Make It Happen Workout

Posted: October 3, 2011 at 7:08 pm

Today, I wanted to kick some butt in the gym. I had that pumped up and motivated feeling, along with a restful weekend to top off my energy. Life always likes to have different plans, though. As you can imagine, a sick kid meant a no go at the gym for me today. What to do? What to do?

I don’t mind skipping workouts when I either physically or mentally need the rest. I also will skip if certain priorities come into play and I just cannot make a workout happen. I can’t stress myself over those situations.

But today didn’t really fit any of those scenarios. I felt good. Makenzie’s cough is hardly life alert status. And I wanted to workout!


So, I did. When there’s a will, there’s a way. Sometimes you have to keep determined and make things happen. I looked at my options and determined that I could still fit in a great at-home workout with the kids.I just had to keep it short and sweet…and make sure to have an arsenal of entertainment for them.


Monday’s plan was a legs and shoulders workout plus some cardio. For the first part of the workout, I opted to go with a bunch of supersets completed with little rest (15-30 seconds between exercises) to keep my heart rate up through the workout. Then, I added a plyometric circuit to top it all off with a cardio super burst.

It ended up being a great thirty-ish minute workout! And it’s completely versatile too. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t get a good workout at home. Basic moves and body weight exercises can challenge you quite nicely. My legs and sweaty clothes can tell you that. Open-mouthed smile

  • What’s the last healthy act you made happen, despite roadblocks?

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39 Comments to “Make It Happen Workout”
  1. I love that plyo circuit you did at the end! Sounds killer though haha.

  2. You’re awesome, Tina! I love that you make it work even as a busy mom. I can hardly make it work and I don’t have kids yet! 😛

  3. Lauren says:

    That looks like an awesome workout! Those plyo cardio moves always get my heart rate up, and I know I would be SO sweaty after this workout.

  4. Lauren says:

    You go girl! Do yo write these workouts out before you do them? I find that I have to or else I forget everything and just stand there with a blank look on my face.

  5. Karin says:

    Good for you! You made it happen. If there is a will, there is a way. I have a two year old, and somehow I keep thinking, I need to workout at the gym. I could do it at home too, if I just put my mind to it. Thanks for showing, it can be done.

  6. Wow, if you can work out with two kiddos in the room, I really have no excuse! You really are a super Mamma!

  7. Great workout and cutee pics 🙂

  8. Jess says:

    My favorite “in a pinch” workout is to grab a deck of cards and for every black card, do some variation of a situp/crunch/plank for however long the number on the card says (so a black 2 of spades equals two situps or crunches or whatever); and for every red card, I do the same but for pushups, with variations of pushups thrown in until I’ve gone through the entire deck! I’ve done the same for squats/lunges too. KILLER!! 🙂

  9. I love those days when I am determined to get a workout in no matter what. So much better than the days I have to talk myself into it. 🙂 great job getting it done with the kiddos!

  10. Glad you got a good workout in– sometimes home workouts are the best ones!!

  11. lindsay says:

    way to go Tina! and all while M was sick. Youre super mom, i swear!

  12. paula says:

    Sometimes those throw it together workouts are the best! I keep seeing this 100 squat challenge so I think I might need to do it on my next leg day!

  13. That’s an awesome workout! I tend to grab a handful of moves from a workout DVD and just do them myself when I’m pressed for time or in a hotel room when I’m traveling for work. You can definitely get your sweat on no matter what the setting, you just have to be creative 🙂
    PS- I think you changed the font on here and I just wanted to say I love it! I’m a nerd & fun fonts make me happy 🙂

    • Tina says:

      Yep. Can’t believe someone noticed. Then again I’m so unobservant. Haha!

      I wanted something a bit bigger and easier to read.

  14. Love love love plyos!! Great workout Tina! And I love this, “Sometimes you have to keep determined and make things happen. ” Sooo true especially when it comes to working out! 🙂

  15. Holy awesome workout! Will definitely be doing this one sometime!

  16. Good job getting it done! I’ve been doing insanity at night (like now), because it’s the only free time I have. It’s hard but worth it!

  17. I love this! So motivating. I’m not a mom just yet (soon!) and can see myself doing the same thing. Except since I’ll have a newborn I’ll just stick him in his bouncer or something haha. I’m so excited 😀

  18. I’m a huge advocate of at-home workouts too 😀 Some of my most effective are done alongside Bodyrock

  19. It would have been so easy for you to make excuses and you didn’t! That is awesome. Your dedication is inspiring!

  20. Maren says:

    It looks like you have a legit gym in your house with all the mirrors!!! So cool. I’m a big fan of at home workouts since I don’t have a gym membership.

    • Tina says:

      The mirrors were old ones taken out when we remodeled our upstairs. I made Peter put them downstairs for when I had to do posing practice for the competition. They are kind of nice to have with workouts too, so we kept them. 🙂

  21. You are intense and totally awesome! That looks like a crazy workout. I can’t believe you did that with two kids running around. Kudos to you!

  22. Khushboo says:

    Amen, sometimes you really just ‘gotta do what you gotta do’! Quick question, what weights did you use for your 100 squats! Julie’s 80lbs is too out of my league for now. I’m thinking of starting off with just my body weight to prove I can do 100 in a row and then incorporate weights from next week!

  23. Good for you girl!!!! I totally deal with road blocks daily…Mostly with finding time to work out and build a business. Ladies I build a team with tell me the same as you when they have little ones…. Its finding the time in between the kids!


  24. That workout is freaking awesome. Love the pic of your “gym”. You are brave getting all that equipment out with the kiddos. My guys are a little too all over the place for me to get that much equipment out. We make due a lot of the time with weights and resistance bands. I really like the plyo circuit- making it longer each time. I have to try that. 🙂

    • Tina says:

      Well our home gym is in the basement so it stays out the whole time. I have a 1 lb dumbbell for M to play with so she doesn’t get into my stuff and Braedon will just look in the mirror or play with toys the whole time. I also have a pack and play I can stick him in if he tries to get into stuff. It’s a very useful set up. 🙂

  25. Brittany says:

    What a great workout! I love plyometrics but I don’t do it nearly as often as I’d like.

  26. Jess @ Jess Go Bananas says:

    I don’t know if you would call this a roadblock per se but when going to family dinners, I always make sure to bring a delicious healthy option! 🙂

  27. When I did the 100 squat challenge last week, my legs felt like they wanted to fall off. I hope you’re doing better than I did.

  28. Marie says:

    Another great post – workout is printed out and ready for me!! Questions/clarification – the “side step-ups w leg lift out to the side” – any way that you could describe this?? It might be something simple, but I am a little confused!
    Am heading to my “basement gym” to do this now…will modify the side step-up for tonight. thanks Tina!

  29. Erika says:

    Great workout! You’ll need to add baby dumbbells to your collection soon 🙂

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