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A Good Start + FFF Features

Morning! I love Saturdays. They definitely take the spot as my favorite day of the week. I enjoy the more leisurely morning, yet still having time to get in a good workout. I started the day with some quick fuel for my workout.

honey pb toast

I didn’t have time to eat a full breakfast but wanted something to give me good energy for my workout. This did the trick perfectly. I powered through a full body workout and my last Couch to 5K session of this week.

Split Squat Legs 3x10
Barbell Bench Press Chest 3x10
Deadlift w/ Barbell Row Legs & Back 3x10
Plie Squat w/ Upright Row Legs & Shoulders 3x10
Cable Rope Pushdown Triceps 2x15
Cable Bicep Curl Biceps 2x15

This Couch to 5K workout called for running 20 minutes straight. The longest I have done before this was 10 minutes at a time so I felt a little wary. Then, I hit my groove and somehow 20 minutes passed by in a flash. I actually had to stop myself! I covered 2.53 miles in 25 minutes. That’s a 9:51 pace on average – which includes my 5 minute warmup at 15:00 pace. Boo-yah! It felt so good!!! I think I’m going to be ready to give an outdoor run a shot sometime in the next week or two!

After my workout I needed some more fuel. A green smoothie sounded good. I always prefer mine the basic way – frozen banana, spinach, and almond milk.

green monster blender

I ate up a container of Chobani yogurt as well. Perfect for post-workout.

green monster   yogurt

Now, time for this week’s FFF Features!

Featured Move: Compound Movements

As you can probably tell from my workout today, I really enjoy compound movements. They help make a workout quicker and provide a bit more of a challenge. Check out a few of my favorite combos in the video.

Featured Moment: Back to Spin!

on bike

It feels so good to be back! And the added surprise of it not hurting was icing on the cake.

Featured Meal: Picnic Eats

veggie burger   hummus lunch snacks

Love light and fresh food while out in the sunshine. 

Featured Quote:

Happiness can only exist when what you believe is what you do.

Featured Cuteness:

m in daddy shoes

My child is pure dork like her mom. I’m so proud of her random sense of humor! 🙂

Featured Reading: “One of Those Weeks” - Evan @ The Wannabe Chef


He seriously cracks. me. up!!! If you don’t read his blog you should. His sense of humor is exactly the kind I like and he makes exactly the kind of food I like too. Lemon icing? Yes!!

“Audit Your Own Blog” – Katy @ Katy Widrick


Plain and simply, Katy rocks. She includes so much useful information on her site. This 5 question run down is dead on in what you need for your blog.

Question of the Day – What’s a food that you always prefer the most basic way? 

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Workout Time

Thank you all SO much for your comments and support on yesterday’s post. It appears to be a hot topic and I’m glad we could all discuss here on FFF! Moving on…

I love my workout time. You all know that. I choose workouts I really enjoy and I have no problem getting them in. For example:

Monday – Upper Body Weights & Week 4, Day 1 Couch to 5K

Lat Pulldown Machine Back 3x10
Flat Dumbbell Chest Flyes Chest 3x12
Dumbbell Pullovers for Back Back 3x10
Machine Bench Press Chest 3x10
Barbell Upright Row Shoulder 3x10
Machine Tricep Press Triceps 3x12
Machine Biceps Curl Biceps 3x12

Check out my post for how I create strength training plans.

Tuesday – Lower Body Weights (Cathe Butts & Guts DVD)

Wednesday – Week 4, Day 2 Couch to 5K


What I’m not  loving? The workout time…as in time of day. I miss my morning workouts!! I hate going in the afternoon/evening when Peter gets home. Seriously. HATE.

I have always loved morning workouts the best. Before Braedon, I happily went at around 8:30 in the morning after M and I ate breakfast. I followed that little routine time of day from the time I began bringing her to the gym until the end of my pregnancy. It works for me. I have energy. The gym is not too crowded. It leaves the remainder of the day open. It starts me off on the right foot and puts me in a good mood. I will say it again - I miss my morning workouts!

I knew I couldn’t utilize the gym childcare for a short while after Braedon’s arrival. I planned accordingly and made time for myself to get in my workouts after Peter gets home. I thought it wouldn’t cause a problem and I would still love going at that time of day just as much. Scratch that thought.

Going EVERY afternoon for a full workout drives me batty! It makes the whole afternoon and evening one big rush fest. Peter gets home. I finish feeding Braedon. I rush to the gym. Its crowded so it takes me a bit longer to do some things. I get in my approximate hour, then head home to make dinner. We gobble up dinner and then its time to get the kids in bed. By the time all is said and done, I haven’t had any real family time in the afternoon and Peter & I only have 1-1.5 hours of time to relax just the two of us. Every night. See why I hate going in the evening?

I want that 8:30 workout time back. And its doable now that baby B is 6 weeks old and I can bring him to the gym child care. So what is holding me back?

Mommy guilt. I fear being judged by other mommies if I chose to bring my child to the gym daycare at such a young age. Mommy friends. Mommy readers. Mommy gym workers. Actually, when I started writing this post I intended to ask for advice on the scenario. Now I find myself realizing the ridiculousness of that.

The child care has a completely separate section for infants. B would likely stay in his car seat asleep the entire time. I brought M to the gym child care without problems from early on. I would only take them a few days a week right now since I have DVDs I do at home on Tuesday & Thursday. It gives us more time to spend together as a family during the week. It works for me. Why do I need validation in that?

So, I’m going to give it a shot tomorrow. Mommy guilt be damned. If it doesn’t work out I can always go back to evenings. But it will be because its what works best for me and my family – not because its what I think others deem appropriate.

Question of the day – What’s something you have felt needlessly guilty over?

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