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Make It Happen Workout

Today, I wanted to kick some butt in the gym. I had that pumped up and motivated feeling, along with a restful weekend to top off my energy. Life always likes to have different plans, though. As you can imagine, a sick kid meant a no go at the gym for me today. What to do? What to do?

I don’t mind skipping workouts when I either physically or mentally need the rest. I also will skip if certain priorities come into play and I just cannot make a workout happen. I can’t stress myself over those situations.

But today didn’t really fit any of those scenarios. I felt good. Makenzie’s cough is hardly life alert status. And I wanted to workout!


So, I did. When there’s a will, there’s a way. Sometimes you have to keep determined and make things happen. I looked at my options and determined that I could still fit in a great at-home workout with the kids.I just had to keep it short and sweet…and make sure to have an arsenal of entertainment for them.


Monday’s plan was a legs and shoulders workout plus some cardio. For the first part of the workout, I opted to go with a bunch of supersets completed with little rest (15-30 seconds between exercises) to keep my heart rate up through the workout. Then, I added a plyometric circuit to top it all off with a cardio super burst.

It ended up being a great thirty-ish minute workout! And it’s completely versatile too. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t get a good workout at home. Basic moves and body weight exercises can challenge you quite nicely. My legs and sweaty clothes can tell you that. Open-mouthed smile

  • What’s the last healthy act you made happen, despite roadblocks?

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Beg For Mercy: Top Ten Plyometric Drills

Goooood afternoon! I hope you all had a great day today and are ready to sail into the weekend feeling grand. If you need a little pick me up, I suggest watching Braedon’s dancing video again. It never fails to make me smile!

Earlier today I mentioned how adding a touch of plyometric moves to my workout really helps kick things up a notch. In fact, adding plyometrics to my training gives me a fun challenge every time. And the satisfaction of feeling all hard-core.

About a month ago, I shared my plyometrics obsession over on Sweet Tooth Sweet Life. Courtney assured me, however, that she wouldn’t mind me re-sharing the moves here because I wanted to make sure no one missed out on these little leg-fryers and heart-pumpers. Tuck these away to bring out to make you beg for mercy play someday soon. So - are you ready to add a little pep to your fitness? Hop on board. Quite literally!

Plyometrics: Favorite Moves & Why I Love Them

Plyometrics sounds super fancy, but basically it means jumping around like a crazy person. Why would you want to jump around like a crazy person? Well, I love plyometric training for quite a few reasons:

  • they get my heart rate going to add a cardiovascular component to my strength workouts – and thus burn more calories
  • they never fail to make my workout more challenging – you have to push out of the comfort zone to see results after all!
  • the powerful movements strengthen my body to help improve performance in activities like running
  • they make a fun addition to strength training – who doesn’t like to skip and hop?
  • they use bodyweight and are extremely versatile

Ready to see my ten favorites?! I hope so…because that’s what you’re getting. This isn’t one of those choose your own story books. Although, how cool would that be?!



I love to hate these little suckers. They work so good! Start standing. Bend down, placing your hands on the ground beneath your shoulders. Pop your feet out behind you to get in a push-up position. Jump your feet back in and jump straight upward. Repeat.

Bench Jumps

bench jump

Stand in front of a sturdy bench, step, or training box that is about 2 feet off the ground. Jump up as high as you can and land softly on the bench. Step back down and repeat.

Speed Skaters

speed skaters

Jump to your right, landing on your right foot and stretching your left arm across your body. Quickly transition to the other side, jumping to your left foot and crossing the right arm across the body. Consistently switch back and forth until finished with the reps.

Squat Jumps

jump squat

Start in a squat position with your butt back, back straight, and knees over the ankles. Jump straight up as high as you can, then land softly lowering back down to a squat. Repeat continuously for reps.

Pop Lunges

pop lunge

Start in a lunge position. Jump up, switching legs in the air, and land softly lowering down into a lunge on the alternate leg. Continue jumping and alternating sides for reps.

Tuck Jumps

tuck jump

Jump up as high as you can, either tucking your knees back (kicking your butt) or pulling them up in front of you towards your chest. Continue for reps.

Power Kicks

power kick

Pull your right knee up towards your chest. Driving down with your right leg, jump and kick forward with your left foot. Repeat on the same leg for reps, then switch sides.

Plie Jacks

plie jack

Start in a low plie squat. Hop up as  high as you can and click your heels in together at the center. Land back in a plie squat. Repeat for reps.

Ski Jumps

ski hop

Stand with both feet together and a slight bend in the knees. Jump as far as you can to one side, landing softly with knees slightly bent and feet still together. Hop back to start and repeat for reps.

Mountain Climbers

mountain climbers

These aren’t technically a plyometric move, but I still love them. Position yourself in a straight arm plank position with arms straight and hands directly below the shoulders. Keep your back, hips, neck in alignment. Alternating sides, bring your knees up towards your chest in a quick and continuous motion.

There you have it! Ten of my favorite drills!

  • What things do you add to your training to amp the intensity quickly?
  • Ever used any of the moves above? Which is your favorite? If you’ve never done plyos – which move would you try first?

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