauase its good for me and she was wondering why I avoided it….The funny thing is that I have dairy, lots of dairy I just had to explain that i NEVER post all of my food, not my syle either and will never be! To each his own, right??

    that sandich does sound so good right now! i have a sweet spot for creamy chunky chicken salad!

  3. Camille says:

    Oooh, when is Bloggin!? I would definitely be interested in going/rooming!

  4. I’d love to go to FitBloggin’, but I doubt I’ll have the cash. Too bad, because I’d love to have you as a roomie!

  5. YES!! I am so happy you are registered. I had a feeling this was imminent for you. 😉

    We could definitely room together. I haven’t looked into it yet, mainly out of laziness, but once I start getting myself together this could work out. 🙂

  6. I love that you go to spin class at 7 months – I hope to be like you someday 🙂 Congrats on registering! I’m not sure about FitBloggin’ for me – does a girl with a baking/running blog fit in there? I do love Maryland in the springtime though…

    For the record, I love your stance on your food blogging style. I love reading other blogs that chronicle a day’s eats, but I really love how you seamlessly weave your food into the rest of life’s happenings. 🙂

  7. “I eat a lot of repetitive meals and don’t have a passion for cooking like many other food bloggers. ”

    This is me too! I feel almost left out, because I don’t often get to cook like most food bloggers – I honestly don’t have enough time in the day. Sometimes I have a passion for it, but most of the time, I just make myself a smoothie and sandwich for dinner and call it a night. Who wants to see that night after night? Also, I’m not really a fan of seeing what everyone eats – it bores me, especially when its the same thing everyday.

    My favorite posts in this community are ones about everyday life and fitness. I think that’s definitely the direction my blog is taking.

  8. I don’t post everything I eat either. I also repeat my breakfasts and lunches daily and it would get so boring. I love hearing about different aspects of your life and your food, so what I’m saying is I love your blogging style! 🙂

  9. Natalie says:

    I think it would be so boring if I posted everything I ate because I eat the same thing so often! I suppose it would help me to get a little more creative with my meals…but it does feel like a LOT of pressure.

    How exciting that you registered for FitBloggin!

  10. Lee says:

    I mostly post food when it’s something that I’ve made from a recipe. I just feel like people really wouldn’t be interested in the boring stuff that I eat day to day. I tend to eat the same stuff over and over.

  11. Braxton Hicks for days? That sounds intense girl! That goodness for workouts! 🙂

    I love the style over here at FFF. While I love other blogs as well that focus on everyday meals, the beauty of the blog world is our ability to offer our own UNIQUE STYLE! It has to be you! And it seems that FFF is a true reflection of you.

    I love to chat about fav meals or new recipes but vary my post content constantly.

  12. Rebecca says:

    I don’t post everything I eat, normally because I forget and by the time I remember its nearly all gone and people probably don’t want to see a half eaten sandwich or dinner and sometimes I eat the same thing each day, so that would get quite boring, I mean sometimes I get bored and I am the one eating it 🙂

    • Tina says:

      Haha! I feel the same way. And I know I forget to break out my camera for a lot of ordinary meals. Probably another reason a lot of my meals posted are our weekly date night meals and new recipes.

  13. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Tina Reale, Tina Reale. Tina Reale said: This is going to be fun… Also, why I don't post all my food. #fitbl […]

  14. Love this post doll! I love hearing your little journeys 🙂

    Hmmm I used to post all my food as I thought that was the proper food bloggin way, but when you actually ask what your readers want {mine at least} want inspiration and stories! So I moved out of that…..

    Have a great night!

  15. Dorry says:

    I love your blogging style just the way it is and appreciate your honesty in this answer. I post food photos when I cook something new (I’m trying to get more comfortable in the kitchen) or when we have a fun meal at a restaurant. I, too, can’t focus THAT much on food to post all of my meals. And I, too, have many repeat meals that would get pretty boring.

    I’m so happy for you that you get to attend Fit Bloggin! I know you’ll have an incredible time.

  16. IF I can go, I want to be your roomie gosh darn it. IT HAS TO HAPPEN! by it, i mean us meeting. I want to squeeze and hug you tight~

    • Tina says:

      Yes, yes, yes! After all, we have been talking about trying to do a conference together next year for awhile. I hope it could maybe work…otherwise we will have our own party. 😀 We WILL meet in 2011!

  17. That chicken salad sandwich looks amazing. I like to post my main meals to give ideas to people but I do not post everything I eat because I don’t like putting that much focus on food either. Congrats on the decision to go to the conference. I would love love love to go!! That is so interesting that the Braxton Hicks are as bad when you exercise!! Have a great night!

  18. Such a refreshing approach. It’s all about balance, right?

    That would have been hysterical if you freaked that guy out. Next time, spill your water bottle and scream “MY WATER JUST BROKE!”

  19. Coco says:

    Hi! I just found your blog and I have spent the last hour going through some of your posts and your “about me” sections. I am loving your philosophy. I can relate to your story in many ways, although I am very different too. I am 22 years old and am in recovery from anorexia and bulimia, and it is so refreshing to read about someone who is living a healthy, full, wonderful life that doesn’t revolve around food! Bravo, and thanks for inspiring the rest of us 🙂

    • Tina says:

      Welcome! 🙂 And thanks for saying hello. I sure hope to continue to see you around. I really believe we can all inspire each other. We all have something to offer this world and ways to help others. Congrats on working through recovery. I’m sure you continue to get stronger each day. 🙂

  20. Shannon says:

    The same thing happened to me… The only time I was sure to not have or notice Braxton hicks contractions was when I was working out. Actually, most days that was the time when I felt the least pregnant. I plan to be active for baby #2 as well!

  21. Kristy says:

    Yay – you are going to fitbloggin! I hope I get to go to one soon! 🙂

  22. I love your philosophy on not sharing your daily food intake on the blog. I definitely agree, and practice the same idea on my own site. Everyone’s bodies and nutritional needs are way too different!

  23. People would be so bored by reading about what I eat everyday. I think we read enough about oats and salads and while I love them, unless it is knock your socks off good, then I will just post the other stuff.

  24. Yay on signing up! I don’t post all of my eats b/c I don’t proclaim to be a food blogger. Plus, I don’t have time to post my breakfast (which is the same almost every single day) or my lunch (again, the same) because I am working and eating these things at work. Do people really want to hear that I had oatmeal, a mid-morning snack, a huge salad, another snack, then finally dinner (which is at least not the same daily)? I doubt it.

  25. Courtney F says:

    Personally I think it is a hassle to take pictures of things I eat. Plus what I eat is boring! haha.

  26. I like the variety–that some people post all of their meals–some only post new recipes or new ideas. It’s a nice balance. I often forget to photograph food and sometimes my meals are boring. If I don’t have time, then I’m not much of a chef. I’m very much into cooking what’s on hand (“what’s going to go bad first? … now what can I do with that?”) And I grab fast food sometimes–because I’m not Ms. Moneybags and it’s convenient. Doesn’t make me feel that great, but I’m not “ashamed.” I just try not to do it often. Like tonight, we could go out to eat (my parents are out of town so no Friday night dinner) but I think I’ll make us dinner at home because I am more “controlled” that way and we’re going out to eat tomorrow for my uncle-in-law’s birthday. Whatever works!

  27. Angela says:

    I used to post a lot more food photos from daily eats than I do now, but this is mainly because I feel it’s only really necessary if my meal looks particularly delicious or if it’s something different to what I’ve posted before. As dull as it sounds, sometimes I just LIKE to eat the same thing for breakfast all week, but I think readers would get bored if I posted it all the time! Another reason I don’t feel the “What I Ate” blog style suits me is that there are always going to be critics- I’m sure it wouldn’t matter what I posted – someone would always question whether or not it was a good choice, whether I was eating enough/too much, etc. So long story short, I just try to post the most interesting/tasty bits!

    • Tina says:

      Such a good point. People will always have opinions, but what matters is what we each know works for us and our own bodies.

  28. I don’t post all of my food — only because I find it really boring for me to put together, and I think readers would be bored by that. I don’t eat very interesting foods! I do try to highlight a new recipe I tried or an interesting dish I put together — but as a whole I am not a breakfast, lunch, dinner blogger. Some people can pull that off — I can’t!

    I like how you do it too — you show food from parties, out to eat, (mcDonalds…heehee), etc and that is what I like. Just the special food please!

  29. I was so planning on going to Fit Bloggin…until I found out my big news. I am sue the end of April so I def can’t make it 🙁

    Next year!!

    I love that pic of you!!!

    I only take pics of my food if the lighting is right, I have my camera, and I feel I can “flow” it into my post 🙂

    Have a great day!

    • Oh…and I am not ashamed of showing if I splurge…I feel it’s inspiring to women to show you are “human” and liek you said, keeps you true to yourself!

    • Tina says:

      Yea, that wouldn’t really work too well. LOL I’m kind of nervous about having a 4 month old and still breastfeeding (hopefully). I just know the pump and lots of fenugreek (natural herb to stimulate production) will be coming with me.

  30. I feel the same way about posting all my food… I did it recently for a 10-Day Clean Eating Challenge and hated taking pictures of everything and writing about it. It’s just not me. I do like posting about food/recipes I think are pretty good though or if I’m proud of myself for making it 🙂 !

    I just went to the Atlanta Bread Co. for the first time when we were in SC recently. Never heard of it before then!

    I’m really considering FitBloggin’!! I’ll let you know if I sign up (most likely soon), and if you don’t already have a roomie I’d love to be yours! Congrats on signing up

  31. I definitely don’t post everything I eat, either! People would get so bored with me, I think! You can only see so many bowls of gosh darn oatmeal!

    Congrats on registering for Fit Bloggin’!!!

  32. Meg says:

    I would never post everything I eat – I agree, I would lose a sense of balance and definitely would worry way too much about the aesthetics of my food.

    Mmm I love Atlanda Bread – I used to prettymuch live off of their food because I worked there 😀 Good stuff!

    Happy Friday!

  33. I’m going to FitBloggin! I’m so excited as it will be my first blog conference. I cannot wait for May.

    I started my blog by posting everything I ate, but it was far too time consuming. I also realized I wanted my blog to be about more than just my daily eats. It’s developed into so much more and I’m proud of that.

    • Tina says:

      You should be! I love blogs that share many different things.

      And it will be my first conference too. I’m so excited already.

  34. As anyone who reads my blog can see, I rarely post meals. I pretty much eat the same things day in and day out on this bikini competition prep diet, so I think people would be bored out of their minds. I feel my blog is more about personal growth and empowerment and inspiration, rather than how many grams of chicken I ate or a new recipe I found. I do not like to cook…at all…so I’m all about convenience and usually whip up my meals in 10 minutes or less HA!

    Once competition is over (in 2 weeks…GULP!) I *may* post a few pics here and there of interesting eats and of my healthy “creations”, but just can’t see myself posting every morsel in my mouth. That is what FitDay is for- to log what I eat.

    BTW, I’m not knocking anyone’s blog who does post every meal. I’m just saying its not for me:)

  35. Katie H. says:

    Yay! How fun for you! I would love to attend but I believe my man will be coming home from Afghanistan right around that time so no dice for me 🙂

    I like your approach on food blogging. It is definitely not my style either, although I do enjoy reading some blogs that do it.

  36. I quit blogging everything I eat b/c it was triggering for me. So I stopped unless it’s something cool or different. 🙂

  37. I just wanted to say that I think it’s wonderful you have a healthy enough relationship with food to know what is right for you. Kudos! I am in total agreement–I would NEVER post all my food for fear of relapsing into unhealthy habits.

  38. lindsay says:

    oh how I miss atlanta bread co!! We need one here. I am with you on the posting food, not my style but I know some bloggers love doing it and I enjoy reading them. 🙂

  39. I do never post all my eats, mainly because I just don’t have time to photo them… and I’d rather show everyone my more exciting meals than my oatmeal with butter every day 😀

  40. […] So something Tina said on Faith, Fitness, Fun made me think about myblog.She’s doing a Q&A series and one of the questions yesterday was aboutwhy she doesn’t post all of her meals on her blog. You can read whyhere. […]

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