Where Did It Go?

Posted: February 6, 2011 at 6:40 pm

We all know that old cliche “time flies when you’re having fun” holds true. And yes, weekends do always pass by quicker than expected. I still want to know where this weekend went though! Besides my girls’ dinner with Mandy on Friday night we had absolutely no plans. Yet somehow I sit here writing this post already later into the Sunday afternoon. How did time go so fast when all I can remember doing this weekend is the following…

My final C25K workout from week one. I finally got some of my music on the IPhone for that one. Glee makes great running/workout music!

Some friends stopping by for a quick visit. Like an hour quick. They brought some special gifts, including these adorable little purses as a special gift for M.


Eating some pizza and catching up on the DVR.


Getting maybe three hours of sleep Saturday night. Kiddo was up every hour on the hour to eat. Which is why we had a “family nap time” today. Braedon went down for his nap. Makenzie went down for her nap.

IMGP9930 IMGP9931

And Peter and I crashed for those two blissful hours as well.

Grocery shopping for the week.

And the following thought crossed my mind while shopping - “Wow, lots of people seem to be having parties soon”. Duh, Tina. There’s that little thing called the Super Bowl going on tonight. Life is such a blur right now. It starts early enough that we may catch bits and pieces of it. I'm intrigued by the half time show…and admittedly excited for a new episode of Glee finally. Thank goodness for DVR because I know I could never make it that late!

Question of the Evening – Watching the Super Bowl? What for: the football, the commercials, the party, the half time show, or the Glee episode at the end?

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48 Comments to “Where Did It Go?”
  1. I’m watching for the commercials and for glee! 🙂

    Weekends always go by way too fast. I’m kind of glad I have an extra day off tomorrow for a doctor’s appointment!

  2. We went grocery shopping today too and we were like uhhh bad move! Some many people.. food out of stock.. and long long lines!

    I’m sure we’ll have the super bowl on the tv but I mostly just want to see the Black Eyed Peas perform at half time!

  3. I’ll be crocheting while “watching” the Super Bowl (which means I’ll really just be waiting for the commercials).

  4. Yes we will watch the super bowl — only to have something on the tv as I work on a few projects. I need “noise” or I get too bored 🙂

    I hope the commercials are good this year!

  5. Amy Lauren says:

    Oh wow, I didn’t realize Glee was coming on afterwards. Guess I’ll have to make a special effort to stay up.

    Family nap time… yeah that sounds like a great idea :).


  6. I would love to stay up to watch Glee tonight, but I know I’ll be crashed out by then! I’m not watching the Super Bowl, it’s just not my thing 🙂

  7. Lee says:

    I feel like the weekends where you do nothing are the ones that pass by the quickest.

  8. I agree! This weekend went by super fast!

  9. How funny – several people commented on Facebook earlier that Walmart was packed and I was thinking why in the world would Walmart be so packed today. ha. Guess I’m as disconnected as you are. We don’t have TV, so we won’t be watching the game, but we wouldn’t be anyway because we both really don’t like football! I have been itching to watch Glee though…never seen it before, but so many people rave about it!

    Glad you were able to get in at least a little bit of rest today!

  10. Family nap time sounds great to me! I ended up not going with Jason to our friends’ house to watch the game. In my PJs now watching past episodes of What Not To Wear 😉

  11. Cori says:

    Had not really planned to watch the super bowl this year BUT I am in bed apparently with the flu so not much else to do. UGH!

  12. Your kids are so cute! Hope you enjoyed your nap. If I had kids, I would try to nap whenever I could!

  13. Karen says:

    Definitely watching the Super Bowl for the commercials. I will be in bed long before the Glee episode tonight! That purse for M is so cute!! My little girls love to carry a purse like Mama!

  14. Shannon says:

    I forgot about the Super Bowl too when I sent Dave out for a “quick” trip to the store. Ooops!

  15. Holly says:

    Oh my gosh Tina, Makenzie is tooooooo cute in that picture 🙂 Just had to let ya know 😉

  16. Jennifer Rahn says:

    I had a baby who was awake every hour last night, too. Here’s hoping that our guys sleep well tonight!

  17. cindy says:

    Ahhhh….CJ was about as old as Braedon during the Super Bowl 2 years ago. It was all I could do to stay awake until halftime! That year, the game was in Tampa too, so it was such a big deal here! And it turned out to be an exciting, great game. The sacrifices we make for our kids! 😉

  18. My roommate took me out on a sushi and ice cream date tonight, but now I’m off to do homework and cook! I seriously can’t believe it’s Sunday night!

  19. Michelle says:

    Tina, that baby is beautiful!!! And M is darn cute, too 😉

    I am currently watching the Superbowl for all of it!

  20. I’m catching up after a really busy weekend. Saw the coin-flip and early plays but needed to get other work done!

  21. I’m sure family nap time was much needed. Don’t worry I feel the same about Superbowl and I didn’t just have a second baby!

  22. Helen says:

    We are excited for the super bowl for all but the party. We decided to stay home this year with just us and the boys. I have some good eats. We are football fans. I am going for Greenbay only because their back up quarter back is from LSU 🙂

  23. i totally get that you didn’t realize that the big game was on tonight…with two kiddos and all the stuff you do?! i’d be running around like a crazy person 🙂 i’m actually interested in the game and THEN the glee episode…being sick doesn’t really put me in the party mood 😉

  24. Hey! I’m doing C25K too. Finished week 1, did one day of week 2 and came down with strep. Ugh. Waiting to recover before starting back up. I *love* it so far.

  25. BIOCHEMISTA says:

    I am not just saying this, but you literally make the cutest kids!!!

  26. Man the weekend did fly by! Geesh… I wish I could be that snug at naptime!

  27. Mellissa says:

    I am a huge football fan and the fact that I grew up about 30 minutes from Lambeau I was super excited about the win!

  28. Becca says:

    I hate football. Hahaha. I didn’t even know today WAS the Bowl until… like, two days ago. Didn’t know who was playing until probably yesterday.
    I went to a youth group party as kind of a chaperone. I spent the first half of the game reading (read an entire book!) and then ate food (late, junky supper) and watched half-time (weird–not my thing) and second half, I read a little more.
    And then I watched Glee! 😀
    I didn’t even pay attention to most of the commercials. Most of the ones I did see were kind of boring to me…

  29. I watch for the party, and kind of the commercials- but I was a little disappointed by them.

    i love that little skirt!

  30. Your children are just precious!

    I missed the game today – passed out on the couch the entire time it was on! I’m still fighting a cold, so the extra sleep was nice. Although it sounds like your nap was needed more than mine! 🙂

  31. Braedon and Makenzie look so much alike! What cuties! 🙂

  32. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Jake Vannadi, Tina Reale. Tina Reale said: Where Did It Go?: We all know that old cliche “time flies when you’re having fun” holds true. And yes, weekends … http://bit.ly/htbuO3 […]

  33. I just can’t really sit in front of the TV (period) Let alone the Superbowl or cerealbowl whatever it’s called haha jk 😛 So yeaaa that answer the question. Awww Makenzie looks so adorable and doesn’t look like she’s even about to nap. BabyB is so handsome!

  34. Angela says:

    I had every intention of watching Glee after the game but I totally passed out on the couch and went straight to bed when I woke up. I wasn’t cheering for either team really, but the half time show was good!!

    • Tina says:

      I stayed up and watched the halftime show and then got distracted by other things until bed shortly after. So exciting, huh? LOL

  35. I watch for the commercials. The halftime shows aren’t even good anymore!

  36. OH my gosh, that cupcake purse is adorable. I’d carry it myself it I wouldn’t get weird looks!

    I watch for the food. I actually didn’t watch last night, but if I’d had a party to go to I would have been all over the snacks and not watched a second of the game!

  37. Kristina says:

    Cupcake purse-I want one!!!!
    I didn’t think your kids could get any cuter…and then you post more pics!!!!

  38. Stephanie says:

    The kiddos are just too cute. Baby B looks like he’s filling out quite nicely!!! We didn’t watch the superbowl last night. I figure if the commercials were super funny I can always youtube them. 🙂 My little guy woke up sick this morning so it looks like I have another day off….although not my favorite kind to have. 🙁

  39. Aww the kids are so adorable!! I watched two seconds of the super bowl this year, but when I do watch, it’s for the commercials!

  40. LauraJayne says:

    For the first time in my “remembered” history, I didn’t watch the game yesterday at all! I had so much to do for school that I missed it complete (parties, food, and all!). Kind of bummed, but it felt good to have a productive day too!

  41. Sarah says:

    I did “watch” the Super Bowl. I’ll take any excuse to get together with friends and family (and eat!).

  42. Such beautiful pictures of the kids. They’re just adorable!

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