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Posted: November 13, 2010 at 5:21 pm

I had a great question from Katy at The Singing Runner about blogging. She asked:

I have a fitness/welness blog, but I am having difficulties in getting more people to read it. I blog more for myself but do you have any tips on how to get more people to read? Anything in particular I should write about?

I am not an expert blogger. I still feel I am learning and growing as much as the next person. I do love blogging, though, and believe that since starting Faith Fitness Fun I have learned some ways to make a blog more appealing to read. I recently shared some of these “tips” as a guest post for Lisa. I think they are a good start and have certainly helped me.

1. Include pictures. You don’t need to own a dSLR camera or have an overwhelming knowledge of photography. Pictures, no matter what their quality, make a blog more appealing to the eye. Just because they don’t look like Angela’s, doesn’t mean they aren’t worthy of posting. All of my pictures certainly don’t look as good as my favorite one I’ve taken…


2. Keep things brief and easy to read. Long-winded posts do not hold a reader’s attention very well. Proof read your posts to see if there are any areas you can shorten. You don’t have to cut yourself off from sharing all you intended, but be mindful of readers. You can also chop up longer posts by adding in pictures, bullet points and lists, bolded sections, etc where applicable. Always ask yourself if you would read that post if you found it in your reader.

3. Be open with topics. Blogging as a healthy living or food blogger does not limit what  you can share to your workouts and meals for the day. It’s your blog and you should never feel like you can’t share something valuable to you.

4. Have fun! Every post does not have to carry a serious or inspiring message. People enjoy the light-hearted posts just as much. Don’t pressure yourself to write something you don’t enjoy writing. It will show in your post.

5. Let people know a bit about you. We all feel comfortable sharing different levels of personal information. No matter what your privacy threshold, find some way to make your blog personal. I always like having a face to a blog.


6. Write what you know. If you can divulge an encyclopedia of fitness information then share with your readers. If exercise tips are not your forte, but cooking is, then dish out the recipes. If you have a way to put together inspiring posts, then let that be evident in your blog. Don’t follow trends or what others post. Write what you know.

7. Ignore stats. Those pesky numbers can affect your blogging negatively. When you get caught up in the numbers, you may post simply for the sake of posting. All that will do is stress you out and make blogging less fun.

8. Participate. Comment on other blogs to show you care about them as well. Reply to comments on your site so they get a sense of discourse and relationship from your blog. Showing that you are a genuine person makes you and your blog more appealing.

9. Have a message. People should be able to easily see what you hope to share through your blog. Whether it comes in a tag line, in your about page, a blog description page, or a regular theme among your posts you need something to distinguish you.

10. Make it appealing to you! Post in whatever manner works for you. Write in a way that feels true to yourself and “find your blogging voice”. Enjoy what you write. Blogging for many of us is a hobby. Don’t make it work. Don’t make it a pain when it doesn’t have to be. It can be whatever you make it!

  • What things have you learned since blogging?
  • What makes a blog more appealing to you?


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  1. I think these are all great suggestions! I think just being you is the best thing you can do. Be honest, but be mindful of what you are doing and saying. I am not an expert at anything, but I know what works for me, so i like sharing it. You never want to come across like your way is the only way, that will start the trail of negativity. I hope you are having a great weekend!

  2. Nicole @ Yuppie Yogini says:

    That pregnant pic of you is SO beautiful! I know you’re ready not to be in your old body, but know you are quite stunning with your pregnant belly!

  3. The best thing you can do to get more readers is tell people! Tell your friends, tell your family, tell people you meet at a workout class. If they check it out, they’ll probably tell someone else and word will spread. Give it time. And like was said above…don’t get caught up in the numbers!!! It’s easy to obsess over them, especially when you first start…but if you dedicate all the time you spend worrying about numbers to making your posts better and having fun, the readers will come.
    *This comment is based on faith. I’ve only been blogging for a few months and don’t have nearly as many readers as any of the blogs I read….but it’s a wonderful community to be a part of….and most of all it’s fun! And that’s all that matters. I strongly believe in everything I’ve said in my comment, and remember, “If you build it, they will come.”

  4. I think the most important thing is to be true to yourself as a blogger. Write about what you love!

  5. These are all great, Tina! For one who is never short on words, trying to “condense” my posts have been a bit challenging HAHA!

    I think one thing that makes a blog appealing to me is when the writing sounds “familiar” or personable as if a friend were talking to you. I type about as fast as I talk so when I write it really is as though I’m casually talking to my readers over coffee. It gives it more of a friendly feel:)

  6. Mon says:

    Hi Tina! Great insight and thoughts here into blogging. Thanks for sharing them.
    I am currently on a ‘blogging break’ to focus my energies elsewhere for a short while, but am still reading and visiting others blogs all the same!
    I think you have given great advice here. Another I would add would be to create a blog that is visually appealing and welcoming (something I hope to do with mine, when I return to blogging).
    The ‘look’ of a blog gives it a personality all of it’s own, I think, so I will definetely be concentrating on that when I return to the blogosphere.
    I also agree with your idea of sharing more of yourself so others get a real sense of who you are. Great tips!

  7. Love these tips! I think blogging for YOU is so important.

  8. Love these tips, Tina! Especially numbers 5 & 7 – following those has made blogging 100% more enjoyable for me! Now I am focused on building relationships and getting to know people instead of focusing on a number that means so little!

  9. Great tips! I’ll be sure to make use of them! 🙂

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  11. Camille says:

    For me, blogs definitely need photos to capture my attention. I love hearing about what people ate, but it’s no fun if I can’t see it!

  12. Katie says:

    As a newbie blogger, this post it awesome! Thank you so much for the advice! I love how helpful the health blogging community is! You embody that helpfulness completely!

  13. emily says:

    These are great tips! I totally agree with all of them!

    I am drawn to blogs by pictures and the message.
    I love when people are honest about themselves because its inspirational and motivating!

  14. Thanks for the tips! I agree that pictures really make a blog..I know I love picture-filled blogs, and I’m sure others do as well!

  15. Great tips! I definitely like connecting a face to a blog. Recently I’ve been meeting more bloggers in person and it’s been awesome 🙂 What makes a blog appealing to me is how relatable it is. It is inspiring to read about real lives. However I also prefer bloggers who obviously put more effort with pictures, grammatically correct sentences, and a distinguishable writing style. And I love bloggers who are not afraid to show their passion!

  16. What things have you learned since blogging?
    -Honestly, I don’t feel I have learned much of anything. I am learning that posting my failures is just as important as success. Since I changed my blog’s focus, it is constantly evolving.

    What makes a blog more appealing to you?
    -I think a lot of it is the realness of the blogger. No need to get all fancy, just be real.

  17. Definitely need pictures (for me at least). I’m a very visual person.

  18. Astrid says:

    I like it when I start caring about the blogger. I actually look forward to finding out how something went for them. I love that. So putting a face to your blog is a great idea. Something I need to do more of. More pictures of me and of my family. Also, I love blogs that share more than simply food and healthified recipes. I get it. Oatmeal is awesome. But there is more to anyone that the fact that they love oatmeal. At least I hope there is!

  19. Ah, I have been hoping for a post just like this! I just started up a blog myself and have really struggled finding out how to attract more readers. These tips are perfect and perfect timing! Thanks 🙂

  20. Great tips, Tina. I often get discouraged because my pictures aren’t as fabulous as some I see on other blogs, so it was nice to read you think subpar photos are still worth posting! 🙂

  21. These are some great tips! Thanks so much for sharing!

    I like blogs with pictures, especially if talking about food. I also enjoy reading blogs where the writer is *real* and they reveal a part of themself.

  22. Anna says:

    These are good tips. I love your blog! Good luck on the birth of your sweet little blessing!

  23. i think something that’s huge for me in reading other blogs is pictures of the actual blogger…i know that’s an area i could work on, but i love seeing the people i’m reading about. it makes me feel closer to them! 🙂

  24. Anna says:

    Thank you so much for posting these tips. I always enjoy seeing pictures when reading blogs 🙂

  25. Great tips, Tina!

    I also think (and I am going to go out on a limb here) that one needs to make the distinction…you’re blogging for readership or you’re blogging for yourself. Yes, you can have both. But if you truly are blogging to increase readership then posting about the nasty argument you had with your boyfriend, the same bowl of oatmeal you always post, the same way you worked out today vs. the other 17 days previous…that’s not gonna increase readership. It will make the blogger feel good to get that all off her chest, but readers probably wont care. Ok that was kinda harsh but it’s something I’ve learned in my time blogging 🙂

    Readers want pictures, excitement, and dare i say…juicy stuff! Not being afraid to be a lil edgy..that will increase readership.

    My .02 only, of course 🙂

    • Tina says:

      I 100% agree with your .02!! If you are looking for more readers, there has to be something more distinguishing overall about the blog. I think being genuine, sharing a personal passion, etc cover a lot of that to make a blog more unique and interesting. Plus, juicy is always good too. 😉

  26. Great tips! I totally agree about the “face behind the blog”. If a blog is super mysterious about who their author is, I pass. I would much rather read a long blog post about someone I feel I know and care about than a short and sweet blog post about someone who has trouble revealing who they are.

  27. I agree with everything you say here! I know that for me I am interested in the people behind the blogs. I want to hear about their triumps, struggles, day to day life, funny stories, etc!

  28. # 1 thing I’ve learned, which you’ve already mentioned here: DON’T WORRY ABOUT THE STATS!! I got caught in the mix of posting just to post and it was miserable. I’m much happier blogging about what comes naturally to me.

    Great tips all around 🙂

  29. Karen says:

    I agree with these but know I break several “rules.” I don’t have pictures for one. I have tried to include images but finally realized I was spending too much time looking for the perfect one so gave up. And my posts are probably all too long. What can I say – I am verbose. My favorite of these tips is the last one! Blogging is my happy place and I need to do what I can to keep it that way. For me, recently that meant cutting back on my posting schedule.

    • Tina says:

      And that last one is the BIGGEST one that matters. Plus, if you have something to share on a topic people care about, pictures aren’t the be all end all. And people will read longer posts if the topic sparks something in them.

  30. Thank you so much for answering my question and going into such great detail about it! I really can’t thank you enough for taking the time to make such a great post! 🙂

  31. Merinda says:

    Great tips. I’m just getting started with my own blog, so this is timely

  32. Although I wouldnt be able to articulate it as lovely as you did, I can say my list would be pretty similar to what you’ve discovered. I think finding a balance between sharing who you are and what you know without having to photograph it all (which would be impossible for anyone) is essential. Cuz just like us, we wanna know about someone on a personal level without having to get too personal ya know? You balance it so well and you share with us the ups and downs and all the life discoveries along the way. Clearly theres a reason we love your blog so much and also love who you are as well <3

  33. Ela says:

    What a great topic! I’m not a very visual person, and I’m embarrassed by the photo quality in my blog, but I know that most people are really visual, so I do make an effort with it.

    I think that keeping it real and considering the reader, will they find what you wrote interesting, is paramount. And being willing to participate in the community, read others’ blogs, etc, also helps it along (although I very much want non-bloggers to read my blog too!)


  34. GREAT post! (And much needed from a new blogger 🙂 )

    I’m enjoying the comments as well. Thanks to everyone for advice/insights.

  35. I agree that it’s really important to find your blog voice. When I first tried blogging, I was too concerned with fitting in to a certain mold of healthy living blogs. Now I’ve found what works for me, and I think as a result of being a more honest blogger, I’ve gotten more readers. I also take lots of pics 🙂

  36. Dorry says:

    I love your list! I agree with all of it and love what you said about ignoring stats…because just a few days ago I read a post on another blog about the massive importance of following your stats. Seems overboard to me but I know everyone blogs for different reasons.

    I never apologize for my blog or my topics and I think that is because I don’t categorize my blog as a “food blog”, etc. My posts vary from day to day and they always will. But I’ve noticed (and stopped reading blogs) who apologize for bad pictures, for not posting, for not posting about food or running or whatever. I’m attracted to blogs that are varied and imperfect.

  37. Great tips! I especially like th ehave your own voice tip. It can be easy to tend to mock someone else, but it only reflects poorly upon the blog! We all have to make it our own 🙂

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  39. Such a cute pregnant picture. You look so happy. Thank you for the advice, I’m pretty new to blogging and love all the help I can get. I want to crawl into that yummy picture above, too.

  40. Great tips! I agree with all of these and tend to like ones where people share information about their personal life, work, workouts, opinions, etc. I don’t read alot of the bigger blogs since I find them a little colder and I really don’t feel like I can get to know them. Alot of the blogs I read I feel like I know the person and that we would be friends with in real life!

  41. Nicole says:

    What’s funny is that I’ve had my blog for almost 2 years and I feel like I rarely have new readers. It sucks because I can’t be as consistent as I was when I first started writing (I was laid off!) but I’ve gotten so much more confident in my blog and it’s still kind of just “there.” It’s cool though because I enjoy the blog community. Great post and great suggestions!!

    PS your post about your competition days–INTENSE!! A lot of will power girl. You looked amazing but if you didn’t FEEL well then I say it was nice while it lasted right?

  42. Kristy says:

    PARTICIPTION – that is the memo I missed my first 3-5 months of blogging. Reading is good but commenting is best!

  43. Thanks for this post/info! Being a newbie to the blog world this is extremely helpful 🙂

  44. Thanks for the tips! As a new blogger myself, this is helpful!

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