You Twisted My Arm

Posted: September 20, 2011 at 7:03 pm

I don’t know what did it, but I actually got moving this afternoon! Perhaps my afternoon post on “the jeans” lit a fire underneath me? Or my lunch reminded me of my pre-run fuel so that I got the sudden urge?

Peanut butter and jelly with a sliced apple. Sometimes nothing can beat the simple classic.

Whatever happened, I appreciate it. Around an hour before Peter got home, I wanted to get out for a run. The outdoors didn’t even look all that inviting with the dreary gray skies.

But the temperature felt perfect for a run and I simply could not wait. I decided to go out without any plan and see what my body would feel like doing. I ended up with a 5K distance that wasn’t my favorite run…but I got some activity in so I will gladly take it at this point. Hopefully this is just the start of getting in to full-fledged workout love again.

I don’t regret taking a break and not following my “plan” for workouts, but at the same time it always amazes me how I could lose motivation because I always feel SO great afterwards.

Great enough, in fact, to feel super excited for two events I have on the horizon!

I can’t believe I let my upcoming race announcements slip my mind from blogging. First up, I have a 15K race I signed up for coming my way in just a few short weeks. The Peachtree City Classic 15K.


Lee has done this race a few times before and says it is a great course that runs through golf pathways, lots of trees, and nice scenery in general. We both signed up for the race and I can’t wait to enter a race together again. Any other Atlanta area runners want to join?

In other racing news….


Yep. I registered for the ZOOMA Atlanta Half Marathon! You twisted my arm. Winking smile 

I may not have run my first half marathon yet, but I have a feeling I will love it. Plus, a race through a wine vineyard? I couldn’t take the chance on the 2000 person race cap and the registration fee increase. So, I’m all signed up and will happily eat to my heart’s content on Thanksgiving to fuel for the Saturday race. Don’t you love my logic?

And speaking of food…I have some enchiladas calling my name right now. Catch ya in the morning with an interesting take on What I Ate Wednesday. I can feel your excitement oozing through the screen. Ha!

  • Do you have any races or other events this fall?
  • What is your favorite “classic” meal?

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27 Comments to “You Twisted My Arm”
  1. Not much going on for me this fall except for football!! 😉

    And I love a classic PB&J, nothing better. Although I also do love a good ole scrambled eggs and toast…especially for dinner! 🙂

  2. Woo hoo! I’m so happy that you signed up for the half!! You’re not going to regret it! 🙂

  3. Good for you! It always feels better knowing that you HAVE to run because you already paid! Makes me train harder.

  4. I love it when I get the urge to run when I wasn’t planning on it!!

  5. Maren says:

    I really want some enchiladas for dinner too. Gotta love Mexican food. I definitely need to push myself out the door more when I don’t feel like working out. It always feels so good after.

  6. You’re going to run up cardiac hill!!! One of my good friends lives in PTC and ran in this race last year – she loved it, but said cardiac hill was killer. I’m sure it’ll be a good challenge! 🙂
    Glad you’re getting’ your mojo back girl <3

  7. Tina you have been so dedicated to running that I know you will love your half marathon + more races.

    I have a 10 mile on Oct 2 and then no more races for this year. At least not that I have planned for yet!

  8. Yay for signing up for new races! 🙂

  9. Yay! Glad you decided to sign up for another half 🙂 I hadn’t originally planned to do many races before NYC in November, but I’ve found that running a couple races in there breaks up the training pretty well!

  10. Kiah says:

    WOOT! First 1/2 marathon! I’m training for my first one in November right now, and I can’t wait to be able to say I’ve raced a half.
    You go girl.

  11. Lee says:


    Well I’m obviously doing the 15K, but I’m also doing the Rocktoberfest Half Marathon in Charlotte and then the Atlanta Marathon Relay.

  12. Diana says:

    Yay girl, you ARE going to love it! 🙂

    I hope they give you free wine at the end…I mean that would just be a tease if they don’t, right?!

  13. jobo says:

    Congrats on signing up for the half!! You will kill it, I know it! The 15K sounds awesome too, great distance 🙂

  14. Those look like some awesome races to run! I haven’t raced yet – I want to but I have difficulty getting the motivation to run..

  15. I think you’re going to love the half marathon. It’s ther perfect amount of “challenge” 🙂 I’m doing my 2nd one at the end of November in Philadelphia. On week 2 of training and still in the “I love this” stage.

  16. No races this fall, but I am working on the Disney Princess Half for February. I was tickled when I saw the time on your registration confirmation – 11:17:04 – my birthday is 11/17 AND 11/17/2004 was the day I got engaged (and the day I got married one year later :))

  17. Khushboo says:

    Good for you for getting in a run :-)! I was so tempted to skip my workout this morning but decided I’d make tomorrow a rest day as tonight is likely going to be a late night for me! Snap on the 5k distance!

  18. I have planned two short races in October. I’m not sure, if I will really be able to make it, though, as I might have some family stuff going on on those days, too. We’ll see.
    My beloved Pilates class also starts again next month after a long summer break. I’m so looking forward to go there again!
    My favorite “classic” meal is Fried Rice. We have a version of it every week, just like last night. And I’ll have some leftovers for lunch today. Yay!

    • Tina says:

      Fried rice is a good one! How great Pilates is starting again. I bet you are looking forward to it with all you have ahd going on.

  19. […] set me back on my feet. And I can’t forget the support from you all about “The Jeans” and my two new races I […]

  20. Jess says:

    YES!! I knew you’d sign up for another one!! You’ve got the itch, woohoo!!

  21. Amy Lauren says:

    My favorite classic meal is a PB&J made with White Chocolate Wonderful peanut butter and Organic Blueberry Jam, on Whole Wheat bread, toasted :). Oh and apples. Apples every day!

    A 15K is a unique race distance. I’ve only heard of a few of those. I hope you have fun running it, definitely good to register for some races and have some goals for them. If you don’t preregister it’s so easy to just not show up on race day.

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