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Out With A Bang

As I’m sure you have heard by now – it’s November. We have only two months left in the year. Hard to believe, huh? At least October went out with a bang! Are you ready to read about a stellar new workout and get an overload of cuteness?

I kicked off my last day of October with a frightfully good workout. Since I knew we had plans for the afternoon ahead, I hauled my booty to the gym to spend some quality time with the treadmill again. But first – a new workout!

The compound moves in a continuous fashion really had me sweating. I loved the use of the resistance band in this workout too. Always fun to mix things up!

Since I had such a sweat going from the circuit (and a little ole thing called a half marathon this weekend), I kept things light when I hit the treadmill. I didn’t mess around with speed work to entertain myself on the treadmill. I just set the speed at 6.2 and kept on running until I hit four miles.

I’m happy to report that my foot finally feels completely normal again. You may recall the top of my foot feeling sore after a long run a little over a week ago. It would still feel a little tender at times, which had me worried. I looked into it and found numerous suggestions to tie my shoes differently.

I followed this guide on Runner’s World and laced my shoes up in a parallel fashion.

No more pain! Who knew such a simple change could work such wonders? I guess trading in my old shoes for the new pair I had waiting for me helped too. Winking smile

Most of the rest of the day proceeded normally – laundry, play time with the kids, getting work done during nap times, and so on. Then came the night and the excitement picked up considerably.

You thought I was going to dive right into the cuteness, didn’t you? Well, sorry to burst your bubble but excitement for me meant starting the night with a heaping bowl of chili.


I made Kelly’s recipe for chili (because I know she does a good one) and loved every Frito and cheese topped bite. Some things just need the old-school toppings.

Now that you have waited ever so patiently, time for trick-or-treating…


…and the corresponding explosion of adorable.


This season is easily my favorite time of year because I simply cannot get enough of the many family activities.


You can’t help but have some of the kid excitement rub off on you.


Makenzie had an absolute blast trick-or-treating since this was the first year she fully understood the process. Which also meant Peter and I had to be a little sneakier about nabbing a few pieces from her stash. You know you would do it, too!


Butterfinger, Reeses, and Twix make good race fuel, right? Winking smile

She obviously has plenty. Today I will be sorting through it all, pulling out a small stockpile of her favorites (Dum Dums) and our favorites (above) for special treats, then donating the rest to Makenzie’s preschool. They are taking donations to send to the troops to have for treats and also to pass out to kids where they are stationed. Isn’t that cool? And friendly to the whole holiday maintenance balance thing. Win win situation for all!

  • Favorite: Halloween candy? Costume? Holiday?
  • What’s a surprisingly simple fitness tip that has made a big difference before for you?

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Love ‘Em And Leave ‘Em

This morning I had the LAST long run before my first half-marathon!


Can you believe it? Savannah is just a week away!!!!! I am so excited! Just as I was for this run. I had ten miles to cover before laying low with a couple shorter speed sessions before next weekend.

The run went mostly well. My left calf and right hip flexor both got a little tight towards the end of the run, but otherwise I felt great. Just cold.

It’s a little bittersweet because, truthfully, I LOVE the long runs of training. I would easily say I prefer long runs over the other parts of training. Each week feels like such an accomplishment. To run distances I used to deem impossible never fails to brighten my mood.

Although, as much as I do love the long runs, I certainly won’t mind leaving behind certain parts in the weeks post training. Here are the top 5 things about long runs that don’t make me smile right now.

Butt-Crack of Dawn

Waking up around 5:30 am on a Saturday does not ever sound appealing. But you gotta do what you gotta do.

Eating When Not Hungry

Perhaps worse than the early wake-up call is the force-feeding. My typical pre-run fuel of a whole wheat English muffin with peanut butter and jelly plus half of a Larabar certainly tastes like a winning combo. I would normally eat it up quite joyfully. But at 5:30 am? I’m simply not hungry yet and I don’t really love eating something when I’m not in the mood.

Cold! Brrrrr!!!


I live in the South for a reason. Cold and I do not get along. I curse the mornings when I pull up to the running path and see a temperature starting in a 4 (or a 3 like this morning!!!) waiting for me outside of my heated car. I then get to spend two hours in those temperatures, just to come home and…

Ice Bath


Like my blue “frozen” picture? Winking smile Whoever crafted this idea is a) a genius because, boy, do they work! And b) evil because they are like cruel and unusual punishment.

The Crazy Appetite

Directly after a long run, it takes me a good hour to really want to eat. I know I need to refuel, however, so I yet again find myself force-feeding at least a little something. Then, a few hours later, I am like a ravenous beast let out into the wild. It’s insane!

Wait, I take that back. The appetite may just be one of my favorite parts of long runs. What can I say? I like to eat.

Despite these few things, I sure do love long runs. And I’m happy that I have a few more to do for my SECOND half coming a few weeks later. Then…who knows what may come next! Smile

  • What’s your FAVORITE and LEAST FAVORITE part of your workouts?

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