HUGE Thanks & Fun Fact Friday Already?!

Posted: February 26, 2010 at 4:25 pm

I have to start off by saying THANK YOU for your votes and support of Makenzie! The results are in. She came in 2nd, after the lying cheater. But, what matters is we voted with dignity and we will still receive a complimentary photo session. I will be sure to show the pictures after we do the session. It will be sometime soon, since it's for Easter, so stay tuned. 😀

I cannot believe it is already Friday! Time is just a flying by!!! Today's Fun Fact Friday will be a bit different. I received this award from Lindsey at Eat, Read, Run and I figured it went perfectly with my Fun Fact Friday posts. Thanks for this fun Lindsey!!! 😀

As part of the award, I am to come up with six outrageous lies and one truth. Same concept as my Fun Fact Fridays, but you have 7 things to pick one truth from. Oh, so evil!! I'll keep them a bit more basic for this one. So here we go! Which of the following is the TRUTH?

  1. I used to think Steven Tyler (from Aerosmith) was sexy.
  2. The show Friends annoys me to no end.
  3. I have perfect eyesight thanks to Lasik.
  4. I have a huge fear of swimming in oceans and will not go in one if I can avoid it.
  5. I hate speeding and always try to go the speed limit.
  6. Fried chicken is my favorite guilty pleasure food.
  7. I studied abroad in Spain for 5 months.

I pass this on to everyone because I think its so fun to play the truth game...and would love to learn some crazy facts about you all. So play along if you feel like! 😀

The remainder of the post, I am borrowing an idea and post from Jen at the blog Eat Move Love. It seems fun and just a bunch of random questions that I think show a good bit of someone's personality. So I'm in for it! We can just consider today's post a get to know more craziness about me...and maybe in turn I'll learn some things about you too.


1) Walked out of a movie in the theatre? -

No. I pay the dang $10 to see a movie, I am going to watch it. Even if I am suffering madly through it. Which doesn't happen often because we only go to the theatres for things we really want to see. The only time I almost walked out of a movie was when we saw the movie The Box with Cameron Diaz in it (the only thing playing that fit our schedule). It was AWFUL and the only reason I stayed was because I had nowhere else to go. We went during the 6 hours downtime on my competition day, so it was between watching the movie or sitting in a parking lot. I will stop books early if I don't love them and end movies we rent early, though.

2) Spontaneously bought/watched a movie that was out years ago…but brings up “sentimental” feelings?

Only one time I can think of. Once again, I'm too cheap to buy things I don't really need. BUT I did buy a DVD of the 1980s movie The Labrynth with David Bowie and Jennifer Connely. He was the goblin king and stole her baby brother. Does anyone remember this movie? My sister and I loved it growing up and we have so so many jokes tied to that movie because we will still watch it for fun. When I actually found that at a store, I was buying it in no time. LOL

3) Had a major celebrity/athlete/singing crush “back in the day”? (think of having a poster up, or maybe something similar to mySPEED/Keanu obsession !)

I've never had huge crushes on celebrities. I will think some are hot, but not enough to have a poster or dream about them. Although, the character Vince on the old teeny bopper show What I Like About You with Amanda Bynes did catch my attention in college. I would watch that show just for him.

4) Called in “sick”/made an excuse to work or cancelled an appointment/meeting/get-together with friends, co-workers, etc. (but you weren’t actually?!)…

Those usually were the only sick days I took! Now, being a mommy I can't call in sick. Boo!!!

5) Just come home from work – when you should be going to the gym/doing some activity/being productive…and instead plopped on your butt with FOOD and a book/TV, a bath, some music….and just completely VEG OUT and become a LAZY BUTT…but not give 2 damns’??

Oh yea. I would say at least once a week I have a lazy butt day! And I savor every moment!

6) Had a HORRIBLE hair-cut that made you want to cry or hide out for, well, a year until it grew out?

Yes. I can't think of it specifically right now, but I know I have hated my haircuts many times. Basically, I just hate my hair. It is too fine to do anything with!

7) Had your Heart broken? How did you deal with it?

Remember the 7 year on again off again dude? That whole relationship was about breaking each other's hearts! How did I deal with it? I met Peter and realized that the craziness that made up our relationship was not good. And then got to laugh when the ex called me a week before my wedding telling me a bunch of crap about how we were supposed to be together....then eloped with some random chick while I was on my honeymoon! That helped me get over anything of our past real fast!! LOL Just hilarity!!!

8.  Wanted to look like or BE another celebrity?

Nope. I love me. I wouldn't mind having the personal chefs and disposable income of a celebrity though. 😉

Feel free to answer these questions for yourself. Or add another Have You Ever! Speaking of questions...I have two more to get to from the Ask Me Anything box. I'll do that one day soon. Add more if you like 😀

Another Giveaway to check out - Morgan at Live Love Eat and Play and Adrien at Confessions of A Health Nut. Don't forget to enter my giveaway! Ends tonight!!!

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No Comments to “HUGE Thanks & Fun Fact Friday Already?!”
  1. Lindsey says:

    I think the truth is that you lived in Spain 🙂

  2. I really hope it’s not the one about Friends, because think it would be impossible to not like that show! Great post girl, I was laughing!

  3. LindsayRuns says:

    I know! Friday already! How crazy that feels.

    Hope the ocean one isn’t true! That is likely, but I sure hope not 🙂

    I think it’s the chicken!

    Love all your random facts, I’ll play along sometime soon!

  4. Wow your truths/lies are HARD!!! I’d guess the Friends one is true.

    Congrats to your daughter for 2nd, not too shabby! And free pictures?! Hey, why not?

    LOVE your random facts!! And the story about your ex.. hilarious. Honestly..

  5. Yeah for 2nd place (the honest way)!!

  6. kbwood says:

    hahah i love this!!
    thank you so much for your incredibly sweet comment, it touched my heart so much. you are awesome girl

  7. Nicole says:

    2nd is wonderful! But I’m sorry someone cheated! I love the Have I Ever questions!!

    Have a great weekend, Tina!

  8. i’m sorry someone cheated and stole M’s chance at a photo session! i voted 10 times !

  9. Morgan (from 02) says:

    Tina, how did they cheat? How did you find out? That sucks.

    • Tina says:

      Peter was able to get to the HTML part of the site to see the votes go up, and they did ever 3 seconds for over 6 hours straight, which signified a computer voting. Plus, even when the website was down (which is was a couple of times), the votes for that particular person still continued to go up in the HTML.

  10. Labyrinth was also my fave movie! I have it on DVD too =)

  11. […] which one of those statements is the truth. Sounds like fun, right? Tina wrote about it a while ago here. And she has passed it on to everyone and of course that I’m more than happy to take a […]

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